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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Kenmore, Charles
Ringling Bros. open season in Chicago; World's Greatest Show is a marvel,   p. 6

Page 6

April 11, 1908,
Brilliant Spectacle Charms
Many Thousands
Shows inaugurated the season at the
Coliseum, Chicago, April 2, and the
performance given, even though it failed
to include the main thriller, that of an
altoobile turning a double somersault in
midair, amply supported the claims of so-
premacy advanced by the enterprising man-
Were I as proficient in the use of adjec-
tives as my friend James Jay Brady of the
Ringling press department, I might say
that the XVorld's Groatest is a stupendous,
surprising spectacle, a colossal combination
(of curious and curdling acts, a crazy car-
tnival of coomedy and-but what's the use?
Eight thousand men, women and children
applauded, cheered and laughed for more
than two hours, atsd if this may be termed
real appreciation, then the Ringlings and
their army of performers who did their ut-
most to please, did not fail of their mis-
Daring Act Thrills Public.
The piece do resistance, the death-daring
and danger-defying double somersault of an
automobile in which MIle. La Belle Roche
is seated, was seen for the first time in this
engagement on April 3, and I hereviLh re-
cord my protest against the continuation of
so eminently a daring act.   As for myself,
I hate to be shocked its thsis fashion and I
at willing to take my oath that ninety
peor cent of the audiences that fill the Coli-
seum feel as I do. I think the day of the
thriller in the circus is past. The old Ro-
mian spirit that glorified in feats of the sort
and evinced pleasure when death followed
and which cried "Die Habet" to the gladi-
ators when mercy should have been shown
the vanquished, is no longer dominant in
the blood of the twentieth century citizen.
We   go  to the  circus these days to be
amunsed aosd ave shudder at the gaunt Spec-
ter that looms in the background whes
these  "thrillers" come to the fore.   If I
had the deciding vote in this matter the
looping the loop and other death-defying
spe tacles would pass into the limbo of for-
getfulness forever and aye,
In the way of appointments and novelty,
the World's Greatest Shows easily holds
tate pre eirship.  There is a bewildering
arraN of acts and the numnber of peopnle en-
gagen is staggering. Tine costumes areonewv
,and thein ffect of the opening performance
was to iosopress tn soectator with tte toi-
laney  of   the  thing.    There  oere  three
rings and tovo stages and all wore occpied
simltaoeofsly tiroughout the evening so
that it kept one busy to keep track of tie
acts.  The   prodigality  displayed  by 01
Disgilgs in ois regard fully a     ittest tseir
enterprise and proved indispotaby tita  y te
term  "noarctns of the circas   world" ap-
plied to thee is nscond ripy term.
Opening    Display Magnificent.
After the eager crowd of sigtseers had
surged  through   the  menagerie, ynspcting
taoe myriad of nonders to be fognd therein;
wvheat tine Riosgling Brothsers' nmilitary thand,
under tite direction of Albert S. Swe'et, mad
itayed a iedley of pop lar airs of te day
and a yoong man n wth a voice of Bert
Morphian poerfulncess tad   sng   Schnool
Days, ten a sound of clarins news hard
from that nmysterious realm tloat lies in
back of tine crimsson curtaion.  The curtaino
hsared and six gorgeously garbed orufpet-
ers stopped out   into  Ohs limelight, fol-
lowed by a panoraic revies   of scenes and
incidents of te     days of Rose wen  s its
prime. It was a magnsificent spectacle aond
notently illstrated tie wonderfr eontrprise
of the grat sos.    The correctly costumed
rooers, clericals, heroes an literati of thes
eistory-ma    tcing epoch  swing  arnond th e
hippodrome   track, ma king  a pageant of
ispressivo  glitter.
I Leaned Forward, a Boy Again
Aftes ' the seall aroy dad fotond its aay
back of t   heiurain trebigbar   struck anto
a gayer tune    and  eight gleaming beinto
horses entered tine second ring. Under tlo
directi on   of  James  Dutton  tney   went
through   a series of deft   aeuvers tOal
could not fail to caro  tie pop-eyed spec-
tators. Mr. Dutton heandled the aigileoarnes
wint    a skill and grace accruing only to tie
finished shoavman and  hon the soectacuear
Inoestrian feature came to an   end a round
of merited nond inarty applause rewarded
lotis efforts.- As Mr. Dutton galloped off, a
ligo of sorerb manood in   is fresh blacko
nd lndTite costume, I as forcibly re Sinded
of a Greeke god.
