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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Correspondence,   pp. 18-22

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Mortn, A1110. n'rntlie, and    Alexis &
Satoy (J. (I. Appleton,   oig.). -Amelia
Sutinfertille and Lots Jluots were Ithe fea-
tirs; Barn  & Roach, Deas & Deas, Her-
bt Ltennon, Keegan & Mack, and Annette
Dutal comupleted.
TIh  first annual benefit of the Theatrical
M',echanics' Benevolent Association washtld
at the Savoy March 26, and the house was
fIlled to capacity.  The program   was an
excellent one, comprising acts from  the va-
rious theaters, assisted by loca tal ent, and
an orchestra of fifty, comabited from those
of the local playlouses.-A. BALLENTINE,
OROlONTO, AApril 4. -Royal Alexatdria
(0,. Soslntan, tisngr.l W0. J1. Robson, asst. itgr.)
-Week of 30, the talented players appeared
to fie advaltage in The Idler to goosd
bitness5. Will J. Roiston, the popular as-
sistiit manager, has teen appointed secre-
tary-tre;ssrer of the famous Tecumseh l~a-
ehosse teatm of the city.
trincess (0. B. Sheppard, mgr.).-Eddie
Foy made his first appearanee here   0 in
The Orchid.   and   the brief  engagemient
which terminated 4 ws   a  iost successful
0tie. Jutlia Marlowe, in repertoire of hser
most successful plays, came     balance of
week to good business. Richard Carle, 6-.;
Brewste r's Milions, a-11.)-I          -
Gratnd (A. J . Small, rogr.).  tsOld Ken-
tucky with its many thrilling scenes drw
good patronage 30-4; Raffles, 6-11.
Shea's (J. Shea, mgr.).-Maude Hall Ma-
cy & Co., Al. Leech and the Three Rose-
buds, Carlyle Moore. Etisetyn Palmer & Co.,
Lind, 1eon Rogee, The    Quartette, Griff
-marecnia  Nemmo and Marcena     and   the
linetograplt  fortmed  a good  bill w hich
tionsed bumper house week of 30.
Glayety (Thos. B. Henry, mgr.).-- The
Heit-Santley Co., with May     1o-ard ant
C,'ohmis and Hart as special featur es, packed
thetus in; 30-4. Robsinson's Night Gwis, 6-il.
OTTAWA, April 4.--Pttseli (Peter Gor-
man, ingr.).-Coming    Through   the  Eye,
Marct  30-31; good business. The Vander-
ilt Ctup, 3-4.
Bennett (Gus. S. Greening, mgr.).-This
week, Eight Vassar Girls, A. 0. Duncan,
Hanson and Nelson, Francesca-Reeding and
company, Barr and Evans, Mile. Chestele
and Duffin-Redclay Troupe. Excellent pat-
C. AV. Bennett was in town last week on
a tour of the Bennett houses in Canada.-
PENSACOLA, April 4.-Pensacola theater
(Geo. Vueovich, ngr.).  V. S. Dickinson,
Musical Smiths, Gus Kiralfo, Golden & Bo-
gord, Wells & Co.; to excellent business.
Electric theater (Rufu. Matthel, inor.).
-Tl u strated sonsgs ansd motion picinres tos
good business.
Crescent theater (M. D. Scofleld, Igr..
Draper & Son, Mary Jayne, toe T     iomas. & Evans in illustrated songes, to ea-
paciti'  b sitsiness.
Star theater (J. A. Jones, mgr.).-Moving
pietures and Prof. Jones in illustrated songs.
OTTAWA, April 4.-Ottawa theater (W.
A. Peterson, mogr.).-Two Orphans. Mac
2s, to good business. Peck's Bad Bni, 31.
Show Girl, April 1.
Lyric thseater (Jesse Relic, usgrI-Tmn-
perilt Trio, Harrington and Lester, 'he De-
Lanceys, Matjorie Moore and Jos. E. Mc-
Glynn. Business good.
