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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Raymond, Edward
Raymond's weekly budget: professional news and comments,   p. 5

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ELLIE   REELL     is in bad.   East St.
Louis is no place for a nervous twoman.
I a   in receipt of the following let-
ter:Dear Sir:-In the namo of suffering hu-
Inanity, I writoe thseoe few' liies.  Please,
Please, DOUBLE PLEASE, take that special
refresentative, Nellie Revell, put her in a
coe, in your your office and don't let her
out until you are sure she is safe. In her
Present state of mind she is liable to do
somione injury.  She, with the assistance
of other people onl the bill, have made the
hotel, theater and telephone exchange look
and sound like a home for the insane. She
has broken all of the rules of the house,
all of the liganments of the actors, and
,early all of the commandments. The tele-
phone wires have been kept so hot that
there is at present ass extra force of line-
men at work  splicing  them, where they
horned off.  (Ask her wiat she was doing
talking so much.)   Instead of thein regu-
lar music, the leader Plays a medley for
the diffrent acts, and all on her account.
Asthe result of these actions, there will be
moving picturs shown in the theater in-
otead of vaudeville.  Actors trill have to
hare referncces to show   before they can
get a coo at the littel, and instead of
ive cents toll out the telephone, the oper-
ator asks, what is your business?    If you
say actor, she says the line is and will be
busy all day. Your prompt attention to this
matter toill favor. Yours truly, Royal Ho-I
tel, by Johnson, Harry L,. Webb and Wife,
Chas. Gorham, L. E. Lund, Esnathilde, Ada
Somerville, Colutubus says to ie, Douglas
and D gs, Beossileoron, tHarry DeCoe,
j. If:. Keclct, Burt and Beetha Om ant.
'p. S.-Wi'e will say in her behalf, should
anyone inquire for a cure fir the blues,
sod Nelie.   She is 'it     linore porr to
yus Nell, the pride of Camscron Junction.'
* *   *
Ilocef Holmsan, ''This Man ill Boed,'' cc-
cealy  droped into cile CclstI tieater i
nJosepho li., just il time to prevent
IcittI cict out of t Iseansal.
'Who booked you here?" asked Fred
'Pincus," replied Iarry.
Crosmana said he kewco nothing of it, but
Holmans declared he had the -contract in
Isis trunk, owhich had not arrived.
After the first show  lthe performer ad-
mited that he had not been booked at the
Crystal and informed tle miansgecit tht
having -in open tweek, he had taken that
means of showing the act to Crosuan.t- As
a result "The lan in Red" was booked
on cite spot for twenty weeks and is now
littig 'cut hcrc vith  his freshly manu-
Iscticed moneogue.
.  *  *
Joe Whitchead, onba closcd at the La
Sale thetel reatly tvith se Girl  ies-
toe, still specs April 20 it Neor TYnrc, to
assnmi te principal csomdy part in one
of tie musical comedy successes itow tt unii-
luncg sic Broacites.
niso BIlcovall  of Nolet and Marshall,
Whieose originaliest ins  sessin  hacounts  as
ic' 05e lhargeof asocts of thi' adt, hs
invested in a quantity   of rhinestones to
be set in the heels of her slippers.    She
will be known hereafter as The Girl with
the Diamond Heels.
Mile. Sommervills   and   Columbus, her
dancing horse, is booked at Dreamland park,
Coney Island, for the entire summer.
Archie Lockridg e, of the D'Ormond-Fullor
conc cenipsay, ad lis Jennie lMcAIine,
Atlck just clss-c oith he Hs chsinson-Lusby
omipany in fthe Girl Untame, toe     cas
ried in hllas, Tex., recontly.
D' ArsIle  Sisters, Tec Firenclu  Fening
flirts ccii au-cOr  toturing liiriigan sith titans
suces, sparo ao    lense in making their
act beatiful.  The- cae just gurchased
three reespce andl coolly changes of coo-
tume.            eee
Bay Baoso, tvob is almost a newcomer
tonlice piroftess, line to-io issohioton sur-
prising tolent as a Hebrew   comedian, has
been compelled to close ovith the Stanley
show oi account of illness and trill return
t his home in Detroit.
C. A   Harnois, manager ef the Union
theater at, Missoula, Mont., expects to soon
break ground for the erection of a brand
new theater in that city, which he expects
will be ready to open in the fall. The now
house will have a seating capacity of 1,100,
and trill book Northwestern Theatrical as-
sociation attractions, probably  opening  to
one of John Cort's productions.
