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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Kenmore, Charles
Fair attractions at Chicago theaters,   p. 4

Vaudeville,   p. 4

Page 4

Rose of the Rancho Cheap
Chromo in Gilt Frame.
T   HE   arrival of France  Starr in The
j             1-lth   ait uctsr
R Iose of the Hunc-ho at the Garrick
stas the sole event of import among
tle Chicago theaters last week. Dilly
Van returned to tih- Great Northern to do-
light his following, appearing in the titular
role of Patsy in Polities.   At the stock
and melodramsa houses the usual change of
program   wcas stisfactority  accomplished.
The vaudeville sensation of the week was
the advent of Anna Eva Fay at the Mia-
jestic, where a bill of excellence was pre-
Belasco Play at the Garrick.
That DavidT Belasco is at once the best
stage carpenter and the worst playwyright
in America was demonstrated whoen The
Nose of the Rancho vas presented for the
first time in Chicago at the Garrick theater
last week. Unfortunately, Mr. B-lasco does
not aspire to honors as a stage carpenter,
hut aimss to pass into history as the great-
est playwright of his age. In a sense he
may do so, but if the indiscriminate use of
other people's brains and ideas may bring
enduring Lame to any man, then will David
Belasce  occupy the premier place in the
sltl of famae.
h'fe Rose of the Rancho is one of the
prettiest stage pictures ever brought to the
attention of the public" but as a play-well.
the least said of it the better. It is essen-
tially a Belasco production-a cheap chrome
its a rich gilt frame, to horrow the expres-
sion of a leading dramatic critic.     The
story is seas as watrt, the characteriza-
tions carved in wvood wyith atn axc' the situ-
ation awkward, inartistic and amateurish
and the mise en scene lamentably boresome.
None of the speeches rang true. but to
the contrary their artificiality impressed
all sith the shadoivy lightness ant allow
mockery of the real thing. But the stage
pictssres-ah, there Is swhore the mechsanical
toInd  of Belasco displays genius.   They
atone for the shiortcomings of the play
tself and account in a measure for the
remarkable circumostance that a  play  so
radically ivonk  a the Nose of the Nancho
should have ]told the boards in Nesw York
for two seasons. T'ere it not for the superb
staging of the play, I venture to say that
it would not last three consecutive nights
in Chicago.   As it is. the play will not
score the hit expected of it in the city
byh the lake.
As to Frances Starr, who is hailed as
ansother Belasco discovery, I am   willing
to concede that she possesses a certain
amount of ability and charm, but she is
oo yout   an   imimiature to carry stellar
Ionors, even under the Belasco patronage.
The master stage magician-mechanic-car-
penter has not provided her with suitable
material in The Rose of the Rancho and
whtsile Miss Starr shows that in time she
msay becoue an actress of power, she is
s-riously handicapped in this production.
Sie is pretty and charming and she dis-
lays a certain amount of genius as an
actress. She is a Californian like myself,
but even loyalt to my state forbids the
utterance of an untruth. Miss Starr is not
s-t a tar and a season or two in sotme
ULYSSES DAVIS produced his now coim-
edy-dramsatic sketch, A   Night With
the Devil, at the Star theater, Chicago
tsco wvees ago. The highly not-el and
interesting  act  scored  an  instantaneous
success with the auditors, despite the fact
that some of the complicated light effects
refused ho iort  ith the ease that suhse-
quent performabces t     it isoe perfect. The
setting is a handsote dra -ing room  and
the services of two pcople, hesides Mr. Da-
vis are enlisted. Tea  t isThighlydramatic
bust is relieved hytisottents of comedy- wvhichi
estahlcsc   a fine  alanece of grave and gay.
The worik of Mr. Dasso as M      rphisto D as
excellent throughout, displaytug ahity and
discretion. T e   s   Yppoating copakiy as of
heter  uaditn tan is usuall  found in -an-
coville. A Night stil the Desth eill mate
a lit on anr l becse it is oi of tte
ordissary anid entertaining. It runss ahout
afe-rto stinite
Edard Dais   afotires minister clas rtise
headliner at tte Osohes    theater, Broo -
tin. last Feel in a little plas  of Isis oin
vdritingl The  'nmask ill Thheplayret ias
accorded  a cordial pece    aon ty  the audi-
nts medo lied the suetch and Mro Dats
acting. Y
Char les tennan  the Ysee Fatkis is In
London   withe its sTie     spendind atsehe1
wee    os s sightaoeig  Mr. Reina  at p
alt the leading vauevi e thoates   i lit
cuntry Shere his cntas ot ctea ii-at
of hotf tGe press and t lic. Setciat Swns
from  production tmantagers are ssnds-ecn
sideration hy Ms. Henna forsoext seosnd
an offer to star him is The Yank-e F'akir.
sits etlooration sif lila preset spsectits, is
msost likly  to 555cct isith Isis abuprosal.
