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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

Routes [continued],   pp. 22-24

Page 23

November 7, 1908.                                          THE          SHOW             WORLD                                                                        23
! .Every Picture House can have
aling Pictures Now -
The man who perfected talkinpictures
late general manager and author for the
.     \       HumanovoProducing Co.: now producing
~' talking pictures and new novelties for the
_a:  ~9great Nickel Circuit.                     Complete muanu-
t                                                                                                                                         scripts for over a bundred    $2.50
pictures  PRICE: Alldramas.
omedies and travalogue lectures
Terms, Cash or C. 0. D. Write for list.
Address. WILL 1. STEVENS,
Nickel, Theatre, Portland, Me.
Now         that Election is over, you                                                                                                      ..U..
will be able to draw                          the crowds                                                     MaKEiYOUR OWN SLIDES
'has  PikW                                                                                                 ithout aid of photography; from  ordinary newspa-
*                                          per cuts, photographs, post cards, colored  illustra-
Provided     you   have    the big feature subjects like the                                              e  c. outheThing for Election.    it-
Y                                                                    listrated song  adveriisements. colired pictures
from crmic paper supplements. Slides can be made
i- WrOa afe                                                                   te     b    r               ifewmPaiiiteS, plain or Incolors.
of Septem                                ber 9                  Complete outfit"anddirections,$1.00.
U~i~j1.~jj~         HIPII                      I~T~AA              AL.Midland Transparency Co.
e           son= Gans                                    Fight                       COLMA, CAL.                             2107 outh 10th Street, OMAHA, NEB.
Etc. Such as-we give our Moving Picture Customers, and good prosperous times will come back to your theatre                 T
Three Years in Arkansaw. Peice R. Benton,
prop.; Ben Stone, mngr.: Fairland, Neb., 12;
r tWrite as soon as possible                                                                  601WestoryBuilding,Washington,D.C.             Clay Center 13; Sutton 14.
Manprp:Ato                                                                                                                  0:Grde      1;Mn
tRailway Exchange Building, Denver, Colo.           Tempest and Sunshine (Eastern), W. F.
Dooley Block, Salt Lake City, Utah.            son 12; Warren 13; Ware 14.
C   h   icag         o    F   ilm        E    x   c  h   a   n       e        Brandeis Building, Omaha, Neb.                Tempest and   Sunshine (Central), N. F.
Stahtman Building,Nashville,Ten.               Mann, prop.; Richard    Chapman, mgr.
ExclsiveandStahmanBuiling Nasvile, Tnn.Greenville.                                                        Ky.,  10:   Hopkinsvitte 1:
Exclu    e Oawners      120 East Randolph St., Chicago, Ill.                   Candler Building, Atlanta, Ga.                   tKile     Tenn., 12; Ekton, Ky., 1
R    n     lh      C    cgowlin                                                                   Green 14.
Wlr                                                                                                                              Tlempest and Sunshine (Western), T.Ma
11111 tprop.                                                                                                   Cedar Raids, Ia., S: Mr
I fi'c ego 9: Belle Plain I0; Tama 11; Eldora
a'                                                                                                      1-: Grands(b Center 121: Ileini-erts 14.
rtce, lene, N. Appell, rn.: IHarris-                                                                                         r  uestetr). W. E. Nankevi  lMaro-Brook  armr (Central)  WY. F. o  Vunle, Js. D. larton & Co
Ia.Etern),     A.  G. Delamiater o, pop.. Im. Franhlin Bile,, usr.: Mat-        M1an, prop. J. WI. Carson. ulr.: Allan-     props141. L. Crane. mgr.: Brooklyn, N.
rer. aBffalo.,N. x.9-14.              (cii. ITT., 9; Paris 10; Mt. Carnmet 11;    tic. Ia., 9:; Red Pats 10;  itsa1.pos:S.L         
iareBa     iKiadppein New York.         inrtennes, Ind., 12; Olney, ITT., 13; Dan- Missouri Girt (Fred Raymond's Western)          n-14)
- n  id  Ira-Iz12:Thorns anid Orange                                                                         Blossoms  (Southern),
'IS:.I  tilo& Nicotai, mgrs.: Memsphis, Trenn.,  Vitt 14Ee .Nromr:BseAi.                                                       2       d. Weyerson, usgr.: West Point, 1f; Co-
ITavIin & Nicolai. mgso Mmpis Tnn'Her First False Step (E. J. Carpenter's),          Douglas 14.                                  Tumbus 11; Macon 12; Shuberta 13; Meri
ruark  (Western), A. G. DelaHater,       Harry P. Brown, mgr.: Salt Lake City, Man of the Hour (Western        Brdy & Gris-      da 14.
riar   (Utah,) A. G.      megarater                                                                                             daner  14.o.
