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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

News of the amusement parks at home and abroad,   p. 23

Fairs and carnivals,   p. 23

Page 23

RIVERVIEW      PARK    will be this year
more than ever the playground of the
people of Chicago. The park has now
vastly more acreage than any other amuse-
ment park in Chicago. More than forty-five
acres of virgin forest has been added to the
park since last year and Riverview   now
numbers over a hundred and two acres de-
voted to amusement purposes, besides a
larre tract not yet opened up.
The biggest amusement features that could
be secured have been added for the coming
season. The first of these is the big naval
spectacle, The Battle of the Monitor and
ithe Merrimac, which was the hit of the
Jamestown Exposition. This feature is now
hering installed at Riverview at a cost of
$240,000. You will gasp when you see the
new scenic railroad or evhatever they de-
eidleto coil it, at Riverviecw'  ft is the long-
est and highest and everything else that
endc in "est" to be found. It cost $100,000,
and the ride is over a mile long and in-
clurdes seven dips, each one over fifty feet
Aerial Coaster and Carousal.
An aerial coaster of a new kind, and a
gigantic carousal, each one costing $40,000,
are twvo more big features of Riverview this
year. aThe aerial coaster has its cars swung
front an overhea d rail and the passenagers
get the combined joys of the gravity swing
and the scenic railroad. Part of the new
land added to the  art has ben made into
apicnic gro und and wvith ito big tcees, river
front and grassy slopes will be an ideal
place for outings.
The increase In the size of the park has
given room for the installation of an im-
mose number of new features. The Bow-
etr' is now three times as long as it was
and a new   amusement thoroughfare hras
been created, called the Marine Causeway.
which runs along the river. An immense
garage, covering seven acres, is being erect-
ed so as to properly take care of the Im-
mense number of automobiles that dall
"miit R icerview, All of the best featurres of
last year have been retained for this sea-
son. and with the new ones, make a list
rf over one thousand shows at Riverview.
The Coaster Construction company of Chi-
calo are installing coasters at Forest Park
and White City, Chicago; Riverview Pnrk,
Aurora. Ill.; Waterloo. Is., and Dallas, Tex.
After spending   $25,000  in  alterations,
W5hite City, Worcester, Mass., will open
May 16.
.T. Mace Hagan has leased a tract of land
consisting of 40 acres at Oskealoosa. Is.. on
which he is building an amusement park.
It is situated on the Interurban line ahout
two miles from   the city, and will havc
. ,nkinds of amusements. Will open about
Juno 1.
Block Hawk Watch Tower. the leading
vonic Tslnd. Davenport and Moline amuse-
The authorities of the Central Carolina
Fair Association have   inaugurated  plans
which will make the next fair at Greens-
bro, N. C., Oct. 12-17, the best and most
talble ever oeld in that state.A meeting
of the board   directors  tas hold lastotee
to prerfect the details. The managemet
states they w ill put forth extra efforts tis
year on account of the Greensboro certlen-
r1irti. large crocwds are expected not only
treoc the nearbry townus but aliso front other
sections of the country, where native-born
North Carolinians are now living. In this
respect the centennial and the fair will par-
take largely of a home-corning celebration.
Ethel Robinson, manager of the fair de-
partment of the Vestern Vaudevillo Man-
agers' Association, is the busiest woman in
the country at this time. At present she is
galav'anting all over the country attending
committee ueetings of the various fairs. I
managed to catch her a few minutes one
day last week and she informed me that
the outlook for the summer and fall busi-
ness is great, and I take Miss Ethel as an
The Lucas County Fair Association of
Ohio has been quietly at work for a month
or more on a bill in the legislature to di-
vide the yearly appropriation for the State
fair between Cincinnati. Columbus and To-
ledo. The bill, if passed, will give Toledo a
btig fair yearly.
faWvhat is known as the largest and best
fail' in northern Kentucky wviii be held at
Florence, Ky., Aug. 26-29. The thirteenth
annual race meeting will be held during
the state fair with $2,500 in preniumcs. B.
T Mclasson, president, Ludlow. Ky.; N. E .
Riddell, secretary, Burlington, Ky.
Ethol Robinson closed entire contracts last
week for the attractions at the Wisconsin
State Fair, Towv State Fair and the Minne-
sota State Fair.
The Nebraska State Fair will be held at
Lircoln Arg. 30 eo Sept. 6. The officers for
this year are Peter Young, president, Li-
