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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

Routes [continued],   pp. 22-24

Page 22

NOvember 7, 1908.
i     M
Equipped with
Magazines, Autom
and Automatic Fir
patent) Asbestos Co
nections, new impro
new style Fire-pro
proved Electric L
with everything se
cluding polished c
Mechanism, inclu
Bicycle-steel Legs
to extend over 5
S .     USlides
ROUTES --Continued from Page 19
W innings,  The.  Lyric:  Urbana,  t.,  9-11;
Orphoum. Sidney, 12-14.
Whitman, Frank, Majestic: Johnstown, Pa.,
Ward & Hart, Lubin's: Philadelphia, Pa.,
9-14 .
Williams & Gordon, Bijou: Piqua, 0., 9-14.
West & Benton, Casino: Washington, Pa.,
Ward. Will, Bijon: Grand Forks, N. D.,
Waller & Magill, Orpheum: Mansfield, 0.,
9-11; Orpheum, Newark, 12-14.
Whiteside, Ethel, Canterbury: London, Eng.,
Wade & Reynolds, Orpheum: Jacksonville.
Fla., 9-14.
Winchester. Edwin, Lyric:  Alton, Ill., 9-14.
Webster &   Carlton, Garick:  Norristown,
Pa., 9-14.
Wrdett. Estelle, & Co., Orpheum: Read-
ing. Pa.. 9-14.
Winston's Sea Lions, Proctor's: Albany, N.
Y., 9-14.
Wells, Ltw, Poli's: Worcester, Mass., 9-14.
Villians. The Great, Crystal: Logansport,
Ind., 9-14.
Wilson, Lizzie N., Family: Lancaster, Pa.,
- olfe &  Vaughan, Orpheum;   Pen.sacola,
Fla.,  9-14.
Wakahama Troupe, 0. H.: Champaign. Ill.,
Walker. Nella, Poli's: Scranton, Pa., 9-14.
Williams & Weston, Lyric: Terre Haute.
Ind., 9-4.
Wood, Geo. H., Bennett's:   Ottawa, Ont.,
Can., 9-14.
Wynn, Ed., & Co., Hammerstein's:    New
York City. 9-29.
World, John W., & Mindell Kingston, Or-
pheum: New Orleans, La., 9-14.
Yankee Comnedt Four, Orpheum: Allen-
town, Pa., 9-14.
Yacklay & Bunnell, Auditorium: York. Pa..
Yamemoto Bros., Greenpoint: Brooklyn, N.
Y., 9-14.
Young, Ollie. & Bros., Dominion: Winni-
peg, Man., Can., 9-14.
Sho WLD-Rourke m4 11-4             NINE
ZaZell & Vernon Co.: Verviers, Belgium,
Nov. 1-15; Liege, 16-30.
Zinn's Dancing Dolls:   Memphis. Tenn.,
Sept. 5, indef.
Zada. Alt. Schindler's: Chicago, Ill., 9-14.
Zanettos, The Bennett's: Quebec. Can.. 9-11.
Zeno, Jordan & Zeno, Cook's 0. H.: Roches-
ter, N. Y., 9-14.
Awakening of Mr. Pipp, John W. Dunne,
mgr.: Bay City, Mich., 10.
Broken Ido. B. C. Whitney, mgr.: Chicago.
Ill., indef.
Buster Brown (Eastern), Buster Brown
Amnsoment Co., props.: Hagerstown, Md.,
7; Baltimore 9-14.
Buster Brown (Western), Buster Brown Am.
Co.. props.:  Kenton  9: Sandusy 10;
Elyria 11: Ashitabuila 11: Erie. Pa.. 131-14.
Burgomaster, Wm. P. Cullen. mgr.: Texar-
kana. Ark.. 9: Pine Bluff 10: Tittle Rock
11; Hot Springs 12: Ft. 9mith 13; South
McAlester. Okla.. 14.
Black Patti Troubadours. Voeckel & Nolan.
props. & mgrs.: Chattanoogo. Tenn., 7-9:
Decatur,  Ala.,  10:  Sheffield  11:  Corinth.
Miss., 12; Memphis, Tenn., 13; Pine Bluff,
Ark., 14.
Barher of Seville: Wilmington. 0.. 10.
Cry Bibs. Chas. W. Mercer, mgr.: New
Castle. Ind.. 9.
Cat & t1e Fiddle. Chs. A. Settn, prop. &
mgr.: Wichitta, Kans.. R: Newton 10: Law-
rence 11; Ottawa 12: Ft. Scott 13: Toplin.
