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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 18, 1908)

Makee, Walt
Quaker City theatricals,   p. 8

Page 8

M r. E. H. Montagu,
\\estern Representa-
tiveof Pathe, and Mr
William Selig,Presi
dent of the Selg ig
Polyscope Co., have
consented to act with
me as a committee to
'decide the winners in
My $200 Prize Con-
test.`C Contest closes
May i Send in your
ideas for good featurej
films and   you may
win out!
First - class, experi-
enced moving picture
men.    Brilliant op-
portunity for the right 0.
men     Don't write
unless you're a rat-
ting good one. I pay
mighty good salaries.
Mr. Walter Hanitch
of the Lyric Circuitl
writing from Youngs-
town, Ohio, says:
"Great Goebel Tra-
gedy the biggest hit I
ever had. My hat off
to you always!" YouA
can't get this feature
tfilm from anyone on
earth but me. I own
it absolutely and it's
the big thing of the
year. Write me aboutr
it now!
196=198 Lake Street :
Completely Equipped Branch Offices In
Evansville, Ind. Main and Sixth Sts.
Memphis, Tenn. 78 South Front St.
4Omaha, Neb.  800 Brandeis Blk.
I am a Jobber of Power's Machines
- M y  Great Goebel Tragedy  illn
is mnade by a Ficensed
Manuilfc turr.)
sn eu s Au c os t   3rw  fi lo., 2es ARC 5sT.PHONE.oos snea
PiiIADELL,          Airitl  11.-Theater-
Luir iai% tmu   to ehose trout this
ieti and attested tnrcr appreciation of
ltie faCt by turnitg out in great nsutibers.
Ie Yatnkee Irince, a iew Cohtati play, in
ihint tie Four Colatns ar  uteice more to-
Acther, packed cite Ciestnut Street Opera
io.use trim  pit to dosie.  The Wolf," a
Ielodramti  of the Canadian Hudson Bay
i nutry, writtin by Eugene WValters, and
runtc wasS tried out inl Washingtoni last
-cik, dew a capacite house oi the open-
rng right at the Lyrie. Nazimov~a eras seen
.rt tle Adelphi by a large audience, in
lieddu, Gabler, the second of he* Ibsen
picesuitation.  ierbert Thompson, a local
newspaper lai, had a play tried out at the
Standaird, by the stock company of that
Iiou'e.  It was called   "The Angels and
DecviLs of Philadelphia."  The Girl of the
Golden West was produced for the first
nilise in stock by the urpheutin Players, and
1-rovd a happy choice. Such are the novel-
abs of tie week. Other bookings include:
Nctliiesule in  repertoire at cite  Broad,
,]itieli inicJulies Carnioen, Second Mrs. Tan-
u-tru, Sapho, Mugda aid Carmen; The
Round Up at cite Forrest; The Hopden at
the Garrick; Time, Place and the Girl at
trhe Walnut; Stroigheart by Seliwin, at the
Paik; Duliarry by lhe F.oreaugh Stock,
I headeI be Eugenie Blair, at Forepaugh's,
and a stiong array of ielodrantatic and
lescut ills elserrIlcere.
ie"si-re sf lie lankee Piince.
X airkec f'ritice, msusical rosiedy ill
iecos by I-o. M. Coia, opetned at tire
estoat Sttect Upera louse to capacity
.tonda night. Aside fron cite newelss of
tiH tehicle, a stage ic-union of cite Colian
lamily, proved an extia added attraction.
-ry andt George and lieirn and Josephine
aet unce more together. Also their support
s   highly  nlelioriousr. It includes Ton
'xxvis , Jack Gasduer, F'ranik Hollins, Sant
J. cyra, JiquIel Lanoe, Robert Emiett Len-
niion, Estelle Wentworth, Stella Hammleor-
ctin, and a large, beauteous and well-cos-
turned chorus. But 1l, ye diggers into the
' J-s lor plots original, pause and take
-urage, at the lesson taught by this new
ilathing--the Yankee Prince.   This is a
e-tire ost title and fortune  hunters.  A
rNeau riche Chicago packer, desirous to
any his daughter to a title, in order to
ireak into Chicago socicty. All goes well
ntil the daughter meets a young American
miinionaire. Tieir love is opposed and fin-
,)ly, while the wedding guests are gathered
,aiting for her to iarry the English Earl
I Weymouth, she elupes with the young
rieicin iminlionaire. 'he unique feature
C the plot is that the mother of the Am-
orican heiress does not care a picayune for
titles. Oh, ye writers of stuff for the stage!