ALTON, April 4.-Temple theater (TV. M.
Sauvage, mgr.).-When We Were Friends,
29, pleased.  Two Merry Tramps, 4; The
Talk of the Town, 5.
Lyrie theater (W. M. Sauvage, imgr.)
'il;  11neluded Mile. Carino and her per-
f,,c1io-i g)bars, Jeanette Adler  sild  ier
cicks, Camille Personni, and new    motlo
.pictures. Business continues good.
T'i i new  anuseint petpany  receitly
ineocrporated as thse Hipspodromie Amsusemsenit
Company has a capital stock of $3,000.
The cooanny is fornei for the purpose of
oetiis  amuitsemsent placs.  T'hey have al-
reatdy iurchas d a site in this city and
will proceed at once building an airdomse,
with a capacity of $2,000-T. H. ISLEY.
ROCK ISLAND, April 4.-Illins theater
(R. it. Taylor, igr.).-Blanche Walsh. 29,
good business: Forty-Five Minutes From
Broadway, 2: A Knight for a Day, 3; Ster-
ling Dramsatic conmpany, 4.
Famsilyv teater (S. A. Lewinsohn. ig).
-'his   eok: The Hirschorns, Dixie Trio.
Dan Robey, Fielding and Fisher, Grattan
and company, Bradley and Leona. Excel-
loot business.
Rlltu tsieater    (Norman    Friedna;is;Id,
mgr.2).-The Nelson Sisters, Johnson. Cur-
rin and DoBray. J. A. McNulty, Musical
Girls Co. Fair business.
SPRINGFIELD, April 4.-Majestic thea-
tor (E. J. Kari, ir.).-Johnny and lEm;-
Ima iay in King Casey, March 2G-28, to
q. U. 0.1 Little Johnny   Tones, 20-30, to
packed houses; Lost in New York is ul-
i'11istlrton Opera house (Geo. 'r. Chat-
iito;, Sr.. isgi).-A Cowhoy's Girl, March
20, tt fair returs; pek's Bad Boy, 2   t.
Gasciy th~eater IR;rton &- Suith, isngre.).
-Tihe Si;gee Four is th~e hsean;er with
Wells & Sells. the comedy aerobats close
u1;. his wee . Minnie St. Clnire, Ernest
tenore at bssving pictures; busilesE goe0.
E-isstie  lseutter (.1;;;. Connoers. iigr.).-
Tihis wceek. Malcolm;. S'sin; and Citeota,
Etisesdl & GIentooi Nellie   iselair. Kate
Porter, Dorothy Taylor, Gertrude, Atairey.
Viola rr re i  Fraus Roertead Shannon
Stcas; business goo.-C\RL E. SPEEC-
ECATUr, Aril 4J.-Tio  theatyr  (A.
in;e';  ed houses ruled       t aANDERlSON.
Steieti ngr.).-Capstails Tireats' Seosts are
the; featu;res tisis weeel.,Jarro'w. Art Adale,
wil nuretil F0. Heis, atd btgeref & Rogers
At tn   Nicelodeos Niceldane and Lye-
te 0iotitig Stiture ge rT'V  Nsines  n -
tises good.
Edwvard Moreris, Jr.. Of lis city, isas
jotisctl Thle College  Witiow  compan'iiy aist
w;ill is;;tt his psrofessioal debtut ii; Lo;-
don;;, April 2t. He(, is to be; oise of the sea-
ii'tie  if cttlloge bsoys aiss unetist udtyi thse
patr of Stub Tattssage.-W. N. BAKE.1.
ELGIN, April 4.-Opers,   house  (F. AN.
J;neks, m;sgr.). -Spedden-Paige stock com-
panty pleased splendid  business week   of
March   23.  Katherine Ridgeway    Concert
Co., 30, excellent concert and good patron-
age; Quincy Adamis Sawyer, April 1.
Star theater (Del S. Smith, negr.).-Bill
this week includes: Teddy Osbouine's pets;
Unique Duo, Jarvis & Tudor, Minnie Castle
the Garnellas, Emerson & Van HoEr, and
James Dunn; good business prevails.
