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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

Association films,   p. 14

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November 7,190,
\mo~ttng t' Lit'- tilns recetl released
by the various mnatufacitrers:
Who Ltaughs Last Latughs    est, Essanay.
--Our neeisine is in love wvits a, manly
young cha) whose love for her is un-
b oundte'd. An old mIaiden aunt tyrannizes
ocer the girl and forbids the girl to receive
him iswhen he calls. Of course the girl dis-
obeys, aInd the pair are enjoying a loving
tete-a-tete when the aunt appears, and Is
horrified. She solnds the girl to her room,
in spite of hr pleadings, and forcibly as-
sists tine he ro to leave.  The aunst inter-
cepts a noto the girl has written to her
lover, making an appointment to meet him
at a certain place and be married. The
aunt conceives the scheme of wearing the
girl's clothing and a heavy veil, meeting
the young man and marrying him herself.
The girl in the meantime, opening her
Nindow, discovers a tramp sleeping; awak-
ens hisia, gives hin note and instructions.
The tranp turries away, delivers the note
to the lover Iefore the aunt arrives. The
lover, apprised of the aunt's scheme, turns
tables on the old lady by    dressing  the
tramp in his clothes, and leaving the tramp
to meet the old maid. le then releases
the girl by means of a ladder. The lovers
l'ry t o the csurch in tline to witness the
marriage of t ie aunt asad tse tramp. The
lovers nre then united in marriage.
If It Don't Concern You Let It Alone,
Esona.i The story, wiile not complicated,
is a Sr ie (f ritlieulous and absurd situa-
tionst, in, Nhich  a misguided youth is
]unrged I   a result of his endeavors to
and a ieling hand to his fellow beings,
eistpcially wihen it is least desired.  Our
intte tsent e Norst of it, but  nothing
hIssnttent tnt'us tise atneven tetnor of is
nety.  Its' is ucn gallantly going to the
'escut of a cnlored woman, wnho is being
is I     i      husband. 'ihe interfeence
tntIt'nt'tnreciated. hie it conmpelled to
floftront t, 1cir, uniten  wenti.  Nes' t our
itirt  so-m ale  intt 'tsc ettnl nt  of gsnoke  is-
snitnt frotmr beindn ns fenncc. Beitng unablhe t0
find a lite alirmt box., he seeures two pails
of "uatr ruIhes tnroadly back to tIe scene
int<t1a ti ss the  ater ovr te fence. Again
ml.'uffonisnr atnt appreciatetd. fnnr imment-
intcly tNo0 very ws'et and irate gardeners
eloimb over the funce and give him a good
nrubiing. Seeing what ie supposes to be a
t'unI zty horse and victoria, he risks life
and limn to stopi the rig. only to receive
frone the coachman, who has been reclining
in a lsIe back seat, a ettastisotnttW. Secisng a
Very Small boy   nly  tl monin  tor
10     MOVING
We are after Your
We have made a
specialty of laying out
the m ost attractit'e
programs for your
show. Just the right
amount of comic scenic
andsensatona subjects
We have had more
extded experience
than any other house
along this line.
Get the benefit of our
experience.  If your
siow isn't paying, let us
give it a little Special
}Motiograph, Power
and Edison machines
anti all supplies for
Mot'ing Picture shows
constantly on hand.
Pe Se  Wehave no untried
exportments to offer.
R. G. BACHMAN, Pres.
59 Dearborn Street, CHICAGO
Shukert:Bldg.. Kanse.City, Mo.
enBldg.. - - Ogde .U a
Havana,.      . .  Cuba
a  out) bell, wiici is beyond his reach, ie
kindly offers to assist the youngster. The
uxom   lady of the house ,  gho has been
nss ucil annoyed by  the  yougster's  older
irotiher, reswards our hero for his kindness.
The climax conmes as he passes the stage
entrance of a theater, ie sees the shadow
on a window shade of a man and Weoman
in a desperate struggle. Hearing the wom-
an scream, me rushes to the nearest police-
man, who breaks into theater and discov-
ens a rehearsal is on.   Our hero is then
arrested and sent to jail for disturbing the
Antony std    'leopatrs,  Vitagraph,  995
feet.-Tis is a production of tine Shakes-
peatre play. It is a fine picture of Romass
pride ani Eastern   agnificence, elaborate-
ly etaged. gorgeously   costumed   and sn-
porly acted,
Barbara Fritchie, Vitagraph.-This pic-
ture tells the story of Whittier's poem deal-
ing with the incident of a patriotic union
swonan who waved the stars and stripes in
detlance at the passing rebel soldiers.  It
iia es a splendid filn subject and faith-
full tells the story.