Take heed, for of such is the kingdom of
Surtain calls and the stardom  of Cohan.
Moreoer, it may be seen tlat tie play is
sot the thing, but the players. The Yankee
Prince is richly mounted. The scenes are
laid at the Saeoy (London) Tea     Room:
file  xtcrior of Windsor Castle and the ex-
terior of t  inillionaire's mansion oni Midsti-
unl avrnue, chicago. Many stew anrd tuste-
,Ia swigs and dancing numbers are ittr,
lu-  wiii  no el  electrical effects.
T'he wosf Well Received.
RIl;uit XMluirs, autiior of Paid ie Full.
ix  irimiu   of repeatiig Iis firstsuess
in     n nissicir  ree-ctrlodristiaaof ire Had-
ot Boycountip    entitled  "e Wolf, ehic
"is (otferec  at te Lyritnis oeek.   're
ix charocters of cte play ore ably pee-
ceI Iy ILa, Coilqlues, tie onpe eoran
ii tire Caste    "illiantt Coateiry, Tosas
iiorlay, Seridnai Blocki, Watee Hale and
eicn lucreoax. the lead is a French-
nttlbditwe whinh is quite urasan. Te  int
Moc ith    the father of this 'Caeuck''
os cie so    hit hie ceas n iflegitimate
half Sister, atft   a bids hth find ter.  The
acte diest. 'he con, ju t after graduating
f       Cair    college at Moireot, scarc
for   Nai the    ss oc cooties  lit search of
the    hertrg girl, lie fiads thit she has been
itiie. Nan iie   teo her deot, anre time
eforii,  inep W'irlio  MDnIsend (Wate
ile, ll Aireicans.  e also learss clat
tie lecenld ris iisrii  fite sante fate
r asn iNorerid ocing Scotch girl, oeho he
jiy Icceated isy her oxen friatoer. Time young
laofth  motiins to cone txe girl and be
reveigesi itpost toe vilili.  As dsperate
Pr1e1s: ieimi cte ieroi, McDonald and
ylevii che father of te girl (played by
litas Hirdlay), precedes the end.  The
hero erins the fight-and  the girl. Without
a itEosiliug iote, tie ress voted the Play
tphexdid effort.
Nazisisova As Hedsit Gsabler.
For iter second week at the Adelphi,
Mnc. Naziova offered her oxen and rather
iigial  nitder itrpretation fiset's Hedda
ale.Tue Invuireer said.''Mnme. Nazi-
MNOr exc'eedted hrer steasure of arcisthe sue-
in as Nora aid inciarentaly disclosed one
if tire w st uniusual. counplel anil iterect-
itr ig urVes cs-ed sin ol the icl stage.'
uthe No'rth Anerican:  ''Nariohil's realis-
tic art was tiolerfly  effectiuea. t The
Press: Natineieas int'roretatir tf Heda
r;iilf!r irlilieciliiif noirkrl tiltl ]iirt tech- Pof
xliiv Iler- -flos  mnortonme eras relieved
tly '  andacrb fx - ats   'lute  Record:
chifi veilmifte srill li, hell titr ilsa
trrtioln of lhe  aruitors tirouaghet.  Her
mtert    rt oftr eerie of iecasr  is iteo-
ral    Vlve    im werhretatic in is as finely
lirixi'ed  ,as thorough appreciation o h
il  xrgli's goerius couldt xvi,I sxuply.''
1'a riel BillI at licitli's.