Mo.. 14.
ComIng Thro' the Rye, H. A. Wickham.
Ingr.: Denison, Tex.. 9: Sherman 10:
Dallas 11-17: Ft. Worth 13-14.
I  l ;i  Fv s  Rn I ill,  .J.  MT.  W~elch  A\Inuise,.  ( o. ,
m    l eridian  Miss., !; Hatt Ie1ur
a      ellon 19: Vicksburg 12; Natchez 1 VI
Roge L., 1.ME-GRIM-INE
Batonn Louse La.,i94
Mlarv's Lamb W. J.   te, bus. mg     Chi-
cago, fl.. Nov. 1-29.                            FRALFR             SO
l<   -Go-R1ond,    Circle  Production  CoFORALLFORMSOF
lt W      icago, Ill.,  de  m    :           HEADACHE and NEURALGIA
,1,cy \\ioow. Henry WV.Savage, tngrs.: Bos    HA     AC-n
ton, Mass., indef.                                   Write for a Free Trial Box
A1. Mi(hief, Sam S. & I ee Shubert, I-.     The DR. WHITEHALL MEGRIMINE CO
IlprS.: New York I'its, indef.
-I1 r1y Widow, Henry W. Savage, mngr.: New  (Sold by Druggists)      SOUTH BEND.IND,
Orleans. La., 1-14.  1    S
91cry Widow, Henry T. Savage. mgr.:
Schenectady, N. Y., 10: Amsterdam 11; N. Bindley, Floronce, in In the Ni-k of Tom
Adams, Mass., 12; Pittsfield 13; North-     Tns. F   Ruivan   ngro   Newark, N.
mapton 14.                                 9-14.
Iiss Innocence, F. Ziegfeld, Jr., mgr.: Bal-  Billy the Kid. Chas. F. Wnlerz, mgr.: Eliot
timore, Md., 9-14.                          beth. N. J.. 9; Asbury Park 10.
Manhattan Opera Co., Robt. H. Kane, mgr.: Bcnnett-Moulton    Co.. Geo. K. Robins,
Charleston, S. C., 9-14.                    mgr.: Rome. N. Y., 9-14.
Atorning, Noon & Night, M. M. Theise, ngr.: Brewster's Millions, Cohan & Harris, nrs
Jersey City, N. J.. 9-14.                   GtIhrie, Okla., 7; Oklahoma City R; E
AleFadden's Flats Barton-Wiswell Co.. Inc..  Reno 9; McAlester    10; Muskogee 11
irs.: Ft. Maison. Ia., 8; Burlington 9;   Bartlesville 12; Tulsa 19; Springfield, At,
Des Moines 10-11; Oskaloosa 12; Ottumwa     14.
13; Creston 14.                           Bishop. Chester, Co.. J. H. Bauman, sgr
M1a's Newv Husband (Eastern), Harry Scott     Tlhrichsville, 0., 9-14.
Co., props.: Robinson, Ill., 10; Marshall Boy Detective, Chas. E. Blane, mgr.: Mitl
11; Casey 12: Charleston 14.                waulkee, Wis.. 9-14.
Ma's New Husband (Central), Harry Scott    Brewster's  Millions, Frederic Thompson
improved rFire;                              o., props.: LaGrande, Ore.. 9; Union 10   mgr.: Lexington, Ky.. 9-14.
itic Fire Shutter                              Baker City 1: Weiser, Ida., 12; Vale, Barrie-Graham     Stock Co.. Edwin Barrie
e Shield (Lubin's'                            0ce. 13; Ontario 14CttHgSt.                        Shetbysille, Mo.. 9-14.
Ile~ieon~1a's NIewv Husband (Cetitral), Harry Scott                           Brown's In To 'wn:! Owatonna, Bias., I.
vered Wire Con - "o.. props.: Sedalia, Mo., 8: Brunswick                               Chauncey-Kelffer Co., Fred Chauncey, me:
ved Lamp House,,                              1,: Richmond 10; Lexington 11; Higgins-     Franklin. Pa.. 9-14.
iof~eosat~m-                        ille 92; Odessa 19: Marshall 14.         County Sheriff. 0. E. Wee. mngr.: Plotlad.-
o  m's New Husband (Northern). Harry Scott   phia Pa.. 9-14.
amp.     Complete                             to., props.: Wadena, Minn., 9; Fergus Falls  Cowboy & the Squaw. P. H. ullilvan, mCI
-eninthecut,in-:                             10; Barnesville 11; Lisbon, N. D., 12;      New York City, 9-14.