Trixie FrIganza. at present pltusite in
s-asidesitle in the cast, isill he the torisipat
comeienne of 's muis-cat plas, as y-s tin-
paused, ishich Ise Stoulocts stilt torodusce at
the tyric theater, Nest Yotk, this summetnr.
Schatz & OStanson, "those tuso Isids." ap-
peared in their act, The Coltap Kid, at the
Virginia  tiCat-i.  Chicrgo,  recesntly  atnd
sWere  must  Lasusalis  received.  Sitiging,
lancing ant imsitatios combrse the act.
Artetlie Schastr, coolsihutes a clever Imalta-
tion of Geotge Cohsan, asad Hazel Stwanson,
fin"  inck -onioany  Pould give her work PBronaugh a     attractive boy and  le Gaff-
the artistii inish it nost lacks.         ney a   good  Poooea.   Tutol-y  Birch  as
I ohoutl   like to dissect the plla-, bout I  Glahlro teas thoroughly excellent.
dta-ce snit rilsk boring my readers. When I  The staging, under the direction of Colin
sa- that it is as had os TheC Girl From    Camsollet, was up to the high standard
tlo Colden t est. I say all that is required. maintained at this playhouse.
Pretty stage pictures are well enough in      Potty Primrose engaged the attention of
a tway, but the theater-going public are   tePosy    Tmple engaged  te ao    ofa
buncored  woofullv- when  they  pay   their  th  Bush Temple players. The play was
iioney for the Bolas- n  tato pere"   r  well liked and well played. At tle Old
sistoy fr io  Neaso"atmosphere'' atone.  Cruoss Roads wsva  the 'hilt at the tiarlotyc.
They want something that appeals to the      t prov ed s     one of the  oost t Mowesar
li-art as wll as the eye and in The Rose   offerisgs dto thee seuon.  At the C-ir s
of the Rancho thv don't get their money's                                        com-
wyort.  Charkc Richmano , who is a clever   petoosatisfaction  Of tre vlietinle of ctat
actor. knows that te wearies his audience  playhouse.
with the stiff Belasco has provided, but                                .
lie Prins and hears it like a Trojan. The          At the Homes of Melodrama.
comoany is large and many of the support    May H-osmer returned to Chicago after
are sutterl- vssles  as far as tha develop-  a long absence and presented Sapho at
mient of the plot is coinosrned. Thy serve  the Columbus with large audiences attend-
to fill in the pictires., however, and here ing throughout the week.  Francis Boggs
they shinc.                                appeared as her leading man weith a com-
Bil!y Van in Music Play.            petent cormpany assisting.  The Dresnta-
Patsy in 'Politics, Rilly Van", mui'al tion of the love of Fannie LeoGrand for
fre, has been in   Chicago quite n. foa   oTein Gaussin proved a tale of absorbing
times., ht the reception  iccorded it at   interesto  the Columbus patrons.
the Great Northern last week demonstrated     Not to be outdone, The Acadmy re
patently that Mr. Van does nut need a rest-  v    anotaer ant   ,tillast  n   tt
offering ts delighot the patrons of Ithat Ivith a. htearty recepotion, tirovinez that it
theater. The bundle of nsoise. munsic Las   stilt retains its pristine potontry.   The
init  and  unis san received w-ith erisdent  drama was Dla-ed by a company of average
sign  of tleasure and satns wer nowhere     moerit and the scenic mountings were taste-
in evidence. George Totten Smith. aothor   fL
of Patsy, hias freshened up the libretto,     It's Never Too Late to Mend was the
new sose  have been interpolated and the  Attraction at the Bliou.   The niece is a
siole production is strictli up-to-date. Rose  thriller written in Owen Davis' best, or
Beaumont   oncle a dishing leadin  lady, worst, style.  A  number of scenic effects
possessing sility. both as a singer and a  proved ncessary for the plot and the boy-
comedlieone of daintin .  The work of the  itable appeal to the gallery drew down the
1Zig ohoris, which included  . number of   usual applue ipon the heads of a fair
portl pretty faces, was one of the appre-  Company.   The electric and scenic effects
ciated features of toc entertainment.       sare startling in their realiss.
