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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 3, 1909)

Chicago notes,   p. 6

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April 3,190,
Faust at National.--Itsl d .XIoiiisoni
wl iv SCen in INUist ait the Nationtl text
Lang SeeksLargerQarters.-Euwii1.
Lag, gui fiia Ale. Ititites, 1tir-
nv-    to lrgtr -u-uarters in tihe Iexter-
b ilIding
Studebaker Now.-"The Studebake- is
the wiy the pltylsouse vould like to be
kin from nii    oni- -leaving oft the word
To Close Holy Week.--The iMaiilowe the-
iter Will  dIark next week. It Will i-
'pen April 12 \ittih The 'illagl Postmaster
.is thle bill.
Alaskan Dogs Exhibited. ---The Esqui-
iitiux dogs ftittm Tie utsksian were ex-
hibited it t1- dog st10x hlid the first half
oIf the wcok
Vaudeville Act a Hitl-Malvelous Mack
with his Auto Briel is meeting with
splendid success in the viudeville theaters
iin and around this city.
Held Train for Troupe--The train 1had
to be held an hour for Tliv Phantom De-
tective which played the Criterion last
week and Went from here to Louisville.
Girl from Rector's April 10-In spite of
tie rumiorls that ther xWas some hitch ini
obtaining the Inttirat-uiol, The Girl from
R-ector's is being bill-I to open there
April 10.
Fabio Romani Next at Bijou.-Next
week George Kslimts Plasers will offer
Fabio Romiani at ths- Bijou. This week
the company is seen to ntdvantage ini Dora
Robertson Players Give Performance.-
Tile ionili Robertson  players gave a
silendid performance of The Chaplet of
'll in tle iuditoritium of the Art Institute
W'Inesday aifternoont.
Morris Announces Dollie Faye.-Dollie
N c, tihe Girl witi  te Phenomenal
ioici accompniu d by Eirnest Moeck,
pionist, is hooked at -th e American Music
Iall beginning April 4.
Reckless Recklaw Fixing Time.--Reck-
isS liiIw V aiis ieen in Chicago for sev-
iral dias doing booking for his act. le
Wii ll opii its Minneiapolis April 12, remain-
i  I I hWI  until that date.
Provides Chicago with Tickets.-The
Gaid Statioltry Coipainy claims that no
oItv-cr ticket tmtakesr sends tickets to this
city; tunt it supplies all the Chicago film
ix-anIIiges, parks and theaters.
Jack Barrymore Speaks Up.-Jack Bar-
ryioic has ;it lni-th given notice that tie
Will d-sect A  Stubiborn Cinderella and
join The Clndy Shop. Overtures have
leen m e to Cecil Lan to succeed Barry-
fil)m]( inl A Stuibln i Cinderella.
Bernard Expected Home.-Charles Ber-
iiiid, se-cretti of thie Associated Billpost-
v-s ind uistributvrs, is expected to re-
tuiin fromt 'saitiannah, Ga. today. le has
been I in l, South for a couple of weeks
Stock at Criterion-Ed Rowlan   d and
.tI-ik itessex still open a stock company at
thi i literi n tt Ister Sunday. The of-
frif"'s wiii II tihe  in -is those given by
I Iteltin' stock c`-tomipanies -tilt which Mr.
Besse Ias ien   identified for several
Blackalier in Chicago.-H 1enry Black-
siturc tutuaiger of  nHoly City, wAs its
lii'-g'i til otlr (aI  passing ftiough
'i o% with 1his I mmlpany. Mrs. Blakall-
i isit their one ;it Ithaca, M1ich.,
wite sie is i-mittihed by a laby girl,
wh  Ill Iow  11".  mlonthls  o)ld.
William Morris Ill- willisn Moris xsas
tiiiuuiid to hits roomiu it thy XAudtoriumi
Ann111x lo a fuW days this week suffering
fronm  a heavy cold and a much needed
riest. lie left for New York X'edlesday
iNw    return nxt Ilonday and Ilie
liii,  liii  Ili,- enisuuing  tin  dtis.
