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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

Live show news from important points east, west, north, south,   pp. 10-11

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November 7, 1908.     i
Greensboro (N. C.) Notes.
Oct. 26.    A Mod
James Riley Wheelock and his famous which ha
Indian Band, about 20 strong, appeared  last wee
before ahandfull of people at The Grand
tnight. They deserved a better crowd  press not
but are here under the Lyceum course success.
and under a guarantee. TWheelock had   and Will
some time on his hands and is filling in
for the present, they go from here to Ra- who spen
leigh, then back to Charlotte, and then  nock Indi
take up their regular route again. His and arra
wife seemed to have her hands full with  the use
two little ones, one of which persisted in  act intro
yelling whenever brought into the McAdoo monials
dining room, where theatrical people who cavalry
are wise usually stop.                 daughter.
Oct. 28.-The Auditorium Skating rink an interv
which everyone thought was doing a land  condemns
office business went into the hands of a  dance is
receiver this week, and state they have Bannock
been losing money.                     softening
The moving picture show business ap- mits her
pears to be good. The Gem, Lyric, Star man and
and Crystal all say they are having satis- lot with
factory business.                      is smoke
Oct. 27.-Little Chip and Mary Marble scenery i
played to good business. Florrie Sweat- in New Y
man who was here last season in the Miss     E
Tourists was at her best and during the maiden,
singing of "A Little Girl Like Me" ap- dian, an
peared somewhat upset when as she daughter.
stepped to the foot-lights and said "Won't  Manage
you come kiss me" a young bank clerk   that after
of local prominence opened his arms and  to six n
made for her. She jumped back into the will be o
wings, but resumed her song amid great   At the
applause, but it was noticed she avoided  has been
that particular spot on the stage. A   Musketee
bald headed drummer to whom she then     The ne
sang, after the spot light had played up- rapidly, t
on him for a while, drew his hat over being pr
over his eyes and departed amid the jeers agement
and cheers of the crowd.                 Joseph
Oct. 29.-Wayne Musical Comedy com- ager of
pany opened here tonight to small crowd, week to
due to the very inclement weather. The Mr. Gos
White Hat was the opening number and   Pocahont
from the applause was enjoyed.         bride alo
Oct. 27.-They put on the Circus Girl and hon
to a much larger audience, and had to  man, for
buck against two large political meet- Grand, N
ings, Gov. Glenn speaking at the court- street ho
house to a packed house, and Republican  Annie
nominee for governor, Cox, and several Maude A
orators of renown, speaking at the Audi- for vaud
torium to three or four thousand people. man .Toh
They are pleasing, and give a matinee to- Hawailan
day, the 31st, and another performance  shortly.
tonight. The prospects are they will be
greeted with the biggest house yet to-
night.-F. R. PEATROSS.
Knoxville Notes.
Knoxville, a city of 75,000 inhabitants,
is a city of only one theater. But this
will soon be a thing of the past. Jake
Wells ispushing to completion thetBijou     T
which will likely be thrown open to the
public along about the first of the year.  sectio
It will seat 600 or 800 more than Staub's  invite
and will be used principally for Wells,
own entertainments. It certainly doesnot  covere
come too soon.                            busine
Staubs  has been giving a series  of    provid
splendid  entertainments and more  are    their
promised for the future. This week, how-
ever, every night is dark until Saturday  addres
w'hen Adelaide Thurston appears in "Wo-
man's Hour and Shore Acres matinee and
night. Next week is one filled with good
It is not out of the way to say that we      S
have recently been favored with Ring-    The W
ling's Great Circusand the Miller Broth  cago, are
ers' 101 Ranch Wild West. Both played  cao.   r
to capacity. On account of some trouble  picture s
with the Southern Railroad no circuses agement
have been able to get into our city for cago, to
several years, consequently the people It was fo
were extremey show hungry.            ter. The
The four moving picture theaters are having s
now doing a nice business which is grow- erty for t
ing better as the days grow cooler.    some of
Madam Nordica was here last week, ap- as well a
pearing at the Auditorium. An Immense provemen
house greeted her and to say those at-   All of
tending went away well pleased is ex- well as
pressing it very mildly.-MOORE.        good gene
being feat
Atlanta Notes.             ceptthe
Atlanta was crowded last week with is featuri
visitors, who came to attend the State than usue
Fair. The fair held in Atlanta this year  The Fa
was one of the most successful in years. der the i
Ringling Brothers' circus gave two per- the Valen
formances here Friday and both perform- creased b
ances drew crowds.                     Miller for
The Merry Widow company played five    The Gi
performances last week to full houses at Theater C
every performance                      good busi
Brown of Harvard is at The Grand     GOODFE
Wednesday and Thursday of this week;
Adelaide Thurston, Friday and Saturday.
