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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Revell, Nellie
Nellie Revell: the girl who says things,   p. 7

Page 7

]EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill., March 19.-Dear
Buch:   You reteber ill     Ily letter last
week I told you I anticipated a royal time
in East St. Louis. I hope all the rest of
tlly asticipations cone true as thoroughly
as tisl Ias'  I also mtenitionted tlte lions'
1500 doing very poor, business. I kenowe tile
audienge liked the shobu because I satw hint
des noorning and he told    le he did, but
vsodetVille wtill be abantdon,-d for the pores-
nt and moving    pictures will he p     t in.
Larry' Lund. the mantager of tile Avenue
Ite" sIere says lie hasta een in Sth sos
buosinets0 o atg en~ought to htave lost $6o.OOO at
it, a  ti says oe has vnier seen    unt ato
iggregation of ho   scwildl acto rs on one bill
ill his life.  Seated at the same table ev-
elf meal the following flock made life mis-
eiabi. for every  oil:   Sarry   Webb and
Wile 1ora Wilmont). Douglas &      Douglas.
lary Do Coe, Joe Kettler, 13-ssie Morton.
Harry- Todd and imuh.    The proprietor of
the hotel said if he ever sats   our Italmes
oi his register again ie would go fishing
uetil eon left town  (but we don't heliee
We formied a Stit Dodgers Club; tried to
male Oe Coe president, but lie tell asleep
Geona session so lwe dischar ed hiut.  De
for toes Contitt uaIly  bo0r r owing a  buttoni
hook.  One day some one presented     hinm
ovt  ie  He woas profuse in  ils thanks
-ten iiinutes some one else donated    ones.
He 01s ttlakful sonce  more, but by     ts
lite eey one  It the bill htad  ontribut'd
lollard tile buttonl hookt sitooer lite becamie
"suspicious.  He  got button  hoocs in   the
lololl. lits sasw butt ol hooks  ee ry sshere.
When11 lie -tuld ask for his key at the hotel
t",l."  be accompattied by a button hook.
Is said he never iad tie hooks thrown
inls 11i1 so badly in II life. Evey ques-
tion It would put to him his answer weou ld
b,- -It's a bu tton hoolek."
b  lic1 to borron  a tel dollar bill, think-
ing maybe it weould call forth a deluge of
hoesn, hot it seas a fi-ost.  It mtust  have
then dot hers last fesek. aod then the
funnty part of it tea s he l ef t all o f those
button hooks at th     theater, aand   today
came into the dining room    with his shoes
unbuttoned because ie didn't have a but-
ton hook. Joe Kettler is esp'cially fond of
liddles and stories (I don't think). So we
tubbedo him Mother S perior atd made 1hirni
the batl of all riddles ande jokes. Wheni
youi meet Joe asi1 irim  what is a ginlick
oif a usail s wallosoed a till type.  I bet
Joe will call a copp.   If aly imlember of
Joe paoty failed to report at tie breakfast
table eachl of tile others swould arnt thenm'
solves stith  different sel ct ions  froms the
1m1an1, go to the abse 1st meisoher's room  in
a body and   inflict breakfast as well as
our presence on them. The result was we
ail vad to get up early.
