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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

International Alliance Bill Posters and Billers of America,   p. 13

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Notes From No. 7, Indianapolis.
[I,,,. Csi,8ter Donhil is with the La Fay-
ctti til I Posting Co. aoI is ttaking good.
Bro. Bob  t'Wakes) Dane is still with the
Ft. Waynit  Bill  osting Co.
Bro. William  Elliott, of Local No. 3,
is doig the cut outt for the Park theater
and is tmeeting with good success.
Beos. William He ry v antd Chas. E. Perry
ore, doing the 1lt11posting for the Empire
Bro. Jake Newtman is goin back to his
first love, the Gentry show, this season.
Bro. Franiz Huffmsan is learning to ride
a bicyce. T 'e nearest tei can get to it is
the mud guards.
Bros. Rob. Ratmsy and E. E. Earl are
doing the saw  and hamtmer act for the
Independent Billposting Co.
Ero. Harsry Drury has retired from  the
Espire theater.
Bro. Jamsses P. Miller is making a noise
like postintg paper oin tih-, No. 2 Route
for the Independent Dillposting Co.-BRUCE
BINAGER, Secretary
Notes From No. 10, Minneapolis.
lil,  Edweards has been sick with pneu-
5oia and was not expected to live, but
all danger has passed and ie will be out
in test or twelve days.
Gus Jinkens and Charles Duffy have the
midway route and are pretty busy scraping
tli, boards for the new spring work which
is  just  arriving.
The McDonald Brothers have about two
stonsths of tacking for the Ameicant Tobac-
co Company and Old Style Lager.
Williai Pottsgi-ser has left the Star the-
ater of St. Paul asid joined the No. 1
Ringling car.
John Eliiger has taken a withdrawal
card and is now the manager of the St.
Paul shop. Harry McCune is the foreman.
VaI Boshellt is at the Grand and Art
ohI  as Se Star.  E   seeItsst
Crpheum and Charles Breslauer is at the
Ioh  Care and and Harry Williams still
ave the south route. Carr goes with Gol-
siar Brothers in May. Munon and Holmes
have the north route and Foirman Fay and
Weede save the central.
Pesthi  Eriekson nIas just return d from
a tour with th  HaclsidiILt Sho-
Harry Edwards, advertising agent of the
Cplis mof theater  if  tsis  cit.siltl  tal
chorge of the ads-cetisitig if ate of sthe
psirks lisle slit summtter.
Brothir Ed Clris  nas gone on his farm
foe te summster and Sam    Fishb, i  takes
lits 'lace hsere.
BrIother Kikesial stas a visitor hire Sun-
da- ZACH  LPCKENSMEER        Secretary
and Treaurer.
Notes From No. 17, Boston.
The unemployed members of this local
siust be looked afte was the sote of the
ocal and to provide the  seans of looking
sfter the needy unemployed.
local No. 17 adoptoed the following resolu-
tio ns on the serious illness of Gov. Gould:
C    k           JTRC8 GF  C d
Cracker Jack
The Biggest Popcorn Seller in
the World.
A Popular Sc Package
Sold by Concessionists Everywhere
A Winner and Repeater
A large line of 5c and toc package con-
fections especially suited to amusement
trade-Chocolates and Bon Bons in fancy
boxes for Candy Wheels, Popcorn Bricks
and Chewing Gum.
The latest and best PRIZE
CHUMSPACKAGE popcorn confection.
Special proposition to Concessionists
naming the privileges they control.
RileckleiBros & Ecksteill
291 Harrison St.              Chicago
Wepurchase copies
of every Licensed
Film Manufactured.
Write for our
"Special Service
Crawford's Theatre  14th & LocustSt.,
El Paso, Tex.       St. Louis, Mo.
214 Levy Bldg., Houston, Tex.
"Whereas, His excellency. Curtis Guild,
Jr., a true friend of the people and one
who stands first in the hearts of the people
of our state, lies dangerously ill.
