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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Correspondence,   pp. 18-22

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Makr & Co., Kennedy and Rooney, Four
Parr0s, Bernier and Stella, and the kino-
At the Metropolitan theater, Mrs. TWiggs
of the Cabbage Patch.   Next week, Pter
warren B. Murphy, known as Flux iiiice
g ing  Murphy  to  many   in aoagersa  and
agents, is hack at his old stand in the box
office of the BijOu Opera house of this city.
His many friends welcome him back to the-
Fred M. Chesebro. treasurer of the Ly-
ceum theater, has resi ned and left for the
west, where he will n -tably join T. Daniel
Frawley. R. V. Huth     succeeds him    as
OerFOL              juvenile teod with
liar Streets of London company, left the
compan y at  orris, Min., and is  artsn i
tows, He will he on the road again with
another company after a short Vacat ion.
By S. r.        i       aeller.
NORFOLK   Va   April 4.-Clouion tWil-
lam  T. Kirby,   gr. ).-Rain -Dears. ytel-
letact; Gavin Ptt and heaells inowrd
and Ho waid, parry B. tester, Waton's
Faryard Circus, obtiste antd Fiandoni.
West and Wilson; excellent lturfoctual» to
lnne houses.
Grany.-Ariona, excellent   ounaRic to
capacity houses.
Academy.-sanel  Irvin    intrsa   in
search of a Hushand; fine productin to hi
Pac ity houses.
A cosolidation  of the theati i stat
eisat Norfolk, Portsniouth and Richmsond,
Va., has just been  effeched  wherehe  the
Wi    rer &   Vincent and the WEls inorf et
are to jointly operate the Majestic in Not-
hou, the Colonial i     Richmondt and the
Orpheom  in  Portsmouth.    This  ariranige-
et, however, does not affect the manage-
ctent, individually, of Wells Bijou in Richs
mond, the Granby or Academy in Norfolk
or Wilnmer' & Vincent's Colonial in Norfolk.
This consbine is the h resut of optosfi  ith
trests in Richmond    Messrs. Wilnor &
Sincent ad the Keith vaudeville franchise
for Richmond, an d te Wells interests were
e-mdlingthe old  Tijo, it heame neces-
sary far aopromise to be made, and thin
cons oidation is the outcome of this state
of affairs.  Wilmer  &  Vincent's  Norfolk
ta3se, the Colonial topened  last Septei-
her), has had a marvelous growth; this is
attributed to the ahle management of Wil.
T. Kirby of that city, and it is hoped that
the houseo f this com bination will prove
as soccesftl as the otLer houses of both
By Sam E. Smyth.
OMAHA, April 4.t-   e last of tieseason
He  ir to be  the  best end for Omah,
atd the Buwoahswe.,et             h    ny
Wilson, Walfsh  Mine. Semrich anwd many
ethers being dated.
The Gingerbhread Man scattered lois con-
fecties to three, large audiences March t
andApril 1. Mine. Sembrici and company,
; Francis Wilson  in When Knights Were
old, 3-4; Blanch  Wash  in The   freutzer
Sona ta, 4-7.  Late iii the  sprinog  Maud
Adams will be hoere two nights.
Two carloads of scenery arrived Wednes-
day ter the Woodward stoly company,
whicls opens 19i with Albert Morrisoin an
leading mal.  Frank Livingston, who Mtas
been wit  an D. dWoodward for forteen
year s, is to be dramatic director.
Henry Carleton's Butterflies is the bill
at thWe B  .rwo od this week,  Next, The Oy
Way, rith Wilfrid s,. Roger the new lead-
ing isan. Roger was leading man with
Hesrita  Crosman, and also  ite  Alberta
Marcel's pictures proved the feature of
the hilt at the   Orpheum.   Others  were
Angela  Dores  and   compn ny,  Beoin
Arabs,  arn & Blnlam, Noblaet     s Mar,
sall, Jacob and dog and Shields & Rogers.
