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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

Hoff, J. L.
New York news,   pp. 6-7

Page 7

Thenly Machine
equipped with improved Fire
Magazines, Automatic Fire
Shutter and Automatic Fire
Shield (Lubin's patent) Asbes-
tos CoveredWire Connections,
new improved Lamp House,
new style Fire-proof Rheo-
stat, improved Blectric Lamp.
Complete with everything
seen in the cut, including pol-
ished carrying case for Mech-
anism, including Adjustable
Bicycle-steel Legs, to extend
over 5 feet high.
We put Automatic Fire Shutter on your Old Machine so
they will pass the Fire Underwriters' Inspection. Write us
about this,
Do you get our Weekly Illustrated Catalogue? If not,
why not? Write us your name and address and we will mail it
to you regularly free of charge.
The Girl Across The Way
A little flirtation with his Vis-a-Vis brings an artist in lots of troubles
and all this because wifey forgot the car fare. Length, 575 feet.
In Pursuit of a Suit
A crackerjack Comedy ChaseFilm. Aside-splitter. Length, 365 feet.
Did you exhibit the Film
"The Romance of a Fur Country?"
If not, get it quick. It's one of the best Films ever seen.
bL es.                Largest Manufaeturer Philadelphia
oU 1t ef Life Motion Picture
S.     L   u   i   n     Machines and Films  27 South Sth St.
csige of all the bookings for Klaw       &
Eltanger's alvanced  -audeville, will oien
In agenc  in t few  wieeks.   He is well
liied by all saudeville performers and his
e' enture is bound to be a success.
Pastor Holds Celebration.
Tony Pastor, the dean of vaudovillk, cele-
brated his forty-third anniversary as a New
lork manager on March 23, and a special
formasnce tas given at his theater on
F'ourteenth street in honor of the event.
This date also marked the sixtieth aini-
ersary of M1r. Pastor as i terformer. Du-
is8 his career as a isanager lie inltroduced
ny well kiowAn performers to the public
for the first time.  Lillian  Russelt, Nat
oodeint, -May Irwin, Charles Evans. Den
Ilomipson, Gus Williamts, Francis Wilson
ted maniy other stars made their first Ness'
York appearance at Mr. Pastor's house.
This is the last tweek of Grand Opera at
tl anlhattsn Opera house under the dli-
rection of Os-car Hammserstein and the last
eek but one of the season of the Metro-
politian OPera company.   A  grand   testi-
fiDill Is Hem cicli (aunriei stas gisen at
leIstidtrelisi  Opter,-s Iteis lair`US t Marcl 24.
t- fa1tsd cretires ft-oti the  msanagemient
oI theesisilsais  at loe e an of this season.
The Feuteentth Sirsat theater, whlichl has
is's giving moving pictures ott Sunday,
d coanged tile policy and now give "sac-
HI'ace ets" by vaudeville performers.
Hinr' IA'. Savage is arraisging to send a
College Widot  company to Europa to open
In Loidon, on April 20.
Frolunans Secure Rights to Play.
Daniel atd Charles  Frohitais have se-
otedthe rights for Eugene Walter's Paid
An Fill tor atl foreigin countries crud wsill
inake an early production of same in Lon-
Iloth ith Annie Russell in the leading role.
III   m he eantime that play is making an
son us hit at the Astor theater under the
oti0l, at Vagenhals & Kemper and will
Ilikely -un all sumimer.
t hillihtaiA. Brady will furniss the atlrac-
AL"s tli the Bijoui theater nsext season,
telist thie house ins August weith Douglas
ithatks in a new  comedy and following
F. aeg ,gengagemnento of Grace George.
F.ZsDIeldy Jr.' anonces that ltsa last
rformaionce of The Soul Kiss will be given
the Nce  artk thsater oir Mci , as
(10dais  einsist tril immaieiately  aftr
dagdte  or London to fulfill imperative
midgeiil'ts  Site will return in September
"I ill Il inake a tour of the principal
'et iii lirhe SalKis
Kolb and Dill  ril  close  at the Circle
aereoni ,ril 14 snt still then go on
iardsd ith Loneto nov Towi.  iGus Ed-
N5iii trill oeli his itess' issielal reinssit
at that theater as soon as Kolb and Dill
Iles 'nt. Harris 'Aill star Edmund Breeze
"I he Nereslrais next seasont  The ptlay is
I1"Edith E'llis Barkser.