"Whereas, He has always been fair to
labor and a true friend to wage-earners
and to Billposters' and Billers' Union No. 17;
"Resoved, That we, the members of Dill-
posters' and Billers' Union No. 17, tender
our beloved friend, Gov. Guild, and his
family our heartfelt sympathy and our sin-
cor hope for his speedy and complete re-
Bro. Albert Scott, agent of the Tremont
theater, declares that by a system of care-
ful directing and exercising he has in the
present season reduced his weight 50 pounds,
so that he now weighs 1791/ pounds.
Bro. Geo. Collier has the deepest syi-
pathy of his host of friends both in and out
of the profession in the serious illness of
his wife. Chas. MeCaul, of the Man of the
Hour; E. Rosenbaum, of the Follies of 1907;
Geo. Greet, of the Right Way; Pete Cava-
naugh, of Marrying Mary, and Bro. Mans-
field, of the Alliance, were in town last week
booming their attractions.
The Tyler club is to have their first out-
ing of the season at Squamnton April 20.
The following members have the affair in
charge:   Bro. Harry Peyser, Dom. Spell-
mas, Richard Armstrong, Dan Casey, Oscar
tKievenaai, Harry   Damaker    and   Sandy
Munro. The baseball team will play the
strong Eve's on that date.
Bros. Watson and Perry have been r-
engaged for TVonderland the coming sum-
Dro. Mat. Donohue is the advertising agent
of the Lynn theater, Lynn, Mass.
Advertising agents out of town members
of Local No. 17:
Thosas Cash, Auditorium, Lynn, Mass.
Nde ard Donohue, Iathwa's theater, Mal-
den, Mass.
Geo. Roberts, Academy, Haverhill, Mass.
JI. Fred  Miller, Academy, Fall River,
Mat. Donohue, Lynn theater, Lynn, Mass.
Fred Bremor, The Gom, Lynn, Mass.
Bro. James Robinson, of Fall tiver, who
ias so- soriouslt injured last seasei aii
the Boffata Bill sisat, is s-tslidtlt regainsing
his strength.
Past National Prsident Francis ilosd
is recovering frosns is ilsiess ans srs1is'
sts snesmsbers Ili tten-isnsg tls, perfiormtance
at the 'esos tseator last stek.-HARilY
PEYSNE, Secretary.
Notes From No. 30, Jersey City.
Financial Secretary Williism i-hinkley has
his hands full these days as adertising
agent for the two houses at Bayonne, N. J.
Bro. Jos. Smith is also kept busy billing
for the houses. No iore Blirnont for him.
Bro. J. A. McCormack is still with the
Keith & Proctor's house here and seems to
be a busy man.
A number of boys are contemplating go-
ing with the circuses, but Bro. Vooney Mar-
key says the "peach yard" is good enough
for him and he is quicly seconded by Bro.
Road members of Local No. 30 will kindly
send their correct addresses to financial
sctai Willits Hililtlet  7. Erie street,
Je-soy City, N. .1-It. L. I.EO.NARD, Sec.
Notes From   No.4, Philadelphia.
In lieu of news items this week it may be
fitting to present the following ode lnot
owed), to the readers of this column. Its
author has feelingly dedicated th  verses to
one Lester Murray, ache, it is alleged, has
an animal named Very Royal, which, it is
believed, is still running at City Park track
in New Orleans. James Horty, of No. 4, is
guilty of the following:
The sun shone down on the multitudes,
And the track was good and fast;
All hands seemed pitched to the highest,
A surging, seething mass,
For this was a day for the babies
Down on the City Park track,
Lester Murray's Very Royal gilding
Couldn't lose, with Martin on- her back.
The horses came into the paddock;
Seventeen of them all in line;
Very Royal, sure winner, leading,
Waiting for the call of time.
"They're Off"   And Very Royal left them;
The quarter and half; "Welt dons!"
Three o quarters-four lengths to the good
And the race Is nearly soon.
Bet sohmet ohing sasmed to h'appen,
On that last quarter spin;
Very Royal dropped back to seventh,
When she was nearly in.
Oh what a sad bunch in Philly-
Tom, Oliver, Harry and Jim,
Ed, Bre, Pant and the Baron-
Even Shorty bet safe to win.
Rubber Ball Harry leost fifteen;
E-n Eans scas down with a bet-
Hot sadas that day, heteost a week's pay,
For Very Royal Is ronning yet.
