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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Makee, Walt
Quaker City theatricals,   p. 9

Page 9

01I  A  5u A u  or THEIS t  1MMI I   0oI 8 ARC3   ST.  0 ONE.LCSrlB/SA.
L                                                    I
10 a
o It
IL1ADELPHLA   April I -Alla Nazimo-
va has coiie aind conquered. Heralded
3y a k id and quantity of press puff-
ings, calculited to antagonize a critical fac-
ulty, the Russian actress won out by the
force of her magnetic art. She choose for
or introduction here the part of Nora Hel-
mar, a part made nrice or less familiar to
loal Iblenite s by Mrs. Fiske ct al. It was
tobe -xpected that Nazimcova had ideas of
etr cci egarding  The Doll's 0  ousose and
ifs iil ilrs.  Sloe Iraid.  iTho N.\ora of Nazi-
ola is not the Nora of Fiske.     It is a
oer hrumnit Norac. that Nazinesa presents-
motisnall' o maarn.  What Mrs. Fit" did
cc cfo Nora ain fisieilleclual treat, Nazi-
costahas (one to    miake the character a
stily in sen timenrt.  The press tinites in
naeing Nazimova a wonderful actress and
opacity loises have thus far attested a
len appreciation of her work. John Em-
erson and Gertrude Berkley as Nils Krog-
sand and  Mrs. Linden, respectively, are
highly praised for their support, while sev-
oral unkind things are said of the work of
Brandon Tynan   as Dr. Rank.      Nazimova
oill present Hedca Gabler next wveek     at
the Adelphi.
Olga Nethlersole opened her fortnight's
engagement at   the   Broad   last  Monday
night, presenting  two  short   plays.  The
(lst, called The Enigma, is by Paul Her-
ieou, and is in two acts. It is one of sev-
oral crimes  committed    by  that   author.
Twco brothers live in a chateau with their
vives. They discover that a young man,
who is their guest, is intimate with one
of the wives, but which one is left to be
ascertineod when  the curtain falls.    The
rlover acting of Miss Nethersole and Messrs.
Ftrank Mills and Charles Stevenson saved
the pla  from  total ruin.  The evening's
clertaineont  concluded  with ia   one-act
dramatic version of Leoneavillo's opera I
pagiaec, by Charles H. E. Brookflid.     It
Is called The Showman's Wife.     The press
id  not  like  it.
The third novelty of the week is Elsie
Janis ini The Hoyden.   Good business and
godI notices have thic far fallen to 1or lot.
lSe soill continue ait the Garrick untl ftur-
ther notice.
Yankee Prince Booked.
w'or the coning Ceek the chief novelties
cctl be fico. it. Cohan's latest effort, en-
tiled The Yankee Prince, which comes to
the Chetnut Street Opera house. replacing
Thos. Ross in The Traveling Salesman and
The Wolf, a new play by Eugene Walters,
which comes to the Lyric, and in which
Ila Conquest and Won. Courtney are co-
stars.  Other  bookings   are   as  follows:
Adolphi, Nazimova: Bijou, The Thorouics-
trods; Planey's, Anita, the Singing Girl:
Proad. Netoherolo; Casito. Girls From Hap
,lanil; CItesintt Street  Wpera hotose o 1n-
ccco prince: Chsestnust theater, Girt of theo
(follies West; Dinse Miuceuim. curios   ondo
oacnidc ii : Eonpire, StDansfordl -Westiorissteel:
-orcycci's, DTin Bairry; Forrest. The botosd
UP: Garrick, The Hoyden: German, stock
company in   reportoire: Girard, Thos. E.
Shc  in repertoire: Ciraind, Not Yet But
Soon; Oavet. Scrilbnr's Big Show: Hart's.
Thce Forbidden  Marriage;    Keith's.  Walt
McDougall and other big acts; Lyric, The
Wolf: Natioral. A   Lucks    Dog: People's,
The Vtolunteer Organist; Park, Strongheart;
Standiard,. Angels and Devils of Phitadel-
fifia;  Trscadero.  Yantree  Doodle  Girls:
attiut, Ti's Tiose. ths Place atod thce Girt.