The Golden Crook company are at The           Ho
Bijou for the week. In Old Kentucky      The Au
will be seen at The Lyric this week, agement
headed by Una Clayton and her company. treat for
--A. M. CONWAY.                        week with
Wolf app
Bloomington (Ind.) Notes.       Friday, C
The Harris Grand had the Donald Rob  favorite o
ertson players in A Ctirious Mishap, and D  ch.pla
Comus. In real artistic playing this cOm- were vera'
Pany was stiperior to any of the kind The Bij
that has ever visited this city. The Fight- fall and
ingParson. Oct. 30, wasgiven by  good  under the
company. The Harris Grand will catch   undgeroe
ThedDevil No. 10. ThisweektheDePerr-     The Li
Burdette company is holding forth. A   as mania
very fair repertory copn.btlih          arng
business-HENERY.JFETTI'S.            v;1 qd otilep
pringfield (Ohio) Notes.
m. H. Swanson & Co., of Chi-
opening a moving and talking
ow in this city, under the man-
of Mr. George Walker, of Chi-
be called the Swanson theater.
rmerly called the Lyceum thea-
new concern are reported as
ecured a lease upon the prop-
wo years and they are Installing
the most up-to-date machinery,
s making many repairs and im-
ts upon the theater.
the various picture shows, as
the regular tleaters. report a
ral ruinof busin ess this season,
no exceptional attractions are
ured atany of thetheaters, ex-
New Sun (Gus Sun, mgr,) who
ng a line of higher priced acts
aI for a town of this size.
irbanks theater this season tin-
anagement of Mr. Ketchem, for
tine syndicate, is doing an In-
usiness over that done by Mr.
the same people.
and Opera house (Springfield
Co., proprs. and mgrs.) report a
ness so far this season.-W. E.
it Springs (Ark.) Notes.
ditorium theater under the man-
of J. Frank Head had quite a
its patrons during the past
two excellent attractions. The
eared on Monday, Oct. 19, to a
ed audience, with a good cast.
ct. 23, Al. H. Wilson, an old
f Hot Springs, appeared in his
rWhen Old New York Was
a good hotise, and his songs
*much enjoyed.
on skatingrink opened for the
winter season Monday, Nov. 2,
management of Price, Tate &
Ic theater,IwithHarryH. Hale
er  continmies  to  enjoy  good
with Its moving pictures and
Salt Lake Notes.
ern Pocahontas, the Indian act
d its premiere at the Orpheum
k, received some very flattering
ices and seems to be an assured
It was produced by Joseph Goss
Howard, of the Orpheum staff,
t the summer amoing the Ban-
ans in Idaho, gathering material
nging with the government for
of seven Bannock braves. The
duces Indian dances and cere-
while depicting the story of a
officer who loves the chief's
He is captured while stealing
iew with her in camp, and is
d to the stake. While the war
being executed in full authentic
dress, the maiden succeeds in
the chief's heart, and he per-
to choose between the white
her own people. She casts her
he soldier, and the pipe of peace
d to ratify the choice.   The
s excellent, having been painted
ork at the cost of nearly $1,000.
nma Rainey, who plays the
is said to be three-fourths In-
d is "a sure-enough" chief's
r Winch of the Orpheum states
Nov. 1 the bill will be increased
timbers, and the full orchestra
n at matinees.
Grand, the Sanford Dodge Co.
meeting with favor in The Three
w Auerbach theater Is growing
he theater part of the building
actically completed. The man-
hope to open early in November.
Goss, for many years stage man-
the Orpheum, was married last
Miss Clio Woolley of this city.
s will accompany the Modern
as Co. on the road, taking his
ng, thus combining a business
eymoon trip. Mr. Steve New-
merly stage manager of the
wil succeed him   at the State
Adams Kiskadden, mother of
dams, Is at work on a new act
eville, which will Include Bow-
nson, formerly of the Musical
S. The try out will be given
Joliet (1ll.) No
The Grand is outdoing
quality of vaudeville acts
this season, and they are1
ever attempted in Joliet.
