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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(February 1, 1908)

Routes,   pp. 20-25

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ebruary 1, 1908.
Ve can rent you every feature
,dgood uii hen wrd poiucs
Path's" LifeofChrist"
'Parsifal," "Ben Hur"
and "Two Orphans."
Rented Reasonable.
We are headquarters in the West
for Power's and Edison Machines
1401-3.5 Locust St. ST. LOUIS, MO.
The tired come for Rest:
-the Sick to get well
There are three springs at
Frefl Lick and West Baden Springs
Eachhasdifferent qualities-
that is why these springs are
world famous for the great
variety of their cures. No fin-
er hotel in the country; every
comfort; splendid table.
B. E. TAVLO,   Frank J. Reed,
bentingr.       GentGP1ass. Agt.
A. E.Meyers
167 Dearborn St., Chicago
If You Want the Good Time, See Mr
'1, 1- z    is it  W   WO () JEL L 1)
Finms, Motion Picture
Machines and Supplies
91 Dearborn St.        Kansas City, Mo......Shukert Building
CHICAGO            Ogden, Utah ...........Eccles Building
* * Owning and Operating 30 First-class
Vaudeville Theatres, East, Northwest
Pacificasoningand Wertn3Fr-ls
A1    T1     at all times first-
class acts  of all
ITHIsement kinds that can deliver the goods.
PAUL GOUDRON...... . ........67 S. Clark St., Chicago
BROWN & BERNSTIN,135 Broadway, Suite 8-9-10, New York City
ARCHIELEVY...1235 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, Cal.
a.. L. LEAVITT.. ..208 Am. Bank Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Booking0    The              sOur Motto
first clIIa ss T   eGus S            nB       o    igShortjumps
Vaudeville                                                  -No loss of
Theatres in Ohio, Pa., Exchange Co time. Always an open-
Ind., W.Va.,Md. and Ky.                              ing for a good act.
Good Singles Send in Open -- GUS SUN, Sole Agent- _
Time for Early Date at,
Iona:e wigs and hair goods of the finest quality
at the lowest prices. Special attention given to
members of the theatrical profession.
HAIR           1216 Heyworth Bldg.       CHICAGO, ILL.
ifateverything needed by Pro-
WIGS, GREASE PAINTS, POWDERS, Etc.                 lerSend4cinStamps for
"S" Catalog and Art of Making Up. FRANK X. MICHL & CO., 915 Arch Street, PHILADELPHIA, PA.
in the sale of Machines and
Accessories orrental of flms
is of an unsurpassable qual-
ity andsure-fire; nevermisses.
Power's Cameragraph
Edison's Kinetoscopes
337Sprue St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Western Dramatic Exchange
Managers wanting reliable people write
127 La Salle St., nr. Madison, Chicago, Ili.
P. J. RIDG8, Manager.
TOTICE:-Vaudeville Acts, Sketches, etc.,
tbcmbing Singing, Dancing, Dramatic Art,
etc.. Written, Coached and Rehearsed.
WANTED Professional
WANTEpeople to try
a Namety Suit or Overcoat. Indi-
vidual tailoring my specialty.
LOUIS    NAMETY      16S7tor.
Condensing Lenses
Objectives, Etc.
E I i
00ro 1  1*
,nn    L
3is' 100
,8   5'
Fax k Summ111r-s: Drml and, Mc-
K'a.,  27-Feb.  1.
t     l1.        &  Girls: Pal-
a   :0Southampton,  En g., 27-
ICa.   00 II  Btlr, a.,
W. Ya, 3-q.
'RAY. 1\BiRRY: 9th Arch, Mu-
U lm  PLiblophia, Pa.
Gregon, Four:  En route with
Amtetnn Burtlesqoers.
old BeNle: En route w-ith Mc-
Iontyre & Heathn
CiOndi, Art: Crstal Park, Jop-
lin, Alo., indef.
.tutt &-  roTott: En route with
1illiamoos  Ideals.
Gros. Wm.: En route with The
latilne Girl.