Kieith offe'redi a sr-tIevat-ied trill this wveek,
ih    xas ct jye d by r gEsod aouse at rite
Fanin  ratlinee. c sic  chibety. pathos,
tragedy and acrobatics score used as the
clef veiirces of ttre enttertasirmeirt, writh a
sprrinklling of ttio cartoonist's and tire ring-
irr'oeter's art for extra nmeasre.  Bijou
1'ertindec made hoer fleet local appearance.
lufrig a sksetchr by EIxIn Arden, esititted
i eptrtin Velvet, !it whicti she xcax ably try Crc Nlstrout anil Maurice
yrainllin, bthl aclees oif sititi  ability. Time
sketch is of the tabluid-far-iest variety.
it grippeid the attention of cite andi,-e- at
urotai rise, but failed to hold it, deosite
the good work of the players. The speeches,
ttroughout, ae dramatic, forceful and oc-
casionally natural, but not sufficiently so
to keep the axerage audience from yawn-
ing. The blue pencil will assist Miss Fer-
itandez  in  her clexer  characterization.
\\alt McDougall made 1ils fitst stage ap-
fearance. lie evidently suffered somiewhat
tioit stage friglit, wItich was a pit, for
his sinologue was rich in writ. His de-
lightful cartoons, depicting  the  various
n des of fermniirne fashion from Civil War
times, to the present, were hugely enjoyed
and roundly encored. Edna Luby's recep-
tion, upon her first local appearance, was
such as to warrant her early return. Among
the best of her several imitations were
those of Vesta Victoria and Anna Held,
although heir imitaion of Hose Stahl won
lier a heay encore. Goirge Evan's was
the laughing hit of the progiam, with Clit
Berzac and his acting niute, "Maud," a
close Second.  Berzacs ponies won     big
favor.  Jinitie  Barry and Company in
Barry's sketch, At Hfiisfoot Corner, were
very  wrarmtely  received.  Harry  Tate's
"Motoring" proved one long laugh. The
Stavordale Quintetto-four English banjos
and  a   harp-easily  earned  an  encore.
Charles Leonard and Ethel Brake evere ac-
corded several recalls rwhih sxe welf de-
0eriveri. litheor acts on chris liig hiif score
the  narler Brothers, couo,1y acrobats, eho
vce liked: the Musical MitClarons, repeat-
edly recalled; Lee Tung Foe, the Nohrens
and Courtiny and Dunn.
Next Week's Bookings.
The Imposter, ac newe play by R. N. Beach,
lin which C. Aubrey Smith and Beatrice
Forbes-H'bertotn are featured, will be the
chief noyety for tte coning sceek. It fol-
lows  Nethetsole at cthe Broad.   A  nexw
musical comedy in which George (Honey
Boy) Evans and Mabel Hite are featured
and which is called The Merry-Go-Round,
succeeds The Wolf at the Lyric. A new
play upon religious thene called The Re-
deiptiun is announced for premiere pro-
cuction b the Orpheur Players.    Nazi-
nrova will conclude her three wreeks' en-
gagement at the Adelphi With the presen-
tation of Cottesee Coquette, amid for Sat-
urday night only, The Conet.   Bookings
read: Adelphi. Nazinova. Bijou, Califor-
nia  Girls.  Blaney's, A   Wife's  Secret.
Broad, The Imposter.    Casino, The New
York Stars. Chestnut Street Opera, The
Yankee Prince. Chestnut, The Redemption.
Dime Iuseun, Curios and Vaudeville. Em-
Vlre, Stanford-W'estern Stock. Forepaugh's.
Eugenie Blair and stock company in Ingo-
mlar.  Forrest, Round UPp (tenth week).
Carrick, The Boyden. Gerian, Stock Com-
lan in reritoire. Girard, The Lost Trail.
Grand. Murray ani Mlack in the Sunny Side
of Broadway.     Gaiety, Runaway    Girls.
Harts, ielodraia.  Keith's. Vaudeville.
yNric, The   Merry--Go-lRound.  National,
Montana. People's, Boy Detective. Park,
Gen. Washiniton, Tr. Trocadiero, Burlesque
WValnut, 'him-.  Pla e  and  tll'  lirl.
B3y 1'. B3. 1usksc.