Tom Waterson SickLit   rtoXn Waters,
htt  lmitllle  tifealure of iext week's bitt
at fitl MsI-i ci  tits out titu Sickt list sex-
Ilis riCutlV, suffering from huv-miai -
,isim. II irumained mi  St. Louis four days
aIftr his wvlk it the American beffoie hue
\\is wel muough to proceed to Chicago.
Grand Opera Season.-The grand opera
season of tiei Xlttopolitan Opera Com-
tny I vth e Auditoritun commencing April
2 promises to be 'nte of the most pros-
''ious grand opera seasons ever known
in Cliigo. Cash mail order receipts ip
tI itie aumount to $190,000. This assures
the  liIun tcil atud  the  social sliue ss.
Schlueter Returns from Journey--M. I.
Sthlulthu, of floor surfacing fsaie, has re-
turntd limoine after a successful business
triii to the cost and has plunged into the
details of business it his home office. It
wiii he recalled that Schlueter invented
tIt imachitic for surfacing floors which is
flow Imuaking ai nt fortune for hiri.
Changes in The Alaskan.-- -The Alaskan
finished its toad tour Marihi 20 and the
ittwtit organized companiy is re-hiearusing at
il le    Notherin sin    i1ch'   I ill.
Itlittiiitt F'. Carroill amid]Gms   elbr XW'uhit'xitt
de thIe tinipe comedius. Wiliam J.
D-osiges, liii' clarpenter, its biusily engasged
Iebuilding th I, scenery for thu' sumriller run
:it  tlii' hr-at  Northern.-
'--ilm Exchange Increases Capital--The
hnique Film  lxchanige of this city, omit
of the first of the Independent exchanges,
will shortly raise its capitalization from
$2.500 to $50,000. President Melillan is
hirticuli ly gratified with the outlook for
independent business. Recently the firm
\\ts  uompelled to increase its quarters to
four timles their foiier size.
Dan Fischell Sees Chicago.tDa Fisch-
I-hi. lotIuiit''c vif thev Goi-it-I -it St. L.ouis,
itteided the wedding of his cousin, Leo
K. ischll Ih Miss B-lanhie Friend at Mil-
ki  , i miii  n  -tutnw' in lit go, Iitore
--   i:1              t h  ltu11 tu in  I,-
iiley  si  t-I the.  Colisuim.  He I e-
Ilinned to St. Louis WIednesda 'N to take upt
the publicii  cimaiiign fir Tle Blue
Moliis,-, NvlitiIt is hooked :it his house.
Fight Pictures FailtoDraw-Themov-
in   ics of the .ITosoIn-BIouns fight
failed to draw at the Aoditoriurn and
Wright Lorimer in Tie Shepherd King
will ie given one week of the time origi-
nally 'allotted to the pictur-s. The motog-
canph' is deserving of piise, but the fight
was not one which is interesting when
thus displayed. Tll li-cs were first ad-
ieitised as a dollar liII, were cut in two
aft- the opening day, but even this failed
to uttrnct the ciowd.t
Two Married Men Closed.--Two Married
11in closed at Moninoutli, Ill., March 26,
oift-r a short seaosoi.  'lie company was
hill(-id ip to Thursiay of this week, but
there was sone dissatisfaction and W. F.
tley, the manager, ni-luded to end the
Iir. The membeis of tie organization
ime to Chiigo. They were: 0. M. Paul,
Hiin Rosenhanin, EiL. Walkup, W. R.
Franklin. Crystal Willims, Mand Francis,
Eisa Williams, Mahel Germain   Jennie
Adaiis and Lillian Hti-tsli-.
D. W. McKinney, Inventor, Promises Op- A New York Court Rules the House M-
ening of Factory at an Early Date-           ager Is Responsible to His
Men Working Overtime.                            Patrons.
0xving ti tie numblei of ttsqii tee -
ciiven regiring tI  MevKiniicy iralime,
aI itpieseitative of iis paper interviewed
the inventor, J. W. McKinney, vice-presi-
dent of tie International Projecting and
Producing Company.