Grnces, Thne Two: :En route with
tIterr  Maid'enos Co.
Glno- Tomm:-: En route witlh
tle Felhna Showr.
ting. frank: Family, Erle. Pa.,
Gralm. Goo. W.: Scenic Temple,
ProidenRce  R. I., Indef.
ihondsel &owe: En route with
the Fialte Founders Co.
.aseoms, 1-nhy  En route with
 the Vogel's Minstrels.
Garden & Rnnoers: En     route
wIth San Dvere Show.
InodIn  &  Goodwin:    Enpire,
O~rintleld. Ill., indef.
asons. Boby: En route with
Vogel's M1fnstrels,
0,:: Frank: Star, Muncie, Ind.,
Trhano  Chas.-  En  route  with
nbnlal Belles.
(Gtrdner. Andy:  En, route with
1olr  Stella: En route  with
.In11ly Girls.
oknr Cites. & Anna: En route
with Rentz-Santley.
on.Amy Enn rootse ith Rose
Gor clail  Na . rn   O t
nt-ino  M :  En   route   with
* PReees Beasty- Showv.
rnt Anna: En route with Pat
Wit's, Galety Girls
Don. Sam: ' En     route    with
Grilte's Galety GIrl          i
10   ,r10 1: En route with Ti-
t ul'tlles,
Iolffin  Harry C.:  Quincy, Ill.,
ill,, '  -,     , T i iil,   I-n
C rnitY.           t   i
0   , ao  Cicinnati.   0.,  27-
iyt3Ilons          Louis-ills,
Frloaos &- Motgomeroy:
Cnno? laoenna  Wash., -li.
0I0f     0 11anettng: Sip, Kto-
km:0   lt  7- eb  2.
0In0., 27Ieto         Kokomo,
Cr00,0y  Fei,2
Feh rani -.. Troupe: Scal,,
2D.    gen  Dennark, Feb. 1-
Onolma'n  'The  u  al:  (nIety,
Topocka.  n.   7Fb    .
ranr, Eddi : Howar, Hunt-
gion       V:.,  7-F b. 100
Or -,,l &-   rnt tt: 11l, k1ln00 ,
olmth&  110pipe: Benet sIX
i    ijou,  Dolonth,
lEntd.  Elrn 3 .  0F b   .
Ioldnono Hornr       Inhbra  No:
ork Cito. -Feb. 1.
ooldsmith,  Ed: E pire. T:ledo,
- . ,nn1 l  i o
Goiger & Tl alr  Orhun Ian
anc            Feb     . A
On~dn  <Q Engacl: to-anIlanel
Rea' n g 100.,t. o -Feb.n1n-n
1,rtroa : ,l. ItO.0  -Hoot- tt Gbunrg,
Pa.       0.    1 .
G olWon ,,n : u  ill ond-
Ma.  to;: Cotu-ino n
d:1ot: ni (  (eolnoMonlon  oi'io 0 T- b 1
Gor.  Elni:  oouI m  Riloux
it, la.   2 - eb.  1. I
1Conn.,lp ia 27-Feb  271. ,  1
En aute"I  It-it Fay Foster On
Hart. Jn O.., & C. En roF1 te
nl tti s  Tiger  ls;  MCo. ti.
llervey F-arry: Ean route o-itintha
Gils fr-nm Inorwlanot.
Hnontoon, Dent & Clara: Maonarch,.
Laoston, Tnex., ita Fef.
orconrtl, ifrnk: Lyric, Seattle,
Weslo.. fndof.
-erierts. The: Eo roote with Pa-
namna Coseert Co.
HuEnant Grands: En rote oith
the    Tipporome  Amusement C,
Hart. AnnHe:  En route with Mc-
nlsfrm p Fns.
Htowe & Deker: En route with
the tox klai-ntret,.
Hn''rv. outeoora: New Orpheum,
wNashqtel .  0.. Sept.  2.  idef.
Hrbirs. The:  En  route w th
nm ae at r   Co.
tie-i-n  Gndlie: E route with
theHinto' Extravagsnza Co.