Globe theater (C. T. Smith, igr.).-Fair
business with moving pictures and illus-
trated songs.-W. A. ATKINS.
MONMOUTH, April       4. Pattee    Opera
house (Ht. B. Webster, mgr.).-The Sher
il itoc acomlany,    Mach  30-April I
goodl csrily, tpltased fate ibusinsess. If(I,-
tense Neilson in A Doll's House, 3; Winnin-
SStoclE company,       -11.-tFRANCES
AURORA, April 4.-Star teater (Frank
Tiseilo;;, isgr.(-Vaudeville contlinues to S.
B. 0.
Lyric theater (Jno. Berscheit, igr.).-
Dremdald  (Laclker & sstulvay, mugrs.).-
Movitng pictutics; businses gsod.
Fransk Theilon, manager of the Star the-
at, 'Is as returnedi from  a tell day tells is
New York. His Chicago representative ac-
compaiied him and bookings for next s;a-
son liaNe been coipleted.-H. II. HULL.
TERRE HAUTE, April 4.-Grand (T. W.
Barlydt, mgr.).-Road to Yesterday, Marcl
30; George Washington Jr., 1.
Lyric (Jackc 14efflsc, g;'i, usg.).-Bill
this week licludes  ;gei 11. Windom, Faust
Broe., Chalpnmana Sisters and Pickinnies, and
Allots Weightmaii.
Varieties (Jack Hoefler, gen. mgr.).-Bill
lis steel; is as follos: Brt;con & Brookus,
Berry & Berry, Saltalt and Leonardi Kane.
Coll ct;;;; (J. B4. Barises, ;;sgr..Tle Toe-
eadors, Alprl E5 Twentieth Century Mailds.-
MUNCIE, April 4.-The Star (C. It. And-
rests, mgr.).-Imperial Musical Trio, Grace
Deagon, Freeze Bios., Edwin &     Kathryn
Deagon and Chas. Zulier to capacity.
Vysor Grand (H. R. W'ysor, mgr.).-Geo.
Washington Jr., 3; good house.
Tlicatocium (J. D. Dunmeyer, mgr.). and
Royal (Jackson & Canan, mgrs). Moving
pictures and  illustrated  songs.  Business
Manager Ray Andrews, of the Star, an-
nounces tlat he will enlarge and remodel
ti  popular theater  during  the  enssui sg
summer and $30,000 will be expended in
completing the work. Keith & Proctor will
have the booking and higher vaudesille is
The tajestic, undergoing repairs for the
past few months, will open its doors Mo;-
day, 6, and Manager A. L. Parks promises
1t1e patrons a theatrical treat. rise vaude -
stille features still be takeii frotm tise Or-
iheurn circuit.-B. E. ADELSPERGER.
EVANSVILLE, April 4.-. Majestic (Frank
B. Hooper, igr.).-An excellent bill this
week includes The American's Five, The
Ietit Famuily, Don and May Gordan, Her-
lert Brenner and Helen Downing. Interest-
ing pictures closed the bill.
Grand (Pedley & Burch, mgrs.).-Begin-
ning March 29, the Grand adopted a new
systems of giving advanced vaudeville every
week.   Three   shows   daily.  Mary and
'tary were the headliners.   Business was
People's (Pedley & Burch, mgrs.).-Reilly
& Tood's Big Show, March 22, to       good
Wells Bijou (Alex. Jenkins, mgr.).-The
Girl Question, March   28, good   business;
The Talk of the Town, March 29-April 1;
business fair.-S. 0.
BLOOMINGTON, April 4.-Harris Grad
(Sat; B3. Dill, local tisge.).-Huttons-Bailey
Stock coiipany week of March 23-30; fair
slet to 1oor business. Donelly & Hatfield
i        0strels0 30. good siosW and good b)usinOss.