Les' Welch  in The Shoemaker at te
rog, March 31-April 2; The Slave Girl,
Ctol. o' F. (Buffalo  Mill) Cody dropped
in Math it and   stayed over to see the
strerling match between   'Farmer" Bris
and Fred Beell. He left April 1 for Nets
Yerk Io joiin his 'Wild West,'' whichli el
says will be more complete than e'ie'
this year.  "Bill" MoCune, who has n den
spending te  winter  here, left the  same
day for Pine Ridge to asserhe the India
contingent for the show  aind tae ther Is
New Yorkt.
Miss Dorothy Contelly, recently here in
tye rle of Shirley Rossnore in The Lion
and the Mouse, mell be seen     next year
starring in aplay by a former Omahan, the
name of dhicr has not been divtslged.
By C. G. Bochert.
PI'eSBURG. April 4.-There have been
some osual developments in the theatrical
torld here  recently,  and  even   greater
changes are said to be under contemplation
hy managers and financiers.   One  of the
principal amusement promoters has been
reported in the hands of a receiver as the
fsthe of bad real estate investments, and
there are numerous rumors as to the out-
come of this financial tangle,
The Idle Hour amusement company closed
it Saoy theater in the Host Liberty dis-
trictfor good, and last wee opened a new
Pee-cent theater in Fifth avenue, in one of
the best locations in the city,  The new
house is called the  idle Hour, and   is one
at the prettiest in  the  ily, devoted to
moving pictures,  it was a success frt  the
The   lorganstern   &  McCarthy  boods ing
circuit has financed, built and  opeted  a
largeo tew theater known as the M. & M.
theater, in Carson street, Sotth Side,  This
is the first pretentious attempt to introduce
aosents on that side  of the river, and
it seemts to be continuing under auspicious
There is an unconfirmed rumor that one
of thle large theaters wilt be dismantled
atter this season and remodeled for other
Purposes.  It is no longer a trade secret
that the business here this year was far
below all expectations in most of the houses,
and the owners of the property in question
Ore said to have been dissatisfied w'ith the
A Story of War's Aftermath
The story of this Biograph subject
is founded on an incident taken
from  the history  of the   United
States during a time of strife. The
opening scenes so e    the departme
froum their homes, mothers cives
and sweethearts of a number of
psatols'ta  young mci to s  front.
Life oti cote dnId ofibattle and theli
catore as irisongrs of  ar is next
shown. While incarcerated in the
fosil iitmary prison te ptool, crea-
Isires ate suibjectet to many indlig-
nities tisat even a dstg svould re-
schi, and during  te six months
of teir cofinemient they   Indus-
trinoly bore through the earth
uniter the citng,-on, with ito other
tools than thteir fingers. until they
tuntnel their tray to liberty. The
escape is, of course, discovered,
antd thsough chased they succeed in
reaching hsome, where their rag-
gedty clothed, emaciated forms are
once mare folded in the arms of
their loved ons.
Length, 730 Feet
LENGTH    -  -   -  -  730
"Old Isaacs" - - - - 969 it
"Caught by Wireless" - 969ft-
Her First Adventure" - 509 ft-
"The Boy Detective" -- 497ft-
"The Yellow Peril"  - b42 It
"The Princess in the Vsse"938 1'-
"The Snow Man"-        717 tt
Bobby's Kodak" - - - 518 ff-
Classmates" - - - - 800 '-
Lonesome Junclion"  -5741-
Falsely Accused - - 990 ft.
Professional Jealousy"- 609 ft.
Mr. Gay and Mrs." - - 762 '.