Oh, what I weould give for a fete hout's
sleep.  They  stork  its relays oi1 toe, aitd
of all the riddles going around the most
topeesing one is, flow did Eline r Douglas
etl catch Iis wsife sitting still loIg enough
t0 proeose.  We have christened her the
Sklpper. Shte weighs 80 lbs., she is so little
tio1 she is afraid to eat olives for fear
le mil swealios  one antd couldn't get her
tights ott. She coulod tale a bath in a
horse tIrack and never uoiss the seater, and
othelt sloe gets ott ltose fltuffy little stage
skirts she looks like a pets wiper. She is in
to everythling and up to everything.     El-
ierjsout told us i  thought 1ite stoulo  an
ts Cro-Il hser .  Just after I Isid given her
a fften mninute lecture on sotel decorum
she hopped on the elevator as it was as-
conding, it looked just like a cage, ano
sprung the best imitation of a     tone  I
ever saw. I amin througL trying to reformn
any more inetorrigible acerobats.  1 retoocli-
her her as a coil. bitr lame was Jennie
Hahn. She was a femnale 1eck's had boy'
eves thenls.  Shea t  cast as 1itle Eva I
U'ncle  Taoo'  C'abini comtpanyt  whenl'  sits
was twelve years old, but she wtas so full
of mischief they made her play Topsy.     I
nearly break my bolt buckle yet shen I
think of the time when she, as Little Eva,
in the deaths be (Iscene, Untcle Tom raying
and all the rest of us crying and the AIgel
came down on the suspendd swire and lit-
ole Eva reached up at'od fiekled the Antgel's
feet; then another tiMe, w1hile in a very
serious scene witht Uncle Tom  she suddenly
pulled his whiskers off, leaving the white
I-hilt exp osedC. ,Sloe  Ilseni t r iIse to  sticke
them on her own coin.    O   cot set broke
lop the show  she was discharged-so was
I, as they blamed me for putting her lip to
it. Well anyhow   she is the life of every
bill she works on and infuses sunshine and
tood chee r wherever she is and      always
leaves us laughing when she says good by.
Who could work while the piano is play-
ing spontaneously,  "Break   the News     to
Mother," "Wait Till the Sunshine Shines,
Nelly," "No Wedding Bells for Me," "Just
Because She Made Those Goo Goo Eyes,"
"Always in the Way," "I Don't      Care   if
You Never Come Back Said the Bird on
Nellles' Hat," "Would You Care If I Should
Lave You."   "Not Because Your Hair Is
Curly," and  "Somebody Lied," and every
other ridiculous stunt the gang could think
of. Esmathile, outr pia-noist, has provided
herself w\ith a fine reportoir of introdue-
tions and  rcestrations, and as, he knIwsl
every song ever published, and canl pla it
also you can imagine the comedy.a clever
cal inject in  an  act. No  one  recognizes
their introduction, no one is really trying
1 give a performance, the manager has
turned the house over to us and says if
he gets us out of here without burning the
theater down he will think     he is pretty
Poor De Coe missed six tricks yesterday.
utoglas and Sieipper aren't doing any hard
sloffat all. 'flhey' are loo busy listening to
floe Inttoi. Joe Kettler uses o sack o1
lour itt his act.  Sotene   (beliese me. it
swasn't moc) cut a hole in the sack of flour
today.  I wish you could have seen him
selten the flour started to hspil.  I  teard
hitn  say  someting switi ch  Sounded  very
mut1ocit 1lte lgtous.  crazy  actolsa, etc.
"Poor Joe,   titere are so  moalty  vacalnt
chairs in tle onomsteri 5  it is a shaine
or you to. jeo0pardize your peace of msintd
Is oui hae this teek."t  ut. Itonestly, I
think if is a shtame for the sintgle msen on
the bil1 to carry their wsives vith ttet.
W'ho do they stuppose is goitng to escort
tie sitgle  1otlo btsme, "when they are
afr aid to go boums in the dark."  No DeC05
didn't get married-he didn't even have a
chance to see his fiance after Tuesday, so
we wouldn't let him. There are too many
nice single girls itt thie profession for us
to permit any one ott the bill with us to
pay court to any town girls, so we side-
tracked  htis sweethteart  and  lite  doesnlt
knotv yet why sw. refuses to speak to hit.
Well Harry was the only single man in the
party and we n  eeded hilbo 1011  out the
card game.    Harry   Webb's trite left us
Saturday.  I wish she had gone sooner.
She nearly got ts all put out of this ho-
tel before she scent. I kntow nosw why Har-
ry Webb does such a clever turn-his wife
is Itis intspiration.
