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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(October 24, 1908)

Test of Byrne law is to be appealed,   p. 5

Lonergan's director accused of larceny,   p. 5

Washington managers form organization,   p. 5

Page 5

October 24, 1908.
TEST OF BYRNE LAW                           LONERGAN'S DIRECTOR
Manager Jules F. Bistes After Being Fined Files Demurrer in South- Rollo Loyd Arrested at Instance of Woman Who Says He Fleeced
ern Metropolis.                           Her With Worthless Check.
New Oilenns, Oet. 19.
is F. Histes, who110 made i  test of
'Hr'lawt and was given the option
till.0 the or 30 days in jail, his filed
in u'gli i Coisel the following de-
Ii nit( act contains more than
IoIjlot tond  is, therefore. in  violation
q   i  :11 of the Constitution of 1sS.
Sn  TEt fite act is an attempt to
glat, business  nit rade. and in this
rcc t is \ilativec of A(t 48 of the
oIAlItt 1in  of,  I s!i and  is  in  attempt to
rIeglate the business of conducting a
ilacr, wilihl is a private enterpiise,'
mul the sjilijiit mattir of said act does
]lot ('licein ile i public health nor pro-
mate, the Pulblic morals.
ThirTiii the it restrains and pro-
lilit.s thie i feedomn of contract and denies
lie  ilal protection of the law  to all
ersonis thus depriving  certain  per-
"A, incliing specially the defendant,
of Is is iibrt  ld property without die
liloci'iif liwi that in this respect said
t is     tii  of Article 2 of the Con-
s(itition of 1895 and of the fourteenth
uinilinnit to tl1i ConstituitiOni of the
1 nlited States,
Fourtli--TInt ith said itt is a Penal
stiui iii1 is not iiencial and expressly
lfiies its ope in to the city of New
orlealn, tiii rls itil in the state hasv-
il,,   o aIn  f)  50,000  inlhabit.ants
n11o,  ;lilengtlis il ' nothe  demolsuror,  bt
li o \id C"r Exthntr tehatto
i''ii iiiii tieatical oi' oth-' pe--
isor ' 'iiiil nr HicallsI In  eferience
to :apt flo i Ian off  ilMss legislation.
ic Siciii  ild thci ini view of the
lieal, aft ler whi e Jude  Sk(e'fu d
fl  i 11 se isa iiest case lie would
n>ti l egthiicl  y i.  n itr  <dn 1) eeisri  Lto
prool ut m i,  it 1 ;1111  o d r tl.c  So o
fIiiii  Rills  of  i 's'i'1tiiiii  ss''  r'eservsed
ii ls~tfl iri Xiitehs. Thec evidence
of ip.1o l andi ciflt'. Quinter'i wis
A li si  s  iiiil cil a d Sientenicedi  lii  toi
li  I  fill, f  $1  r1  ce th I irty  dlays  ici
Alinnii'li, Min., Oct. 15.
Th10  is 110  ltu  I  tle rumor that
'   it 1ii  Il uih s  i'r  ce tings  t
te ofts coiir'ler' of Furti'ih stri'ci
mid C ntial tvnue, of this city. as pre-
viously stted.  This theater is being
Ill   li\  mII  i i T a t   ofhmd l i1
iiii'.   1 ii  0 kv iii  ii ii l iotid ll  L ii"as 1
I onnecTionl with  the  Sodlni Brothiels,
\\| Iw  f\ e   uifer i*v interested  iI  theat i-
als  ino  is  (it.  Th   theater  will  I'
,11l"(1Tiw Famlil" mul will open upa abut
1),(.  1,  sNiti  ll  a a ce.d  valudeville.  A li,
Enulk  ii  5t,  fuu neu\  ianii ger  of  il,,
I ntilenter[0 of this eity Will Ne is-
[  I  \ filh  this  lioluse. -  Ilil  T
Foria,  Ill.,  oit.  Fin.
Alix H. shms priioduction of Tle
"oint\  C1); irinan   h 'is been  laying  to
iiiio:nIll:11  huiness  in  this  Section  of
'1I tt  Th  fit"t  Uit  it  is  a  cicnt-
1,iLn le . no dou t, draws  mllaniy  peopl
to) It  sho,  ut  ll  Nathan  is  also  to
o  uillit  io ttin sgilin   uch antble
iei to hunutlI and product it. Wim.
.h   tu   w    tIakecs the title role,
t 1  ,1t to i  in  ind  perhl s  one
th"  LI-Itt iiiiliplimicits  lie  his  re
i  d  wais  1iil  iIn  the  foyer  of  the
Iijcsti t'h ol.r  F  oiia. the  other  niight.
oliu linu'  I1m ii  i<  nt  Ca ITidati'
lilii 'iii ol iiis iiti 'the Iioliticvl
ih, thipJ  in to se(' the show, and on
ini h, ii i to  Ifiend. "GeecI wish