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customers and those of
our licensees against
patentlitigationin the
ufISe of our
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business for several seasons.  There ha,
teen several efforts to Iolster up the end-
of-the-season business with reduced pricest
anthhoDouettc tea i unkiowit  home
Ross in The Traveling Salesuan; the Nixon
is graced by The Mait of the Hour, and the
Alvin is holding foith with Just Our of
College; all moritorious. The Cowboy and
the Squaw is at the Miou, te Crackerjacks         WEARERECEIVINGEVERYSUBJECTPRODUCEDBY
with a groat aggregoationi at tit(, Gay'ety,WEARF               ECEVIN       EEY        U   J('P      OD     EDB
and The Phantom Detective at the Blaney.           THE LICENSED         MANUFACTURERS.            WRITE      TODAY
PORTLAND, ORE.                                                  FILM              EXCHANGE
PORTLAND, March      30.-Hfeileg  theater                                                            MatthewsBuilding
(W. T. 'ankle, act. igr.).-Coming Thro'      Cetury BuildingM
the Rye, 22-25, to light business. James        ST. LOUIS                                                MILWAUKEE
Corbettf r Te irglar and the Lady, bi-                         MEMBER FILM SERVICE ASSOCIATION
Marcuai Grand (Chas. BRan,     gr.).-
Creston Clark in The Poter That    e rn
22-29, to fair business' The Orpieum's headliner outside of Clay-                     One of the best bills of the season is at
Baher theater (Goo. L. Baker, mgr).-     tonl White and Marie Stuart it Cherrie is the  Columbia. The    list  includes  Nat
Baker stock company in When We Vere Mtaitir Gabriel and company in a clever Wills, the Hengler          Sisters, Besoic Wynn,
Twenty-One, to good businss.              sketch Anties Visit.   Carroll and Cooke The Piantastic Phantoms and others. Ves-
Lric teaitot-Alin Stock companny il      o a big wrinner of last wt-ek continue to ta Victoria heads a program at the Ati r-
Bazel Kiti to fair bustiess               piase                                   ican which the management insists cost
Stat theater.-Frtch Stk cotmpanv pie    At the Princess '1he Viceroy with Helen $5,000.
sents The Secret Dispatch to good houses   Iertianit is drawing well,                  Miner's American   Burlesquers  at  the
Empire theatr (Milton Seaman, mir)        Dieam   City is at th   American this Standard and Rose Sydell and her London
What Women Will Do, fail, businessi        week                                     Belles at the Gayety are tie burlesquc of-
Grand theater (Jas. H. Erickson, msgr.o)    t the Central this week The Life of an ferings of the week.
-Vaudeville De Luxe, with Hndrie Miles   \ctress is a good magnet.
and company as headliners, Ia- and Suits,                                                          ALABAMA.
Tesl  Soni ,ete De~assene. tce Tn                    SPOKANE.                     BIRMINGHAM, April 4.-Jefferson (R. S.
Seawaid and motion picturo   Good busi-               By E. Axelson.               Douglas, ngr.).-John Drew, it My Wife,
tess.                                        SPOKANE, Wash., April      1.-Spokane 26, to full house. Black Patti, )7; Mrs.
Paitages theater (J. H. Johnson, igr).  theater (Charles Muchliman, ir.).-An it- Leslie Carter in Zaza, 28; Hattie Williamis
'1elbourne M1a1,Dowell and Virginia Drow  lustrated lecture by Capt. Roatol Aiund- in The Little Cherub, 30.
Trescott, Makmuri, violinist  W. A. Spera stn, March 30; dark the rest of the week,   Bijou (M. L. Semon, imgr.).-This wet'
and com-pan; 'Te iTree   iinal Httri            Corning Thro' the Rye, Mary Man- The Royal Chef.
Iambarik and  irce: Jean   Wilson, and nering, 1O; Black Crook, 11-12; Creston       Majestic (H. Stephenson, mgr.)--lewitt
Murphy Andrews. Fine businso.             Clarke, 17.                               and Ashmore and seven other star atts.
By Rufus ). Johnson,
SALT LAKE CITY, -March 28.-The B. P.
D. E. held hig-h jinks at the Salt Lake, 2-4,
in A Night in, Bohemia. All the prform-
ers were members of the local lodge, and
there was a fine turnout. Mis Nora Glea-
son and 200 children in A Night of Irish
Melody pleased a good hous', 2-. Grace
George in Divorcons, 2i-i, to good business.
The Theodore Lorch    Co. appeared   all
week at the Grand in His Terrible Secret.
Good houses ruled.
Ali~O Norton making "real" rubies on the
stage is a _'nique sight at the Orphouim this
sveels. Cliff Gordon is funmaker of the first
soater. Violet Dale pleases with her itita-
tions. foey and Lea have some new gags
Melani Trio furnish a catchy musical num-
her. Harry Allister does clever impersona-
At the Lyric the crowds are turning out
to see the pretty dancing girls in the Zinn
company. This week Oh! Yvette!. adapted
fron Oliv'tte, is the bill.
By Irving M. Wilson.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 30.-The Van
Ness has Wilton Lackeye in i'he Bondmisan
and is doing fair business this weeap.