Fanny Rice Welcomed.
Although not heralded    as a   headliner
F'oanny Rice, who held third place on the
Kefith hill Monday afternoon, aroused more
rtinoAasm  than any number on thes pro-
Hot.ter inlinic. mniniattire stage is one
of the most interesting   and   entertaining
liovelties ever s-on here in vaudeville. She
cleverly caricatures many of the world's
clebrities by means of facial make-up, as-
sisted by miniature, dummy bodies, dressed
to suit the character.   Stuart Barnes re-
turned to Ice royally received.  His mono-
Ingue and songs were early exhausted by
le denands made upon him. Albert Whe-
lan appeared loere for the first time. He
is a very clever entertainer; his poise is
one of tbc strongest features of his work.
i1 otistes, siisand giims imitations of
ccelI hococri artists its a macstor that is
hiohly pleasit.  Trixy Frianza returned
with iluch the same material as she has
used here prceviously.   She   wcas recalled
rioy tine,. sts e Millward. assisted b
Brandlon Huitrst. Offered The Oiten's Mies-
senger, a tabloid dranma by Hartley Man-
nors. It is excitingly tense throughout and
slensdidly played.  Sa-Heras presented     a
thought-transference number far superior to
anYthing of its kind ever given here, cain-
I" IY reason of lte rapidit 'dvith which
tie 1l 1icdfolcied  ivotocat  ''reads.''  Many
yIs titling exhibitions comprised  this act
anc serve to carry it to big success. Th
Pita-Banail Troupe  epeated their acrob  --
ic cod Rislety cworkt and sored hecavily
'he Rose Do, Haven     Sextette offering   a
sinig atnd dancing novelty entitled Tioc
de rstuy, came in for generous applaise.
ot the least of the many excellent fea
lires of tIis act, vas the planologue worl
f Mifsc De Haven. ccherein sloe proved
1IsetI lottlie os accomplishedi as in loer
lenciru- Nicksoig and dlene Cotton Po
sented a protean playlet called My -Wife's
Diamconds, cwhich afforded both players op-
portunity  to  Prove  their  versatility, of
0o1ch they ol Igood adv'antage. Other-
00iSte, little' mat' tosaqid of the piatlet it-
self.  Deltnore  and  Onceida  gave  a  good (
1 Nhibition of terch-acroi oties.  Coecia and
Aalto offered their singing and dancing
coosits', salted 'fle atod the Maid.
snd scored heavily. The Burkes were liked
itid Barrett and Scanlan pleased with ac-
lilafic wsork.  Ticse ek did not open as
toas last, butt one must recall that Miss
Tanouay is alsewhere.
Resident Companies.
By F. B. Makee.
Thoe Social Highwayman     is the current
attroction at the Chestnut.   It is hand-
seomely mounted and capably acted by the
Oro-un companoy. The hoonors are oasily
ccoi by Williaon  Igeersoll in the leading
part, and  Robert Cummings as Itanby.
Leoat  Winslow gave a spirited interpreta-
tioi  to the part of tie adventuress and
found further occasion to display several
ownis of a kind that caused the fenlisine
contingent of th  auodience to gasp their
eIviOLIs appreciation.
At Vocrecaugh's. Eugenie Blair, supported
by the stock comopany, oaffere Te Modern
Magdaclenie and very good bcusiness resulted.
utarry '. Brow   e as Eric Hargrea'es nas
forceful. Tue ccark of Frankclin Monocelt
as Ilian rJenkins adds another triumph to
tb-a t actor's credit. Jack Carroll csas ex-
eptiotatly good as Brin1er.  oyda Powell
Lis filia sacs a fine readitig of the role.
Miss Blair's wo rk was, as usual, quite up
to its own high standard.
The Banker, the Thief and the Girl drew
good houses to the Standard. The play was
cwell presented by the capable stock com-
Ninth and Arch Museum.
By Barry Gray.
"rtith the approach of spring comes the
Minstrels: anl annual event at this house.