The best cart of the circys, as far as
ng concerned,  ote ext  I refer to nHT oat
theg progranm  terms  '"T'he  thoree  greatest
rerds   of  perforaing  elenhants n  the
iod."  I love to natch pncydersn.    I
deligst to  vatnho  tho  snlong into tse i-
podrome track, mnarch in slowv and digonifiedi
possession to tineir respective rins, and
respond with evidenst good-svill to tine beck
and call of their trainer, Thseir antics,
their surprising emulation of human belongs,
and their mincing steps as thney strove to
dlance to tine gay airs, once sung by Span-
lsb troubadouors uonder thne casenmonts Of
tlneir dark-eyed lnanooratas, were convuols-
ing. As the thrtee herds of thnese agile and
intelligent giaonts struck plastic poses thoey
noighat have been so msany ebsony staotues,
carved by somne skoilled artisan in far-off
In tite first rns, ounder thne directioon of
James JIohnson, ion tite third unnder cooni-
mand of George Keene, aond ion thne center
circle under tbO msastershoip of Per'ot
dec. probably thne tost celebnrated herd ion
the world, cavorted, played they nvere rock-
ing horses, two-stepped to A Dot Tinme aond
retired far the evening when tne band broke
into Please Go 'Waty and tLet Me Sleep, It
is nothing Short Of ontarvelons 0C.t stace-'f
sagacity these brutes have reached under
the persistent training of M    tsir Jonson,
Keene, and Souder.
Skillful Mid-Air Performances.
The fourth display of the eveniTg coon-
sisted of a series of miand-ar perfornances of
skill, daring and endurance seldom suorpassed
within mny recollection. The double trapeze
act of the Wards, the swinging perch act
of Enma Cornalla and the Millets' feats o0
the double trapeze combined with the won-
derful Persian perch act of the Six Goleos
to keop one end of the huge Coliseum in
spellbound grip as the artists wont tirough
their seenning deliance of t1e laws of ns-
tuare. PI th e center ring the Aerial Smiths
contributed an act of supreme danger with
no net to guard them    in case of mnishap.
The Four Jordans in a splendid osire act;
De Mario, a marvelous aerial contortionist;
the Aerial Shaws in a double trapeze stunt
and the extremely difficult perch act of
Hechi and Ardo completed the display. The
conclusion of the variant acts was a signal
for an outburst of appreciation that carried
the performers out of the ring with the
welcome sound dinning in their ear-drumns.
Although a Californian by adoption there
is a great deal of the Kenatuckian in me.
Nothing fills me with more pleasure than
the sight of a beautifull thoroughbred under
the guidance of an accompiisiosletd horseman,
If it hnappetns to be a charmning wvomsan no
iolds the guiding ribbons my delight is
only enheightened.    Tie fifth  display, a
presentation of world famous equestrians,
filled the eye most agreably. The exhibi-
tions of graceful and daring riding were
topped off by fifty jesters of tine circus
world, those merry men of quip and jest,
bladder and papier nache novelties, who
swarmed over the track and worked hard
and earnestly for the laughs that greeted
tneir efforts tnd sallies. 'Te last nrord ins
connedy, the opitoono of clotso foononnakiong
and a mine of rich comedy, are some of tie
qualifying phrases that night be well ap-
plied to the band of indefatigable clowns
which includes George Hartzell, Al Miaco,
Jules Jonour, Carol Melvo, George Hartzell,
Jr., Max Dela, P. MIelvo, Frank     Morris
Johnnie Tripp, Al White, Roy MacDonnell
Xrilliam  Rice, Harry Wentworth. 11ig and
Little Casino, Billie Rant, Frank Sullivan,.
Ciris Li'ingotone, Charlv Sntis tine P'o-
sir Trio,  Bert Bertino, X-itnan 1-errond,
Harry Green, Three Mardos, Frank Shadle,
and Art Jarvis.