I     ngr.: Sandusky, 0., 13; Jackson, Mich.,   ah, 1-ra                                                                             Th  Patriot,mwith KWilliam Croll. 9has.
illt    14.                                     1-tendricks. Ben, Wittiam  Gray. usgr.: Oak  Mao of the Hou~r (Midtand), Brady & Gris-    he Pao, wai Kians  Cottiei'., Ch4
 ;land the Stampele, V. E. Lambert, mgr..  Park, Ill.. 9: Belvidere 10; Rockford 11;  mer. ngrs.: St. Marys, 0., 11; Piqua 12; Undor Southern Skies (Western), Harry Doel
raremont, Neb., 10; N. Bend 11; Columbu  Sterling 12: Egin 13; Aurora 14.          Findte 11d      eo14.            eart.erUnrenu           & isE     a   tanooga 1u
12;entat~ty 3;  sirra1    ~     arsdrson, Matude, Jos. Parenst, mgr.: Be-  Millionsaire arid the Poticeman's Wife, A. HT.  Under Southern Stues (Eastern). Harry Doe]
½    (,iel and the Gawk, 'Wilt H1. Lockoe, usert:raiin Ind.. 9114.                          W~oods. megr.: Detroit. Micts.. 1-14.  la   Parker, prop. &   mer.: Ctinton, Ia., 9;
tes e, S. P., 10; i 11; C nte ilte  11 Don C., Repertoire: Lock Haven, Pa., Ptd Arkanisaw, LA. AEdwards, m          ta-      Anamosa 10: Cedar Rapids 11; Waterloo
Peresford 13; Alceiter 14.               9-14.                                       -aais, L, 9; Elmwvood 10; Raritan 11;      12; Getwein 12; DBhirue 14.
tliler of te  est, A. 1I. Woods, mgr.: Hiciknan-Besey Co. (A): Appleton, Wis.,  Rosevill 12: Rushville 13; Cara 14 .    Vera. tte Medinls with Eleanor Robson,
i    Turonto. Pit.. 9-14.                   9-14T                                     Ouitlaw's Charistmas, P. H. Frllivan, usar.:  Lieabter & Co.. irs:Schenectadv, N. Y,
Tres tid  9-14.i     Henry   Mitr    terman, Selma. fir The Angel of the Trail,   Peoria. ITT.. 10-11; Springfield 12-14.     1o-rs.:
iigr.:  Winnipeg, Man., 10-13; Grand     Howard Hall Amuse. Co.. Inc..     props.:  opium   Fiend. Coseand  Bros., p psmr            Maud :o 1 oun4stowne
ts" ~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                 ~ils            Maud.y Co.:wa  Yosnesosv   Pasto.  4;s,9  nr.  at  ale.Ol.  1  mr
c   t  srks, N. D., 14,                       1ar1rrra3sr:             otn     as,9        ses:PnsVte.Oka.1;Adae                      Bidgeton 12: Harrisburg 12; Mechanics-
tiir.                                        I-toil Horard as Thert  Watthen)  Stretc~etvctve4  12: Durnt 13: Sherman, Tex,, 14.    hiirg 22:* Carliste 14,
Sn:    id n   is., 10I, De oleis     Hall Howard, in The T    sall Street Detective ,  On Trial for Ilis Life, A. H. Woods, mer.:  Wirht Tiseater Co.. Hilliard Wight, mr
Howiard Hall Amuse1. Co., Inc., props.:    Envonie. N. J., 12-14                       Peterson, La., 9-14.
