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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

White top news,   p. 16

Latest rink notes,   pp. 16-17

Page 16

November 7, 1908.
Bell Cow of Advance is Stalled in Winter
Quarters and Crew Are Back in
Windy City.
The bell cow of thie Iingling pasture
is now stalled at winter quarters. The
car and its oe-uptints huving finished
their mission it Meridin, WIs.. Tednes-
day, OctOher 22
Macon, Miss., is the finial town on the
hig show's route. lut owing to the oppo-
sition brigadi's iffective work the regu-
lar hillors saw lite fiilt1 c-ur1tin descend
one day earlier.
After having put things in apple pie
Order and received the gratuity compon-
sation, tichor was rtaison for a quick
ssil north. From Meridian the MObilo &
Ohio spe-ded  the  boys to Cairo from
which city the   Illinois Cs-ntrnl affordoid
unquestionable service to Chicaga.
While every fllow feels thet the clos-
ing dty is t1s oic bg bet of the sea-
son's race when tite hour nactually ticks,
a hish hecmmes evident, while the hearts
of the hard-hearted knights tap a sad
farewll in unison with tit of luinmate
,tIid psl. The sudden renlization of hnv-
ing to aIppene tle helIthy apptite with
stat-cssities procured at prsoni cxpense
brings assurance titat  the "contracted
hotel' wns nat so lad after all.
The 0ni ntry route. cnfrnied with rick-
ily- peliele.  precipice-like  trail  and
drapesd it casiat  deluge, ranks hut a
inintony Iter wnitit Tipae  r oil wilh
tto apprlanCilitg doYS at frigid OTItCOoi
aviore ite 'ht -ot rate" asnd pedal ex-
ertiott ti- ouel arni iin arm.
H-omre nnd sIinl    str  cree  idtIc-
Mordte  warrTt wising dw t  thE final
cu rtain, lost to tile fellnsv i-isa ksiosu' nat
sli blessings Ite olfsat at thenu   fickle
t   Tinch eaittmr and King Winter's desire
to proonatsd  lta st'irtii caliva fprimttis0
arelizntian taint life aoad of lis big
&has- is iot so utorny as at first pro-
aigEitehn ot of twonty me   si remaind
the hast hiro sorn and a m  r  hial, hard
w orkinig crow of hiearties never mant-
'Srd the rntali ssaois onx ien. fence or
Glord.-ChARlES       A. WHiTE.
Assistant Manager of Barnim    & Bailey
Sh ow Signs Up with R. L. Carroll,
T.:ike, Cittrips. ts.. Nov. 1.
H. I . Cat-rail a ter asid  aidgener at
te ounited Stols Carnival Caompasy, i s
secured far aissistant marng' of tie lug
carnival atetzinization- . W.HI. tGadfrey,
-vha cosoes his season wxiith the rrisim
& Bailey sliaw Stina as assistant maqn-
ager of that Organization. wvisi pasitian
!li hb held far y-care and for whtici he
is eontrnttcod again next spnotta. Mr.
G odfre- -n-vill hold tt similar nasiliati with
tile ITYnited Stiles Carnival Caimpaty. Mr.
Cart-all alsa contracted far tli services
of iMt. Rt. A . Hoffman. assistanit siiainger
of the B. &- B. side shOeve 9nd gofleral
annousncer for thto enlire ag-gregatiss.
Neenah, Wis.--Tio Princess roller rink
tnder the new manogement of Steidl
Bros., bas opened here.
Chicago-The Rexos are booked to ap-
pear at Mndison Gardens for the week
beginning Monday, Nov. 9.
Sheboygan, Wis.-A season of roller
sktting was inanuraied at the Turner
hall, thehstilding has been let tooan Eall
Claire man for that purpose. He opened
the rink on Nov. 1.
Fergus Falls, Minn.-The  new   roller
skating rink opened Oct. 20. C. H. Provo,
Fort William. Can.-Fire destroyed the
curling rink on S-ndicate avenue owned
by Curling Rink coipany.    Loss not
Neenah, Wis.-Steid Brothers, of Ap-
pleton, who have been operating the roller
rink at Waverly, have purchased Waverly
Beach for the sum of $10,000.
