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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

Kleine Optical Company
Independent motion picture films for sale or rent: new independent film subjects not yet released,   pp. 14-17

Page 15

I   April 4,1908.
ew Independent Film                   Subjects Not Yet Released
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soand rnatteis are arransgetd so that hse
toives a  ii receIstion on Isis return. A
e jg is nuspentetd  oer his dIsk and
nt ite takes his seat the cotrk is pulled
Ibyia trinigand hlie is deluged. The boys
Ily escape by an improvised chute, made
nt large sheet, and the msaster attempt-
to folilt them  lands in a large tub of
strhich his pupils have placed there
reim. IThe janitress also rieciv s a duck-
and tile tNo  finally ovetake tise young-
s, LA  a thrashing bee takes place.
uitit. Length 334 ft. A yong lady is
itte  tie long moustache of her music
ti. Her father catche     ic her thlowing
se to tile instructor, anc    discharges
11. He secures another tutor, who tunlis
io be the moustached     gentleman   in
uisi-  WhVteni discovered by the father
is forced at the point of i pistol to
s, off his appendage with ans enoimous
zon Tile disappearance of the mnoustae 
eaks the spell of infatuation of the girl,
u ihoncliy is restored in the family.
TR'P TO NORWAY:       Gaumiont.  Length
i is. A colored film   of great beauty,
iening sith a winter scene it the land
tll midnight sun. A panoramic niew is
sen ted of picturesque  grandeur.    The
tuIc aie tried and interesting, showing
itcoin rade , foteo t viewso, logginig, etc.  At
tutu smiater picturesthen follot,  Ahow-
gcity., village and countrisitde, anst tis0
anners and customs of the people.    The
onefis waterfall is a perfect photographic
proluction, showing the wtonderful atio-
heic effects, and the rushin-    foaming
lidshurrying through the rockt channels.
his is wilhot a doubt one of the finest
oting picture filmiis ever produced.
Th1E  CAPTIUN'S    WIVES:      Gaumont.
it6  ft. A Sta    1i's    oife i5 ex-
41cvr il article shse r-eaths, '140 sail-
litt Iitrs iii every port?'' She dtieo-
Iiis to accompany him   on his trip, but
o thiows her litand h1er effects off tic boat
sit saills awtay. She clings to a hawser
anging inl tle water, and the boat is then
hnii passing the various ports.  In ery
i\ia he has a wife and family awaiting
imi, anll feats to make a landing, but the
iStliIced tIlS sit to tile ship and catch
old of the haoser.  Soon there is a long
ring of wolitin being towed, representilgt
, countries, drossed in tile nationat  cos-
Ites. Finally, in despair the captain goes
shIo, closely pu1rsued b1y his iany Ivs.
,i but his lawful wtife sink inl the tuick
tiods, ail she captuies te faitliss hua-
iii and btast hiit away li triuml.
THE11 ACCOR1DION:    Gaum..ont    Length
4ft Astrolling players catits his accor-
onl in a il  oWile asleep two thiev    s
il the bag and take it to their room
hIen set uont tile floior the accordion col-
pses, eittig a wail which     thoroughly
solos thein. Tley rust out and notify the
Olsne whlio itrrost the musician and  they
Iliity to the room where the mystey is
hiztined and the rogues arrested.
ALONE AT L SVT:     Glaumsont.   Length
IT ft. The trials and tribulations otf a
11.1n1g couple on1 theit holnym\oons.  Eer-
lto 'lpies upo  themil, and when thoy have
Rc a tile doorts and pulled downt the shades
ciltie-sivee  coms ,t down thile lire tplact.
iolo  cin and funny situations.
HEll CRUSAD)ER'S RETURN:       Gauniont.