Oakes 12; Aberdeen. S. D., 14.            Cow-Puncher (Eastern), W". F. Mann, prop.
arrying case for                             Nearly A Hero, with Sam Bernard, Sam S.       M. W. McGee, mer.: Brownsville. Pa., 9
ding   Adjustable                             X, Lee Shubert, Inc., mgrs.:   Pittsburg,    Monesson 10; Monongahela 11: Cannon:.
Pa., 9-14.                                  burg 12: Waynesburg 11; Washingtont1
00Mara. Joseph, Brooks & Dingwall, mgrs.: Cow-Puncher (Central), W. F. Mann, pro
plliladolphia, Pa., indef.                  Harry Gordon, mgr.: Holton, Mo.. 1l
- 5Uram & King's Musical Concert Co.: Short                                  Seneca 11; Auburn, Neb.. 13; Pawnee (It
'reek, 0., 9-14.                            14.
Prma RDaO, 9 Chas. B. Dillingham, mgr.: Call of the North, with     Robert Edeo.,
IehcgIll , Nov 29.                                                          Henn% B3. Harris.,oe.    ocseilo
*reM: Lubin Bldg., 926-928 Mar-             P, inoceH 1;a otug.  A. J. Houghton, ingr.:  14.
lmsand                                         Williamspolort. Pa., 7: Allentown 9: York  Chekors. J. E. Hogarty, gnr.: Bakersfiel
'      ket St., PHILADELPHIA                   10: Lancaster 11; Reading 12: Trenton,      Cat.. 16: Santa Barbara 11; Sn Dieco;
N. J.. 1P: Eaeton, Pa., 14.                 Riversit  13: San Bernardino 14.
Itsald's Liliputian Opera Co.:   Brainerd.  Capt. Cl-y of Missouri. with DavidB. E:
Minn.. 13-14.                               gino.  Stair  &  Nicolai. ingrt.:  Cletelalnd,
Ied Mill, Chas. B. Dillingham, tigr.: New    0.. 9-14.
Don:oi, Le1ccr, Frcii   I. S    ain     ..    York City, indef.                         Cowtoy Girl (Kilroy & Britton's) S. EI~
Monistme, Mtcln., .o, 0,tailma. 10, Traers  Rhydor. Mae. Co.. Chas. A. Koster, ingr.:  ter, mgr.: Cleveland, 0., 9-14.
City u1: Charlesoix 1: Petoskey 1o   n     Indianapolis. In., 6-8.                   Cutter Stock Co.. Wallace 1. Coter ttc
Den Cuptid. Jotnn D. Cayler. enagr.: Norton,  Royal Chef. HT. H. Frazee, prep.: Phoenix.  E. Liverpol. 0.. 2-7: Bellaire 9-14.
Eel.. ; Pntlilsttrg90;SnnthCener 9; Ariz.. 9; Tucson 90; Bisbee 11; Douglas  Coeds Kid (titroy  & Britto'ls).WI
Mankto 12: A iune 1: Salina 94.        12; Deming, N. Mex., 19: El Paso, Tex., 14.  Fredericks. mgr.: Philadelphia, Pa., 9-14
Fifty Miles fromBoston (Eastern), Cohan &   Royal Hungarian Orchestra, Louis Lipski,    Cook, Car  W., Stock Co.. Carl W. Ceok
H-1arris. nmgrs..: Lewiston, Me.. 7; Mont-  engr.:- Vassar,' Mich., 9.                  Ing".: Massillon, 0.. 9-14.
real, Cmon., 9-14.                        Red Mill (No. 2), Chas. B. Dillingham, mgr.: Chicago Stok Co.. Chas. H RossKam, tr.
Fift    ie   rmBso         Wsen.Cla           Savannah, Ga., 6-7.                         Oil City, Pa., 9-14.
fy Milsfrom Boston (Western), C olan       p~van        aSuet&Adromgrs.: Callahan Dramailc4 Co., L. W. Calishlan.