]','(I tih t  Imani  for  i i campaign i tiana-
Tie opn plased three nights and
lcher" Zin F hii the S. R. 0. sign
N'i  lliri illmits  the  s-cme big  busi-
Fta  past dites.-DAVIS.
Altoona (Pa.) Notes.
IFusii    al Alishlr rheiter the past
11t mai5iiii pi iture  houses  wits  also
'  i  le utl it iifwl s s   f iow   set '  it
"nine  calpacit\  !in  lt(,  S tte  Street
tli'l ~~ ci esii iiX  stiii in
fiiii  Fii             as  l
tn bi I lis thesih at this O-
-1 . ii      n  alin star to alitli
niwas weli ''nlv  i hy 1lif lirge cnd-
i ii           iintThe impayi preseinting
io s    rlii ii is iiiIIipiisiil ii isileit Catter
ni   tile  1  \\m ilc , AILe  J his
niin  .Iii'ise of oti, it  is traveling
thii   cli l ddi Ia Hll i Stock company mlt
i miini goiod   is anl actor. He w'as
zhi at thF paIk theater last summir
mI Wits also connected with the Mlishlor
thiater ,uring  the regilir Season. He1 c
jie ths company to nta       uies
leiiic thiS           a tfal  i  ct as Fiusiccess
"it, itui later took up juvenile parts.
Ilhe i'isiness it lithe Oplucicm theater
fio the oenilg week of tile scasoni was
ssold e\eu'tItions of the Intigement.
tdI is tii attiilnceit  was us tIiie in-
se ill s iIc'k. it toolss isif siuicess was
iss oi li K   iff' Fi Ir. Fred Chauni-
cey, or tire( chaunlce -Keiffer companly,
wer entertained last we'k by Mrii. and
MrS. A.   C.. Davis, of this cits.  Miss
Kuifi'r is ' sister of Mir. Harry A. Jan-
sin, maigltmn and illusionist, who is i
gr iil-n _ct  nariage of Mir. and Mris.
FEail  1. Fini   i until recently  io-
it ted with the h)i'x oftiee at the Mlishler
thet i, Iois ineceltil a position -with the
PIn  a.  1. RF . I ). i ll t  his  ity - N.  S.
W. B. Bird Injured.
Carthage Tex., Ot    16.
'V. 13. Biid, a seenic artist from Fort
'iorth, accidentally fell fiom  the flies of
the Ro0s Opern house today andreceived
a  very   painful scalp  wound   besides
1bruise, abnut the spine atnd fip), though
it is not thought he is fatlls Iti.
New Orlens, La., Oct. 16.
Ott the charge of obtaining money un-
cler false pretenses, Rollo Loyd, a piomi-
innt imemnber and stage director of the
Lester I oneran com any at the Dau-
phitle thater, was arrested   it  12:30
o'clock todaty antd tken to the first pri-
citli stationl.  ati lie gave bond in
the sitis of $250 and was released.
le iichiige against Loyd was mad by
Mirs. T)urothy E. Koch, living at 831
Caoidelet street, who is connected with
the Amrican Wireless Telegraph com-
Itany, ind recentl  einme to New Orleans.
Sh claims that LoYd represented himself
to be t government inspectoi of wireless
telgraph    s istems and having obtained
let confidence, secured fio'  her $27.50
oin a ceck for $200. said to have been
worthless. This is alleged to have taken
plae during the first week in September.
Mr. Loyd declared that ie had never
seen 'Xrs. Koocil befor this morning and
that 1se was utteIly dumitlfounded when
thc' accusation  was made against him.
M I. Tonergan appealed at the station
soon after Loyd's arrest and expressed
his belief in the latter's thorougi iiiteg-
rity and innocence of the charge against
him.   "It swould have been no tiouble
for Loyd to have obtained this sum
from ine, if ie had needed it," Mr.
W. H. Rupley Heads Order Which Will Effect Many Changes in
Regular Routine.
Washington, D. C., Oct. 19.   nan; secrtis  L. Studdard Taylor, and
Thei r is going to be a frosty air iound  tatsurer 1ted Gt fBler.  After the
,is e-tting '.'ist'"lcts Scriintsr Pislot' staidt:
the libbis of XVashington theters th     '   do  ot intdant tttil attioni.
wit1   for those onl the "free lists" wh'lco  PIrices cite to 1em'ai tIle sae, and they
lle no liht to be there. This because  will be   ontrollied iniidually b  the