Alth 57 ft. Shotwiig the departure of
e Irstaders to tile holy Stats, tile aimtoredl
niits and prancil  chargers, depalrting
un thet catles. TIei leader bids fart-ewll
lats  ierothd i T 'he battle sones.  Tile
le1l is Itot1il d l ft far ib-ad oi the
Il tad ti  sipanion  escapes and bings
It sg inll  5r to  il  ntiaiting-  maid.  115
Ilie" tnief lie ss-iis her loveo atsc
iarril her. In the meantime the leade- is
biliiit a Pills of his osen auth nurtsed
i ito fe- re turhs 1 ome and lnrt-
11t tihat has eceunht dislguises hiiself as
111010 anid insel5 lte losers. i-ti0 Its-
i anot dnsetratet    d ie ltiost' e lr'
in e  telitt s ling  tile  oitle 10
lheirunhapiesils undisturbed. Tile
T'ltiltes are beauif~l 'ad appltopnahe. tise
aLliaitic effect superb, and tihe scenery na-
IONY  HAS    EATE.N    GARLIC:       Lux.
hai20ea ft ITony prepares a mess of
lailie 11 eat ls i. is breath is so strong
ni it IllOcks every one down whomss hie
IItl iC lse, tot Ithe str~et caiises
e    Ofstceme   t at Isis path is dot-
tt   victims  lie  is  arrese   and
Il'llTito 10Court, but blowts Iis Stat 0111,
(I espes.
n101I FORFST TO FIRESIDE:         Gaum-
et hl 1,000 ft.  Showing te entire
" of paper making, from the tree lit
lrest to the printed   newspaper.     A
hnilinter scele is shown, the sturdy
it ll Chopping down the giant   tees,
crasing to the earth scattetinC
ciuds of shimmovig sItn. Hauling tilt
la  O over tihe snw. Arorial of logs at tlhe
mIlls.  Keeping  the  logs  from  j min, Ing.
11011ing the dexterity and bravein of ttee
htardy in en wtho plunge in tile ni id t of a
churning mass of forest g"iants.  t'tintig Ill
logs and conveying them  by machiniet to
the ttushtng mills. Pulping the wood. Tle
evolution of the wood into pulp. wthithis
packed in bales. Shipping to England by
hout. Arrival of pulp at lioyd' mills, at
Sittingbourne Eng. Barges of pull) on the
ediv.  The entire process of making
paper from the pul1p is then shown, and the
ocen(t is changed to the pres 1 room wherte
the newspaper is printed, and the last series
ttf pictures show  a family reading thest paper
on Sunday morning.
TOIMMY  THE   FIREMAN:      Ganont.
Length 290 ft. Tommy is presented with
1 miniature fire engine, and is shown how
to use it by his father. tie learns his leson
well, and when alone starts fires in the
various rooms of the house and puts them
out with his apparatus, with disastious re-
suits to the rsitience. After doing con-
siderable damage ie starts a fire t under his
father's chair, in the garden, and li  the
excitement evers  o  body is soundly drenched.
Ho is finally cornered and spanked. This
is full of humor and nonIty, and a laugh
TpLE SPIRIT: Gauionit. Lngth 200 ft.
The mysteries of a sp1ritualist imteeting ex-
posed. Tihe medium   and her assintant at
stork. Thc entiancei of te apparitioi and
the awe of the vittisis ludicrous in the
Length 234 ft. A magical subject intense-
Ito inte'resting. Be'itti tlly totutet  gill
3 r nseris g  all  natiots,  plcis  frott n lo'
rotud at    tie nagicin's conmnanl  and
execute thetn tsi tstdthies.  Futll of 0-race
and action.
TVOMAN'S      FORBEARANCE:         Lux.
Length S67 ft. A touching life diraia. A
weiak-minded husband deserts hits family for
another woan.  it spurns the entreaties
of his wife anid little boy and  lopes with
his tempter. The various degrees of tie
deserted famil's povety is shotwn, and
finally they find a refue with at rich womi-
a ltiwho gives theim t home. Ili the mean
tilme tho mlisguided husbitid goes lroim lad
to ttorse and fitalI  becomes a  iurglar.i
With Itls companions hie itreaks into tls
house where Is w ife is sto.D) ping and cms
upon his boy sloitnul o1 a Couch. H
ovrcolme Wit1 remors  .  Hi wife msetits
him  and as hits pls scape tliough the
Iti)dow he pleads tor forgiv-ness. She al-
ll-s him to kiss the boy and depait.