& Hai-s, mgrs.: Minneapolis, Mien.. 97;. Spotting Days. Shubert & Anderson, iet:ClaanDaai                  oL      .Cllo
&ons, mgrso0: MaMnko9Wineao  Minn: S-     New York City, indef.                      mer.: Thornton. Tex., 5-7; Kosse 9-11
Nwr U   1 Saritor, Wit.non    10 Still-- Stubborn  Cinderella, Mort Singer, mgr.: Creole Slave's Revenge, A. H. Woods, ng.
watccr 13-:4 Sueir     Ws,1;Dlt,            Clicago, Ill., indef.                      St. Louis. Mo.. 8-94,
Finnalt-ne Ranch, H. H. Fracee propt.:      Stubborn Cinderella. Mort H. Singer, age   Choreus Lady, with Rose Stahl. Htenco I
Wichita, Kant.. 63: Abilene 7; Junctioin    iner.   Madison, -Wit., 7; Green Bay 8:    H-arris, ngr.: Pinoe Coto.. 9: Colb:.:
City K9: Marys6iAle 0: Brookfeld. Mo , 11.  Manitowoc 9; Oshkosh 10; Fond du Lac      Springs 10; Salt Lake City, Utah, 12-14.
Follies of 10, Florence Ziogeld, Jr., mr.:  11; Janesville 12; Beloit 13; Waukegan, Convict 999, A. H. Woods. mer.: Alban
Ill.,  14.                                  X. Y.,  9-10: Ottawa, Ont., 12-14.
Cincinnati, 0., 9-14.                     Sm     Set. Barton-Wiswell Co., Inc.,  grs.: Custer's  Last  Fight. Mittethal R
Fluffy Ruffles, iithn Hattie Tilliaona, Cnas.  Baltimore, Md., 9-14.                A     Amuse. Co., segrs.: Montreal. Can., 9-1t
Frohnn, ter.: Phniladelpnia, Pa.. 2-14.   Sidney. George, in Busy Tzzy's Bodle    A   Countv Chairman. Marx S. Nathan, too
Forty-Five Minutes from  Broadway, Klan      W. Herman, ngr.: Indianapolis, Ind., 0-   aWinoa. Minan.. 9: Rochester 10; Own
Gi Erlanger, eing.: St. Louis, Mo., 9-14,i  IvnAnders0n 12; Connersville 13; Middle-     in  1 :rNen    .m 12: Brookings. S. )
Girl at the Helm, Mart Singer. engr.: Chi-    11; ndesn    2 C0nn.,i 14.      Middl     toutn  o Nwn 14m9:.     roins   .
Girls oflmtidlrg, Chas. Frohmllan    mgfr.:  School Days, Gus Edwards. ignr.: Chicago,  owiaid:. ELiverpool. 0.. 14.
Girls                                  1-14 lotenbxg done. Fo-ankan                          S. C. Fak . ai
Neow -York City, indef.                                                               Dvdo.FakS.           o.Fa] .Die
Nodew Yok  ty, Sinm.    &t               Sunny Side of Broadwsay, Boyle Woolfol,       mngr. : Murray City, 0.. 12-14
Golden Butterfly, Sam  S. & Lee Shubert,        g.     mh.Nb.81;GadIln                  DeVoss. Flora. .T. B. Rotnour. nigr.: Bae
Iloc.. toogo's.: Nets Yorke City, indef.    inter.:  Onnahia. Nob.. S-11; Graind Islanod  Dls.Pae..B       otoo.ooc:l
In-ott Cmgrs.: N  Yor Biy, nf.:  A-   1; Hastings 13; N. Platte 14.               mer, Mich., 6: Ontnagon 9.
Girl from Cil. 1. Bidwell, Kgr.: Ar-       Siul Kiss, F. Ziegfeld, Jr., mgr.: Boston, Devil. The Henry W. Savage moer.: p
ligton. Wash., 9: Granite Falls 10.         MaTs., 26-Nov. 14.                          Smith. Ark.. 10: Hot Sprints 11: Pll,
Girl Question, Askin-Singer Co., Inc., mngrs.: Scott's Imporial Concert Co.:  Worcester,  Bluff 12: Little Rock 11; Texarkana 14.
McAlester. Okla., 9; Muskogee 10; Ft.      Mass., 4-5.                               Devil, The. wsith Henry E. Dixo. Henr tt
Smith, Ark.. 11; Little Rock 12; Memphis,  Talk of New York, with Victor Moore, Co-     avage. ngr.: Springfiel. O. 9: Fran'
Gig 1nrel314.n,                     mnai        & Harris, ingrs.: Philadelphia, Pa.,   fort, Ky.. 10; Lexington 11: Louisvillo lU
Gingerbread  bM, Nixon    &  Zimmerman~n,    Oct. 12-Not', 14.                           94.
ingrs.:  Portland, Me., 10; Lawrence.     The Boys and Betty, Daniel V. Arthur, ngr.: Divorcons, Wm. A. Brady, mgr.: Nonrt
Mass., 11; Haverhill 12; Nashua, N. H.,     New York City, indef.                       ampton. Mass.. 9: Worcester 10-11:14::;
13; Salem. Mass.. 14.                     Three Twins, Jos. M. Gaites, mgr.: New        ford. Conn.. 12: Holyoke, Mass..
