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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

LaDuque, W. A.
LaDuque's news and views of the roller skating world,   pp. 20-21

Page 20

November 7, 19(.
No.17RinkSkatesor Men equipped
with "Web" Steel Ball Bearing Rolls
or more than half
a century Winslow's
Skates have been
continuously s ol d
~~ ,.upon                   their  merits.
They are the Stand-
Write fornew Cata-
loge andfif r-
2ie                  mation regarding
Sals and Stock Rooms:        Factory and Main OffIce:
NEW YORK,84 Chambers Street Worcester,Mass.,U.S.A.
LONDON, Long Lane,E. C.         o   s          .
.LIaD ugu  ma leadciressedlat30thandMaitrii etr , kansas City, Mo.)
or not to play then. My answer for the
the good ones, of course, is always a
It is certainly a shaie that the rink
masnagers are being imposed on by juve-
rile performers, who are asking top-notch
salaries. Rink managers should be cau-
tioned not to pay this to juvenile acts
that cannot make good, so when i doubt
write to the Rink Managers Ilead-
ituarters, 39th and Main Sts., Kansas City,
Mo., and a correct line will be given,
otherwise a manager is liable to be stung
at arty time, and is unable to protect
himself until it is too late.
I take this means of publicly answering
a great many inquiries regarding the fol-
lowing attractions, and herewith state
that they are high grade in every re-
spect: Tyler and Berton, Bertha Doud
Mack, The MeLallens, Monoban, Taylor
Twirns, IHector Ie Silvia, The Renowned
Sterlings, E. Frank Vernon, H. A. Sim-
ions, W. F. LaSalle, Chas. G. Kilpat-
rick, and Jennie Houghton.   The   in-
quiries are coming from  Iowa, Illinois,
Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri- and New
York, from  rink managers who     read
THE SHOW    WORLD every week.
Rink managers who have not tried the
new carnival scheme, as put on for them
by the Rink Managers' Headquarters,
should do so at the first lull in their re-
ceipts.  Everything  is furnished them
complete front the Kansas City office for
$25.00, with instructions how to put iton
each night for a full week, and guaran-
tee to triple present receipts.
J. B. Kay, nanager, Salem, 0., opened
his rink for tire season Thursday, Nov.
5r.  Roy Seboid, tiso racer arid  high
jumper, 11as entered for the series of
races which Mir. Kay is now holding at
hismrink. About six or eight oftue other
towns near Salems are furnishing racers
lor this meet, for which there are some
tico prizes siffered.  'rTe Quiaker City
Band is furnishing the music.
E. S. Arnold, manager of the Merry
Widow roller rink at Clinton, Ia., writes
that ie is enjoying the best attendannee
at iis rink this season, and that Prof.
Monohan has been showing     the  local
skaters what cani really be accomplished
on the little rollers, and has so increased
the interest of Mr. Arnold's patrons that
they are taking up fancy skating.
I wish to correct a item in last week's
issue to the effect that the Millbrook
rink ha a dance floor. The Millbrook
Auditorium  rinks are located in Ports-
mouth, Ohio, and are under the sole man-
agernient of Mr. Frank It. Emerich, and
Mr. Emierich writes that the new Audi-
twicicr is t1ce one tireI las the dance
t<ir i  tlie center. wits a 1r-ge track
ritilg ali around it for lire skaters.
Thie large Ritot City beaii is furnishiing
alli the mnusic.
The six-day roller race, which was held
at the Arena rink last week, proed to be
a wtinner for the management. niat
-Latst Model. Ball Iearifl Rink Skates. Used in majoricto
all Rinks  Nick--lated Steel. Hall-Bearing ( lub Skites  i
I tihrI-. Steel  ',h  I m InatlIn.\IuIInu IIm  (or Hoxwood  IH oller,
Used and pnor-id by speed ska
everywhru   \%ith  AlJuminuml or \o
oot11a                      Scu  for Skate ~ao Free.
nsiln                                         R iilPl  ud   HuoN
Send or brea.               M.C. HENLEY             INA,,
"uranteed.                    M    A        E     INDIANA
-o_                mYOURF   -
Machine       to  Surface Floors
Easy to operate-no dust. Over 500 Asement Co-
panics are now using our machines. Madesiniwotze.
We will surface your floor.  Mailussizeofloor,new r
old, and kindo eectric power. In eighthours, wil turc
I        ~4,000 to 5,000 squarelfeetlonce over, Writelforce-
price.,, catalogue and our FREE TRIAL Proposition.
32 S. Canal Street, CHICAGO:
18ss  ~   ,.                        FEE TIAL
everybody in town being piesent. The
race was so popular that the local 10c
vaudeville theater had to close for sev-
eral nights.
IH. B. Morgan, manager Coliseum rink,
Peoria, Ill., writes that business is ex-
Prof. Bailey, of the rink at St. Thomas,
Canada, says ie intends to play the good
attractions, but does not want any fakes.
*  *  *
The Sherbrook, Canada, Stadium    rink
has been running full blast, with local
talent as attractions.
Mr. McKinley is manager of the Dream-
land rink at Seattle, Wash.
Following are rules for graceful skating
crntests. In judging these contests, man-
agurs can instruct the judges that there
are ten rules, and ter points are allowed
for each rule, which makes it easy to
judge close decisions:
How to Become a Graceful Skater.
1. Always keep in exact time with the
music whether on the corners or straight-
2. Your skate should strike the floor
tvith the beat of the drum.
3. Always carry your body erect, but
not rigid.
4. A slow gliding movement with just
a slight curve is the best.
5. Never drag the side of your roller
on the floor, it retards the speed.
i. Always use the outer edge stroke.
T. Couples should clasp hands, and hold
ther at the waist line.
S. Couples must always keep the length
of their stroke the same, lifting and
placing their skates on the floor at the
saie time.
9. Jackets and skirts of the same color
give longer lines to the form   and are
therefore more graceful.
