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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   p. 12

Page 12

ONCA CITY, Oila., Apiil 4-The date of
opening of Miller Bros.', 101 Ranch Show
is fast drawting neat   and work in all
Ipartments is nearing coiomletion.   Every-
thing will i in readiness some days prior
to the opening date, April 14.     The entire
touitry for sixtly miles iII all directions are
talking of nothing but this opening, which
will lie a red letter day in the history of
Ponca City.
Mayor 11titchinsn ihas issued ft proclaiation
eclaring the lay a legal iliday. The Santa
Fe R. 11. ate to iun several special trains
tnd representatises from as far cast as New
York iave signiflid their intention of being
preset for tile occasion.
Oklahoma has talken very kindly to having
an organization of this kind, especially when
piolted  and  financed  by  local men   and
capital.  After opening   at Ponca   City  on
Aterl 14. the sTow  w ill1 play Guthrie, 1I;
Oklahoma City. 16; Winfield, Kan.. 17; Wichi-
tt. 15; Kanas City, Mo., 20-21; Ft. Madison,
Ta., 22, and open in Chicago at the Coliseum
the eventing of April 23 for two weeks.
ATitletr Bros, antd 1 art 'Arlginton, owners,
Iis siltoot listinetses isith the follows-
ing staff: George Arlington, General Manager;
Dick Radford , Atng Mianger; T. C. Thomp-
II, General Press     Representative; Ches-
mlore 1akarI    Conrtracting Press Representa-
tive; R_ V    ,ictor Lighton. Ptess Representative
with Show; TV. Edward Vogt Treasurer; H.
ftWilson, Matttne Side Sh F: illiam Ind,
Marnager Coinitoisatcy Coincession: Edsward
Latcy, Mater of Canvas. with sixtsy assist-
antn  M. Murpiit   Tratit Mster, with twelve
assistants: Tenry TW'elst1, 131  I-stler, wiith
lette       istaato: iChartlee  Stalk. Stot.
sTIigt. swtith sixassistants; H-enyottte
1n-s of Side  Shelw Canvas, and eight assist-
ant,: Mike Quitltan  Supt. of Seats, with ten
aisetants, andt Mike TWalsi, Master Mechanic
with five assistailt.
1llnee   Visits   Chiengo.
B. E. WTallace was in Chicago, April 7, to
colude final artangements for the appear-
ales of the Carl Tgenheck and Great Wal-
tl Shows    atDexterPark lavi1lion. Chicago,
Ocobr  to 1q, otirthe, alispices of tits
sttcvolent Association of Chicago Firemen.
I)innoer Given to    Coretta,.
A  1lirthulav  dinner was tendered Coretta,
the miiiiiget  itth the Ringling Bros.' shows,
its Te  Coiseuism  annex. Situlay  afternoon,
April  . itmmediately filloswing the iatiniee
ni-rformtance.  The affair was arranged by
Meessrs. Alfred T. Ringling and   Tames Jay
tridy. aoi 1motna ite gests Wor o partictliated
itt the rather' otieh1tie gathering was George
A<1o.  N proiinnt Chicago caterer prepared
anl txcellent mlounitti, wthich was heartily en-
iined.  Coretta  is  oiably  the  smallest
htuman being nowon      xiiition in America.
.tt  reigned  t ier special litrthday dinner
like a little queen, and proved herself a
chatliing hostess.
Hinglingl Circus Notes.
SatI Souder, the inoted elephant trainer,
ialiy   yat's siti   the  itinglitig  Bros.'
'tI   is at prsttcotsfied to iiis )ionts at
Rataloe  W iS.. Severely ill. ....otinon
*'oilt') hoas astittoed Mrt. q0otidet'  duties
eitg t1    e '  It      ovse .om  shs
At (,. Bay. of   t. t Wet  Tex  will act
an steciat officer With the Rigling nhow this
year. Mr. Ray arrived iI Chicago last iveek
altd is isosw on titoty at tic Cohtneln.