Yes, we had our pictures taken too. All
reading Show World. Even the beautiful
white horse, Columbus was reading one.
Te    torse is  shite and the Show  World
Is no dark horse in file race.  We msade
M iss Berthsa Grantt hold 15cr weatermtelon
in the picture. Some one suggested that I
hold the watermelon, but I would not have
anytthing so seedy or green either. Bessie
Motion has been abusing me shanoefully
all the week. She is jealous of my ward-
robe.  That is wlty she abuses me, and
that is why after sIe hadl been ironing for
ti ninutes in the d        eessing room, Pressing
little narrowe baby ribbon, exactly 84 ys..
and after she had it all finished (I acci-
dietally ott purpose dropped it in ts ewash
bowl)tosent    I  nmeano.   Ed.  Brentnans
stopped off in East St. Louis (on business)
ie visited the Aveneau theater and said
it was the most evenly balanced bill he
had ever seen. Well the bill might have
ien talaicec inl right, ut t1    actors-
you remnemtber   oe, don't' you?-so  tite
Five Columbans had besn with us. Wh.a
a dog's life we would have led Josh Dre-
no (the pride of tile critic's club, also the
biggest hit which ever played Terre Haute,
Itd.) tad Josh been sere.   I scant it dis
tinctly untderstood before going any far-
titer tltat none of us 11ad anythting to do
with the closing of this theater. Of course
it looks ery suspicious for the house to
close toe week see are htere, but tmaybe if
see hadn' t been hoere it wcould hsave closed
on Monday. but the iteelo is over ad 1osttt
one klnows when we will meet again. Sou-
venirs,  gifts  and  permanent   addresses
have been exchanged.     We have laughed
all week and sigh at parting, but seldom,
if ever, will we get on another bill like the
one just finished at the Aveneau theater in
East St. Louis.
Cliarlic Ailsitin says he Itas a friend whio
is so slow it took him a month to read
'Three WVe.''
Wsilo- thte Mery 'Widotw sitotw at tlse
colonial is all tloat the press antd ptublic
Claitt for it, it is 11 1 all together reasuo
ci for the argi  roodls totie  attetd that
popular place of amusement. Frank Buck
htas done wotdIrs toward inereasing the
atlndance. Mr. Buck not only cnjos the
o1eian of the theater going public, but the
warm  friendship of the profession which
Io so capably rep resents.
A\rthur 0. May reIates an am1using Otor
about his exnerience with a ,ircus.  'One
day while returning from   a parade, both
himself and horse, glittering in spangles
aInt1 plumoes he passed a dairky wIo was
having considerable difiulty in keeping his
Iorse in check. The horse capoered around
otttrageously10 TOItalit lthe 1 arky grabbed
thte horsesand after heatin  a choice lot
of profanity Ot him h    said.  'You fool
horse, you act Ilke you didn't hal any more
sense Clan one of de  circus horses.'
J1. C. Conly, former concesolonist with the
Robinson   Circus, also Sells-Gray  Circus,
writes that he has signed with the Van
Antiberg for the season   and   everything
around thte' circus seems prosperous.
Bessie Morton, farmous for her stunning
street costumtes was on a car the othee
day. Bessie tas drelssed it a coral pink
eown; tt  Iotr eing illed 50 11r  forced
to stand in the aisle niearly all te w-a.