10.  Any contestant interfering wit
uather (onmits a foul.
'The opening of the Princess rink in
week at Spokane, Wash., under the mai
agerment of Hallsa Noel, of Chicago, iw
a lig success. The rink had been r
deorated for the occasion, and the flo-
isiaittifrilly surfacedl, miore than picas-
he lirge nuber of peol present,ev
iotiy expressing their delight at te co
fort afforded by the managemientt.
1ir. E. R. Herman, manager of the rin
cit Bethany, is pleasing his patrons with
ul-to-dato attracion,; furnished by the
A. R. 21. A.. of wich lire is a member.
lie is adertised a big carnival week
cc.cnanrcccirrg Nov. 1(3, also furaishred by
ftre A. B. A1. A.  W-ilson's skates are
used atthisrink.
Al Ackerianis. munnciisr of the Hippo-
diome rink, Leaveiorth, Kans., sas
that the souvenir carnival vek furnished
him from the offices of the A. R. M A.,
cit Kansas City, proved to be the biggest
success as a box-office winner that he has
ever put on in any rink. He had packed
houses every night during the week. The
young people seemed to go wild over th
souvenirs which they received on enter-
ing the rink.
R. L. Mauzy, president and treasurerc
the R. L. Mauzy Amusement Co., Dener,
Colo., will pull off one of the largest in-
trnational six-day roller races ever held
in the west during the week of Nov. 23
and applications have been sent broadcast
to all parts of the world for this contest
As THE SHOW WORLD is the best
medium   in existence for reaching rink
managers and skaters in all departments
I have been asked to place this notice so
that all may know     that this big ca-
takes place in the new Auditoriur, of
which I gave an account in an earlier
issue.  Those wishing to enter should
THE     THRILLER,             HEAD
The feature act by Rom alo while standingonhis head
endofrinktotheother,ispronounced bythepress a
amostdaring,mnarvelous,am azingandastoundingfeat.
Ad., W. A. LaDuque, Mgr., Kansas City Headquarters
DanceHalls, Skating Rinks and MerryGO
Largest and Finestitt te iWorldl MadiI
out Delay.
office and Warerooms, 31 Bond St., N  Yok yt,
+...++++++..+++++++++++++++ ++  ++++..+.....
+                                               +.
+ YOU SAVE 90 PER CENT on repairs each season on the + 4.              A       OURRACERS
WHIT E= FLYEOLLER                                       7                     with boxwood rollers
+. W__H__I__T   __E __FL  __Y  __E    SKATES ++                                       11 wnotlthe money
+LIGHTEST,STRONGEST,                                  in the American-Cana-
+                    EASIEST RUNNING     +                             dian championship races.
OF THEM ALL       +                             We carry a full line of
+     ro+                     Rink Skates and Supplies for Rink Oparators.
P or Manufacturing Co.                     WRITE FOR CATALOG
2 5 . Jefferson St.  .
K~~jCHIAGO.ILL      ~   Chcag          Roler    kateCo3285 E.Madisons
+.                         Write for booKlet and prce     R  le     kaeC.         CHICAGO
.. . . .4.4. . .4.4.4. . .+. . . . ;.........................4.......
Oving to the unprincipled position that
some of the performers in the skating
business are taking, it may be necessary
to expose them in an early issue, as they
are a detriment to the rink managers
and legitimate performers alike.
I am in receipt of a letter from a
Canada rink manager, showing the class
of some of the performers that are now
working in that district, offering their
services at such a price, that it will be
hard for a first-class attraction to make
tihis territory in a little wshile.
It seems that these anmateur actors get
out flashy letter heads and cheap paper
and lead a rink manager to believe they
are getting an A-i act, at a low salary,
and tire manager is never the wiser un-
til lie sees the performance, and the best
ie can do then is to cancel it, which nat-
urally disgusts him, so that when a good
act is presented to him  he is afraid to
consider it.
The foregoing further illustrates why
a rink manager should book his attrac-
tions through the booking office of the
American   Rink  Managers' Association,
3th and Main St., Kanas City, Mo.,
where every performer and     attraction
is recommended to give satisfaction and
be first class in every respect, which is
the greatest protection the rink manager
has ever had, and a great nany rink
ritmacagers are AppIreiating this fact by
gtting  their attractions through  this
'lie Richardson Ball Bearing Skate Co.
is filling a great many large orders from
rink  miaIagers west of the Mississippi
Performers and rink managers should
get their pictures to the Kansas City
office as soon crs posible, so they can be
pinceed in the Christmas issue of THE
SIlOW WORLD, which will be the finest
sdition of iagizine work that has ever
b,-ci published in the amausement line.
Photos must all be received at the
Kansas City office, 39th and Main St., by
Dec. 1, so as to be placed in the best
slace on the rink pages, and when printed
hey will be a keepsake for everyone
coicerned. I will use this plate for ad-
ve tising  the  performers  from  head-
Alfred Painter, manager of the River-
view rink, writes that ie is open to hear
I'101m all good attractions, and that lie is
1iot looking through the party who his
ii piublishiig a notice to that effect.
.Iasicl IFstci llteyo  lhire Iast weekc arad
dr1iV the biggest louse that the River-
view rink has had this season.
Prof. Ed. Delmar will assume charge
of the new   Coliseum  rink at Leaven-
woriith, Kans., which   ill open  about
N      sv. er12Mr. S.  1aterni, proprietorof
11 C oliseum fi Kainsas City, M\o., is tire
I am getting posters and letters from
all kinds of performers and attractions
which are being mailed to the rinks in
Ihis setion of the country, and returned
to 1i office, asking advice ott whether

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