Sour Lake, Tex.-The rink conducted by
the Itperial Skating Rink company has
Bluiffton  Ind.-The Ratliff &  Ratliff
skniting ritnk will oen for business in the
ArnoidI rono onT West Market street.
Menominee. Mich.--The formal opening
of the Menomince roller rink took place
under the mannagement of Co. D.
Neenah, Wis.-A. B. Shtrp has leased
from Manager Taknes the nuditoriuln of
ilie Neenlth theater and opened the swel-
lest roller rink  in  the  state.
Ashland, Ky.-G. T. Wilde has rented
Ite Ashtind ro-ler rink from the Ashland
Astamahile Co. and will conduct roller
sksing this winter.
Colorado  Springs, Colo.-Preliminary
plans for th opening of a new roller
skating rink on Nortl Cascade avenue
are hein arrnged lby Tsrr Ttwin.
Vermilion. O.--F1nns for a non- skting
rink  for-  this  city  iav  just  boon  n-astt-
pleted by% Archibe t nonrge' Fi<r    (
will probably be leased either to Fred
1rcti, of CBeach Park. or George Baln-
cllit, of Cry'stal Beach.
Greenview, Ill.-L. F. -Wilbur, of Ash-
lind, was in Greenview with the purpose
of investigating the possibilities of run-
niog a skating rink in this city this
Oskaloosa, la.-T'hls city is to have a
rnow roller skating rink. The Hagan &
I ewis rink. located in the Henderson &
Clark building, was opened.
Salem, O.-The grand opening of the
Calto skating rink will take place Nov. 5,
and 7.
Spencer, Ia.-Dr. W. G. Crandall has
tiaded the old Stonebrook building to U.
T. Check, who has converted the building
into an up-to-date skating rink.
Antigo, Wis.-The roller skating rink
opened fOr the season at the Bee Hive
hall on Nov. 3.
Colorado Springs, Colo.-Harry Lewin
is in this city making arrangements for
tse establishment of a skating rink on
North Cascade avenue.
Lansing, Mich.-The Coliseum     roller
-ink on Ottawn street will be opened to
the public by vWilson & Kopf. managers.
Muskegon, Mich.-R. E. Foote and Joseph
Beckhardt, of Hillsdale, Mich.. have con-
Iticted to operate a roller skating rink at
1-2) TW. Clay avenue.
Oconto, Wis.-The roller skating rink
at the armory was opened in charge of
Capt. Hall.
Peoria, Ill--Th Zttckweller Brothers
lttave rented the new Hoain & Zimmer-
matn building on Capitol street as a rink.
Pittsburg, Pa.-Expo roller rink opened
O0t,.31. with Tohn .T. Bell, mastager.
Roundup, Mont.-Work was started ott
a P0x:t building on tlie cornr of Second
Neulie and Sonasid street, which is to be
use,] for n roller skating rintkwitht con-
ih I-t]. Loewis I- Inank lavc the con-
Itre-I  for  I1w  halIttililng.
m         I_________
( ontinued from Page 16)
a small yawl, in which they place a chest
of valuabiles, for the shore.  Taking the
cieat to a place of safety, they proceed to
divide the spoils. A contention arises, and
the two turn on their chief, who strikes
down one of them at once, but is stabbed
in the back by the other whom he after-
wards strangles. Gathering up the treas-
nr, he strugtgles along, his life's blood
oozing  from  the wound  inflic0ted by the
mutinous pirate, until he comes to the cot-
tage of Wilkinson. A terrific storm is still
raging and the poor old mother is trying
to shut out the force of the gale when the
chief staggers in.  He begs her to hide
the gold, which she does by dislodging
severalobricksiin the fire-place and plac-
ing  the  tretsure behind them.    This is
hardly done, when the pirate chief drops
dead from the loss of blood and the poor
woman is felled by lightning. What a sad
home-coming it is for the son, after Isis
success abroad.  Eight years later he s
stricken ill with nothing in slte for his
wife and little one.   The process server
has seized the effects, and despondently he
goes to the kitchen to put an end to his
unendurable existence. The good wife. sus-
picio s. follows and just as he outs a pistol
to his head she strikes his arm. causin
the bullet to crash into the fireplace, splint-
evin, the bricks and disintering the hd
FOR    SALE-A     magnificent  Band
Wagon and Circus and Tent Property,
including: 3 pair steps, Comet ticket
stand, 14 poles, 1 trunk, 2 ticket stands,
bundle marking sticks, property box,
bundle of canvas, shovels, picks and
pails, 26 coIls rope, 14 platforms, 10
parallels, rope, 1 blue pole, 7 wooden
jacks, pair lead bars, lead pole.