Mr. McKinney said:   "I have learned
that tiil inere inventing of a motion pie-
tiiie nicline is but a very small part of
the work entailed in the manufacture of
a gleat number of duplicates. We have
buen working day and    light since our
first ainouncement was rmide. Our ma-
chinerv is now installed and the jigs are
perfected, all of which has required ai tre-
mendous amount of energy and consider-
ably more time than may appear upon
the surface.
'It is not generally  known  that the
building of a successful moving picture
machine requires the finest workmanship
of anything mechanical except a watch,
and you have my word for it that our
machine Will be much finer than many
watches. Jigs which ieasure to the one-
. I
A View of the Swanson
Gunning   System  Re-Organized,-The
Gunning System, which, for many years
has   practically controlled the: fence-sign
painting end of ttie advertising business
of this section of the country, has tinder-
gone a re-organization. The purely ma-
terial and mechanical part of the business
Will in future be looked after by the
Thomas   Cusack   Conipany, to  whom
theater managers and park and fair men
will be referred.  The new   company,
1eaded by R. J. Gunning, will go in for
tmagtzine and newspaper advertising as
well as control the nore important
"uirdss' as heretofore.
Erna Claren Ill.
Solt Lake Citv, March 30.
Eria Claren, the Venus in Seldom's
rmarbl ereations, Was taken ill after her
first asvtearance at the Orpshicum and is
suffering from an attack of appendicitis.
Several new poses of men were substi-
tuted for theo Veus studies, and Ile slt
xxsss xeiy fusvorabily receix'evt-1 TIN SON.
Cohan to Resume Tour.
Philadelphi , Pa., March 30.
George Mu. Cohan authorizes this state-
inent: 'I will resume iny role in the
Yinkee Prince on Thursdiv night and I
Will plat' Boston and ti1t balatisce of the
seasons. I never felt hetter in my life.
Tie five wceks' rest has iade a new
main of me. I ams too stronip Io loaf any
lonei'. Idleness is awful, so I ni going
back to work."
Lays Off Holy Week.
Charles IB. T1i-foid aid his company
will i-   f f tki En   Cit  loinm  ITolv
Flank of the Campaign.
thousandth part oif ni inch sire but an
"I have added new features to this mia-
chine which have required the clianging
of many of the patterns. The special
machinery required could not be tmade ini
a tinute, particularlY since txe- will ha'e
nothing but the best, in fact genuine
imasteipieces of the iachmists art-
"Our factory machinery will be elec-
trically driven and each machine is to
have a separate motor, thus eliminating
any shafting and over-neid belting, mask-
ing less dirt and imaking each main muis-
ter of his machine.
"Our factor Will soon be in running
order and the public will be invited to
inspect it, and I feel sure that some of our
jigs which represent many th Iiousands of
dollars tit outlay will arouse much com-
cient among those who know the value
of such things, as will the general Order
of the shop, tool and drafting roois.'
ClatrIes -W. -McClintock, well knowvii to
the profession of entertainment, identified
for many years with prominent touring
attractions, but more recently connected
wil the Minneapolis office of the Mullin
Film Service, has been promoted to the
general offices of that firm in Syracuse, N.
Y., and has been made advertising mati-
ager, an enviable position, in view of the
big advertising campaign now under way
by that house. That Mr. McClintock Will
maike good in this position goes without
Lena Rivers Closed.
Alei 1Rivers company closed the si-a-
si at Nobraska City. Neb., rcenIltlx.
Joh  IL     i  . li t  li ii  t  G
Calle 1             orl"rz  $,0lfi  injur-ies
s ItfIed  inl the  IIcater ThIIanksi
night, when she was stiiuk oi tih I
livitti  nt  slid"  anod  fr;Ame  fan-" a  al,],
tight  in  ilii  isller .  l-Ier  liuiba d, ii
sued fo the toss of is wiis sen
got I veidict of $2,500.
The d fense contended that 1ti caleiu
was being operated b the cornpanyishe
ing the theiter at the time and thatt
nulinger Was not responsible. Tile o
held, however, that a theatrical inanalg
is liable foi the safety of his patronss
though ile negligent act was commcith-
ea N a me  lber fcit e  < 01   etlNplayj
lietc. This idecisiin waix indii-~iti.-
teoily that tile miatuagt laud aitvivi-
the  tiil ti i  aut  mci id  it  ofI
Collins and  Hart x ill oei-- n ini laris j
I iii vaudeville.