Mr. Goldberg, is putting
money into talent, and if
returns it is because loca
are not appreciative. Wh
of last week's bill were
two were especially liked-
novelty rifle shooting, i
from  the  hardest positi
sportsmen, mirror shootin
shooting out a number of
from the gallery, etc.
The Mexican Zamora
rousingly received.
Miss Marie Nelson and
who, with R. A. Gilbert
comedy sketch this wee
greeted at each performa
membered as having playe
Grand and the Joliet Ope
the Howard Stock compa
Miss Nelson was formerl
as one of the team of Gu
with Sully Guard.
Lorene McNeill, the c
making a hit here with h
also causing some of the b
able embarrassment, when
verses of love ditty directe
some prominent swain n
ends with "Gee, Kid! Wh
face so red?" It never
dcwn" the house.
The Sharrocks are givin
ing act that for speed and
to detail is surprising.
WORLD man saw some
tests given, and in no inst
Sharrock fail to correctly
given for identification.-H
Weather Hurts F
Webster City,
The weather man put
fall carnival festival at
week. There was not a
full program could be put
the fore part of the week
latter part.  The Parker
there under the auspices
band, which lost on the v
did the Parker company.
in Trenton, Mo.. this w
Lexington (Ky.) Notes.
Nothing doing at Opera house the past
week. Big business will doubtless be had
Monday night, for Cohan & Harris' pro-
duction  of  Forty-five  Minutes  from
Broadway, which pleased big crowds last
year. Tuesday night Wilton Lackaye in
The Battle will be presented.
The John Dunsmure Opera company
present The Barber of Seville on Thurs-
day night. Monday and Tuesday, Nov.
8 and 9, Brewster's Millions.
Vaudeville and M. P.
The Hipp has had another week of ca-
Inacity business and the violin playing of
Miss Eula Brunella was one oftne finest
turns yet offered here on the vaudeville
stage, winning flattering comments from
leading musi cians. The rest of tine bill
was pleasing.
Majestic has had a fair business during
the week with talking pictures. Engage-
ment with talking pictures closed Satur-
day night. Three films and three illus-
trated songs are offered for each perform-
ance the ensuing week.
Manager Platt is doing a splendid busi-
ness with the Princess.
Fair attendance is reported for the week
at the Blue Grass.-F.
San Antonio Notes.
The Palace, the first theater in the city
to put on   the talking pictures, has
changed back to the straight moving pic-
tures again. The machine will be shipped
to Atlanta, Ga., to be used in the play-
house of the Weis Amusement Co.. which
has the Cameraphone rights for the
southern states. The Cameraphone Co.
stated that they were unable to furnish
films eneugh to houses In the same town
without sending repeaters, and rather
than exhibit the same set of films twice.
thougnt It best to have only ene house
in San Antonio. The Caneraphone thea-
cr at 318 Hrustonstreet will be theonly
Aalking picture sow in town now.
Lyric Airdeme has been rented for
severail weeks to l.a Fayette's Novelty
I well yesterday at the various theaters.
None of the houses had to turn people
away, for business has not been so good
At the Lyric. however, a good crowdwas
on handrto greet Eddie FOy in Ar. a-
let of Broadway, conceded to heooneatf
the best things he has done in a long
time. At the Walnut, David Higgins In-
tioduced a new play, Captain Clay of
Missouri, which is pronounced a good
Melodrama, and    at the Olympic the
rstock Colpany is doing accepably with
a revival of Trilby. TieColumbia,wit
a fistic bout as one of the star features,
has a bill of agreeable old-timers. T e
two melodrama houses, with Lillian
Mortimer in her newest, A Girl's Best
Friend, at Heuck's, and Chuck Connors
the Lyceum, have been doing well
The two burlesque shows are also pro-
nounced   to   be   good,  Manchester's
Crackerjacks at the Standard, and Fa
Foster's burlesquers at People's. Tire
German players entertained with a satire
on American life. Sky-Scrapers at the
Grand last night.   Tonight that ever-
popular idyl of tie farm, Way Down East.
opens its annual engagement     at the
Grand. The Robinson played to standing
room only and fthe other theaters did
fairly well.
The Times-Star still continues its at-
tacks on the theaters. It says of the
Lyric: "Eddie Foy's show is vulgar and
stellar in no respect"; while the truth of
the matter Is on all sides conceded to
be that Foy is a success and its vehicle
is very, very good.-CLARENCE g.
Webster City (Ia.) Notes.