The carmdong extlinons of  Mass Van,
Enia Soleoony, te nreotnier ridr of Annr-
icon birthi, and   Miss 'Wenotort, created
a. anost favonable impsresson.  Dais' Ilnol-
gini, styled  'tIe greaest  soinan rider in
the world." gave a deoonstration of dili-
coall equestrianrisronwlln  for intrepidity bn
strengta is a   vonderf   exonale of feroni-
nine  accomsplishmneont.  Ms~ls  1-odgini ins-
creases tloc danger of Item act by avearing-
an een tne- costumad trogina    ubout.
raring Acrobatic Feats Offered,
Vacled ct   scular  acts  of extranrddonnry
interest to  e, and, I aa Snrs,  t  enoire
aundience. ws-re tine Europnean sensatilon of
e up-so   n-down bell ringer, Oh Marnsell,-
Marionez Troupe; thns unuosual feats of coon-
toreon of John Miller and Aougusad; tne
leand-stand   specialties  of the  Beleasont,
Belford aond McNally B~rothers; aond thne re-
mar ele contortivon act of Kieh  & 1-eomi.
tn addition Marguerite l  Haney appearod
in a series of dieut novelties and be
Paotos- Brothners offered startling featsI in-
eluding t e spectacle of tie soloy than ion
tine nord who walks e   pon  t sle andi lis
feature alone would relfy a visit to the
Other uniuarious and enjoyable acrobatic
acts Crle supplied by tne Prasit Trio;  or-
ton  ond Linder, a ist of fot on the Stori-
zoontal tbars; Carroll and Juodge Trio in bum-
nesyn gynanastic exploits;  ine aivingston
Trio o a nnithfnl ix-up on the  oMizorntal
bars, and tie Mardo Trio in a laughable
acrobnatic travesty.
A  spectacklar End dangoroas  ontest in
leaping ove' camels, elephants by a conn-
pany     of gymnastsr aended by Charles Belt,
thne  wvorld's  chamnpion  doulel-somersault
leaper, aas listed  ut wot held . T heleas"
however avers give   at surain que t perfomon-
ances and woo treir full Soane of apponval.
An   intenatantal exhoBtuonc of fFanos
saddle hoorses followsed. I Inane never be-
heli a prettier lot of inoo fiesta thans cn-
pilyed by John Ages Jack oeu and Miss
A. Jarvis, Robet Stice  g o   cnd Joon  e-
css, Tan coumedy relief I      tas loonishod Oy
fnihy Frankse      his e nd t om , Maod.
Otse   nique latestrinon fwat f hffemost
ntere Ctaris Clai in  n anang dungl1g
et einfoer ot iosebact,    oamna Stick.
noy un a fasciatinn" p udetieint not, at
Dains idandns sen   a. dur licatiot of Mr.
Clan1's toocks.  'fhn  progran Stated'o  that
Mr. Ctanrt sas Ingland's chsampnion.  1 ro
not diounO it fon a  mnsomnt as tots stnts
soeon' sionularly thrilling'.
A mnedley of traionedt hsrseo, tigs andr
dogs nnade sop thne twoelfths display. 'lThere
wee. mnarvelouslv toained onerformtogtomos
nder lne dreaction of John Age, a groat
companl in trote cannes   hino rnspondes
to thne conannand of Prof. Butckley, F:rank~
Ottadleas toutpe of intelligent ITos   ano
Lol Kferslake asnOh a gopo of eduocated lom-
clones. 00n thne cenoter ring, Biccooono, in
Cossack   Costumone,  preseonted  tO ''gonod-
naight"' horse, lois soife  nond  famaily  fromo
Boossia. Thne latter snore sone, nof tine mosot
inoteresting  exhnibitisons  p150  oln driong  tis
Tile Curzon Sisters Charin All.
I onosiotinsgly pronounace tine acet of thne
Conr-a Sisters at otnce tine, dalstlest. mnost
thnrilliong aond spectacular net of the noon-
tierftol aggregatlion of talent nontrolledi by
to.' 1linghling TBrotheso  My~s .opinioon is supt-
ported  by the   Chicago   press.  The two
pretty  girls, as  gracefully  slender as a
Sevres vass and as splendidly graceful as
young fawns, enter the    ring  in  evening
dress, boow  archly, unfurl their facts and
hang them, apparently by the ring, to a
vilvet cross-bar of their patented    appa-
ratus.  Then they take a firm     hold with
their testh on the seemingly fragile fans
and the cross-bar is elevated. Up near toe
-oaf of the great Coliseum  they Iang mo-
tionless, their slender satin bodies casting
great shadows against ftte slanting roof of
the building. Aft-  a wait that seems like
hours they remove their gloves and drop
them  to the tan 1-ark beneath, then by a
quick move they divest themselves of the
ball dresses and are revealed in another
charming gart, the lace, satin and frills Of
pages. The finale of tneir act is breath-
holding in its intensity.   It is an aerial
Loie Fuller act.    They wear voluminous
white China silk robes and when in the
aim, always suspended by their teeth, the
apparatus is revolved swiftly and the girls
fly out over the ring. Simultaneously eight
spotlights throw different houes upon them
and they soar around and around like gay
butterflies, a scintillating rain-bow  or an-
gels on a Christmas card.     The effect is
strikingly beautiful and the verve and nerve
ofthe young womnen elicited thunderous ap-
A series of thrilling equestrian acts con-
stituted display 13. I thought I had already
witnessed everything that could be done on
horseback, but the sensational double joc-
key act of Mr. and Mrs. Hoier Hobson,
the acrobatic riding act of Les Bastions,
and the bounding jockey act presented by
the Three Clarks disproved my belief.