Gay New   York, Barton-Wiswell Co., Inc.,    York City, indef.                           Springfield 14.
mgrs.:   1Vheeling, V. Va., 9-11; East   Time. the Place and the Girl (Eastern). Davis, Florence. in Under Ote Greenwi
Liverpool, 0., 12; Cambridge 13; Zanes-     Askin-Singer Co., Inc., segrs.: Pittsburg,  Tree, H. H. Dewey, ngr.: Sumter, qr
yuile 94.                                    Pa., 9-14.                                  10: Florence 11: 'Wjiminctot, N. C. 1'
Hiplnodro4ne Grand Opera Co.. Max Fact-     Tie. t1e4 Place and the Girl (Western),      N'lorn 11: Wilson 14.
kenhouer, mgr.: Cleveland, 0., Sept. 18-    Askin-Singer Co., Inc., mers.:  Tacoma, Dougherty Stock Co., Paytne & DoubOWt
Nov. 14.                                    Wash., 6-7; N. Yakima 9; Walla Walla 10,    pros.: Win. Stanford, bus. mgr.: Fargo,
Honeymoon Trail. Mort H. Singer, gon. ngr.:   Spokane, 11-12; Wallace, Ida., 13; Mis-     N. D., 9-14.
Ottunwa, Ia., 9; Oskaloosa -10: Iowa City  soula. Mont., 14.                         Devil. The. Henry W. Savage, mgr.: Wo'l
11; Des Moines 12; Omalia. Net.. 13-14.  Two Merry Tramps. McVenn        &   Vetter,   ington. D. C., 9-14.
Herald Square Opera Co.: Waverly, N.. -      t mgrs.:. Clay Center, Kas., 9: Blue Rapids  Dion O'Dare Chas. E. Blaney, tmr.: Wor-
7; Wellsboro, Pa., 9; Lock Haen 10;        10: Marvville 11; Beatrice, Neb., 12; Lin-   coster, Mass.. 2-7.
Austin 12; Eldred 13; Port Allegheny 14     coin 13-14.                               Eldon's Comedians, G. Harris Eldon, MCr.:
Honeymooners,   Hope   &   Welch,   mtgrs.: Two Johns, M. F. Manton, ingr.: Portage,      Canton, Ill.. 9-14.
Bakersfield, Cal., 8: San Bernardino 9;     Wis., 11.                                 Eli and lane. Harry Green. me.: Hannibl
Redlands 10: Riverside 11; Santa Ana 12; Test, Raymond, Musical Comedy Co.: Waco,       Mo., 10: Huntsville 13; Salisbur 14.
San Diego 13-14.                            Tex.. 9-14.                               East Lynne (Jos. King's), Arch Allen. tm1g,
Huntins, The Fou, in The Fool House. Geo   Thomas    Hilda, &  Lou Hall, St. John &     Suth Boston, Va., 4; Danville 5; Pters
H. Nicolal, engr.: Richmond, Vt., 9-14.     Gerson, mgrs.: Taylorville, Ill., 13.      bump 6: Richmond 7.
Hadderman, Jennie, Chicago Ladies' Orches- Too Mauny Wives, Mitteinthal Bros.. mogrs.: Faust (Wlhite's), Olga Verne Winte. Proll
tra, D. H. Haderman, mgr.: Blooming-        New York City. 2-14.                         egr : Hehron. Neb.. 9: Beatrice 10: Lin
Ton. Ill., 9-14.                          Top o' Th' World, J. W. Allison. mgr.  At-    coln 11: Nebraska CIty 12.
Hip, Hip. Hooray. .T. T. TWelch Amuse. Co.,   chison.  ain.. 8: Cedar Rapids, Ia., 14.  Forger. The, Roberts & Totten. props.; J
mogrs.: Seattle. TWash., S-14.            Tidowv McCarty, Ben Cramer. mgr.: TVil-       D. Crouclh. ingr.: Harrisnurg. Vo
Hook o' Holland, Chas. Frohman, mgr.:         liansport, Ind., 9: Perystille 10; Cayuga  Clifton Forge 10: Hinten, W. Va.
Brooklyn, N. Y., 9-14.                      11: Clinton 12: Shelburn 13; Hymera 14.     Charleston 12: Ashland. K:., 12.