Yen Vensen, l'itagranph--The butcher boy,
a   ig,t ovcrgrno n, asvknard, green Swede,
is se~nt to dieliver senme mneat to tite apart-
ments of Mirs. G'ant, Nho has just read in
the newspapers of the robberies committed
by the ''terrible Swede."  To her mind ie
fits the description of the burglar.   She
locks him in the pantry. In a frantic ef-
fort to escape, the frightened Swede pulls
dowuns the shelves, is literally covered with
flowert nolasses, etc.  h'le  Stwede  goes
through te windo     and is recognized by
the butcher wein had been catted in, The
Swede begs for proteceion from   the wom-
ontt whom  e believes are crazy and all is
exlatinedi to hint.
The Jester, Edison, 900 feet.-A beautiful
young queen, having arrived at a matriage-
able age, her countcilos decide that she
mnust snacr5'.  Proclsamation is made, anti
suitors are inuited to contest for ier hand.
The queen's jester-an ugly divarf-wit   s
heavenlY voice, is passionately in love witIn
Iner. Ie pours forth his line, in a melo-
,inus tasin, anter her balcony   windo.
Tise queen, enstransced, begs film to neveal
limself, but ie refuses; whereupon sine
tirops tr, scarf to him as a token, and re-
tirt's to dream of a asysterious prince ,rInts
Will come to claimn her. Trise 'princee s t
for theoning t  couriers arco sent, fa r an
star, tnt hastens tine errant-one's arrival, and
tie queen is disapointed at their fail re
atnt aibou to dsmtaiss, thota, sshen tine dwsarf
I    tonisses te searf antI stanus iis raosse. He
is cast into pcistnt for Isis eiffonscrc, assc
pines away, until the gods, pitying     his
plight. transform  him   into  a  beautiful
youth, and set him free, in resplendent at-
tine. 1Wandering disconsolate at the queen's
htehanvior,. he sings a farewell song under
her Windo; is captured by the guards and
btronught before the  ueen, who acknowl-
tge s her love. and they are united amid
untiv'ersal rejoicing.
Saved by Love, Edison, 900 feet.-A crus-
ty old unnnnc, Nhsose niece refuses to marry
the man he selects, leaves as clause in his
vill rt'nquiring that she narry on a cer-
tain day or he disinherited.   A  homeless
man-drifting, discouraged-is induced     to
iecome her husband, and     paidi a large
anount on condition that ie absent himself
for a legal period, and then submit to a
divorce.  He resolues to mect Fate's jtst
Nwith one to match-To earn a name and
fortune, return and \%'in the love of the
womntttnt he has Wed. He goes West. Ftrik-
inng it rich, ie returns East and meets his
wife at the banker's friend's home under
an assumed name. It is a case of "love at
i'st sight," but her happiness is shadowed
iN the menory of her hasty marriage. Her
lavyer advises that her husband Will io on
hnand at the time agreed. Tisnidly facing
her ordeal sie hears the visitor announced,
rises, in dread, and meets-the man she
Magic Albun, Pathe, 278 feet.-This is a
colored picture with a scene in the labora-
tory of1 an olId wcizard.  Tine old  fellow
opens an album and the outlines of facet
ae shon. When eai    ofrawcing is finished
it comes to life.
The Penalty of His Crime, Pathe, 433
feet-A   rejected  suitor at the needding
festival of his rival, assly leaves the place
and procures a gun With which ie shoots
the bridegroom dead. The murderer's fath-
or happenst be one ofthe guests and nne
lie learns that it weas his on son who
commnitted the cowardly act he swecars the
murderer weill pay the penalty of the crime,
He ov'ertakes ]iss son and drags the gunsi
front his hand  He compels him to kneel
and pray and then takes the law into his
How the Pair Butted in, Pathe, 285 feet.
-This film  shows how two young f'llows
butted into a party and were successful
in winning   the affections of the pretty
girls by their cleverness.  The girls leave
their stupid friends to pay the bill and de-
part on the arms of the butters in.
Benuvenuto Cellini, Patie, 948 feet.-A
renowned sculptor who is a dissolute char-
acter, received a letter from a duchess w he
agrees to pose for him    under conditions
that he will not attempt to see her face.
W'hen  the statue   is finished  the artist
pleads to see her faco, but she refuses
iefollotsiner home With his servants and
kidnaps  her.  She treatess suicide if he
art ests to tear her mask off, Te artist
Tows the king the statue and tells mim he
ill swho  him tie  original and he departs
to tie tower where the dosan is nmowris-
oned. She asks the artist to withdrasv and
taking off her mask the king is horrified
to seec it is a favorite at his court,  Hoe
promnises to keep her secret and accom-_
panies tine lady back to the palace.
D~on't Fool Yotur Wife, Pathe. 597 feet.-
The st ory evolves arousnd a young mnarried
innsn awto calls ott nt pretty ma rriott womans
anti the  innssitand  tsudesnly  ennters.  Tine
y oung chIapt is innsrodnucedi ans tine snw 5cr-
Biograph Films
Trade Mark         RELEASED NOVEMBER 3rd, I108         Tradeuark
After Many Years
The Prophetic Hope of a Faithful Wife.