James J. Corbe-tt r eently hail Is tceu-
Tis Jn     b          tin t
ietogetting fromu  Butte to Hlensai
time to spec at lthe litansa capital.  He
ligered in the copper city, visiting  with
friends, and finally started fo  Helena in
t a. Larlgey's big   touring  cam,   They
moade es~enct tints until tomts ten atices
from Butte, tohen, owing to a heavy snow-
storms twhich  blinded  the  chauffeur, the
big   'ill" begai to travel aimlessly over
all sorts of obstructions, finally  dropping
Into a shallow  prespect hole near Wood-
Ville. After auch  trouble a farier was
found, who with the asistance of his six
horses wtas able to start the machine on
its way, lir. CorbOtt barely   arriving  at
hIelena in time for the performance.
James Dutton, who has been ring master
for the Past tnn years witlt the John Robun-
son tshow  and  is this year   one of the
Special festurs with the Ringling circus,
is to be congratulated   for originality in
Putting on tie triple trap carring act which
rd I
he presents. He was assisted in a charming
and graceful manner by Winnie Van and
Miss Adaline.
Robert Rogers    bumped the . bumps     at
Terre  laute, Ind., April 1. The fiery un-
taned goat of the Elks was turned loose
and what it did to Bob was plenty. Dame
rumor has it that Mrs. Rogers' right arm
is lame front using the witch hazel.
Bert Wiggin    with  "All Right" packed
snugly in a suit case left for San Fran-
cisco the first to open on the Western States
circuit. It's a good thing that Bert is not
superstitious, as lie started April fool's day
and opens the thirteenth.
Joe Curzon made me a friendly call be-
fore he conmmenced the erection of ap-
paratus for the Curzon Sisters, who ttero
engaged as an extra attraction for the
Coliseum  engagement of the Ringling show.
Joe was jubilant over securing a restrain-
ing order and an injunction against the La
Frere Sisters, keeping them from infring-
insg on his patents for the revolving ap-
caratus used in the flying   butterfly.  The
Curzon Sisters, while on the Orphoum     Cir-
nit during the   itoitr creat-d a sensation
hy their wonderful tosirk.   The   had the
pleasure of mingling in California society,
where their collego education and real re-
Inencent seemed to be a surprise to the
o s 5- '001,
Alice B. Hawley, wvho recently closed as
leading swoian witilt E. J. Carpenter's At
Cripple Creek conpany, joined W. F. Mann's
Cots- Putsser shw this wetck. Mis nHa-
icy h ill 1sr cte Iart of tic  Mexican girl.
Freti Mtiller, owto tics iteect identified onush
rtse N. J. Carplenter attractions for a unis
her, of Years, still ti seasocs have cite
management of WV. F. Mann's Tempest and
Sunshine eastern company.
Harrison Stewart, s1o for the past fete
seasoits, has betit pinucipal coceans at
the Pekin stock, clostd stith Ianager Motts
last oeek. Mr. Stewirt wtll enter the vau-
deville field niter the management of J.
D. Riley.
Harry Green, star of the Eli &        Jane,
company, has     been  engaged    as  special
coiedy feature for the Ringling Bros. cir-
Gaynell Everett, wsho has been showing a
iretty electrical novelty act in connection
siith ier clever dancing speciiity ot  the
Sullivant & Considee tircit, sill otsn  ie
s cotid oreele at tics Not-Icy theater, Den-
ver, in May, writh a sketch wsritten by her
hsbance,  vitlians  Erctii, sr~tcls lie trill
call 'A   Pair of Jc1s.'    'he  team   sill
lie kriowns as Nt-retit sicd Et'lard.   Thsey
have seven   eeks of Pittiman time to fol-
low  the DUivor engagient.
Die  P. Sutton, of Butte.     lont., still
shortly start ouit Isis t-cit shctos  comtspanyo
ii Is special ci. 'The conpany still co
psrise probiably fiftccii or t, ltll lietitle, ccitt
trill be under the managent of Chester
Gillette, who handled the enterprise last
Miss Rilla TWillard, wsho is touring the
Dakotas with the Harold Nelson Shakes-
tearean company, writes that they are pla-
ingt to good houses at good prices and are
having a fine trip, making from     three to
ten-night stands.
J. Alltort Dawson, mian-iger of the Na-
tional stockc company, writcs;
After being off the road for two seasons,
dTuring which time I have been sith other
attractions, I nsav again organized tho old
reliable National cleric cotaipany foraq spring
tour of fourteen weeks. After that osill play
sucimor stock at Petos1ey, Mich. thep our
Irgolar fall anti orIater season. (Company
all betired solid for 1908-9. This owill maake
our fourteenth year of success. This year
woe hate in our repertoire the follsoing
pta>ys: Lights of Chicago, Little Duchsess,
Under Two Flags, The Red Cat, At Temple
Valley, East Lynne, Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde, California, atrd the folloswing   well
known    favorites,  Viola  Radley,   Gladys
George, May Treat, Rolla, Alice Lloor, Clair
Annis, Otis Eaton, John Odell, Gabe Na-
than, Billy Spoouts, and J. Albert Dawson,
proprietor and manager.