Tb ftea  sopartnit I Its5 Coisetinm annex
is attracting considerable attention.  Among
the features secured by Manoager Tew Gralbran
are little Tnr1 lobert, 22 years of age, 18 1-2
inches il height. Coretta.   ily titdget, 19
sar's old, F;1-2 inchi s high Ela Ewing. tihe
Mits-in  giantess, o  feet 4 inles in height
.1. n. Tarner, a Texas giant, 1 years old, 7
feet, it iochses  high, and  Grace   Utibort,
ieardeid wom1an
Besides the e features the side show on the
ran   will intile Dunsnore's big toinstrel
jitittite of s     pteen teople: the Arearis troupe
.f four pople in an impalement and musical
act: Madamto Lazatte's performing poodles and
nekatons Fissis11  ousTet s, acing  spr cts;
vrla Wr~en. athiletic girI TIeon Itato. yen-
IIiloqst; Mohaltooc  Ialn, lintoo necro-
tiotoloer., adi tita'atoo TLiolot, tetlails stilts a
lien's hsead. Tue' orators in front of the side
sts' svlll tie T,ess Graltaro  manager; I. C.
Gitr; Frank I. Davids. ni    A. 0. Golth-
isa it. Cliarties Hoouser I''Featy") will toe
itte I", s caton tat.iii I'll loen.
Catot. 1ottl '"it  s greetitg his thotusando
If fr1ls il thle eColiseum Itob niring the
'i "iglint- eitgttgioelt. Upton its coocttiston he
wvill assumio  his position as superintendent of
the main entrance vith the Gollmar Bros.'
With the excetion of Mr. Otto Bingling,
ilto is sln.eritntrling the Barnum  & Bailey
shoi  at Madison Siuare fardon. New York.
all of the Ringling Brothers are in Chicago.
A. E. Parsons has the privileges with the
Ringling Brothers and Golmar Bros. shows
this season.   Frank   Parsoins is acting  as
.superintendent of the candy stands at the
Spencer Dtlavan, the boss hostler of the
Ringling Bros.' shows may well fell proud
of his equine charges. There ace 400 dapple
giay baggage horses, evenly matched, and 127
head of ring stock, the finest ever seen with
a tented aggregation. Delavan has been with
the Ringling Bros.' shows for many years
and iijoys alt international reputation as an
expert in, his line.
Harry Green wvith his grotesque hippodrome
"iube" portrayals, is getting liany laughs at
the Coliseum.
V. C. Cox was in Chicago last week on his
wsay to poin the Campbell Bros.' show, which
opens in Fairbury, Neb., April 25.
Arthuri  Hain,  taritene singer, is meeting
Lk.ATTAAA shrdl utu wom Im wo I'm In it
with great success as soloist with the Ring-
ling Bros.' band. during the Chicago engage-
isit at the Cotiseumn.
Tue eats introduiei1 in the big show per-
fotritance of the Ringling  ros.' circus this
season are a welcoie innovation for this or-
ganization. For the past tel years the leaps
have not been presentted wsith the Ringling
Bros.' shows.
Art Adnir Re-engnageud.
Art Adair, principal clown comedian and
general performer, has been re-engaged with
the Hagenieck-Wallace Shows for the coming
sea    loi  Ml. Arlair wil finisi  thi eighteen
solosectise cceek~s of satideville at the BI.jon
theater, Decatur, Il1., havin  played all of
ite Vestern Vaudeville Association time under
the personal direction of Jake Storiad. Adair
is also conideritg some flattering offers in
the farce coioedy line frir next seasono. Dot
Atair. his wife, will travel with him Turing
the  anel months, and thety will do their
dotitit sitectalts. head to head bialancing and
carrying porch nct.
"4Buffalo Bill" Ill in Chicago.
Cotnlel 'Villiat F. Cody, better knowi as
''Butffalo Blill, svio is ill at the Stratford
tiotel, Chicago, is one of the most picturesque
figures in Ainsrican history of the last half-
century. His life as an Indian fighter anl
scout is a. romoantic story and his 'Wild
West    howss  have  given   civilized  people
vivid pictures of Ithe stirring   life of the
foItisr in  pioneer dass.  Colonel Cody Is
'IsN'v sists  to' yeats old.  It seas st ated by
ttv isotic ph'sia nono Monday that athough
the Colonel hat suff'red a reatte. due to the
exsttiitment of cntertaining visitors, te woulil
cloubtiless he sole to leave his apartments
.oetie  during the current week.
GoImar Bros. Shows Ready to Open.