A stor' o the line'sof  nochArdeni.btidedledx' minore int!nsely heart-
stirring than the original. Beautiful in picturesuens-s and photographic
Length1033 Feet
The Pirate's Gold
Singular Disinterment of a Sea=Robber's Loot.
Probably one of the most thrillin subjects recently producl, the situa-
tions of such tense nature as to -ripthe spectator thrhoghout.
Length, 966 Feet.
11 E.14th STREET, NEW       YORK CITY
Licensees:  Kleine  Optical Company; Williams, Brown  &  Earle; Great Northern
Film Co.; American Mutoscope & Biograph Co.
We will protect our customers and those of our licensees against patent litigationin
the use of our licensed films.
SPECIAL SELLING AGENTS.               312
sa'nt and a let of fun is tiroduced by his
21nn t anI'tttItu rI  Is tt in  hich  his  own 1 Wife
lictIru '.
Haple Sugar, Pathe,     344   feet.-This
teen is laid in  nada and ehoes the tap-
pin.-,nof tine tre,,es ani tine insterior of tine
lactory where th sugar is made.
The Peer's Fancy, Pathe, 577 feet.-This
is it dramatic story of a faithless swife win
is the fancy of a nobleman. It shows th
neonian  being  confronted by her black-
smiti husband at the ball given in her
honor and her death after pleading for for-
Push Cart Race, Pathe. 348 feet.-A lot
of coe pd is furnisised in this film during
ft ace of pasts carts.
David and Goliath, Kalen.-This picture
depicte the life of David and scenes of the
life of our Saviour, together with siews o>
the Holy City of Jerusalem covering a pee-
iot of a hundred and fifty years from the
entranc of Herod, B. C. 70, to the capit-
ulation of Titus, A. D. 75.
The Half Breed, Katlem.-In all the his-
tory of this great country of ours there is
no more interesting period than that which
included the rush for the gold fields of
California. In the renarkable moving pic-
ture dramsna is shown a glimpse of those
exciting times. The theme centers about a
half-breed who wanted to join one of these
caravans and would have been accepted
had not a young girl been suspicious of
his character.  He was turned down, but
followed the party alone, bent on revenge.
He joined a hostile Indian barnd, caused an
attack on the miners, and his treachery
enas only circunvented through the agency
of a young Indian chief who had been be-
friended by the girl, Tine terrible end of
the half breed, leftI to starve in the desert,
is illustrative of the strenuous punishments
of the period.
The Actor's Chiled, Selig, 960 feet.-Litte
Evelyn, the only chnild of a popular young
actor and leading man is neglected by the
wayward mother, a beautiful but selfish
hother. The Woman falls in love with a
Carroll Heswitt, an unscrupulous libertine.
He r mashand a'ccidentally caomes upons his
wife and  her paramour.   Bursting in tine
door of a hotel dinisng room   hte aineos t
thnrottles tine false friend, He beckons for
the wife to go with her lover. The divorce
court gives him  the custody of the child.
So fearful is he that the child will be stol-
en Evelyn accompanies him to the theater
every ecening.  The wife bribes a   stage
hand   and the child  is kidnapped.   The
father follows to the apartments where the
mother has taken the child. A lamp was
overturned in the struggle and the actor
wvho was left unconscious on tie floor was
in danger of being burned to death but was
saved by his valet who had returned after
following the couple with the child. Eve-
Absolutely Non*
suitmablforsall th
trsae, t oing Pg55
rews   Werearr
-cn.thes chars  tnnl
d Chairs.All'
Seating forOsl'5f'
Door Use,
Address Dept S
lyn  is  found  with  an  old  hag  and the
criminals are placed under arrest.
Hannah Dustin
-   OR
Length 825 Ft.     Ready Nov. 13
InI presenting this great
Historic Indian Drana,
we call attention to the
fact that in addition to
its thrilling interest it
has that educational
alue so much appreCiat-
ed b the up-to-date ex-
'Ihe magnificent Religious
David and Goliath
Jerusalem in the Days of Christ
Illustrated Lecture to all
KALEM           CO., Inc.
131 W. 24th Street,
TheBranchhOffices of thea SunBooking E-
changc Co. have becen opened and arc under the
management of competent representatives Gus
Sun  ooking xchag Co., New Su Theatre
B dg., Springfle'd,0., Headquarters and Booking
Offnces. Gus Sun Baskingi1,xrhange Co., Suite
605Lyric Theatre Bldg..Cinciisnati,O GusSun
gookingExchangeCo.,Ssite415 Fergon Bldg.,
Pittsbusrg, Pa. Call and see ourrepresentatives
whileineitler of these citie and courteous treat-
mentwil be assured. We wan actsatalltimes
aswearecostantl openingp newterritory.
Send itsopen time, late programs, lowestsalairy,
i nwriting for tinS.
,, ,

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