nieva; C. H., Buidge, first vice-president, Lin-
ment park, under the matrnagemttent of Ed-
ward Krell, underwent a thorough equip-
nment. Besides the features of last year, a
giant merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel, ar
new elnce floor. the construction of a num-
her of nw walks, a baseball field, and a
notelty playground for the children.   A
roller skatingrinkwith a 10x24-foot track
runway will be a popular addition. The in-
side of the course will be for spectators anrd
minor amusements. A boat livery may be
added also. This popular anusement Iprclk
made very profitable seasons under Man-
ager Krell,
The third season of Lunia  Park, Washing-
ton ). C., opens May 23. Many imeprove-
mnerts have been made since last year.
Wobble Bobble is the latest riling device
for parks, which is being Datented by it'
inventor, Paul Goudron of the Sullivan &
Considine offices in Chicago.  From   the
blueprints and the ccorking model it looks
like a big winner as a concession and for
Mr. Goudron.
The second season of the Baldwin Won-
lerland Park at Quincy, Ill., opens Sunday,
May 2. nirder the management of Patrick &
Mc Corntell. A free gale anld good car cr-
vice have been guaranteed. The manage-
meet havo signed some of the big'est hands
ic the country for free concerts everynight.
Chet Milloughbv. tate correspondent for
THE SHOW     -WORLD. has b ..e  apnointer
manager of Majestic Parke. Ottwcc. Ill. Mr.
Willought i0 perhaps the   oungest parkl
rmanager in the country, being but tscentty
years old.
The Electric Prrk, Detroit. Mich., will
open their gates May 21. Now concessions
have been placed in the grounds and from
overy indication it looks like a big season
at the Electric.
F. E. Cherot. general manager of Forest
Park, Pine Bluff, Ark., informs us that his
otening will take place early in May. He
aiso states that Forest Park is Arkansas'
ideal electric resort.
*  *  *                  I
Royal Parte, Omaha, Neb.. will be opened
Tune 1. Royal is a new amusement park
on the outskirts of the city and has a beau-
tiful ay of land and much fine shade.
The Park Construction companv of New
York have been at work for monthe build-
ing Venice at Ocean Beach. New Tnnrdnn,
Cotn. The opening cill take place May10.
The Chicago branch of William Morris'
nfrle is hard at work booking outdoor at-
tractions for their various summer panes.
Johrn Pirnet is busy booking conceesilons
nd vncd-.i1e acts for his Phalen Pork.
st. Paul, Minn.
coln; V. Arnold, second vice-president, Ver-
dor; E. Z. Russell, treasurer, Blair; AV. R.
Mellor, secretary, Lincoln.
'The Qeer  Country Fair cviii be hreld at
Astoria, IN. V.. for six dlays and six nighto,
commtentcintg Mat 21 arrd ending Ma y 2 0.
This is one of tire b tggest fairs in the east,
The Norton County Fair will be held at
Norton, Kan., Artg. 25-29.   M. F. Garrity
informs us that three thousand dollars have
been appropriated for the speed ring.
Tas. S. Nussear, secretary of the Maryland
State Fair to be held at Liutherville,  sd..
Sp.1-5, says thrat only high-class stins
will Ie considered for the fair this year.
'he  twenty-eightht  annual   Woodford
County District fair will be held at El -Paso,
Ill., Scot. 14-18, instead of date first an-
There will be held in the City of Albu-
querque, N. M., this coming September an
International and Interstate Exposition, in
connection  with   the  National  Irrigation
Congress. All tire counties in tire territory
expect to consolidate their local fairs, for
the benefit of this great exposition. W. S.
Ilonewell, chairman of the Board of Con-
trolr has charge of the arrangements for
the irrig~ation congress. This congress wviii
he oni of the most important gatherings in
the United States tis fall.
lie Sheldon Fair Asso'iatimt of Sheldon,
lar.. iove ret threir dole.s foe ArtE. 1D2t.
'They cim.. that this year will suross any-
Ibint cver attempted by them, before. Thr'
offiers for this season or.: C. IT. Rtunrer,
oresidrt: John MAnts, vic-retsideInt: Toe
Motrten, secretary. ad Fred I'ristee, treas-
The O'Brien Count     Agricultural Society
will hold their annual fair at Sutherland
Ta., Sept. 2-4. Ov'er ten throusand pteottle
attended t2eir fir itt ltree dats last year.
Jas. B. Murphy is the secretary.
McHenry Corntv Fair. held at WooIstock,
Ill., have changed their dates from Aug. 26-
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oarge, being fullt convinced hat tre see- the Inter-State Fair at Bozeman, Aug. 31
oandweek in gSettentor is the  t ate tat to Sept. 4.
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materially increased. A large increase has nounces that there will re nt charge for
also been made in the amount appropri- space of any kind for an exhibitor.

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