HtU n. nnioeco: En route withc
radnt's lExtr.aganza Co.
Tbore. Son  .: En rout with tio
Manle ERo eders Co.
T'is.d. .ors: En route with
toe Riato Runders Co.
tHie s  - tieo-: En route with
l   qn5mcerhuor Tile Macnv.
tsuhos. Floren: En route with
lo   1aoas .  & "\ aEn : rot jostic
iadin. 0Vis..  77 eo 2u with
St., Chicago, Ill., 3-9.
Hanvey, Lenora: Star, Elkin, Ill.,
Harte, Rollie R.: Crystal, Frank-
fort. Ind., indef.
Harvey & DeVora: En route with
Rialto Rounders.
Iay. Unicycle, & Bro.: En route
with the Vogel Minstrels.
Happy Tom Robinson: En route
with Big Show.
Harrison Sisters: En route with
the Black Crook Jr. Co.
Houghton, W. H.: En route with
the Boston Belles Co.
Iarron, Jules: En route with The
Yankee Doodle Girl.
Hall, Isabel: En route with La-
dy Birds.
Hall, Alfred: En route with Rol-
Hayes & Carew: En route with
Harlowe, Beatrice: En route with
Hich Jinks
Harrington. Hilda: En routewith
ROn-e S-1noll
Harris. Bobby: En route     with
Harrion. Minnte: En route with
Hayes. Edmund: En route with
Jolly  Girls.
i-ns,. Beatrice: En route with
o-nadwav Galety Girls.
H-lonmen. Bent.: En route with
Henry & Francis: En route with
Jolly Grass Widows.
Hertsman, Julia: En route with
IHans. Oso,,r: Virginia, Chicago,
Il.  7-Fe., .
IiH-    r0 -lill:  Em..opiro.  Tolcno,
1.: 27F b. l mpire,  Clee--
T1owanl & Ehr      jo  Dubug,r
la, 27-Febh. 2:Dominion. 1Vin-
ter   .  27-Fe1 2  Starl,  S  S ter'I
,i!1e,  T V a.,  -f.
Holer  Ons:Crystal, Knox-
vil.Tonn.,  27-Feb.  2.
ITalinan, Harrny: Ml;ijestic, Houn-
ton, Tox.,  17-Feb.2.
TlIll & Whtker: M     ak.schc-
noetaly,  IN.  Y.,  7-F1 b.  1.
TT;igli & Thomas: Dijinu, Flint,
M\ich., 27-Feb. 1.
How-za   &  Gr    in:Empire,
s'pringfield,  Ill..  7- b. 1.
ITefron. Tom: Dominion, TVlnni-
po,-.. Man., 2T-Feb1. 1.
Hornn. 11rtin: Colun;hl, Lawrence
Hayfdon. Dolly: Grand. Tnlodon, O.,
20-Feb. 1.
HIalperin, Nan: Imnperial, Fr mont
O ., 27-Fob. 1.
Hlickma~n Bros. & (o.: Orpheum,
Newark, 0.. 27-Feb,. 1.
I~weE. Frederic, & Co.: Ben-
nett's, Ottawa, Ont., 2-7-Feb. 1.
Hardman, Joe A.: Family, Ma-
lianoy City, Pa., 26-Feb. 1.
Haly,  Kathron: Lyric, Alton,
Ill.,  27-Feb.  1.  t
ughN     0r.&\M1 .   Gn,: Kithsn
I nion  o .,  -N il r  City,  -
Hughs, M. &Mrs. Nick,: (!,II
lanon   lea.  n.    -F b 1
I~ .Emil1,  &  Co.:  H-ath-aays,
New  Hof W:,  M s.  T-Felb.  1.
Hask. ll,   n       Rli  um,  00  ,
Iiowar      inaan onnoon: T0r-.
Iino, On ., 2-Fobnnn.
I:In la         '-'Inntar  toann01',
JJa . ,d   . 27-Feb.  1.