1life-size oll paitis amid tso photo-
,laidit hat are much lace-er than life size
if ilshet Taliaferro ue the late'st eteccra-
Iiiitthe lobby of the Libserty theater.
'iePaIlirO t cs Circus continues to play
~5IN"ellen butsinsess
noTies lletrpalitan  Opera  company   an-
,Dne  t     ohat the next Grand Opera season
trill open on Nov. 16, and that the season
will last for twsenty wceelks.
Ada Lewis Scores with Songs.
Ada Leis, who has joined Nearly a Here
co0mpany, has been intiroduecing a isuissber of
new songs that have miade a hit
Yera Michelera wtas absent fro  the cast
of The Waltz Dream for three days on ac-
count of an attack of ptomainie poisoning.
''he Shuberts have secured The Wolf, a
new play by ETugeno HValter. and still send
it ot tour. Prominent ationg tie1 players
still be Willian  Courtenay, Walter Hale,
Thomas Findlay. Jack Desereaux, Sheridan
Block and Ida Concuest.
Carlotta Nillson has signed a contract to
appear as a star next season under the
management of Charles Frohman.
The Shuberts will produce Falling Leaves
iuring Easter wceek.  Among those nuder
contract to appear with the company are
John TVestley and Harrison Hunter.
Richard Carle will put Mary's Lamb ott
at the New    York theater for a summer
season. It will follow The Soul Kiss, which
closes ira May-
Eugene Walter has signed a contract to
svrito a play for Viola Allein for next sea-
son. Nothing sutcceeds litre suiccess, atid
slince Paid In Full has met stitli sucha a
reception ait the Astor thseater lac, has been
approached by' every maiager ons Broadway
ith a view to writing plays for them.
Hippodrome Happnings.
A novelty wNas introduced in the program
this weel in tla cse of a danciitg nut-
her by two- of Hageisbeels's elephants. Thtey
do the Mari 'Wido' traltz              ddder the di-
rection of bthe traliner, Mr. t'ascrig, atid it
is a remarlkable lilt.
The chorus girls of the Hippodrome gave
a ball at Amsterdam Hall on March 21 and
it was a big success. Prizes were distrlb-
uted for the best costumes. Florence An-
toine received the first prize, her costume
being that of an old maid; Ethel Faweette
eras aarded ial second prize for her char-
acterization of Eliza in Uncle Tom' s Cabin,
and Maud Kimball captured third prize for
her costume of a country Fluffy Ruffles.
Miss Eosa L~a Harte. wsio has been thsa
prima donna aor three years, laases for
Berlin, Germany, at the close of the season
hsere tplay a six aeeks' engagement in
that eity'. Mistsi atarte. whlo is a inative of
Cincinnati, 0., has the best record    for
appearances in Now York. During the past
three years she has played     1,250 times
trilliout losing a pterformnce.
mns Harris   geiferal nrarrolbe  man,
will be the ianager of one of the lead-
ing music halls of Brighton Beach this
W. TV. Powrs, wvith his remarkable Iord
(-f elephants, lion jitt closed an ortgage-
iseist at Clevelaind. 0.. aInti opens at tite
Boston H-Tittodroisse for Ion secters. He  'as
one of the feature acts at thin house for
iuny months.
The dresslse rooms secar all decorated
stills geena ois St. Patrick's day nsd re-
ceptionts were held tsy the performers in all
of thecm on that day.
High School Horse Killed,
Franks Melville's high school horse, Morn-
lug, burist a blood tassel on one of the runs
on March 23 and his injuries were so seri-
ous that he had to be put to death. He
was one of the best educated horses in the
torld, and Mr. Melville had lately refused
an offer of $15,000 for him.