11;aSelma 12; Montgomery 13; Columbus    Rochester, N. Y.. 9-11; Syracuse 12-14.    Poynter, Beulah, in Lona Rivers, Burton    W'omino Put. Win. Waisber. mgr.:     St-
i   Barr Amusement Co.: Starkville, Hanford, CharleO B., F. Lawrence -Watter,       Nixon. Angr.:  St. Joseph,  Mo.,   3-11;   aper. Itt.. 8: Milwautee. Wis.. m: Sand-
Afs  9_1  oora114                      01cr.:  Atva, Otuta.. 10: Winfield. Kans.,  Onsatsa, Neti. 12-14.                      v71,Il.1:Smnu            t
fiss.,                                   11: Wichita 12: Independence 13; Bartles-  Phantom  Detective, Rowland   &   Clifford   Richille 13: TSomonauk 12: Shabbona 12;
ville. Okla., 14.                           Amaise. Co., props. & ngrs.: Cininnnati BWchee 11: Fimot    14.
hen~ -We Were Friends, Win. Macatitoy.
Tidian'P Secret (Lincoln J. Carter's): Erie,  P.. 8-14.                            E.        . Kinman      Kan.. TO: Haiperaule
Pa.. 12 -14.                              Pnir of Country KiTds (C. Jay 2-mith's). B.    W
Tn At the F;nish    (Tincoln  J. Carter's):                                             Wif's Secret. A. 1   : Alva 14.
Akron, 0., 9-11: Youngstown 12-14.         11: Emporium   12; St. Marys 12: Dubois     Falls, Pa.. 20: Wastmnr.ton      v.
N E  T                    uson.   Burt.  Co..  Burt   Imson,   use,-r.:  14.                                     W""rens of Vir"glin a Bvid Belasco, user.:
m Walnser.  nn.. 9-14.                     Picterts. The Four, & Co.. Willis Pickert,   Detoit Mics.. 9-D4.
In Woming. H. E. Pierce & Co.. mrs.:      ngr.:   .ynetbiur, Va., 9-14.            BrOlf
S7atia TVatta 1 Wash., 12; N. Yakima 13; Peer Gynt, with Touls lames, Wallace Mun-     'el, Tie. SOit. NtthansonT &Nasoil. users.
Tlorteshurae 14.                           cs.usr.    TrIisdad. C'oto, 10,           Woodstock GIst.. 10: St. Thomas 11; Cha-
It's Never Too Late to Mend. A. J. Spencer, Prince of Swindters. A. H. Woods, mgr.: .     thaim 12: London 12-14.
mgr.:  HohRena, N. J., 1-4.               Syracuse, N. Y.. 9-11: Rocbester 12-14     wikttine Hour (Western), Sam   S. & Lee
Tane Eyre (Eastern). Rowland & Clifford,/ Paid in Pull. Wageonhals & Kemper, mgrs.:       Shubert. Inc.. mrs.: Iowa City, Ia., 12.
Amuse Co.. irops. & mrs.: Urbana, TIl.,A-TPortlnd. Ore.., 8; Sacramento, Cal., 12:
20: Charleston. 11: Linton, Ind., 12;       Stoctkto  14.                                           TENT ROUTES.
Bloomington. 13: Columbus. 14.            Rovat Slave. Geore  H. Bubb, mgr.: Tef-
Tan   Eyre (Coast). Rowland    &   Clifford   ferson. Ta.. 10: Madrid 11; Ames 12; Ne-  Buffato Bill's Wild West: Houston, Tex.. 9:
Amuse. Co., props. & mrs.:    Laramie,     vds 12: State Center 14.                   Beaumont 10: Crawley. La., 11; Franklin
.                                 TLvS.. 10: Rork prings 11: Green River    Rocty Mountain Express. Klimt & Gazzolo      12: New Orleans 13-15.