At the Armory Opera house Tempest
and Sunshine, 26, to good house. Man-
ager Hyatt has closed a contract with one
of the Savage compnnies for The Devil
to ie brought here Nov. 18.
At the Family theater moving piccre
and vaudcville.  Stonne & King lin the
cs'medy sketchn entitled The Hebrew,'and
the Kanuyv Kid, gave excellent satisfac
tion. Manager Millorowsli Is now boo
ig irsv audeville acts independent for
histheatershere atFDesMines gndo
U-nique theater-Moving pictnires, good
tes.                     Springfield (Ill.) Notes.
itself in the    Wine, Woman and Song, whi h played
being put on    here at the Majestic for four Perfora-
by far the best  ances last week, pleased.
The manager,      Young Buffalo in his new play, The
a lot of good   Sheriff of Angel Gulch, opened here Su.
he don't get   day night for four days to a packed
I theater-goers  house.
ile all numbers    The Imperial Stock company, which has
conceded good, been at the Chatterton Opera house for
Anna Vivian in   the last week, closed their engagement
ncluding  shots  here Sunday. Although a strong stck
ons known to     company, they did not meet with succes
g by reflection,   Burr McIntosh will give his illustrated
lighted candles  lecture, With   Secretary  Taft In the
Orient, Thursday at the Chatterton Opera
Family   were   house.
Mr. Thornton and wife, who openedthe
Jack Hawkins, popular Nicklette theatorium in this civ
, give a little  some time ago, will return to vaudeville
c, are warmly    again, where they are well known under
nce, being re-   the name of Cummings and Thornton
d at both The   The name of the sketch they will work in
ra house with   is entitled A Mail Order Wife. Theyleave
ny last season. a host of friends in this city who wish
y in vaudeville  them success.
ard and Nelson     Paul Ashenbrinner, formerly of Chicago
but who has recently been -onnected
omedienne, is   with The Empire theater in capacity of
er singing, and  musical director, has resigned to accept
eaux consider-  a similar position at The Gaiety. Mr
, after several Ashenbrinner was married last fair week
d apparently at  to Miss Dollie De Mott, who will sing
ear the stage, illustrated songs at The Gaiety.
at makes your      The   Nickelodeon  has   been  having
falls to "bring  packed houses every night. The Cubs
and Tigers' film which they showed last
g a mind read-   Thursday was greeted with enthusiasm.
correctness as    Mr. F. H. Jebe, the trap drummer at
THE    SHOW     the Majestic theater, has composed a
of the hardest   march entitled The Majestic, in honor of
ance did Mine. Manager E. J. Karm        of the Majestic
name articles   theater.-CARL SPENCER.
estival.                      Omaha Notes.
Ia., Oct. 31.     The Burwood Stock company, playing
a crimp in the   The Devil, has broken all former records
Atlantic  last of consecutive playing in this city, com-
day when the    pleting their thirty-ninth performance of
on. It rained   the play on Wednesday, Oct. 28. The
and snowed the   go to Norfolk with the entire production
shows were on the 29th, Columbus the 30th, and Fre-
of the Atlantic  mont the 31st.
enture, as also    Warfield in The Music Master at the
The latter are  Burwood, 29-31. Seat sale very heavy,
eek.-GEO. C.       The Boyd has given very good attrac-
tions. The Witching Hour drew heavily.
The Three Twins also. Seats for The
Top o' th' World streamed out of the
box office window.
Notes:-Contrary to talk, the conces-
sions at Krug Park, which amusement
place was closed by the courts, are still
on the grounds. Rumor had it that Man-
ager Cole had shipped the various devices
to other parks.
With the building of a magnificent
es  In every     $75,000 park boulevard around theshore
of Lake Nakoma. near this city, it Is
spondence Is     possiblethe old lakewill yetbeapopular
ities not yet    place for an amusement park. Courtluod
spondents of     Beach, admirably located there, has lain
idle for years and is going to ruin.-
a of events,     SMYTH.
appenings in
particulars                Cincinnati Notes.
Cincinnati, 0., Nov. 2.
The week's attractions started out fair-
Newspaper Men Preferred.
HE SHOW WORLD is desirous of securing representativ
n of the United States and Canada and to that end corre
d from young men of good personal address in all commun
d by this journal.  We want energetic, wide-awake corre
ss ability who will, acting as absolutely impartial observer
- us with the latest and most reliable news of amusement h
locality.  Excellent opportunity.  Liberal commissions.  For
s the News Editor, THE SHOW WORLD, Chicago.

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