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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

Business good west, says amusement man,   p. 8

New theaters and new corporations,   p. 8

Page 8

January 23, 19O.
J1 B.       in i itt  of lth lark ii,--
ite at iii Il,  l0.. say's that only'
thrtee atiltitin havxe playedlto lessttati
.150 fiher till season. One of these got
.$140, anotlit .9700 and the third $64.50.
No SundAy ,lows are given there, which
makes the figures whih follow interest-
ing. On Jan. 1, Tle County Chairman
got $608.50 there at $1 top prices; on
Christmas, The Cry Baby got $428.75 at
50-cenr prices, and on Thanksgiving, Lena
Rivers got $432.75 gross at 50-cent top
prices. other shows which have appeared
there recently prospered: The Banker's
Child, $225.30; Flaming Arrow, $233.53;
Honeymoon Trail, $00S.50; Ralph Riggs,
$194.5'; The Wolf, $75.7o; lorgan Stock
.,    .0.40; sttsons Uncle out's Cabin,
22-.S0; Just, i Noman's Way, $208.90;
'Il  litvil,  $37 '; Noith  Bros.,  S1,115.30;
Teipst and Sunshine. 8275.8; T 'leCow
F'uncher, $29G.:01, anrd Witehing flour,
Canton, Ill., Jan. 19.
A test of a new city ordinance prohib-
iiting lites from operating on Sunday
W;as Made oin Janl. 15. when John Span-
ople, pio't'or of the Varietie theater,
wats liied before a Jury itn a justice court
on a i-itatge of having operated his the-
iter oni Suindaty. Jan. 10. The fact of
tlhei piformance having been given was
dittilted and only one question was con-
silird,  itaiiely:  -Vas  the  city  council
within legal hounds in insisting  upon
onfoir-ient of tle ordinance purporting
i   the case in hand? Class dis-
iriiiiination was claimed by the defense
id it took tie jury only a few minutes
to diiite tit Mr. Spanople was not
Charles Grapewin has notified J. Stacy
Hill mul~ Thanuns Addison, of Cincinnati,
11mt their new lay, A Brave Coward, his
Ieell  iecepted  and  that  lie  will  give  it
ai initial production in Milwauikee , in
Lee Kohlmar has handed in his resigna-
tion is a imemi ri of the aI Salle stock
coipaniy ill Chicago. to take effect Jan.
24. le will take I flyer into vaudevill
while arranging for a starring tour for
next season.
Charles T. Kindt, of the Chamberlain,
N1intl  & JIarriigLti circuit, is recovering
fr1iout a recCent p-laatin. I is iesident
mianage,,r of the llitis theater at Daven-
port, Iowa.
J. C. Duff will mnake a big production
of The Gay Gordons, a musical comedy
by Seymour Ilicks.
Rose Eytinge its admitted to the Ac-
tor's Fund Iloie near New   York last
Will Block and Byron Chandler have a
eldl to stari Grace La Rue in a musical
*coinedy, it is reporteid.
Cecilia Loftus is striously ill wxith bron-
chitis in London. Marie Dressler took
her place at the Coliseum.
Jim Jeffries has accepted an offer to
appear oil the site. The newspapers say
lie is to get $,000 per week.
Augustus Thomas addressed the Ac-
tors' Society in New  York last Sun'day
evening. lie made the declaration iit
the stage xxas more important to civili-
Zutil  11miii th ehutil.
H. B. Thearle Claims Pacific Coast Territory is in Fine Financial
J-I.  1'. Tlle t le, general  man-it-age-  of  the
Pinl) lxtot-hilic Comllnutl1, returning to
Chicago auIt (er a tour of (.iLght weeks onl
tie Iith ie oast ini tihe interests of his
tiganization, declared to THE    SHIIV
WORLD reporter that it Was apparent
that financial conditions in thle far we'St
were iminentltx  satisfactory.  It wouldI
H t1,1)ea r that the effects of the pai Ic
which have militated against business
enlteirises generally in  the  cast and
iiddle west have not been felt to any
seitous  extent west of Denver.     Of
course, it has affected to some extent
shiiow business ott the coast, but of little
moment compared to that experienced ini
ilie, cati.
Frtu nrti. Thearle's observation it would
appear that the imoviig picture theaters
til the coast are a priie factor lit the
taiusement of the masses. Tremendous
sulis of money have been invested in
the erection of high-class moving picture
theaters and all seem to be prospering.