The Girl of cte (older West, presented
for the first time in stock, employing all
the effects and scenery of tre original pro-
duction, was a notable achievement for the
Orpheum Players this week. Mabel Brown-
ell gained a great individual success as
te girl and develofed new and unexpeced
tralents as alt emsotionatrl riee-s. Like NXII-
lirni ongersoll, sie possesses an art so fine
as to be u ndistingie h able.  Their scenes
together scere so skillfully and sypnatheti-
calls  Iandled as to hoid tceir
clef Iboimic  Robert C'ummtinige agalir demon-
etrated his talent at characterization. 'fhos.
J    a Mdrane, a foirer stock favorite of tis
c Ity, xvas especiaily egagedt to plfay his
riginal part as Nick    An exceptionally
clover bit of eork was done by Chare
Ortleor, ( cxii crnill -  liihs i oi-s itv
ies Jose Castro. Hugh Caimeron vas infer-
esting and convhncing as Sonora Sini. The
twvo Indian characters of Woxcie and Billy
Jackrabbit were intensely droll in thehands
of Helen Reimer and Kenneth Bistee.
Eugenio Blair charmed hr, audience at
Forepaugh's by her splendid impersonation
of DuBarry. The play was staged with
beautiful scenery and rich costumes. Harry
C. Browne made a very commanding King
Louis. Richelieu was handled xvith much
skill by Jack Carroll. Lyda Pow-ell, as the
Duchess, lent grace and force to tire part.
Franklyn Munneli mode a Sufficiently suave
and plotting Duke de Choiseul.
For the last week of the season, the
Standard Stock conmpany presented a nexw
play by a local newspaper man. Herbert
Thompson. entitled the Angels and Devils
of  Philadelphin.  It  is  luridly  local,  and
woll calculated to please the melodramati-
caily inclined rasses.  The  dialogue is
sparkling in spots. Some of the situations
are strikingly original. For instance, one
scene concerns a Block Party. The story
concerns an inventor whio has found a newc
process for saksing ennree, which the vil-
lain  tries  to  steal.  Also  the  villain  trie  to
steal the girl the inventor loves. te is
frustrated in both  ims-mostly bv a He-
brew  comedian.  Virtue triumphs lin the
end. The full strength of the stoek cnm-c
pany was employed and good houses xe-re
Strong Burlesque Bills.
By Frank B. Waller.
Bijou-That it is not only a shapely chor-
us which is the whole show to a burlesque
audience, but that good singing voices are
as strong a faetor was demonstrated by
the Thoroughbreds, this week. Maloney, the
Mayor. hosever, is a poor excuse for com-
edy, aithouci there are several song num-
htrs that please and the close of the act.
with the entire company, earned a number
of  encores. A Taste of the     Forbidden
Ialt is the better of the two farces and
1   be mads very funy, but the cin
pl;-1  due s trot seent equal to0 tire, sccssion
t.- cltoios-a  t at her  9 oHd  one- .stsula
-%e ole or two    iore singing numbers.
IThe six acts of te olto oe tied with Mil
o'i',sko, the, flexible, V50cc, in a grace.
lul  contortiun act tliat pleased.  Harry
e       eClair, female mipeisonatorl displayedb
handsome costume attd xott tnheucise by
deier work. DeNette Sisters, sengs and
dances, oere fair. Howard and Linder tn
a German skit, As My Father Used to
Say, are wNorking with poor material. Josio
Flynn weas. popular with her audience in
songs and talk.
Gayety-Befoe   a good sized audience
at the opening matinee, Sam A. Scribnecrs
Big Show    is repeating tthe same success
scored here earlier it tie sealon at this
house. The conpany 1ras undergone sote
slight change and some new      ongs anid
business are in evidence, in the burlesque
while the Yalto Duo, novelty dancers aid
Bowet and Lina, in a comedy horizontal
bar and casting act, have been added to
tise olio.  Both   made   good.   Manager
Shayne 1sas added the Wednesday night
chorus girls contest and from the variety
of numbers already enrolled, it promises to
be a big night's amuseient.
Casino.-A good sized audience was made
happy at cite return of the Girls frost
Ifappyland, with their mstery jingle of wit,
music and color and an olio that did not
contain a single dull number, notable in
vohich is the addition of MciVatters and
Tyson in an act that scored very heavily,
This tean was last seen here at the Wal-
ttat, with the Girl Rangers.