Notes from Local No. 2. New York.
It is eith deep regret that ae announce
thse death of Bra . Frank McDeettaett, ache
died March 1 after a lingering illness of
three years.  Bro. McDermott was one of
our charter members    He teas one of our
Imost earnest workers and always had the
good and welfare of the organization at
heart. His funeral was largely attended by
the mnembers of the Local.
ve had Strenuous times during     March
with  the different arrivals who were in
New York to join out with the Barnum &
Bailey and Buffalo Bill shows. Every mem-
ber of the International Alliance of Locals
must have paid-up cards before they can
join out.
Would request that Wm. Hurt and F. Bil-
S11 ,ER
lings send theirodd-es to oa rf2nancia sec-
retary, Wn. McCarthsy, 426 %AV. 42d street.
Ate oilr Intioting cit Felt. 23, see seers stoti-
fled Iy our International Secretary that we
would have the proceedings of our last con-
vention during the coming week. It was
lo decided that we would lend our best
efforts to Local No. .13, for our coming con-
vention which will be held in Brooklyn in
December next.
Visiting members are requested to attend
our local me'tings which are held on the
second and fourth Sundays of each month.
WYilliam McCarthy, secretary.
Notes from No. 18, Newark, N. J.
The winning number in the drawing of the
watch given by Local No. 18 for the Enter-
gency fund, was "Series L, Number 187.'
Name C. Mochower.
At the last convention at Chicago Local
No. 18 was granted credentials giving the
local jurisdiction for Essex, Union and Mid-
dlesex counties in Neo Jersey.
Local No. I has appointed a committee
to secure a new home which will have all
conveniences to make it pleasant for the
The Brooklyn Boys of No. 23 are constant
visitorF to No. 18; at one of our meetings we
had Bros. Simons and Turner of No. 33 with
os. In return our president, Bro. Flandreau,
and scegeant-at-arms, Bro. J. Coraran, vis-
ited Erooklyn No. 33.
At the meeting held Feb. 23 International
President Bro. Aikin was with     us and
stayed to the finish. The boys of No. 18
extend Brother Aikin their heartiest and
best seishes also a future of success and
hope his voice will be heard on the floor of
No. 18 whenever convenient.    Bro. Ryan,
business agent of Brooklyn No. 33 was also
in good spirits.
Bro. Bullock of Paterson No. 20 reminded
the brothers of No. It of our deceased busi-
ness agent and delegate to the convention at
Pittsburg, Bro. A. B. Roberts. Bro. Roberts
was a great speaker and esery article hew
.     emc
(Photographcopyright1903,"by;Frederic Bulkeley Hyde.)
Secretary Taft reviewing the troops at Fort Myer, Virginia, and at the same time
having his picture taken by the Kalem Company's moving picture machine. The man
operating this camera spent six months in trying to take such views of the Secretary.
M.s. Taft stands on the extreme right of the peato. The filis will be released April 17.
debated on was unanimously carried. He
seas well liked wherever lie traveled and No.
18 regrets the loss of such an esteemed
brother.  Thanks, Bro. Bullock, No. 20.-
Fraternally yours, A. H. MAHR, Secretary.
International Alliance Notes.
Bros. George Murray, Albert Atkinson,
Local No. 11, Cincinnati, Ohio; James Gil-
more, F. F. Smith, Local No. 5, St. Louis,
Mo.; Paul LaMont, Local No. 4, Philadel-
phia, Pa., and Joe Schoonbeck have signed
contracts to go   with  Hagenbeck-Wallace
Shows for the season of 1900.
Bros. Win. McGowan. Local No. 9, Louis-
ville, Ky., and Wim. Smith, Alliance mem--
bers, have joined the Barnum & Bailey ci-
Bros. Chas. Averill, Alliance mesmber, has
signed a contract to go with the Buffalo
Bill Wild West Show.
Alt individual Alianco  menbers ace re-
quested to send etsete addresses to Inter,-
national  Secretary  Wilian   1.  Murray.
Droaday Theater Building, Doom it, Nose
Torts, N. V.
Bro. George Cline has signed with the Mil-
lers Bros.' 101 Ranch Wild West.