Mr. Theaile had noted references ini
TIlE STIOW   WORLD as to the decline
of nielodraia on the Pacific coast and
said that a good many of the managers
were Stifferin1g from it in places where
they had always  een used to doing good
business. It seis that te moving pic-
ture business is st-aily encroaching every-
Where, atnd the inswer would appear to
1e tIat some of the houses which have
hIretofore plaveid ielodraima will be de-
oted to imitx-tg picture exhibitions on a
I-ltge scale. Just to cite ain instance:
Portland, Oregon, has about fifteen imam-
moth moving picture theaters anti all of
thet are playing to capacity. This also
i true of Seattle. I'le fairs in the far
west this pae tSeason liexi' prospered lhe-
yond  ill expectations. 'lTaking one in-
stance for example, the Spokane fair's
receipts for the week were $90,00. The
Pain's Spectactilr Vesuvius alone play-
ing to $10,0110 in six nights. The Salt
Lake City fail tad almost a similar ex-
perience; also the state fair at Salem,
(Oregont, was a great success.
Mr. Thearle evidently recognizes the
wonderful business for showmen in the far
west. an   evxer-growing  impire, which,
through the co-operation of the railroads,
is aSSI1umiting nli importance second to none
and ialtost beyond belief. Even lin the
tuniliest villages one will find handsome-
ly  appointed  hotels, theaters, paved
strets, and  all modern   conveniences,
nxxith read t money in circulation and a
lwarity  detsire  uponl  thle  Dart  of  the  Inl-
labIiilitntS  to  ftlili  infant  inldustlies;  ;L
Iim  , contented people, just brimnming
OVei witli iOisitt, ready to welcome
foteigu  capital or foreign investments
ald Always ready to take a piece of a
good tilng themlstlves.
I, utlizing tie importance of the farwest
tli, ain Pyrotelinic company has estab-
lisled branch olbies in the more import-
ant cities.  Mr. K. L. Bernard, who
nildii the west coast last year, made a
splndid showing, and will represent the
tirn Igain in that sectioni.
For the next few weeks to come Mr.
Theatirls  will imake his headquarters at
tie gretal x'sti olices of te Po'ill
comnyt in Ciiicagii. andm will liersonally
stpetinttend tle tinliiig of opetationus at
the Yukon Exposition and the Rose Car-
nivnl ait Portland'
New Park for Columbia.
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 17.
It the plans of certain business men of
Columtia are worked out, there will be a
Coney Istland il a snall scale here next
ilumr. For two weeks 'I. J. Taylor,
Robert Moorman and T. I. Weston have
hiin at work on th organiztition of the
Ridgew dt Aimusemnit company, which
Concern h  is  at  i itl stotk  of $211,000 and
whiih will delt  und build a park for
Coluiainis just outside of town unless
there is a hitch inl the present plans.
Resort Near Reno.
Reno, Nev., Jan. 18.
An English anusitntit syndicate issaid
to seek a big anusement resort near the
city. Sailt Rosenthiii a real estate man,
says that $60,000 will be spent if the deal
goes through, which ie considers likely.
"Katonka" Changes Hands.
Corryx Pa., Jain. 20.
The Oregon Indian Medicine company
of this city, owned and operated for iian?
yeirs by Col. T. A. Edwards, the scout,
and by Mrs. Lyle Van Vleck, a daughter,
fiter Itis demise, itis been sold to Jamtes
Place, of Nwashington, D . C., and a cousin.
Claude Place, ait employe of the former
owners, is now native manager.    The
cimpnity is widelx   x known as the makers
of tite Katonka ieimedies and enjoys a
large trade aitong, the streetmen of the
cityIT, b'sides having several companies
on the road at all tiltes. The purchase
ice was not made pulic.-BERLINER.
,l;u 'I,  I_  llu(imit l  uN    time
1: i. iidi llu Iiii  ug t Iitl,  xxek.  N [ Ihitl -
Imt ld a SHOW)\\' WORLD repr-s-ntaltive
thau(t 1otla d was to iave this yier the
gmeaLtest week Of festivities  they  have
evir amttempted. I'liey hale raised a hun-
tdrt-ti thousand dollars for the purpose,
ani mt that time of the year, week Of
June 7, the city of Portland is itt isif a
bower of roses. They are arrangiuc fur
a series of day paurades and night ililmi-
lit-ii pageaits, iand they have contricted
foi some magnificent floats. The- also
expect to have one of Pain's Spectacles
during the week of the Rose Festival.