Ithi tientlical imnaittgers of 'Vushingtonl Ianagers.  Iliei  are hissei  a itumi-
go togethr yesterlay and organized her of small things to be tIien up,which
"The Assoiition of Theater latutgersof can be acted upon as i body better than
t'lington."                            separately. Th' overcrowded free list is
flhe offllcis elected are: President, WV. One, and there are a inber of similar
II. Roti-; vice-ireident, Eugene Ker  thuins'.
A dainty English comedienne who stepp ed into immediate popularity with Chicago
Lonergan said. "He has been with the
company since the season opened ant is
hold in hifhll esteem by his associates."
Loyd is 25 years old and married. He
tesides  at 1601  Esplande  avenue.-
LT'l II-M.
Mutscatine, ILI., Oct. 15.
"Not guilty" was the verdict returned
by the jury in the case of the State vs.
Chias Salisbury, manager of the Grand
Opec ra house, yesterday  afternoon.  It
took the jurors about two minutes to
make their decision. 'tle action was
brought at the instancei of tice Minis-
terial cssociation, who chaiged the de-
feidanit with breach of the Sabbath. To-
dly the hearing of thce tanager of the
Family theater will come up before Judge
Salt Lake City Notes.
The pIst week has been the biiner
week of the year in amiusement circles in
Salt Lake. The sems-'i-annual conference
of the 'Mormon church, which bris
thousands of people trm   the western
states, Canada and Mexico; the greit
Eisteddfod in  the mammth     Morman
Tabernacle, iunclei the auspices of the
asial   oriethe md ie thitiethi ing
it  tadb  Stite Ficr  re ooff   The
iossott eed is sxttel libeal in its
atttrd tothstats p ics 01 tisemset
bence the sins  honses weh thsrohged
onery tit   in theseek, wa.  maaerial
faees all sore tii Ii tiat  tisang
tt bd business. inhgs off.
Thec StatcFai,v,'hich sclosed last nighst,
is said to   en t he      o laugns everseld it the
nisthrin' o the state. Mutn s itcis   has
eist lead ia otslittios eia  t he shos
oi the 'TleCsi
AJ a iloiec,  t'o ar  try ing t it Ieow
tMhater cisctile Cortintetosts, leisd the
frm     mosig sicttre iste tois tee
ittns  waxisiteI frer NoieO the   ss ictles
to gooc bisiless    ite 1ts'is wees,
isteighingy nwektown st
Altil Ciidii iolt wiiiii seareciitthe
Alerts, Gcaftets, has gotie to Nesw York
tiiiiitItHil             iiisiit1ii
Tih' Tetissic (IitsN 3ito() cotisioseshd if
Postian Johli1sson, 'Xi i   Coiea.  '.
.J. Ilice aite Iry-ing tout todayv before
aagiri.c  Will1r3 'X'ittih of thse Orlils'nis.
The tmucsic of the act ssas composed by
Aor. Cusclsic. :11silhas receiv'eucc' praise
fris tiiserii anie listenied to it.  ir.
ohnsowas formetly eeofkte Msical
wiilaikiu mes-lFFs  D. JOHNSON.
The Show Business.
(fly  a ss'e w rnewn star.)
ii ih   I o hus III i  I i0
I    I F  I  F i
Iets c/ia erial and Mental Progress in
l Season of FortyWeeks.
\ile    ti als  0F  tcs s.
\! "dtirtains f6 timses.
In bxrs 21 times.
1used    elecric sigs 5 tim es.
tsetl sd stringe sotn times times.
\ft t    o stitn  Xotmes. tises.
ught rine for torms girls 0
i'ttbeer for citcruts girls 138
Pc11 brose 201 times.
I lad motery 39 titm    ims.
sedto irttek 3 tin4tcs.
Pisd to dri    sk 0
iiletedt cios n967 ti8is.
ImCiI  bycstcc  mgr times.
Sasted other Scomp's 0 ti4tims.
ta ie pr'swr meeting 40 times.
lulit mioney3 0 timss.
Niicetet imsrat -'crk 48 titie es.
lb iseci by tiem sansager 2 times.
F',led by tise comttpany `240 timses.
(i- at finse sh~owXing 240 timess.
ie~is hot used 1649 tmes.
id excess 23 times.
)idl the right things 164 times.
I )I the wrong thing 0 times.
Hixed the billposter 240 times.
irgot to send in expense account
t11arged incidentals 0 times.
1iicie on a pass 0 times.
TIold lies, 76,897,423 times.
<iashon hand at opening of season
Cash on hand at end of season, 81

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