Box 6. SHOW WORLD, Chicago.
Shooting Galleries
and Baseball Targets
-  209 N. Second Street
Wi. Wurfflein,  PHILADELPHIA, PA.
S uitablet
Bear Cubs For Sale rtaning.
15 Polar  Bears, Russian  and  BIlack Bean
Pair Kangaroos, Llanas and all kinds i
Wild Animals.
Wenz&Mackinson,Vardley,Pa. Dept.U
Fast Trains
Day and Night
on the
Best Service
Chicago, Indianapolis,
Dayton, Cincinnati
and West Baden
French Lick SpringS
and Louisville
WPM W-M.-Mma",
Agents Report Good Business in Louis-
iana and Lone Star State.
Lake Charles, La., Nov. 1.
Visiting showmaen are entussiastic itt
discussing the splendid business done itt
the snuth this stason particularly in this
and th Lone Star state.
Dexter TW. Follows, of the Barnum &
Bti-y tircus, said: "Te cannot com-
plain of tle ltbusiness we did in the south
this yeair. We have met with great sue-
cess everywh-re. Ii Texas and Louisian
Datticularly, our success has been nothing
less than phenomenal, and from all I cans
gnther, the other shows touring this ter-
ritory have also met with a great degre
of success."
Buffalo Bill agents, who were througi
here recently, also report good business
i Iie south. Thi is their first visit to
thi section within five years.
Similar reports are also made by Miller
Brothers' 101 Rnih    show. th' Sells-
Fltto show, Gentry Brothers' and other
circus agenits who were through this oity
Tcoaills. the only show  that has ox-
hiited isore wats 1irnuim &- Eniley's and
thcv did li n enormous business. Miller
Brothers' 101 Ratch Wild West shows
exhibit here on Nov. Oth.-LTEHM.
Had a Very Successful Season and Plans
Big for Next Year,
nWebster City. a., Nov. 2.
The Yauiee Rbinon Circs cloed its
settoon ti  week and    retirns to Dee
Moines   to  spend   the   w'isiter.  rell
heanan ower, states that the sIr'
ies lined oe of its most swcessful sea-
sos. fomt stes have hen eavered tie
fallw-s   Mtinnosota  North  and  Sotli
ot-lia. Neliaska,   Iowa,   Iltinons and
The Tanhee Robinsn show became a
riilroad show only this year.  aving far
.ani ben is largest wargos  show  is
the middile west.  It liis 11 people on
its pEmnil, carried fifty-wo hors . lay
a spiecial train at fifteen core asid a -n-oll
sin-ifd menagerie.
TI'ettsisaais esill lie quartered at Ingot-
i-i 1itick for the w-inter. lir. Buschanan
its next etirto open tho show in ies
Mintos. aToro fore he  as  iaws opened
nv    fromi there o ecausmsefm  w- rled t
-'litioto grew and lie of sttfficient
size to tie w-orthiy the altesitian of tIbo
icortle  of his home town -n-len it opctic,]
there.' Thep show is.,n   good   iasicv
maher.-IRO. C. TUTCKE R.
Ernst Rische Injured.
Stin Antonio, Fox.. Oct. .f0.
Jl'im Brady. with the Parker shows is
vlsilistg his fattier. -wio is the uoarielar
of the Emnire opera tose. lir. Brady
was foirme(rly' manager of the( Esipire.
Ernst Ris che. proprietor of  the Big
Tent theater. -nas badly'injured ba'itimp-
in. off a moving train. Mr. Biselie -n-s
si Ille wvay linip from Ne-n Orleanis.
Baker &Lockwood Mfg. Co.
Specialties, Staple Goods and Novelties
Suitable for Prizes, Souvenirs, Premiums and favors
for SKating Rinks, Games and 5c. Theatres. We have
big variety , Send For FREE Catalogue.
Z"   0
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