Ss   Poke, 31, fair business and gave sat-
Robert H. Harris, owner of the liouse,
comes week of April 6 with Harris-Parkin-
son Stock coipany.-HENRY J. FELTUS.
LOGANSPORT, April 4.-Nelson theater
(Fred Smythe, imgr.).-Lyman Howe's mov-
ing pictures, 27; Human Hearts, 28, to good
D'nystl (To Hardie, imgr.).-Hill Stock
company all sseek.-PAUL WARD.
ANDERSON, April 4. Grand Opera house
(Jos. E. Bennings, m;gr.).-Geo. Washington,
Tr., 4 4Henrietta Crosman, 7; Hortense Neil-
so;;.10; BlaceCrookl, 14; Lionand the Mouse,
17: Al. G. Fields' M~instreIs, 21.
Crystal theater (V. W. McEwsen, mgr.).-
This week, Helen Stewtart & Co., Carle &
Bavrooth, Osborne & Beard, Mrs. Flath and
motion pictures, to large houses.
Bijou theater (J. I,. Vermillion, mgr.).-
The Great Fay, Marie Milton, Tod O'Brien'
Gordon de Main and Antionette Roche this
ANITA, April 4.-Johneson's Opera house
(11. IT. Cate. isig..-A Girt of the Streets.
Macl 21. Ray Lewsis ii; 'The Ballet Oil.
A   1ri1 9. Earle Stoek company ,0-1-i
1i. H. CATE.
OSKATOOSA,    April   4.-Grand    Opera
huste    1J. Frank Jersey, Smge).-A  Texas
Ilmaser 1; Girls of the Street, 3; Desil's
Aucetion, 7.
Alcaar (Little &, Stalker, mgrs.).-Hav,
added an orchestra and are doing fine busi-
olneist (Bowen & Son. igrs.).-The man-
agemseint have  engaged   Gallichio  Eagle
ial Orchestra of Chticago for t'o seeks
,and are doing7 capainety binless at every
WATERLOO, April 4.-Syndicate theater
(A. J. Busby, igr.).-Peter Pan pleased
large houses 28; Devil's Auction, 2; Texas
Ranger, 4.
Waterloo theater (A. J. Busby, igr.).-
Lion and the Mouse, April 9; Painting use
'tosiw. April 11; Woodford stock company.,
isek 13.
Tvreaiilind (Roy Nichols, isg..-Some of
the finiest Pathe liise ever seen in the city
have been drawing large crowds to this the-
ater the past week.
JEFFERSON      CITY, April 4.-,Tfferson
theater (Richard Asel,    migr).-Morisonts
Faust, 24, fair business; Morgan Stock coi-
pany, 6-11; Mlrkel-Harder stock, 12-1S.-F.
AUSTIN, April 4.-Gem      Family theater
(Don V. Daigneau, res. mgr.).-Blossoi andit
Blossom, Blind    Thatcher   and   LaPetite
Louise. Business fine.
Cosmo Electric theater (Hazel Groesheck,
ingur.).-Latona, pictures and songs. Faii
Iota theater (A. Brandvig, msgr.).-Bur-
tots Sisters, pictures and songs. Business
satisfactory.-DON V. DAIGNEAU.
COLUMBTUS, April 4.-Alton Packard, the
cartoonist, appeared at the Coluibus tihe-
ater March 30 under the auspices of the
Palmer Orphanage Lyceum      Association. A
fairly large audience was present.
The Dreamland theater, moving tictures
and vaudeville, pleased large crowds Wili
the Musical Shirleys all week.-L. B. Il-
GREENVILLE, April 4.-Grand Opera
1house.-Lew Dockstader. 2, to large house.
The Milano Opera company, booked or
March 31, disbanded before reaching this
Dixie theater   (A. Grego, prsop.).-Fic-
lures and illustrated songs.
Grand Opera House Theatorlum (L. Le,
prop.).-Pictures and songs to good busi
ness.-SAM   A. MAYOR.