OUT.   Lux. Length 417 ft. The experti
-nces of a man wilSho has irnhibed of the
sout thtIt choorets. Extrenely amusing. ITs
histiandering s hie moots a tramp aint takest
hinit Iome, SIth him.  iI  consIernatiol
wie ie finds the iinkcmpt vagabond lying
in his bed the next tsorning is ludicrous.
1g0 ft. The life of a chininey-sweI. ie
in abused by a cruel mtaster and his son.
lhe lioys gto up a chuicny acd win thuety
tmige on the roof a strusgle thos placce
and the loie is ailed to the grIound. The'
ttoman of tlhei houso nour.t. himss back to
health and adopts hini.   Tht'ne s1 nnetui111
piltures hmv]w i hi ,1N ile   IN  lullnit
w ith happiniess.
MISTAKEN     IDENTiTY:    Lux.   Lnti  I
17 ft. A, jealous husband buys is w ife a
handsoml e gl owni t.  Site  pleseInts  it  to  I,(,.
iUil,  nho  attats  herself  itt  it  and  sallit
folt Tillh her beau. The husband does not
Icognize her, as she is veiled, and think
tug it I ' Isis  Stfe  tollirs.o u  Inilsug  sitin
lins  follow  n-spidls-  flue  tomusit  eltutintg, Isis
ouu' I  It cytuts. [,ol the 101turn to lth~ house
aIttssily jar taks placti 'io tilt hsusbandtt
to broughst ho at psrtpl staite cif Islnuslti
gi11 ftr Abcountryi  lhkii1 goes te totsin
11111 is rohbedi of hts umbreltla.- NTon thief
s tpursttI an   whn  aard piesei   tsang-
tiOle ttubielI. 011 tlet bick of at pass'ing cabl
ilecouuntrymain  then  Chases  the  calb
'1'ti  gh  'lla 1t sing  chsi  of circuitsta ces
Lttu tuuilsela chantges hsands w5iths 1rapity
and wien it is finall restoe  to its otnsr
it is dilapidated indd arto          r
sous couplie kee15 115 inn, anth 'it-
ctraIed  i cretlto- A1 glest distilys a
al-rge sumli of imoney it paying Cot his bill
'and  he rinniketper StaYlats him.  In the
strtggle the uest !i killed. The innkeeper
thei pays his debts and is seen gloating
over the trtasure. Ieuorse and fear begin
ho Cheep onetI     The ghost of the uest
Iipeas anti heatimi1 to thLe scene of his
ris. s     er   r N, fisn   ie aDparition
reCt,  ,iml.  Fiinally  tie  falls  d'ad  in  a  n n.  Ti  arrie  at  the  pool  apatmi eits
parox1in of g riief ard fright- This' is a  s th  young wife is expiring-a vietin of
tine silbject combining a tuhe qualiti of  n      his is a fine subiet, with thrilling
sensationalisnm illusion and dramatic dffeet. dranalic effects, finely executed.
THE    STOLEN    DAGGER:       Gaunont     THE    BOXING    ENGLISHMAN:       Lux.
Lngth 4,4 ft. An old couple buy a kifi"   Lot     1:0 ft.  An athletic Englishman
froit a pieaillr and place it in a tali  Sols to light his pipe inl hi> luggage is
drawetr. Their dissipated son is seen carous- stolen. H- pursues the thieves and a real-
ing with his Isbad companions at an inn. A  istic( encounte  takes place in which the
w,\ealtli old man stops at the tin for re-  logues are badly wvorsted.
firsitents and they determine to rob 1im                           i        e
T  sot launrriien home and gets the knife.  1ODERN   HOTEL:     Ambrosio.   Length
The old man is killed and robbed. The      -ni ft. Presenting  utniu anti novel idea.