12: E' vanston 12: Park City,. TTtah, 14.    Sm. Co.. prop0.: L. E. Pond. gr.: New   London & Johnson's, J. V. West, mgr.:
.Tne Erre (Central).. Bowrland & Clifford     York City. 9-14.                           Leesburg, La., 7-9; Lockport 9; Westlake
~~y               Amuse. Co., props. - mgrs.: Auburn. Ind..  Riv with .To-eph and Wm. TV. Jefferson,    10: DeQuincy 11.
iscFrt   ORDER           QI      CK~             10; Ft. Wayne 11: Huntington 12: Marion     S. -r. Donalds, mer.: Stockton. Cal., 12:  Miller Bros.' 101 Ranch Wild West: Ope-
14.                                         Freso 12: Bakersfield 14.                   loisas, La., S; Lake Charles 9: Jennings
Tst Out of College. Botier & Campbell, Rosar-Mason Stot       Co.. P. C. Rosar, usgr.:  10; Alexandria 11: Monroe 12-13.
rnes.: Portland. Ore.. R-14.               Loesesnort. Ind., 9-1g.                  -Ringline Bros.': Selma, Ala.. 7: Mobile 9:
KirInpied for a Million, N. H. Perry, mgr.: Brred Poin, with Chsincey Oltott. Au-      Meridian, Miss., 10; Macon   11; season
-a Pii                                  Norn Springs, Tn.. 10: Rockford 11: Rudd     ristus Piton, mgr.: Battle Creek. Mich..    ends.
12: St. ,Ansar 12: Nasbua 14.              in: Fout Bend. Ind. 11.
I  r.Kneecser Stark Co., Chas. A. Clark, Sweetest Girl in Dixie. C. S. Puble. ser.:                                                           CARNIVAL COMPANIES.
NEW SUBJECTS: nir.: ,Tohnstown,. N. -7.. 9-1.4. THambure Ark., q: Cr1ossott 10: Mdonroe,
Kenned   JmoSpitz, Nathascon & Nason         Ta. 12: Ruston 12: Aresdia 14.         --Cosmopolitan Shows, Great: Columbia, Tenn.,
mrs :a Taunaton. M   s,.. 9-14.           Shonbord Kin., with Wricht T orimer. Wi,.      9-14
"    Withte Grn-ira rniler B. N. Forrester. mr.:                                    A. Brady. user   Pidetps,. P.. 9-14.      Danville & Kasper Amusement Co., H. B.
"HeWho Laughs                              oansas City. Mo.. S-14.                  st-ldart Stock Co.: Moose Jaw. Sask.. 1-     Danvitle. msr.: Ballineer, Tex., 9-14.
Lion laid tbo Tonse (A), Henry E. Harris    14.                                       Hayes, Arthur W., Concessions: Eatonton,
LstLaughsBet"                      mer.:  Battirore. 15d., 14.              Sis Hopkins, with R oase Melville, J. R. Stirt  Ga,. 9-15.
, Lds ese n                          a  he orrs (B). reary P. Haris,      aer. mer.: Wsttaa, was, 11 : N. Ya-  Patterson, Great, Shows, Jas.    Patterson,
uer.: Gra Forks, N. B., 12: Fargo 12:     tirma 12: Tacoma 11-14.                     mgr.: Houston. Tex., 9-14.
Tnaeswon T. SIAdihdowed bv Three, W. F. Mann. prop.:                               Robinson Shows: Meridian, Miss., 9-14.
wLison and the Mouie (C), Hemr                                     . Harris,    Harry J. .Tqkson, mgr.: Watertown. N.   Sanger Shows, H. Sanger, gen. mgr.: Ok-
"If ItDon't Concern                        er.: N. Sdams. Mass.. 9; Butland. Vt..     Y.. 12: Ttin 12-14.                       muliee. Okla., 7-12.
IA: C-ranvill 11: Barre 12: St. ,Tohnsbury  Sis Perkins (C. Jay  nitth's). Eddie Dela-  Smiith Greater Shows: Wilmington, N. C..9-
TTiA                   '             1". Burlinston 14.                          ney. mer.: Laurel. Del.. 10; Dover 11: Cen-  14.
r  I        J0inYou, Let It Alone               Tatimore & Leigh Rtnk O. (Western), Ben       tervlte. Md. 12; Havre de Grace 11: Potts-  Southern Shows Combined, Barfield & Mint-
Leigh. mer.: TInnn. 11.. 9-14.            town, Pa.. 14.                             ing. igrs.: Rockingham, N. C., 9-14.