ELMIRA, April 4.-Lyceum theater (Lee
Norton, ugr.).-As Told in the Hills, March
28; two good houses. Aubrey Stock rou-
Clark and Kinie8ts.,                      CHICAGO
AL. J..    LYNN, Proprietor
TO THE AGENTS:-Phone 6283 Central if in need
of any of undersigned performers.
Vaudeville: Harry LaSalle, Satm' Hood, Frd Lasecre, Bert Wiggin, A. H. Cremona, Arnold
Hanke, Ramsey Sisters, James L. Roberts, Frank Bates, Dave Stevens, Fern & Mack, The
McDonald Troup, Chas. Van Note, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dennis, Marian Estes Welsh, John W
H. Byrnes, Earl Kern, Francis J. Straten, Irvin R. Walton, Lassard Brothers, Hanna Berg,
Alern & Baxter, ae Filburn, Davis & Cansipardo, Emil Jarrow, Cecelia Nave, John Waltjen,
0. L. Pfluoger, Chas. Ledegar. Irwin's lajestics: J. K. Evans, Clara Dickson, Mari Heart-
Donan, AnnaL. Harry, Grace Lind. Rose Sydell London Belles Co.: Ed. C. Mack, J. W. Mack,
Bowery Burlesquers: Harry Hills and wife, Murray & Newman, G. Tyson, Ada Ayers, Tas)'
Siegel, Eddie Convey, Blanche Mann, Irene Duke, Harry Koler, Edna Green, Kitty Heal ,
Helen Bushford, Madge Sheehan. In stock: Puttey Barnett, Adolph Harvey, Carry Davte,
Wolff the Great, Harvard Sisters, Elliott & Van, Zeke Burns the ''Rube," Chas. Greiner
Actors an'dShow People
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Laxo Hemo Nervo
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Samples and formula furnished to physicians on application.
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Price                                  $i.oo
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Investigation solicited.  Address:
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65 Grand Opera House Bldg., Chicago, Ill.
LEXINGTON, Atril 4.-Grand          Opera
house  (Chas. Scott, mgr.).-Tlhe    Harris
Parkison Stock company this week, to fair
Auditoum.--1Creseesdo Club concert. t.
Mlajestic (Arthur Joelk, iuge.). The Great
Zartootis, Mack and Burgess, Harry Burns,
and Isabella Jansen.
Hippodrome (L. H. Ramsey, nigr.). Cov-
boy Williams, Mr. and Irs. Archie Roger,
The Three Troubors, Gus     Bartrai   and
rnoving pictures. JOSEPI CANDIOTO.
ALPENA, April 4.-Teuple theater (W.
B. Robertson, mgr.).-We Are King, March
31, to excellent house.   Edmund Carroll
andH Marie Clifton were well received.-
ANN ARBOR, April 4.-Whitney (A. C.
Abbott, mgr.).-Henrietta Crosman as Peg-
gy in The Country Girl pleased a large aud-
ience 2. The Little Prospector, 2:; Mayor of
Tokio, 4; We Are King, 7.
Majestic (C. A. gaiter, psrotp.; RI . Cox,
inga).A   ienefit performoace for a funds
to defend students arrested in the Star the-
ater riot was given 27 and netted $100. This
theater will be closed this week and pos-
isly rnext, pouing arrangements with an
eastcrnt thseatrical matnager to tease the
house.  Mr. Cox    has  resigned.-WM. A.
FLINT, April 4.-Stone's theater (Albert
C. Pegg, ugr.n.-The Little Prospector, 20,
good hsouce. Henrietta Crosman, 31.
Bijou (Jas. B. McKowten, res. mgr.).-De-
Graw and Fuller, Bates and Neville, Senator
Frank Bell, Byron James and Daiiel De
luths, to excellent business.
Casino  (Geo. H. Harris, mngr.).-Vaude-
ville and moving pictures. Mr. Harris has
spared no efforts to give the people a first-
tines place of et ertainmsent.-T. HAROLD
April 11, 1908.

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