Iolice find the daggor and from the ped- A hitdomeil appointed cafe is shown, with
tlor learn the oiwnership of it. As they are  a  large scale upon  which  patrons are
accusio the old couple the young man re_ weiied as they enter the place.     They
turns and seeing- that Iis chances of escape partake of anything desired and are again
are li\el-xdsroshisl lid, payng for tise weight of thse food
rehopeless destroys himself.           at i  A d  inAop   v n  .o   itati enters, is
BAD    BARGAIN:     Ambrosio.    Length  weighed, eats a hecarty meal, and then
4 74 ft. A countryman goes to the imarket takes froti  his pocket a leaden weight
and after much haggling buys a cow.  lat-  which he hides under the table. Upon be-
ed over his bargain ie celebrates by imbib  isng weighed again it is found that he has
ing too freely. ie is robbed all along the  lost weight, and the cashier pays him for the
way home. ls fine cow is exchanged for difference. As he leaves the trick is dis-
an infei0or animlI; the cow is then replaced  covered, and he is pursued and arrested.
by a calf, the calf by a goat, the  ot foi
a dog, and the dog for a rocking horsc.      GREEDINESS     PUNISHED:      Ambrosio
s lie arrives home leading tise wooden     Length 440 ft. Preparing for a fishing trip,
horse hie is iven a warm  reception by his a ian fills a bansket with lunch. While
indignant wife.                            thus occupied two hungry tramps appear
at tht twindotw and beg for food, but arc
DREAMS AND REALFIES: Lux. Length        i1ven anlav   They ftllor the fisherman
id7 par ntoulsa girl finds life nnit he  to the lake and patiently wait till he lands.
staid p-irents irkomne, atsd fitcides to see tie sits benseath -i shady tree and npacks
tite world. She falls asleep on a bench in a  the basket, when the tramps leap )upon him
park and dreams of her future life. In     and tie him securely to sthe tree and sit
rapid reoviw visions pass, showing herself before ittst and devoutr his lunce while he
in handsome gowlns and indulging in a life groans wtith choler and hunger. The tramps
of recklessness. Finally she sees the iney- dopart and the angry victim being released
itable end and is Ill despair. She awakens starts in pursuit.  The holoos cross a
it this point antd is o1rjoyed to find that stream  over a plank and as the enraged
it Ias bee  all a treai atc 1iisIes ittne Fishern1an1 atten1ts 10 folio  tsey r1ull up
thsorotughlyn cotect to foilow tS I vs n ctts enor tlie boatci itsd hse t-ills in tlse snaler.
Itt home life.                               SICILY    ILLUSTRATED:        Amrbroslo.
CO1UNTII ABOUT ROME: Urban. Length       Lets IL 774 ftl Oi  f the finest Ianoraic
:54 ft. An educational subject of value. subjects ever produced. The famed Sicilian
tepicting the magnificens St s   place  views are awe-inspiring it their grandeur,
of interest about the itgrand Italian city, the the water pictures boing  of exceptional
habits and customs of the people, the hand- merit. 'Messina, Palermo, Grot, Cordari and
sose shepherd ldogs guarding tise flocks of Catania discloses scene after scene of un-
shtel, the plimlitiVe mellthois of faminlo   surpassed beauty.
wit oxen, stackin tile hay, and touching  'JHI  BEST GLUE:      Ambrosio.  Length
simplicity of the people.                  140 ft. A surmer garden is invaded isy a
ENVIRONS OF NAPLES: Urban. Length        peddler sellingI bottld glue, without suc-
10 ft. A picture ainivalled for the mag- css. -As one of the patrons raises a glass
niflconce of the subjects presented, the imi- to its lips the peddler hastily pours it bit
1posing palaces, the ruin  of castles centt- of the  Lue on the tablo. WNhen the glass
ties old. water and mountain scenes. with a  is set down again it is glued so tight that
ianoratic view beyond dscription      it cannot be removed. The peddler then
FROI(CSOIE     POWDERS:      Ambron     hinig deionstiated the merit of ithe glue
Length 554 ft. A shrewtish wife ant a fault- does a rushing business.
finding husband are shown in msiserable ex-  ICE CRJEAM JACK.    Gationt. Lengt
istece. The husband rads of a miraci- t2 4 ft. Jack is seen buyingitn    ingretints
lous powder which causes glad-onienss. He fot tle ice creaml, including stale eggs and
iushes to the drug store and buys a large condensed msilk. In his squalid home, as-
qunitit.s pteing it in a bellows. ie tries sisted by his slatternly Nwife and dirty chil-
it on his wtfe and h r parniits, and leaves dren, he makes a can of ite crean, and
thei singing and ti-ancing. its visit to th I placing it oi a Cart goes to the park where
iarket place is followed by nild scenes o  he sells it to tariou  people, including a
hilarity.  He goes front place to plac-    numttsslber Of children and policemen and their
scattering the powder, and scene aftet   aseethearts   They all become sick, and he
scene of intense comedy ensues.            is mobed by tise parents of the ehildren
MY CABBY WVIFE: Urban. Length 30 and his other victims. After being soundly
ft. The trials and tiibulations of a faithle  thrashed he escapes, but after a sensational
husband who accidentall engages a cal pusuit is arrested, tried in court aid found
whill  Ilis  s ift  is  driviTg.  SIse  cot ns  guilty.