They ccill hold the feature position in the
Curio Hall until the season closes in the
latter part of May. The company this year
is an unusually good one, headed by Goo.
Bundy, who is a whole show in himself.
There tire a doz n other colored perform-
ers in the troupe and the various songs
and choruses rendered this wleek ccere all
osell received. Other current curio attrac-
tions were James Mandy, offering a great
"hard-headed" act: Capt. Sidney Hinman's
TWater Carnival, which was very amusing,
and Ed. Howard, a wonder, who breaks
spikes wvith his teeth. The theater bill is
a pleasing one throughout. Caffrey's dogs
opened and went big, and the following
acts all scored   big  hits: Crystal Bell,
change artist; Hart and Raymond, singers
and dancers; Harry A. Stone, musical tmon-
ologtu ; Sully & Phelps, comedy sketch, and
Lublin's cineograph.
Burlesqne Bills,
B3y Frankc B. Walter.
Gayety-For the second time this season
Rice & Barton's Big Gaiety compano' are
entertaining large adieones hers vitb a
big hantdle of fun. -With Chas. HBirtocn it is
one long laugh for the house. Both bur-
lesques and an Al olio stand without mate-
rial change.
Bijou.-With   the   exception  of  Young
Sandow   and Otis Lambert, the Oriental
Cozy Corcner Girls remain intact as seen
earlier this season.   The aforenmentioncd
team has been added to an already good
olo and their act of physical culture and
caionet posing con lthe approval of a fo r
s izeid actdiecnce at toe  Olsenina  coatinc.
Choas. Johnsotn loas replaced Frank Rilet' as
loadinog comedian.
Coisitiso.tsdgiog) toohoe size oE ltce audi-
etcc  aoc  its  en to siasiz Tbe  orcoitig
Glories tmade a good impression at their
icrevious visit  hore,  last  October.  'fhe
show, except tin minor details, is as re-
viewed before.
'frocadero.-Thie  nltucky Belles, for the
second time this season, are drawing hig
1usines . The song hit of the show is Toe
Chink and th Oetoroon. Mac Taylor opens
tfie olio. bitt did not arosce mitch enthusi-
asin1. Mutech tools  ator freetsoc01 guts plat
ace, the chlief accmpanimentls tn Giboson
and  itaccoet's Cowbioy Coutishlip.  Phtacen
and Miller caught on well with their sonas
and chatter. as did the Melvin Brothers,
ac obats. Their hand balancing   r ing par-
ticulariv good.  Andy MeLeod closed the
oio with   a  musicl monologue     which
please  inmientrsolt
News Notes of All Sorts.
Manager Ed. Shane of the Gayety will
probably have one of the strongest scimer
burlequoe stocks evor gathered together in
this city for a summer engagemient. The
compo-ny will opcn about _May 2- .Tek Reid
has been  ngaged for principal comedian.
Ward Canollelor  wvill play  straights and
coiedy. E11a Reid Gilb-crt will be leading
ccoman, and Annie Driver, souibrette.    AI
heauty chorus of tcenty-two las been i'n-
gaged.   A  wolotc chaccee of lil to bl
iqorloquokes  l  rd - i  ocnc  a itoecial
added attraction   wecity  will acsist  in
drawcing patronage. Costumes and scencery
csill be fully up to the standard of ti best
sioss PlaTing the Coumbla iscircuit fronms
colicic lc'. Sloane woill icco his elcioe.
Geo. H. Phil~lpott. writing from, Pills-
llurg, Pa., informos this office that he has
signed wiith Ed. Kurnp, egeneral agent for
thle Coles Show, and will be lithographer
for that organization on its No. 1 car.
The first benefit serformance to b- gi'en
Iy tics Treasirirs' Club of lis city Is
sclieduled for Friday afternoon. May S. S.
P. Nixon, who hs shown a kieen interest in
tI1I organizatio sitice its inception. rlas
doinated Isis Broad Street the-ater for lice
ofternoon. Fred Nathan and Fergus Mo-
Cusaoer sre thc chief eorkr'1 in ltc bnefit
idea atnd procmise a voideville program of
superior merit. Ti. D. Hall will be stage
icc0 ager.