Finally a seat was vacated and a gentle-
Irn slandittg ne'ar caslied heor atte'ntion to
the seat.  'No thona vou." said Bessie "I
woutd pref r to stand."  Aft'r se left the
car 1 pirefo wt   site had tof taken ths
vacant seat. Ss said, "What, me sit next
to that wom1an with a tlurple dress on. it
would kill mly gown."sa
Tos MeG-, the Mark Twain Kid, tells
an aniutg story about an experience out
in Idao wi h a stee   stand show.  They
al just   itad a a2-tile drive and arrived
ot a farm house about eight miles from the
towan where they were to appear.     They
stopped   for  dinner at a farm     house
While they tere eating a small boy came
fowotn to see twhat the excitentent -sthal al
the cro d tas there for.    Joe got into
Conversation  sit t ie  youngstes's  and
said, "Son  ou must saddle up Sou  hors
and come dowsn to Grangeville Saturday
Direct From The Manufacturer
For $1.25per rol in lots of a dozen or more
1567 Milwaukee Ave.         CHICAGO, ILL.
Write for Catalogue
flight and see It fine show." "No," the boy
replied, very meekly, "No thanks, I have
got a magic iantern myself."   Joe says no
wonder the show went broke.
Mile. Hilda, the elastic venus, is refusing
all kinds of offers from  circuses and is
,h ctly to retire fron ithe show business and
espouse fts simplie life.
I know what makes the Wells Brothers
so fat-it is because they have so many
good tilings to eat at their house. Their
sister, Dollie, has forgotten more about the
culinary art than lots of us over knew.
I ruin me watst line elery time I go to
their hsouse. Juist thinkl I am ill Buotte,
Mont., next we-ek w'Iere I will be with
her mother, and they say their mother is a
better Cook than Dollie is-I see My fintisih.
I'll never be able to do my heavy dance
at all.
Sitsce  writing  the  abose  have   just
heard that Barry DeCoe fell tonight wthile
going   through   his   performance    and
sprained a ligament--now   one of us will
get blamed for that.
George U. Stevenson. editor of the Chi-
cago Amusement Guide, referred the fol-
lowing letter to me: It is from    a stage
struck  girl in Davenport,    Ia.  I don't
blane her for weantintg to get out of that
tostn.  Anyhow   this is what she writes:
"I am  a girl of seventeen years and well
pleased with my home (Better stay in it,
then, sis), but I am talented in many ways
(too bad she didn't have some sense as
well), and Iny friends all adsise me to go
on the stage. I do the skirt, Spanish dance
and clog dance. I also was a teacher in
speaking.  I speak   the piece called the
Burning Ship, which has brought use many
prizes (many ships do).    I also sing.  I
lead the schools in all their songs and
sing very many before the public. I do all
kinds of trapeze work and acrobatic (out-
side of that she's all right). My home is
one of the pleasantest homes around, and
Imwould, if things sould peromit. takhoe my
moter with me    (better take your home
weith you fool.   M~y father is dead.   He
I; B
Absolutely Non-
Suitable for small thea
r tesandmovingpieture
shiows.h We carry
-  theIse chairsin stock
and can ship imme-
diately. Second
Rand Chairs. Also
Seating for Out-of
.Door Use.
Address Dept. S.
Grand Rapids, Mich.
was one of the finest undertakers in the
state of Iowa (he didn't bury all of the
dead ones before he died). I won a medal
(whatever that is) in Des Moines. I am a
brunette. Have ral dark eyes (I am glad
they are not artificial dark   eyes).  My
body is well proportioned (yott would do
fine in burlesque). I was also queen of a
carnival once (some carnivals don't care
who they have for queen).      I wish you
would write me as soon as you get this
and tell me some things in regard to stage
life (I could tell you some things in re-
gard to stage life, but experience is the
supposed to getshrd1 emfwypad harth ma
best teacher). How mucl are subretts sup-
posed to get (all they can) a week, and so
on. I got your address from    a friend of
your (George says no friend of his would
do that). He told me to write you. Hote
yoa vill ansswer soon, as I can hardly
wait to hear from you,
I wish all friends who intend to send
me an Easter    card   would  please  send
leather ones, as I am collecting them for a
drop curtain. Regards to all friends. Write
me care of THE SHOW WORLD.
Patentedin the U.  .August 31  1897.
Reissued Januaryl12, 1904.
All our subjects are with titles and bear our
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