William  T. Brown writes: "Have signed
for the uisual tour of the Henry Dickson
company of players, and opn at Racine.
Wis., April 2, being our first jump on a
Ithree months booking throucih the north-
seest and Canada. lye are piutting uip rtse
series of  igl-clas- plays ionludiug 1iche-
lieu, Doist 'fell lit 'iA Vf--. Dr. JIicsi  otti
Air. Ilydo, Root Lynne, Dora Thorns, The
King's Wager, a play stritten by our main-
ager.   Besides several other soell known
comedies acti fctarees sse arc inialcig a sp
cia1 pnoduccimit cit 99, a pilay" striitots by
Hentry Dickson, our  leading stan, founded
oa Victor Iugo's greatest isork. Les Mise-
Our roster consists   of Ilenrv  Dickson ,
Robert Voightiann,    Joln  Nigney, JudId
Benton, C. Jefferson, Eltar Russell, larie
Vilbur, Leafie Ilyland, laud Palmer, Ter-
rell and Imaigene courtleigh in the leading
toles.  We carry strong specialty acts in-
cludinug Nanc>  Rice, harpist, vocalist and
dancer; Roy C. Dycert, munsical black face
act; liss laud Palmer    er rll, piano mon-
ologist and Carmeia Jefferson, the female
impersonator. Bob Anson takes charge of
lighting effects and properties, while the
whole coupancy is untdr tle management of
Harry Clark.
Many Are Engaged for Eusopean Tour
This Year.
Front all indications it is apparent that
Col. Frederick T. Cummins will take back to
England with him a large number of meritor-
tous attractions for White City. Manchester,
New   Brighton Tower Park, Liverpool, and
Cummins' Wild West anI Indian Congress,
which is to he a Ieading feature at these
resorts, to be followed by a tour of southern
France in the fall. Last week the Colonel
was quite busy purchasing supplies and ar-
ranging with the various Indian tribes in
the West.
The English enterprises with which Col.
Cucmcmins is interested are attracting world-
wide attention, and it ntust be particularly
gratifying to all American showmen to know
that the exploitations being made under the
direction of John Calvin Brown are meeting
with eminent success.
In view of the fact that the European tours
of the Buffalo Bill show have always proven
tremendously successful, and that Englishmen
are inten-ely interested in exhibitions por-
traying life on the plains of America, it is
only fair to presume that the Cummins Wild
West and Indian Congress, embracing as it
will twelve of the leading tribes with their
native dances, sports, pastimes and sacred
feasts, will be welcomed with open arms by
Armed with unlimited financial credit, Col.
Cummins informs THE SHOW WORLD that
he is sparing no tains or expense in assem-
bling the features for his big show in Europe.
Alfred TVitzenhuusen Discusses Con-
ditions as He Found Thenn.
Alfred TWitzenhauscn, for the past twelve
eat-rs down-towrn ticket ianager for the
hinliin g Brother"  World's Greatest Shotss.
returned to America list s-eek after spend-
ing the winter months on the continent.
While abroad Mr. Witzeonhause visited the
principal cities of Europe, including Berlin
atni 1M-tl rig, maicg his e-adotartrs for
a   itiitec-alc itt-iod at Heideilberg.
During a call at the Chicago oflcer of
THtE enttW          DORL,  sr. \itzenlausen
stated that aidnment cooditons are Prost
exctent in   srmay, anti  vsdetille cen-
fai ls treAmeridous patronag. 'lie p-oj- ',
Tain oft  foi   pictures is also an imorictant
factor in the aproelcatimn     of f  tertamerint
in the Kaiser's totait.    It is a tot-bte
fact tsee Atoerican   acts  its mr at favor
rits ermai audrises, and mans French
and other foreign artists adopt Amtertican
nanmes, and appear, as Atnericati offeringt
ott the proghatr.
Mr. Witzenhausen says that       the opinion
iith seems to liresit i t  'sries tHat
prices of a       heission arc loanr il i'rtaent
is errhtteous, arni that as a iatter ho fact
tse  are sigher tian rharged of  A SiWai
faisetille tieters.