Bicycle, vire and juggling acts next took
possesslon of the  rings and    the  duo of
stages.  Woods and Woods gave a terfono-
ance son thns Inlinh wvire, Sigonor Parry coon-
tributed a European balancing act, and Ar-
do presented an interesting barrel-dancing
specialty.  The Baker Troupe, a      distin-
guished family of bicycle riders, and the
Jackson Family, peerless artists in a di-
versity  of tricks, caused   the applause-
nakers 1o become exceedingly busy. At the
other end of the arena the Burtinos in a
wire net, Do    talo, a frog contortionist,
and 'J'nnha, a Japanese juggler. helid tie
antionlon at the spectatnors.
Euirope's 1('hampion Acrobats Perform.
I didn't   anor dshere  stees as many gonad
aItspans in tine aod as there ar  nithn tie
World's Greatest Shsows.  lThe graefunl aond
sorpeision exploits of the sangeen Troupe,
tie   harvetous acrobatics  of  t  e Beford
Faly, tne fascinatring  osping and jig-
gling Specialty of  ichni & Aleiget, tne 'le-
lMirz Golisis fromn tine court of line Stoats of
tamsia, hnd   re Eint Conalas foy    a
ointter of at   "pactions not to be despised.
A  riding act that is aigly inov l and
norn  ohile is toe cart-riding perfomnanc
Of tine Tlhrees ottons. Ir is refreshing ion
its ouiginality and    Mll  , caried out, Te
costuang is in especiarly good taste,
Antther frolic  ouy t he clwtn and theon ts
ick of tine  rd's aerilists  noT  gyri nasts
anonared to cause the spectators to uold
their bmeathe fole Oey hperfomed a     gyrisd
of dillican  casting rand  balhncinsg feats,
ne Jrdan   Baonily, tn   Alvarez  Troen
nod tie Grat Claronbans, all aerial soars,
mised their nces tit and agaen, and I
gave a sigh Of mallet when they finally
minded ion the big nets and were assisted to
tn  fain bace.  Up abo ve tof eansu ring
Ed Milert, costunnd ion gleaing silverand
awhits, gavo  a ponise-quickening  Inead-Inal-
nncing act of sing a   daring.
It bs inevitable  tia all goad things tust
comne to non end, Joist the samen every circuos
must oavo   its thippodmne  features. tine
olly coonested     trials of speed and s il .
Tioc roughs midingby John Ages; tinsdouble-
andea turdle race y with Json Foley and
Nola      M Sat arfield   "up";  tes pretty  pony
stesslctasn; the clowvn mace wsihn Shetliand
ponnies  tithed to carts and driven    at a
turiots pace by John Mtiler, Thsomnas Rob-
eos, and Geo    el Starr; tins  boys' jocfkey
ace, thrse ioes arund the trace- on fast
thoroughnbreds idden by Johon Tripp, Steno-
art Bowterield, ("Popnk cs   Ed. Halmler
tird Johnn  morce; tin R.handicap   coursimng
cintest a- tsie bleet   m   aipp ge macSlg dog;-
oe Rinain standing   ace,  vtis, Miss Jarvis
anw Yrksrs. Broco and Jarvis as the ion-
lrelpid  iners, and tHine tenic fou -orse
Fondi caiot race nIt   Joon Shaer nnd
,Jaeck Foley drivling; alt of tise eveonts
ros; Jiay Senjoyale an  d served as no
mniog clinar to  n eening of pleasre as
nSd on       eincr-th   e wormole'tho  is To  (
tills truthofunll  ainnnounce, '"constituting  no
scn-e  of unnparmaleled anti uinapproachnable'
shahendr.''  Andl I still mnaion tinat tine
n-incas odlor bs tne mnost ionfatualiong odor boa
nil ttc world, all tine marest percmess of
An-alia 0o tins coontrary onotwilthnstndring.