Bob Irving joins Harry D. Carey'shlon
tana at Muskegon, Mich., April 3.
Julius Tannen, who is at the Olympi
this week, is a Chicagoan. He was fo-
merlx in the employ of J. Ogden Arao
Perkins D. Fisher states that he has
idea of producing i new sketch. Theit:
which xwetit the rounds of the press  -
witliouit foundation in fact.
Rex Roselli, now ali actor. but formi
Iy ani animal trainer, is a freqneat visih-
at the Coliseum this Week. He forine
had a lion act at itverview park.
Ed Mulvey popular around the Pill
1lotel, his oild stamping grounds, is hV
this Week with The Love Wailiz, wii
is  at  the  .Xlajestic.  It  iis  a  big  act,
quiring 22 people.
Thais Lawton, with the stock comi
at the Bush Temple last fall, has fal
heir to iigiret Anglin's role in T
Great Divide. txhich is pil ing ani engu
ment at: Mcickers.
Frank Monroe, whose secret srvlicenti
is sit-I  a  lilt in  Via  Wireles, is a si
producer and *tuge ianag ,  which ii
explain the xai tie wiis  It udienut
apart whici iight be no mote than a
if playd Isv ani Incompetent actor
Laurette Taylor, who is witlh The Gi
John   ianton ait the Garrick, is the s
Miss Tavlor who appeared in Yosemilt
a "fig-leaf   x gown. She Was force
public opinion to modify her costum
thtt  ila.  Mliss  Talxot  is  said  to be
invenlir of The Metry Widow hat.
Olga Nethersole had tioublei in seen
liisons  to  pla  child  paits  inl her  L
I lier last txwo xisits to, Chicago
mii occasion she was lile for breai,
it h  law and the other time she fouit
'ild suffeuing from  onsiuptiontwho
tle to appear about eigt  snirs of
;iithough i realtis past sixteen.
Ada Lewis is in lier closing weeka
aii, and The Red -lMill Will openatt
'use Airil 4. The Iead of the It
has not pioven a wonidetlil icces
th, companyWilledisband,   Itis
lhon likely that the play wi lere
iixt season auit Miss Lcwis giv.    -
ithince oi Broadway.
Hririet Woithington succeeds Bla
Stewtirt Zis leading womian If the N -
Cin stock in Frisco.
Franmk Bsiconsitid.Jane Jeffr-txill 1
t1e Brixvoit stuck in OJisiia 1o go
x av      ryille.  Loretta Allen Will sucu
Miliss Jefferyv
Olive Naylor, a daughter of Dr. Ji
Balt Niltior, the author, has becon-
memetber of the Colonial stock Coili
at Columbus, Ohio.
Francis Grandon of the Colonial s
companY at Columbus, Ohio, did not
tear in the tast this Week on acconii
The     Emery Musical Comed vy Coml
has leased the Empire theatr it San
Ionto, Te, for a siort tiie, taking
lae of tle Earl Lrigess companty.
Willtam  Grew  Will close lis emn
Inent as leading mais of the Bni
stock in Omaha. Neb., April 10 He
juvenile and this Was  rac tically his
sittenpt at leading busicc
Three new    additions to the Tri
Mack company at the Bungalow, in
Lake City, assisted in making tie Ils
tion of Heartsease last week one ia
list productions that company't has
offered. Annia Cleeland, Bessie HU
toil George Baldini, Jr., are tile
Th Leyric stock cotmpany at Atlit
olis Miinn has made a big hit with 1
t' Pexgi' whicli is the most pretent
play they have attempted so far.
house could not sicconutiodate all t1t
tronls last week, so it was mintinued
week. 'with indications that it will 1
all Minnepolis records for stock I
Omaha Exhibition.
I'lle  International Project'in
Producing Company has arrani
a special exhibition of Isflints 1
ite ienefit of moving picture xhli
lrs il Onusiihn, \oliniT. \Pil5

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