Et-, Witnenhausen has eassmed his oi-
Thon silio tie Bittise Brother, Sitons Ha
isee  inrPoture of  wieth, and it is ctparit
that his sojoFr oo the oth.r sie a,  ten
of iiictstnalle betnefit to Isitt its etcei stnt>-3
Otoi ttitn  that  tleased  re gres r Ite
sorts ''vas the rais  growth of THeE Sft)0W
IOlni.D ih  crpiay, as  purchared bp ste
nets statnds (kioscs0 Norts iinsilm  te
fact trst  ne a0ies I receivsted  t e a t  stA
t few soeho oeet, of crooe, I seas attic T
scep i tbutie stb Aa ericaouetttet-tt l ift
fairs at all times,"
Eat   husig Altn, Ill., Mreotger atil Pro-
omoter wlrls A       useient Eofuiprise.
The Illinois Atausesnst Associatiots has
en i     vcorpiorated  hailt a cafitl  stork of
$2,000.  The incorporaors are:  ,h it. San-
vae, F F. Ferguson od Hv. S. Basr Te
asrocistio is forkiti to ciai siaiutu re-
eanrts ond theaters trosheout the O stiea
Illinois. The rompsi  sas porchased pro-
ew- at Alton fi o 0, 1      s000, 2 and  2l 5 sseti
atoll erect an airdota, rite sae to   fro a
stage 60x-0 feet, toith S0-foot height. th
stage Itill be sample to produce the largest
aerial arts,  The site is oa the side of a
Isill, ths tiakis g , ile  esort lnture's air-
dome. ft till have a capacity of  ,000, od
trill o opened o or atout eitay aon Atl-
vaudeville booked by the Western     makde-
silet anager' Assrciation.
W. lit. Sauvage, the promsoter, has hrcii
identified svith the theatrical field for srvent
teen years, and every venture aie has di
hcas beettsucesesfut.  PTe aot on1Yly asace
the Teple theater, ssis h is appe legigtiat-
house at Alton, playisg all the Isigh-elcis
attracton, but tle aLyia theator,  eotun
exclusively to vaudetile.  He  so Feifthae.
ocn Sittings Park ani Piasa Chariltau     ,
and is owner of sotac of the largest sLiea-
boats on the lissisWshi, rntnig cotiu-
ouslyduring the excursion season four posts.
itit capacities of  N0, 1.000, 2,000 snt 2.100
asnte.2o,. These steamboats arc ruln frti
Srds Mto Isis su   mr resorts, anti being
tntrested in the boat lines as cit as the
i-coots maktes his ventures quite sure ssful.
resides this, lice otwns and controls the %AF.
f. Sauvage Advertising & Bilpostiig C H.,
hich a ers cite entire territor around At
n pithin a radius of fifty nnalrs, aking
it possille for, sim to bill his nmanv atirac
tioss at a small cxponsc.     Mrt. Squaeag's
represetatises are the Ilestccii Vanei'sill
lianagers' Association, Chicago, autila1c &
Erlanger, and Stair & Havilit, Nesv York
City.                   __
Ethel Levy lReturns to Vauldev ille.
Bttri Lcsy, st-Io is nioss  appesaring twith
Sats Berttrd its Neatly a Htero, ANsill retorts
to satiristtie at Keith & Proctor's F'ifth
Asvesue cheater, Nese Yong, onl April 20.
Laura Jean Libby's Activities.
it is on recordl at tle office of lice, Libta-
rian of tCongss at Washsington that Lauira
Jean L~ibby has entered the isatiuser iots for
copyrig'it of thirteetn Plays betweens Jati. 21
sand Feb. 27.  Boss, then. get in line, liAtr.
Weidcs. lir, Blaney, lilt. Suillivan, lit. hit-
tratlial, Miessrs. Nance & Sullivan. i  os
0-ois1-mel & Clifford, liti. Carter', Mr. Hi
ciind sits otlsers toho Acisis to takce a csstie
and pick a winner.
H7 A e-
For the best ideas for
ne w moving picture
films --- feature films,
that must be as great as
my OWDr e x clusi1ve
"Great Goebel Trag-
edy. Mydeskispiled'A
high every day with
letters from exhibitors
who have entered this
contest. If you'd like
to pick up a nice little
pot of money for an
idea and you don't
know all the particu-
lrTS of the contest,
write to me today'
that I am the only man
on earth who has the
bi film the
AGreat Goebel Tragedy,"
the feature film of the
*I ya It's all min  A
licensed manufacturer
1 makes allmy copies for
Oe me  andformealone.
That's why my com-
petitors will knock it
to death if you ask
them for itthey can't
get it for love or
money. Don't mind /
their personal letterse
and their knocks, but
get in on this big
money-maker - and
get in NOW!
196=198 Lake Street,
Evansville, Ind. Main and Sixth Sts.
- Memphis, Tenn. 78 South Front St.
Omaha, Neb.  800 Brandeis Blk.
April 11, 1908.

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