tllemi to a secluded spot and after givin   A RIDE IN A SUBWAY: Urtibans. Length
it(m a sound ieatilng throws them   back  150 ft. Showing tile wiaiting crowds joot-
i tlie cab and drivs to tIs police station. ling and pushin each other, and excite-
IBoiling with ang-r sli vents some of her  moniit and confusion.
epleon on a gendtarrne, andi is herself at-  RIVAL SHERLOCK 11OL1ES: Ambrosio.
iustod and her husband released.           Lot 5ALSHIROKHLES4mrso
II~~~~~~~~~                   ~~ k1i lt  tiitnstt  ent   eslii ft. A Ipictoriasl cielectise story
GATIERING INDIAN FIGS: Asbrio-. of titrit nnIt      mny ligting ecanges of
Length 194 ft.   \I interstng view of a  disguise Ity the detective ii Ilse pursuit of
fig plantation wtith the natives at work   the lawbreakers. Excitis  scenes asi tsl-
gathering the fruit. Just long enough to teal encousnters are nuerosis.   A  sehsa-
le interesting wnithout monotony.          tional subjoect of superb drainatic effect,
BAD BOYS: Amrllbrosio. Length 1      ft. without any objectionable features.
't tas      of t  , soi1y Poet. A shoit     BOGUS MAGIC POWDER: Urban. Length
att  lip  stibjct, fitil of latughls.  '17 ft.  A  fakir bsreaks tisltes and  by
SHOOTING PT:I      Anbrosio. Lesgth   slt intiing his powier upon te pieces r-
407 ft., All acitual httitg sceine.  Briisg-  stores ihemr to thseir Original condition. A
i<g (lownE tse garn The retrievirsg dog at gtlile old gentleman  urchases some of
ittoel.  Ettotighs Com~edy  is iterspserset iIle pownder and its attemptinsg to issilate
throug1iotis this sujct to make it amusing, tie feats of the falkir breaks all tie dishes
ans nwell as ilt(stitstg. lit Isis homse before lie. realizes that he has
LOVE'S VICTI: Lux. Length 17 ft. 1een buncoed. Fnll of laughs.
Tse parents of a ioung mail wishv sit, to    TOMMY HAS      THE   SPLEEN:      Lux.
his father's    '-etgaItr i    ove, nd  Length 3s4 ft. Naughty doings of Tommy,
hn they are stenorapser mo  elve, anti  wo ends til a series of pranks by pulling
fatherdt  harediscovered  eakisg love file ils grandfather's wig off with a fish hook
fatst  dintharges tile girl. Tae youtis fol-  aid line. It danger of being caught he
lowsssf n ls arries hser. A year passes atsd  hsitdes thse wcig in tise soup tureen on the
t1isey are blessedi with a baby.  Slisess  tabsle.  Its discovery at dinner leads to
and poverty overtakes tise, and he appeals Tonssmsy's welI-meited chastinsent.
to his parents for assistaisce.  Tise fatiser H     AREA'
declines to aid hiti unless he will cast of  THE BARGEMAN'S SON: Lux. Length
iss wife. He calls upon his father and    ilO ft. Life on a barge, with water scenes.
mother and pleads for a reconsideration, The river pirates storm the barge and loot
and as the sick wife joins him a touching  it. They are discovered by the bargeman
scene ensues. The father does not relent   and a thrilling revolver battle ensnes, in
and drives them forth. As time elapses the' which the bargeman is severely woned.
mother pleads for her sot, and finally per-     le boy comes up and thinking his
undes the father to call upon the 'young   father is dead takes a vov of vengeance.
s superb
iman in
ula ~
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