cast ear the festival brought into Iort-
land during the week over onei hundred
ind fift thousand visitors and as they
ire arranging   much more claorate pro-
gramn and will make a More extenisive
mnnounceitmit, they an, confillentl  uMit-
ing upon two hiunded and fift Itoi-tund
visit -.n  to,  t - (it  (illcing  tlhe  19r fii  ,(i-
Six mc ion  a~n ulpp r box alltile Wailker
Opera house 1iad a thrilling enctunter
txith hlipotic subject during a perfrn-
ance of the Flints last week. Knotking
spectators down in a frinzied attempt to
escape imaginary muice the subjeet gained
the Lox aid had Cverything hits own way,
cornering the tremhuiing occupants who
hesitated to ute a long leap to the first
floor as the only means of escape. one
brave heart tried to argue the absurdity
of the   situation  and  was   promptly
knocked down. Mrs. Flint was attnwlil
hy the uproar and called off the tmin hin
ite nick of time.-REA.
John A. Preston, who is with The Fight-
ing Parson, ran into Chinlgto 1'tonidai as
the company playued Elgin tst Sttuirday,
Aurorn, SunIlda, Sycamore, Monday, and
itockford, Tuesday. He has sold t play,
Dare Devil Danl to W. F. NMalin iind it
will be gixven quite in elahorat pduc-
tion next season. Mr. Preston hits sev-
eivahl iore ianus1ipts cmiileted.
Eleanor Carey has 1i01d te ie Ruui'-Ishl
stock tomipany at Milwaukee.
John E. Drew, when     attemptilg to
tke a Izlgger from the villain's handi
a Los Angeles, Cal., theater was pain-
fully injured.
Helen Lackaye was struck by a hunch-
light at te  Valencia theater lt San
Francisco and although knocked io thie
floor was not seriously injured.
Mr. and Mrs. Southard have joined the
Nodward suti  at Sioux City, howa.
Wilson Hummel has sued his wife,
Louise  et, for div.orce and she says
siei-lad of it . He citarges site htas
deserted him  and she willingly pleads
guilty. She says she got tired of paying
two-thirds of his expenses.
Lauretta Taylor, who scored so heavily
a few wteeks ago in Yosemite iun Wash-
ingtoun, 1). C., tx-ites  to  friends inl Seattle
that the story that she was about to be
arrested because of her costune, or rather
lack of costumn, made from leaves, was
ti story sent out by an over zealous press
agentt. liss Taylor was rather put out
because of the kind of publicity she re-
Boston.-A vaudeville house estimated
to cost $80,00 will be built here by James
Donalison, owner of a local theatorium.
The new house will be located at the cor-
nor of Washington and Kneeland streets.
It will seat 700. Mr. Donaldson wishes
it understood that while ie will "play"
Iiiti es, vaudeville will always predon-
inete. It will le called the Vashington.
New York.
Brooklyn.-Two new    houses are ru-
Imoti-d   liut Ihave ,line no further
New York City. A new house to be
known as the Firilanks is to be built
in West Fifi    t stiiet. Daniel J. Sul-
l is said to e backing it and the house
is to be inamed aftI his sont-in-Iaw-. Doug-
lals  Fitiia ! q.  whio  is  tiow  cot-stiirittg
w-Fi 'Thoma A  Nise lit Ti- Geitean
fl-tint Iisissiuii. Ruiltitits aiitis tile
iuor ltad adds that $200,000 will be paid
for the ground
Columbus.-A new houste for the Stn-
Kilth circuit is to be erected here. It
will ihtvet aln entance at 17 High street.
Charlis E. Miles, J. Clarence Stllixtitantd
John Swit-ln ar, now iin negotiations for
tile plot of ground. It will seat 600 per-
Columbis.-The new Colonial Theater,
which ais been under construction for
the past your, is completed  and  was
oliened Mondi, Jait.1 1. ''his house is
I neauty and modern ii every particular,
and is the largest in Columbus, having a
sentintg tapeiity of 1,010. The stage is
77!1/, by :i5 feet, and 70 feet to the rig-
"in]L i 1 t1  i i tile I 'ai ndilig  is  ,I  t-1i
;1nA  (Inerote, andl therc  is  no"t a1 post  ill
tliw house to obstruct the view, both the
tnliOy limtd' gallet N lting supported by
steel girders. The house will be given
Over to the Colonial Stock Company for
the prest',i who opened ith a produc-
tion of If I NWete King. The staff of the
theater is imtde t )up as follows: J. V.
Howell, if Cicinntii timianager; Russel
Slieoers, treasurer: (ustave Schell. scenic
artit; H n   lHidden, musical director;
1-irimy Bir, progiiiimier; Sid  Fooks
slie carntli-it-; Geoige Warner, chiet
Mt. Pleasant.-The   News   here   has
stirtedi ta Siuscripttion fund to build a
Ithater and ihe' project is being well sup-
San Rafael.-A new opera     house  to
I       0is to be built ii Fourth street
tithasitle the arnt theater. NW. A. Poxt-n-
lug is liicihgticile project. It wxill hiave
a miacity of 600 down stairs and 400 in
tie ga:illtry. Thomas Phillips, now man-
-iof ItICue Garden, will be manager of
te new pnyhouse.