The original home of opera in this city
-loe Grand Opera house-n-ill return to
ithat forn of entertainent for ieth  ensing
summnoer. Messrs. Stair and Iaylin. lessees
and managers, have closed a contract with
the Aborn   Englich   Opera  company.    A
chorus of One hurdred voices is pronised.
togetheor wcith neoc sceiers. far each toro-
dutiton. The Bolilemlan Girl will probably
be tics openicng bitt.
Messr. Townitg ani Elias have slC the
popular fancy wcithc their Chorsus Girls' Con-
test idea.  The first after-rolay entertain-
mcent, which  was offered last Wednosday
night,  dre   a   capacity  bose.  songs,
dlatcco and a wvrestling cointest provided
rare entertainment. For the curent weck
the girls of the Gay Morning Glories chorus
will vie for the twenty dollar prize offered
by the manacament.    A  specially nrinted
program, full of clever oitticismns, is pro-
vided iin aivance.
April 11, 1908.
The Edison
Manufacturing Co.
Holds Letters Patent from the The United States
Government covering the making of motion picture
films.     Under     this patent the         following     manufac-
turers    have    been    licensed    by the Edison Manufac-
turing Co. to make and sell films.
Essanay Company
Kalem Company
Siegmund Lubin
George Melies
Pathe Freres
Selig Polyscope Company
Vitagraph Company
of America
The Edison Manufacturing Company proposes to the utmost of its abil-
ity to assert its right to the Edison patents, and to prosecute all infringers,
wherever they may be located. Suits have already been filed and others
will h e instituted.
The Edison Manufacturing Company stands behind all its licensees, and
will see that they are fully protected in any patent suits which may be
brought against them for using licensed motion pictures made by any one
of its regular licensees.
The Edison patents have been recognized by its licensees as dominating
the art of making motion pictures, and royalties under them are being paid.
These manufacturers would certainly not pay royalties if they were not con-
vinced that the Edison patents were valid and had to be recognized.
The Edison Manufacturing Company has only lincensed manufacturers
who are capabloe of producing first-class films.
The Edisoi patents stand at the very foundation of the bisiness. The
Edison Manufac turin Company will vigorously proseute allrenters and ex-
hibitors; handling infringing films.
,While, tunder its legal and constitutional authority as the owner of the
Edison patents, the Edison Manufacturing Company might havelawvfully im-
posed conditions and limitations which would have been drastic, it is only
seeking to exercise its rights in the premises to the extent of enforcing such
conditions as will inure to the best interests of the business. The conditions
which we have imposed will without doubt be of great advantage to the
exhibitors, as they will oblige the exchanges to give better service and will
prevent them from rentingfilms for more than a limited time. This is bound
to mean a wonderful imipiovemeit over present conditions.
Destructive and unbusinesslike competition among the exchanges in the.
effort to secure newvbusiness, involving the renting of reels below the actual
cost of the service, lies made it necessary to keep on the market worn-out
and damaged films that have lonig since lost their usefulness. Every oiie
having the vital interest of the business at heart must know that if the
public is to be instructed and amused it must he by the use of films of high
quality, in good condition, and of novel and ingenious objects.
The exchanges of this country (who have recently formed an associa-
tion under the name of the Film Service Association), have admitted that
the conditions imposed by our licensees represent the only possible way to
save the business of the exhibitor and the exchanges from ruin. For this
reason they have idied to use exclusively licensed motion pictures manu-
factured under the Edison patents.
Main Office and Factory
74 Lakeside Ave., = Orange, N. J.
New York Office, 10 Fifth Ave.
Chicago Office, 304 Wabash Ave.
Office for United Kingdom, 25 Clerkenwell Road
London, E. C., England.
The Kinetograph Co., 41 East 21St St., New York
George Breck, 550-554 Grove St., San Francisco, Cal.
Exhibitors are warned that the use of films other than those
licensed by us Will subject them to suits for injunction and dam=
ages, and for past and future profits.

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