Bro. James Gilmore, member of Local No.
5, St. Louis, Mo., has signed with Mr. Ha-
genback, Wallace shows.
Bro. De engran, Leoca No. 1, Chicago,
Illt., has been engaged as Boss Bitt Poster
for Car No. 1, 101 Ranch Wild West Show.
Bru . Jack Rearden has signed with the
Buffato Bitt Wild West Shose.
Willis Rusiy, East Liverpoot, 0., has
signed wcith Miller Bros., 201 Ranch Wild
West Shase.
t N. Franklin, general agent for the Ha-
genback-AVallace Shows, has signed the In-
sernatintil Alliance Circus agreement for
No. 2, season of 1908.
Bro. F. C. Turer, member of Local No.
23, Brooklyn, N. Y., has signed to go with
the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.
Aggregation Strengthened by Addition of
Cowboys and Cowgirls.
Loin Parr, formerly with Pawnee Bill,
will be connected with Cumisns' Wild West
and Indian Congress for the seasons of
1908-9.  Col. Cummins has already coin-
showmen for concessions on liberal termns,
with a special inducement to      all good
The Colonel left St. Louis for So. Dakota
last week, accompanied by his private sec-
retary, Ralph F. Veve; Henry Standing
Bear, U. S. Indian interpreter, and W. H.
Barten, one of the largest and wveatthiest
tndian traders in Rosebud, S. D. Mr. Bar-
ten has contracted for the Indian curios
priilges with the Cummins' aggregation.
Innmes Williams Dies in Chicago.
Janmes WVilliams, a member of the Rays'
Kiig Casey conmpany, died at the County
hospital, in  Chicago, Starch  30.  He was
buried last Sunday. Mr. Villiams was stage
nsanager at the Olynpic theater for Kohl and
Castle after the Iroquois fire disaster. He
ivas also known as a member of the team of
Williams & O'Neill. He leaves a widow at
isolvidence, R.I
Blanche Deyo Weds Walter Jones
Blanche Deyo, who appeared in a Chicago
theater last week, is no longer Mrs. Frank L.
Perley in private life. She became the wife
of Walter Jones at Crown Point, Ind., on
April l, the mariage being in the nature of
ass elopement. Mrs. Jones seas divorced tront
Frank L. Perley, manager of the Tom Jones
Opera company, last week.
V. 1. Hollister & Co., Diamonds.
Probably there are feac people swho real-
ize thatalarge expenditure snotnecessary
to acquire a jevel case of diamonds, folly
as effective and not as expensive as the
genuine. One of the leading purveyors of
imitation  jewelry, catering  especially  to
members of the profession, is W. H. Hollis-
ter & Co., 42 River street, Chicago. This
firm, which carries a complete stock and
fills orders with satisfaction to the pur-
chaser, has recently moved into spacious
quarters, and is now in a position to offer
the prospective purchaser the best to be
had in inexpensive diamonds that possess
the glitter of the genuine, and are hand-
somely mounted in the most fashionable
settings. Their brand new catalog for 190
is just completed. For further particulars
see their ad in this issue.
Apr11, 19o.
Ready for the Exhibitor
The Troubles of A Flirt
Length, 395 feet.
After Midnight
Length, 325 feet.
Who Needed The Dough0
Length, 270 feet
CHICAGO - - 109 Randolph St.
NEWYORK - - 116 NassauSt.
LONDON     -   -  -  -  Cecil Court
PARIS - - - 15 Rue St. Cecile
tracted for thirty cowboys and twenty cow-
girls and lady riders, and with George
Aterbury, of Kansas City, Mo., for a twen-
ty-five-picce brass band.
'1ol. Cunmins will be at Green's hotel,
Philadelphia, on and after April 8, where
he will interview showmen and manufac-
turers of all kinds of devices for amusement
parks, with a view   of booking them   in
White City, Manchester, and New Brighton
Tower, Liverpool, Eng., for the seasons of
19008-9. These parks are under the man-
agement of John Calvin Brown, the enter-
prising American amusement promoter, and
as his personal representative Col. Cummins
ill be pleased to negotiate with American

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