At th  Sto]  U-~es.Since Nellie -Went Awcay isuavr- sad
At fAne   Rutlkese,            thing,  It rents humtan emotion in tstang,
ByAn  Rtede.lut necertlieleos             pleases  migtstily.  This
The sdefeetin of tie of   tte principals  Curse of Drin k held th  oe ords at the
at the Bush Temple nnd College theaters    Alhambra and drew     large audiences.  P.
caused n stir amon the neighborlod lov-  Aug. Anderson was the chief player.
,,r, of the drama list s--kl. James DPerkin.-
leading tats of the Pat"onst  s.teels  ompanv.  Ethel Barrynore Comes to Power's.
cats sriously ill, beinc  threatened with     Ethel Barrymsore and Viola Allen are the
pneuion, and   Adelaide Koim, leading   important newcomers of this week.     Miss
swco-  at the Rush Temple. was kept out  Barrore opened her engagement at Pow-
of the east by acute throat trouble.        or's in Her Sister Monda-y evening and Miss
At the College an elaborate production    Allen brought Irene TWychorly to the Grand
of A Sign of the Cross wsc staged. The      Opera house.
eotmpan  wore all in possession of coneonial  The Dairymaids, a girl and son- show,
roles. Owine to the illnes of Durkin. the  came to the Illinois Sunday evening, re-
rit of lairests Sunerbus swas allotted to  placing Richard Carlo. At the Auditorium
o-ert Emimet O'Conor.     Although only   the English opera company' is offering The
eiven notice at two o'clockl Monday after-  Serenade, Victor Herbert's great opera
nton that le would have to anear thost       The Man of the Hour continues to iage
night. he 'syo in" in most of Isis lines, business at McVicker's. The Man        from
rendisn them  intelligently and with good  Homoe is marking time merril at Chicago
eanressino. Each of the bigger scenes of   Opera house. and The Merry iWidew is sat-
whih he s-o  a part were carried with    isfying capacity audiences at the Colonial.
eothusiason and he vas rewarded with round  Itoneymoton Trail at the LaSalle and Three
after round   of aplause.   Smith Di " Twins at the Thitney- are both nerry muti-
nlnved  Noro. as well as    the   Cl1ristian otI entertainments  cell worth seeing. At
fatier of Mtorcia. and in botb pa-rts  iss he Studebaker Arntold Daly is appearing
very gool. Berv   HoPe was Mercia. sets     n that v-rile dransm. The Regeneration.
sweet and at the some timT cnvineing       hie colored stoo conanies at the Pekin
Guy Coombs as Tigellinnus wnas exellent      nd Coluimbia theaters continue to offer
Jean Adair was a delightful Daia. Ann       their burlesque on The Mierry Widow.
tiinty and doll-like, sings the latest songs
in entirely pleasing fashion. The duo have
received bookings for a 1ng time to come.
The Coopers, Jamses E. ansd Lucia. an-
nounce the production of a new      act very
shortly. They advance the opinion that it
will be a hummer.
Harry Von Tilzer, one of the many Von
Tiler hrothers and eriter of nu erous song
hits. carsed out a large-sized success  ast
see  at Ha'ctuerstain'ss   Nesv als   1r.
'on   Tilzer presented  yis piano and vocal
sptecialts- swiths an informsal ease that ison
the audince fro s the start and to say that
tie carried the house wcith him would he to
]tit     it mildly.
Tony Pastor the veteran faterof variety,
elerated   his forty-third  anniversary as a
itanager to seeo age ai o ith him the old
gard of actors and Tisanagers also cetlerat-
ed. Pastors seas crosded for the esAmt, the
bill  atractihg  ig  crogsr.       Floral of-
ferilgs a     pd teegrams and letters of con-
gratlation sere received by Mr. Pastor
fruis old friends all durig wite mai.
Through    an arrangemaent entered into last
sceet o the Western Vaudesile Masagers'
Association, the Hengler Sisters sill he re-
leased ho the Rogers   Brothes n  ith sthum
tce have  een a special featue this sea-
son.  They s-ill play a liuited en"aemet
it the associatio n heoinses.  The  opened at
St. Lotuis Monday. This engagemsent to lust-
ied to four teeis  as its  lses  AJerica
arlo in  a     to play the Biteseatted   i
Blerlin asnd the F'olios Rergete in Patis.