The Novelty has    Ire. itdricd Caieth
in repertoire last week, and drew packed
The enormous demand for seats for Tse
Girl of the Golden West at the Alcazar
has caused the management to announce an
indefinite run. Thai, Lawton in the tithed
role is having the distinctione of playing a
part which is mtost ably suited to her Tal-
ents. She has made a big tilt Ita tote
ot  the  girl.
Auditorium (Hlarry Hayward, mg r.). The
anniverory week of the fouith consecutive
year.  'he Tessie Shirley stock presents In
the Bishop's Carriage to packed houses.
Next wteek, Po wer Behind the Throne.
ColItmbia (Georgo M. Orcher, mgr.).-The
opening bill of the Columbia stock company
is The Goernor of Kentucky with Willis
Hall and Julia Grey in the leading roles,
to good business. Next wNcek, Why Smith
Left Home.
'ashington (0. C. Blakoslee, mgr.).-The
Laughing Hors, Eugene Trio, Mrs. Peter
Maher, Mis, Lisle Loigh, The Three Musical
Bells, Mart Fuller, to large audiences.
Pantages (E. Clarkse Walker. imgr.).-This
week Don Fulano, Kauffman Bros., Herbert
Hayes, WincliAl & Russell, McGloin & Shel-
ley, Wn. D. Gilson and the Patagescope;
packed houses,
Star (E. Tredich, mgr.).-Olened March
e1 ms iture t1t er and will show all the
latest movitng pictures.
Spolkane Lodge No. 24, T. M. A., will give
a ionster benefit matinee April 7. Stars
from the different houses will appear. The
vaudevillo houses will be closed for the
By Van Lord.
ST. LOUIS, April 4.-The Red Mill, with
Montgomery & Stone, is in its last week at
the Olympic. Next week, the eagerly an-
ticipated play, The Witching Hour.
At the Century, Henry Woodruff is of-
fering that delightful baby-ribbon play,
Brown of Harvard. The Gingerbread Man
is underlined to succeed.
The Boy with the Boodle is causing thea-
ter-goers to applaud at Harlin's and The
Ninety and Nine is doing likewise at the
tiperial. At the Grand Johnny and Em-
ma Ray are appearing in a lively entertain-
inent entitled King Casey.
Gayety (Harry Yost,    mgr.).-TrAns-At-
lantic Burlesquers this week.
MONTGOMERY, April 4.-Majestin (W.
K. Couch, tmgr.).-Zay     Holland, Sidney
Giant, Band and Byron, and Lewis, Pal-
ietto & Co. made up the best showN of tlhe
season. Played to crowded houses.
Theato (Rice & Whiting, mgrs.).-W. S.
Dickinson, Tom   Mack, and    the Musical
Simiths pleased large houes.
Crescent (E. B. Hilliard. tmgr.)-Cood
vaudeville bill and fine pictures. - R. 1.
BOULDER, April 4.--Curran Opera house
(R. P. Penney, mgr.)--Quincy Adams Saw-
yer, 26, to small house; The Golden Troupe
of Russian singers and dancers headed a
fine vaudeville bill, 2-28; U. of C. Glee
Clul, 3; The District Leader, 4.-t. H, Bt
LA JUNTA, April 4.-Osslisy to reduction
of forces in the shops here, shows are not
getting as large patronage as they have
enjoyed heretofore.
La Junta theater (H. H. Bourne, ogr.).
-Al. G. Fields' Minstrels, March 26, to
good business; Denver    Express, 3, fair
louse.-E. C. PORTER.
HAMILTON, April 4.-Grand (A. R. Lou-
den, res. mgr.).-Gay New York, 25, poor
performance; The Mayor of Tokio, 26, to
light house; The Phantom    D'tective, 27-
2S, average  melodrama; The Vanderbilt
Cup. 22; Ma's New Husband, 1: Eddie Foy
in The Orchid, 2; Madame Butterfly, 3;
Raffles. 4.
Bennett's (Geo. F. Driscoll, res. mgr.).-
Wormwtvood's animals, and   Jack   Hazard
were the best this week. Others included
The Moto Girl, Eckert & Berg, Stinson &
April 11, 1908.

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