The fomllitor Bros. shts sill noten th-
oitter part of April and will have a first-
elass ergaization  it ever' wa- this     an-
sout.  The   fauous  Foretaugh-t'llo   ound-
sills elepolslnts will ie a foture if the te
ttltosv t'foniotc'e.  The zoologica  dssri
'-"st  II inc1ude eleven eeotlellhan i  i
oIton     a toil'OlIt'ltlIo is-lill tel Ititotiot-t
i-i thirts' cal's tille suioo..ser.
Sells-Floto Vaudeville Annex.
7.   -. Sttm. writing   to   THE    SIIOW
'uOTLD fromFeice, Cat.. tast   ivee. said
'The Setis-Flete vatudeville ano  wi-it It,
e   st cnipptd ott ftte rtnld Itis season
Tantager  TV. 1T. McFarli  d  hs T   ndn t
shown sitltnit  taste in fittin  out this t0-
pu-tnient. All of the platforis are mount-
el   witli  solid  brans railints. hung witt'
lush irats, trininied  illth  iold and sil-
s-cr. Th  color scheei is truly hantifult1
01,1  cold, royal purple. dark red and Nile
"Eve'rthing is read'     for  the   opeiin
q-turday, April 1, at Santa Munnes.        It
till plav under tt- atoices of the Shrin-
I at Los Angeles April 6-11. and from tIe
outlank it is goin to be a big we-ek.
'Fo sin   is, the  roster  of  te  ls-
Plt,'tt  s-euuttsittettts: SW. 14. MceFarlandt.
manager; Tack     Mainl. asoistqit ImIana-r
1  'luh an  l   R chrlles  ora_ rk     I-a
"Mtl itieotmnteramn ero  el  oiTs  aioHar-
tist: F ssie l a n EllOi. st d i0100nt
N ......a  itIA Tti'e.  htuititeon festto-,inlTI
'etace aitil haa, putntcher: Gi',c Clstrk. sntake; Mile. Cartnar. dislintton     trof
Taige, clay mdelmr; Ceo.     Tolliass. tat-
loenl ioiaio: Glols  mirt ,i'teri knife .111il
bttl-axe thresrer: Bitt. the WilId Muan:
Title. Cositner, mntd reader: Italic Htaltoer.
sitter-f band and Geerelai lotitol l soeo
ty-fis'e In niumbier, OrientaIl depatmett
Tmlts. Carmen. Mile. tarrntton Beatrice
Ictis. Ethel Delnoar, Clios. W~illiamts. Aitt
ditta Mezeplie.  Ticket sellers: W. i. Mc-
Farlaid Jr., C. D). Sym and V. Harring-
iter0Rs'rchr Ba       nHIAGO                 ill     sboro
Bernard's Cold Water Paste is being used on all advertising wagons
traveling throughout the U. S. advertising Kendall's Spavin Cure.
50-pound box costs $3.00, uakes two barrels paste.
Swing Tops
For a Few Days Only
Baker's Best Bargain Book Free
BAKER 4 LOCKWOOD MFG. CO.,              Kansas City, Mo.
Doors open  one hour earlier for an  inspection of the most valuable menagerie in  the woli
Kings of the  Circus TWorld, are Now  Presenting  in  tbo Twenty-fifth  Anniversary of thelf
Phenomenally Successful Career the Most Costly, Gorgeous, and Uniquely Attractive Show
the World Has Ever Seen.
Every  Part of the  Torld  has Been  Drawn  Upon  for its Arenic  Stars.  Novelty an
Sensation are the Keynote of the Immense Program. Six Arenas, a Huge Hippodrome Track,
and Acres of Overhead Apparatus are Constantly Filled with the Professional Elect of the
Famous for Circus Specialties and  Invention  are Aesemtbled  in  this Jubileo Celbration  2No
of these World-Famous Artists are making their first tour of America under the auspices of
Ringling Brothers. This show is now NOT ONLY THE BIGGEST BUT THE HIGHEST
t           i
l..      UOOIE
Seats on sale at Lyon & Healy's and at the Coliseum. Reserved seats, 50c, 75c,
$1.00 and $1.50. Box seats $2.00. Gallery 25c. Doors open at I and 7
Best Makes of Moving Picture Machines
always on hand. Repairs, Oxylithe, Oxone,
=H              GAS              Quick Deliveries.
Erker Bros.Optical Co. o0t-,.St.Louis, Mo.
April 11, 1908.
52 ft. Swing Top, 8 oz. $82.00
52 ft. Swing Top, 10 oz. 95.00
- a

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