Trocadero.-Headed by that droll comed-
in James F. Leonard, The Yankee Doodle
Girls are disprting   themse  a  in  to
boriesques and anl olio that local audiesces
have seen and liked before this season.
Lilinis Thieves Active.
Ninety-five reels of film were Stolen frost
the moving picture department of the Elec-
tric Theater Supply Company at 47 North
Tenth street recently and up to this time
the thieves have not been apprehended. It
is said that the stolen property represents
alt investment of nearly $t,Ol0.Oo asd ho-
cause the eels oeighed about 90o pounds,
aggregate, it is believed that the thieves
used a horse and wagon to remove them.
By means of telegraph orders to the man-
ufacturers and quick shipments of film,
Managers Swaalbe and McCaffrey state that
no time was lost in filling their orders.
The company is a member of the Film Set-
vice Exchange.
Baseball Games Hurt Business.
The baseball season opened here on Mon-
day to record breaking business and in
consequence   many of the popular priced
houses Suffered considerably. It is believed
that several of the melodramatic houses
will be forced to close their season much
earlier than was anticipated.
At the end of the current      week  the
Standard   Stock  company   will close its
regular season.  Business has   maintained
a fairly good average, but Messrs. Darcy
and Speck are anxious to bcgin active work
upon  their various concessions at Savon
Rock Park.
.Manager Schanberger of the Bijou (Emt-
pire Wheel) is making active preparations
for a season of sutmmer burlesque stock at
that house, which is announced to begin
about June 1st.
Benefit for Treasurers' Club.
Manager S. F. Nixon has      donated his
Broad street theater for Friday afternoon,
May Sth, to the Treasurers' Club for their
first anual benefit. From present isdica-
clone, cthe occasion weili prove itighly inter-
esting. Many of the foremost actors and
actresses have already signified their inten-
tion of appearing, while President Nathan
and Secretary   McCusker    announ   that
they have received numerous off-t front
well known vaudeville acts.     The beneht
wvill be heavily billed.  Win. D. Hall bus
consented to be stage nanager.
Barnsums and Bailey Billing.
The advance bilpoeting eew of the Br-
stun and Bailey Show have already made
a splendid shoving with pictorial Paper on
msany   of  the   nrost  pronminent -stands
tsroughot tbhe city. An advantag us lo-
cation has been secured for the c. its at
4ith and   Parkside avenue.    Aptii 27 is
the date.
Last week at the G. 0. H. provel a rec-
ord breaker.   The attracions   was  Edna
Wallace Hopper     and  Fifty  Miles from
Broadway at popular prices for the first
time here.  Miss iHoper nian, any cur-
lain speeches duritig the xxiek, and several
flashlight photographs were made at the
instance of Manager Lee Williams, of the
capacity attendance.
Contracts have been let by the manage-
ment of Woodside Park for a new music
pavilion which will have a seating capacity
of  upwards of three    thousand    persons.
Other minor buildings are undergoing re-
Dumont's New Policy Prospers.
Monday the Eleventh Street Opera house,
better known as the home      of  Dumont's
Minstrels, opened with a moving picture
and vaudeville shov of two and a quarter
tours length. Popular prices are charged.
This is an innovation in this city.    The
Childrens' Reforniatory, The Passion Play
and Ben Hur were the films used. Allen
May lectured.  Signor Gianini, tenor and
Elizabeth Lee. contralto, cave sog solos.
Ax full orchestra assisted. 'The htoseopened
cc good business and eray    bh   continued
thiroughout lbe. sutmmner.
Komisarzhevszy  Enters Quietly.
Almost unheralded, Mne. Vera F. Kom-
isarzhevszy and her company     of  Russian
Players, made their debut here at the Acad-
eimy of Music last Monda- night.       The
vehicle was a Slav play entitled A Child
'if Nature. A fair sized audience responded,
from  xrhich  occasional   enthusiasm  was
Hammerstein Rushing Work.
Despite the handicap imposed upon him
by the niolestations of "the army of un-
employed,"    Arthur Hammerstein     who is
superintending the demolition of the Har-
rah Manison at Broad and Poplar streets,
states that he hopes to lay the foundation
for his father's opera house within two

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