Lewiston.--The .. 1W. Greeley Amuse-
iniut Compianii will convert the Kra Tim-
lie. 1, f1 -m -r home of the Shriners, into
I  i&lihoie fir pictures and vaudeville.
It  will  senit  lit.
Lafayette.-Felix G. Rice, the present
muisiati diretor of time Castle theater at
Bloominugton, Ill., is one of tle directors
if ite Vi-toria Amusement Companiy,
which is r-ecting a handsotne new vanud,-
ville house ,t Itafayette, lid. The tie-
atlr will he  opened  ott 1Vashington's
Iii tidoi  tnd        h   1iit m , Iil  I i i .  -N.I
Ni. I \x. I
New York.
Saratol-a  Itilk itinpiiny.  Brooklyn,
capital, $5u0: directors, Fred IH. Tucker,
.Jr.. 15 Glenda l-i-:  l1arry  Barber,
20S Halsey street; W. W. Bennet, 1204
East Nieeiith strect, Brooklyn.
1. E. Tatvior coinian', New  York;
moving pictures and projectographs;
Capitil.  5t.00i; dirIc-tots,  Elmer  E.
1rnntshaw 1240 Bioadway : Roy E. Tay-
lor'. i41 Slitis iFtreet. Nw Yi. atnd
NN'lliamt MclKiben, 21; IlaiI street, lytir-
cester, Mass.
Cornell Inn, Itiaca. Tompkins County,
capital $10.000. The object of this com-
pitiIV is to alt its piriprittors anitt marm-
agers of thaeaters and oilier places Of
ptblic entteititout Ii c1 t liiiction w-it
the hotel luisiness. The directors are:
Alliert -Buchman I  Eai3st Fifty-ninth
street, New York City, and Arthur B.
Ncier ind Edward 11. Boswick, of Ith-
Edwin A. Relkin Amusement company,
New York; cniital, S25,000; directors,
Edwardi A. Relkin, 11 East 117th St.;
1         nrris (hisnt- 00-62 Second avenue, New
York Cit%-, :11d Setuuci Ross, 31 Mercer
street, Nioxrk, N. J.
(L   Am v \uisement  company,  New
T om olutni 2.000;: directors, Norman
F1ir lu      'ty-third street, Brook -
I-ti:  Noltis  hut-sli.  Samitue'l  Cri'ske,  8.5
14Nilh street, Newx York.
The Etts Elid Aiusement company,
uisi nI   t li  \\ill        z t  Iin l iIg
picture  Show  ill  this  sit ,  tiled  a  lhai-
ter for capitalization of $7,500.00, dixided
into shares of 81 l0.00 each, and a maxi-
tuna debt of $7,500.00: the incorporators
aind their holdings are, Nat. Hoenig, three
shares; Isadore Fraik. live shares; Louis
Fleishuaher five shares, and Percy Ster-
nau, ten shares.   This company have
purchased a lot ani will erect a new
Cleveland.-The   Gnieral  Amusement
Company has been itncoiporateI wth a
ctipital stock of $10     The inrpor-
atois   are  11.  IT.  W iltox,  .1. A.  Siiinpel,
C. E. Strimpel iind 'thers.
Denver.-The 1lipadromne  Iiii mitient
Companmy has been Incorporated \\ith a
capital stock of $        T0I000  The ni tpO-
rators are R. H. A1ILutsk-v. pi ilent;
tlno MeoJnao Si-n-riry. TIi,- -ipanY
wxil ist-tite moiuig ptictutre st-
Fort Atkinson-The North Sidi Star
Theater Ciimnpny has beien incolratited
,illt a  c pital  stock  t0f  '1t 0 lh  in-
cororators  tre  A.  -'.  Iu rnei.  I  .
l-iIt, . and George Klein.
Oklahoma City.-The -Monarch Filin Ex-
ciaing- has been incorpoated with a cap-
ital stock of $20,000. The inlcorpora tors
tre C. P. Struble, Harry Burgess. George
It. Bennett and others.
Chicago.-The   CharItles  ATIlistmtent
Cotmpany has been incorporated wxith a
Capital stock of "1,000. The int'iorators
are Puml T. LavorilIay, N. R. SuitS and
Q. NV. Taylor.
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