The attaches of the Hippodrome gave a
beefsteak supper at the Old Elk's House at
Twenty-seventh and Broadway on March 21,
ishich was attended by many prominent
people in the profession. Charles Ross, of
Weber's Music Hall; Will West and Jacl
Cottoi, of Miss Hook   of Holland; TWill
Francis. jtnusical director for Charles Froh-
man; Richard Golden, Marceline, the droll
clown; R. H. Burnside, general stage di-
rector of  the  Hippodrome; Max     Green,
White Steamer Auto, and Burns 0. Sullivan
and Joe Hanahan, assistant stage directors
of the Hippodrome, all enjoyed themselves
thoroughly and did not leave until a late
J. G. Sparks, who takes the role of the
Irish policeman in Lady Gay's Garden Par-
ty, is an enthusiast on bloodhounds and
has lately added another prize winner to
tile hnnel
The piblication of The Seandalizer, a pa-
per formerly issued by tile Hittpodromse at-
lames. has been   discotinued  amd   TIE
SHOW   WOR   LD has no   taken its  ila   as
the osfiihal organ.
A. B. Graham, one of le actorie   in fie
Battle of Port Arthur. sill resnic  iis old
position on tte Metrsptoita racetace  tis
suE    r     uaner.
Reynolds of the Big Voice,
Francis Reynolds, the mran trits tie big
roic, sill be at     Meatdni's. Coney Island
this suwmeks     g himsef iteresting an-
noicdoment about "the  ng   ride for fire
Bas   &WEarren has  succeeded Sam  aser
and Edsin Clark leist taen sah   place of
.i. Hatiea BaRussian generals itsh  y at-
tle of Port Arthur,
A  nes     folder has been issued at the
Hippodrome wghich gives the exact time
schedule of each act on the" programa.  It
trill mtae an interest 1 ng reference sheet for
future years.
Edwrard Wulff and Isis charming twife,
irho wsere big bsits at the Hippodrome all
ainter, have scoted heavily  ith the Bar-
num   &  Bailey  shots' sit Madison  Square
"leals ilassls tore hsimself assay firen the
Hisp~ois  ott tire otteing ilet of tsa
Barnsurn &~ Bailey shsows and the trout lobbyv
looked litre the idesert of Sahara twithouit
is, stallug eountenace.
The iuiornitta hotirs a tsow devoted to
visits to the Rarnttm & Bailey shtows by lisa
itifferenst perforimers.
The Cossacrs. wh~o liars'lbaen playitig here
for elgtst weekrs, started nts their loug rail-
eosd 'journey  to Buiss. Olula., Ibis trel.
Thsey go there to loin 1011 Paniels.
The -White Wisigs of -Ness Yorks. com-
iiosed of thse employss of the cita' ssho
takse care of list streets, ace to have a
oroisd benefit at the Hippodromse its Iav.
Tha hsouse has bean donated by lta otan-
crgernent and the sale of ticksets has hi-en
very heavy so far.
Mtanuel K~lein hsas strucks the popula, r
fancy with his sacred eonceerts amid lucy
will be continued for several weeks yet.
He has an orchestra of seventy-five people
and a number of soloists.
One oftheBest Known Stage Carpenters In
Theatrical World Passes Away.
Atlas R. Brann, aged 60, known as one
of the most acco nplished stage carpenters
in the business un til his ratiremncrent fers
theatrical life several years ago, died Mon-
day, March 16, at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Alice Vincent, 1328 Tenth street,
Port Huron, Mich., a    victim  of cancer.
"Jerry" Brann was practically brought up
in Pike's Opera house, Cincinnati, and was
intimately acquainted with Roland Reed,
Thomas Keene, Emma      Abbott, Tomasso
Salvini, Mme. Modjeska, Maggie Mitchell,
Lotta, Patti Rosa, Annie Pixley, Mine. Rhea,
Nat   Goodwin, Sol Smith    Russell, Win.
Florence, Joseph Jefferson, the elder.
Mr. Brann was for fifteen years at the
Grand Opera house, Minneapolis, and built
alt the scenery for Little's World, which
showsed the first raft scene on any stage.
He also staged Russell's Peaceful Valley,
and cinstructed the scenery and transform-
ation for what was said to be the most
spectacular production of Uncle Tom's Cabs-
in ever seen in Minneapolis.
Mr. Brann leaves, besides Mrs. Vincent, a
widow and another daughter, Miss Rilla
Willard, now playing sfrih Harold Nelson's
repertoire company through the Dakotas.
By a coincidence M~iss Willard, at the time
of her father's death, happened to be play-
lug in th- heart of the Black Hills, where
Mr. Brann tras severely wounded during
the Captain Jack Indian campaign of some
thirty years ago, while he was serving in a
ca~valry regiiient.
C --A
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I N-
u Z
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