L-n   River-, with Boulah PovnteBurt &      Savage King. TeComte & Flusher        mgrs.:
Iq      ;2(500 Feet Each)                       mNial, m11111s.:  St. Joseph. Mo., 8-11:  neentur. 49: Dowle 1o: Henrietta 11: wich-           MINSTREL SHOWS.
q   soma, Neb 12-14.                      its Falls 12; Stamford 12: Abilene 14.
tI'~~:r                    -Motinr. Tillian, in \ Girt's           -ast Friend: Saure Shot Sam (Kilroy & Brittn's) M. Gar-  Bolsannan's Operatic: Mexico. Mo., 9; Ful-
READY                          Cincinnati. 0.. -7: Ctricao, IT.. 9-14.    field, uer.: Toledo, 0., 8-10; McKeesport,   ton, 11; Wellsville 12; Montgomery City
Mi'lred & Ronelere. Harry Rouelere, usgr.:    Pa.. 12-14.                                 13.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 11th                     Tawrence, Mass., 12: salne 12: Haverhil  Strong, Elwyn. and His Players, Walter Say-  Cohan & Harris', Cohan & Harris, sgrs.:
I Thati                                             14.                                         idge. m r.: Sioux  City, Ia., 1-10.        St. Louis, Mo., R-14.
Mirroy-Mackey Stock Co.: Trenton, N. J., Thief, wvith Kyrle Bellew  & Margaret I-    Coburn's. J. A.: Para1outd. Miss.. 9: Jones-
9-14.                                       lington. Daniel Frohman, mgr.: Boston,       hero 10: Holly Springs 11; Oxord 12; Wa-
or. tron1. Stoek Co., Will H. Myers,          Mass.. Oct. 12-Norv. 21.                    ter Valley 13; Cofferville 14,
Strutenrville. 0.. 9-14.          The Phantom    Detective. Rowland & Ctif-   Dockstader's, Lew. Cthas. D. TWilson, mngr.:
MB nnald Ftoet Co. (No. 11. G. TV. Mc-     ford Amuse. Co., props. & imers.: Cincin-   Cincinnati, 0.. 8-14.
DonaIld  me.   qallisow, Okla., 9-14.      naqti, O-., 8-14.                         Dandy    Dixie, JT. JT. Nolan,  magr.  Lake
ESSMNnAykFILMB                                     1rs-I Stocl Co. (No. 21. Earl MceDon-  Thurston,. Adelaide, In The Woman's Hour,  Charles La.8 Orange. Tex.. 9:
B  at. iier,  Satisra,  tut., 114. nat. 0.                    es' Dixi, 81. JO oane e.: Jnings,
,i1 .mi .: Brookhaven, Mich.. 9-14.         Francis X. Hope, mr.: Decatur, Ala., 11;   La. 10: Crowley 11: Lafayette 12: Wash-
Montna. Limite   (Eastern). Klimut & Gaz-    Huntsville, 12: Chattanooga, Tenn., 13;     ington 13: Franklin 14.
300                                  zoI o Amsnse. Co.. pronn.; T. D. Ellsworth,  Birmineham. Ala.. 14                 Field's. At G.: Austin, Tex., 9; 'Waco 10:
imer.: Philadilptia. Pa., 9-14.           Thoroughbred Tramp (Elmer Walters'), Geo.     Corsicana 11: Ft. Worth 12: Dallas 13-14.
Mecryw-BrookFarm (notern).S T. F. Mann,       L. Broan. men.    Stamps. Ark., 11; At-   Fox's Lone Star, Roy e. Fox, msr.: Goldth-
501 Won.: Ion A. MeMintarn. mgsr.:                                           Spring-     ai2a, Tex., 1: Tefferson 12; Jackson-     waite. Tex.. 9-11: Killeen 12-14
ritl                                                                           14. ied'N  Y  ;                      Carton's, . C  Pearl, user.: Bansyilto', N. .,
501WELLS ST. GIAGO,ILLS.                 Main of te  Hour"' entral). Brady & Gris-   Turner. Clara, Co., Ira W. Jackson, mgr.:     9: Mt. Morris 10: Medina 11.
se, mgrs.: Cleveland.     9-14.            New Bedford. Mass., 9-14.                  T nsdale Bros.': Correction'llc. Ta.. 10;
of the Hour (New England). Brady &     Taylor Stock Co., H. W. Taylor, prop. &           gsley    . Holorenet2niSac    y 1
Gsrimer, ngrs.: Bangor, Me., 12-14.       mgr.: Portland, Me., 9-14.                  Alta 14.

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