Isle of Spice, H. H. Frazee. prop.:    Los  'Ward & Vokes, in The Promoters, Stair &    FightIng Parsan, TV. F. Mann, trop.: Harr
Angeles. Cal., R-14.                         encolai. mgrs.: Nashville, Tenn., 9-14.    Chappell. ngr.: Monticello. Ill.. 19: Tus
Tmperial Opera Co.. C. E. DeWitt, cog.: To-  Wizard of Oz, Hurtig & Seamon, mgrs.:        cola 11: Arcola 12: Sullivan 13; Matton0
ronto. Ont., indef.                         Birmingham, Ala., 9-14.                     14.
International Grand   Opera Co., Ellis F.   Wreber's Travesty Co., Joe Weber, togr.: Flarning Arrow (Lincoln .T. Carter's Co. A
Glickman, ngr.: Chicago, Ill., indef.      Philadelnhia. Pa., 2-14.                    Marysville. Cal. 9: Sacramento 10: W0ll-
King Casey, with John & Emma Roy, Stair     Waltz Dream, Interstate Amuse. Co., mrs.:    land 11: Napa 12: Santa Rosa 13; Peta-
& Nicolai, ingrs.: Worcester. Mass.. 9-14.  Sprinefield. Ill., 9; Decatur  10:  Terre   luima 14.
Knight for a Day, H. T. Frazee. prop.: Og-   Haute. Ind., 11.                          Flaoine Arrow (Lincoln J. Carter's CO. B)
den. tah. 9: Grand Junction, Cots., 10:  Yorke & Adams. in Plating the Ponies, B.      Fpearfish. S. D.. 9: Deadwood 10: Custer
Leadville 11; Pueblo 12: Victor 17; Colo-   E. Forrester, seer.: Norfolk. Va.. 9-14.    11: Ede-emont 12: Chadron. Neb..13:Pval
rado S-orings 14.                         Yankee Prince. Cohan & Harris, cgrs.: Chi-   entine 14.
Knightt for a Day. B. C. Whitney, mgr.:       cago, Ill., Dec. 5.                       Farine the Music. with James J. Corbett
Plattsbure, N. Y., Z,                                                                   H. IT. Frazee. prop.: Alhany. Ore "
Kolh & Dill: San Francisco, Cal., Indef.              DRAMATIC ROUTES.                    Etigene 11: Chico, Cal., 1.: Sacramnet
Lewis & Lake Musical Comedy Co.: Van-                                                     14.
eoiver, B. C., Can.. indef.              Arliss, George. in The Devil, Harlson Grey  Florence Stock Co., John J. Murray, MCr
Little Nemo, Klaw & Erlanger, ngrs.: New     Fiske, mgr.:  New York City, Aug. 18,      .TaRnestown, N. Y.. 9-14.
Yorl City. indef.                          Indef.                                    FeirnTe-TVinder Co., Harry Winder, 11190
1'1 Mose, Nixon   &   Zimmerman, mgrs.: An American Hobo. with Robt. A. Neff, J.        Tyons. Kans.. 2-4.
Bingbsrnton. N. Y., f: Ttiara  T; Corning  F. Pennington. mar.: Amarillo, Tex., ly-   Fonberg Stock Co.. S. Bloom, mgr.: FitOt.
11: Wavrly 12: TVilliani-sport, Pa., 14.   13: Erick. Okla.. 14.                       biur. Maes., 9-14.
Land of Nod. H. TV. Olickuf, mgr.: San     Allmn, Viola, Teler & Co., megrs.: Wash- Fnmor's Dantibter. Ed. Anderson. iCg
Franciscon, Cal.. S-14.                     incton. D. C., 9-14.                        York. Neb.. 12.
Marcelle. San S. & Tpo thubert, Inc.. mhirs anker's Child. Hary Shannon. mgr.: 'Wau-  Fimann. Max. John Cort, mar.: Everet
New York City, indef.                       to-no. W is.. 10: Plainfield 11; Amherst 12:  TVash.. 14.
Miss Petticoats, J. C. Patrick, mr.: Grand   Waupaca 13.                               Franklin Stack Ca.: Rich Hill. to., 12-14
Rapids. Wis., 9: TVausau 10; Chippowa     Bonnie tale Co., .Ts. IWinninger. mgr.: Governor's Pardon, H. B. Whtittager Tm9
Falls 14.                                   Manitowoc. 2is., 1-7; Oshkosh 9-14.        Erie. Pa. 9-11: Akron. 0.. 12-14.

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