CliasIco Graiseits and Anina Chance, itho
fotr six 0-ears hoave lieu startiug in The
Awsakeingu of Mi-. Pilots swill maksle their
firts  appeoarance in s-ssitttvitte this season
its a isoi sktsech, at Heists & Proscter's t125th
Street uter.l' Netw Vents. ott May 18.
Matihltsl P.  oVntitccs sa ild protest
o asist the otisios  of Isis ntamte froms the
Is t of vassdes-ille cenraliners st-io havste eta-
Iered Ilie li-cItriing fielst. The hsalf-portion
comsedians dclretsr thait three y-cars at-u hte
litgait his seties of "Trtsvctaltss.' and adds
that next soisoss lis itends to give hsis tun-
diiided  attetntion  to  diocosirses onJan
anod other counatries lie has visited.
Excellent Program           at M    ajes-
tic- Good Houses Rule.
Anna Eva Fay was the sensational fea-
furo of the hill offercd at the Majestic
last wrk, wich for enjoyable sloteic-
ient ank wIith the host seon at thipain
house  this season.   MISS FaY, as usu
Instifed  a  t rain  portion  of  the  audien
performing  soen   apparently   won
fea.   That her dl     into      nerfu
festations was   eliteciated was slTmani-
the intense attention Paid to her act by
the auditorsa
Clifton Crasford, monotogist anid racer-
tour, gave his delightfl     c       aC
wvith a tecitattio  of G  a s itt ihco ing
one of the best things to he hcard     is
devile    Mr. Crawrfords delivei of the
Kipling ballad is singularly gtrvpbt afth
Charles Mack and company appeared il
his "Trish-American iicident    Cee d in
to Erin. The little sketci is tateful acd
appealing and the work of i. tAtacu and
his assistants was the o       sifackon
An especially beautiful scttin    the Lares
of Killarnesy, enhance the act.      Ia
George Felix and Lydia Barry p
their screaminglv f   yiit Barry presented
Em   sBn * en     vl skotch, asesisted by
Emily Barry, entitled Tiw  B0y  Neat Door.
It -as the laughing hit of the bill. George
roiltie and Ed. Correlli offered a novel ac-
roatic act, in which numerous startling
feats inr Performed    Carter & Bluford
apeared in an entertaining playlet, and
-Mr. Leffingis-ell gasvc a most istortainiot'
traveoigue, illustrated  vith color antd mo-
tion pictures. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Forbes
gave their laughable playlet, A Wild Rose
Jolly & West offered The Music Teacher
which afforded chance for good sinTgieahr
clover piano playing, and BessieFrench san
several songs in pleasinig fashion.  Osane
acts wsere Peru & W~ilson, Hubhert Ds-cat
ad the Kinodrome.
At the  lyiaistc and Ilaymarket.
Taylor Grans-ille Pz Co. in The Stoor Bot
headed the good bill at the Olytic last
veek. The list included: Chas.    Smonst,
Nicola &   Co., Joe Carroll, Tom    Poteli.
Olive Vail, Bernard & Seeley, Girard &
Gardner, Grace Armond, Louis Chevalier
Co., Ernest Yerxas, Brighton & Brighton
and the Kinodrome.
Cressy &   Dayne in Town Hall Tonight
topped the bill at the Haynarket. Other
good entertainers were: Will t. Cressy &
Elanche Dayne, LaGardenia & Co., Kelly &
Kent, Cora Wilmot &      Co., May Gennell.
Coram, Mme. Casselli's Dogs, Les Amatis,
Moran & Wiscr, Bert & Bertha Grant, Doug-
las & Douglas, Marie Handyn and the
At the Star and Garter.
The Parisian Widows were the attraction
at the Star & Garter last week. The show
met isith immediate favor at the hands of
the iest side patrons of burlesque. At the
Trocadero The Cracker Jacks. "the show
that captivates, delights and charms," held
forth. At the other theaters attraction of
merit and    pleasing  qualities entertained
large audiences.
Harry L. Webb
The Man Who Talks and Sings
Keep your eye on the Laugh Producer
Open Next Season for
HEBE    &            Busque, Vud@V
April11, 1908.

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