Many Notables P'resent.
Aknnong tiensomted persons present nwere:
GleorgcAde; Ethel Robinson, mnanagr fair
olartneont XWestern Vaudeville Mainagemo'
Assn.; George Bloisteon, Pines. Courier Lilha
ographn fo. Buoffalo, N. V.,; J. P. Fagn'
genroo ratilroad contractor XVaiiacs-Han-
teecl shnow; Cat. n"Popcoron") Gee. Hail, no-
tired cirtoo mail;on Av. N. Macdonald, formaer
seclta00  nat Bonumon  & Bailey showv  Darn
Fisitslt associat, g-sneraI mannager Soulno-an-
O'oonsodnloon nctoout; TI. K. Olis, capitalist,
Newo Yook; Moo. Doctor ). Mt. Ottos, Sprtong-
Oletol, Ill.' 0100. H. Hionesnl wvife; George
F. Daonovan Stan C. Haller; Ed. C. Kutln
geon11oral agent Cole Bros. Shows; Cloas. B.
Fredericks, cnnemab mnanager Boaal Iondoorn
Cr'cus; Jate So nad, XWestern Vatotlle
Mainagers' Aoson.  Dave   Levis, polociong
onnatecr; Xoltanin  Mcfarthyv, toormerha  off-
,,,  of -  lC r a     Setott b-ls Sl o S oo
Acts are Numerous, Varied
and Entertaining.
Loftis; Frederick Loomis; Mrs. W. H. Har-
ris and daughter, Mrs. C. C. Wilson; John
C. Prince, Chicago manager of the New
York   Clipper; Frank TVeisberg, Chicago
manager Variety; J. Fred Given, mansr
Powers' Opera house, Decatur, Ill.; Paul D.p
Howse, general manager White City, Chi-
cago; Aaron J. Jones; Peter Schaefer; Adolp  I
Linick; N. P. Valerius, V. P. and Treas.
and W. H. Johnson, Secy., Riverview Park,
Chicago; C. E. McIntyre, of Gollmlar Bio. I
shows; A. Frank, of Rector's, Chicago; Col.
H. E. Allott; George Atkinson; Postmaster
Daniel Campbell; Asst. Chief of Police Her-
man F. Schuettler; AId. George F. Har
ing; Gregory Thornton Van Metre; Ald.
John J. Coughlin, author of Dear Midnight
of Love; Ad. Michael Kenna; P. Hd. Grimest
former assistant attorney general Felix J.
Streyckmans; Scott Brown, circus traffic
manager for C. & N. W. Ry.; Congressman
Charles McGavin; George E. Scott, of Scott
Transfer Co.; Arch M. Donaldson, of Don-
aldson Lithograph Co., Newport, Ky.; O.L.
Hall, dramatic editor of Chicago Journal;
Frank X. Finnigan, dramatic editor Chicago
Examiner; W. E. Bell, Gen. Supt. Anteri-
can District & Telegraph Co.; Geo. U. Stev-
enson, editor and publisher Chicago Amuse-
ment Guide; M. S. Bodkin, formerly with
Barnum & Bailey show; Mr. and Mrs. Ker-
ry Meagher; Joln Snater, of Goltnar Brs.
shsows; Charles Jordan, manager Centtral
Printing & Engraving Co.; E. Worthington
Butts, General Western Representative Mor-
gan Lithograph Co.; Abe Klee; Frank Al-
berts, director of publicity, White City,Chi-
cago; Will Kilroy, theatrical manager; Ed.
IV. Rowland and Edwin Clifford, of the
Rowland   &   Clifford  enterprises; James
Wingfield, advertising agent Grand Opera
house, Chicago; Paul Goudron, manager
Sullivan & Considine; Frank Gazzolo of
elimr & Gazzolo Amusemewt Cs.; Leo V.
Roeder .and Oscar C. Miller; Edwiard Asi-
derson, theatrical manager; Charles Bell,of
the Gollmar Bros. show; Harry Clifton; tD.
W. Tate; R. B. Pearson ("Idaho Bill";:
Edward Hayman      of Western   Vaudeville
Managers' Assn., and "Rube" Newton.
Eugene Cline
57 Dearborn St.,
Edison Phonographs
Edison Gold Moulded Records
A     P~           Professional
D                             Ipeople to try
a Namety Suit or Overcoat. indi-
vidual tailoring my specialty.
LOUISNAMTY 167 Dearborn
LO    I    NA      -* -       Street

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