1wkins  Jonn  0 t.:  nisau Enot
MIHOF & CORINNE: En roaute
with the Empire Burlesquers.
Irwin, Jack: En route with the
Tiger Lilies Co.
International Musical Trio:  En
route with the Night Owl.
itt tnationfal  Connioues,  Four:
Family, Davenpor, a., 27-Fe,
Ishikawa Jap Troupe: Majestic,
Mtaoisont,  W0s.,  27-Feb.  1.
JONSON     &   BUCKLEY:      En,
route with the Empire Bu-
Jules & Marzon: En route with
Barton Minstrels.
Jennings & Jewell: En route with
Jennings. William: En route with
White's Gaiety Girls.
Jess, John W.: En route with Ltd
Johnson, Geo.:   En  route with
Scribner's Big Show.
Jordan, Tom: En route with Lady
Jacobs & West: En route with
Sam Dev-re Co.
000son  Mark: Majeste  Kisn-
m0z0on0 ich.. 1 T-Feb. 2 130iou,
:tle Crook ,  2-9.
Jh:nn   ,r. & John"':on  W-
o  rlan .  Du -,is,   ])..  27- 1,b 1,
J0p-n . n Eu'ne: Ito l.  nridge-
art. U o ,nn.,  a7-F  -. 1. 1
JKnAHarry & Kate:      nro torth
Tr~oy  N. Y'..  7- b.1.
.ere. The Two: Knx illE, uTenn.,
1Tallw. Edwardn. & Tvinifrel TWil]:
Bijou. Lansing, Mich., 7Fb
K ENDAL. TLEO: En route with
The Burgomaster.
Knetzger. The Great: En route
with the Vogel Minstrels.
Kenville. Louise: En route witn
the Rialto Roundero Co.
Klly. Sam & Ida: Unoique. Min-
napolis,  Minn..  7-UFeb.  2;
Family, Fargo, N. D. 3-
Nogb. Thos. J.. & Rutl Francis:
Majestic, Dallas, Tox., 27-Fb.
2: 1nj'tic, Houston. 2-i.
Kollys, The Tystorioos: Falane,
Meridian. Miss. 27-Feb. 1.
Kitaiur  Ta:p Troune: Mlarylandl,
Baltimore, Md., 27-Feb. 1.
King & Stange: Colonial, GulvoS-
ton, Tex., 26-Feb. 1.
ll    .  V.: t  jou, Duluth, Ainn.,
ir.0nhnll Br.   Lic, Flouston,
T0x..   Fe    .
N   noomn Br0.; O 1phu, iNewog
Or, ans.  Ia.,  "T-FbF1.
vIl Sam,  & I d a: Un iqIue, Fargo,
_X. D1., 27-Feb. 1.
ne 0ie rs  Tnhe: Orphoium, Can-
t00,  .,  7-Feb.  1.
:, 1Walnsh &     Aelroe: Slea's,
IToronto,  Ont.,  17-Feb.  1.
K ,1  roins.: lOpheum, Harris-
hurg, Pa., "7-Feb, . 1.
I ,0n01, Tals: Froctor's 1Sth St.,
NewN York City, 27-Feb. 1.
Klly, Ja,. T., & Lillian M. Mas-
soa-: iamily, H-agerstown, Md.,
,,7-Feb 1.  1.
Ko,-ndy & WIlkins: Savoy, IIam-
i0ton, Ont., -Feb. 1.
K      'ol, Gs & Marion: Star, DV-
isLake, N. D., 27-Feb. 1.
K1le, Iongam, & Co).: Browns-
Oille  Ja..  27-Feb.  1.
Nippling, Florence-: Sihubort,New-
ark, N. J., 27-Feb.  1.
I EVINE   &   HURD:    En  route
L* wIth the New Century Girls.
Lambertos, FIge Juggling: James-
town Exp., Norfolk, Va., Indef.
La Couver, Lena: En route with
the Fay Foster Co.
Lockhart Sisters: En route with
Burgomaster Co.
Lyons, John: En route with the
Champagne Girls.
Lane. Win. C.: En route with the
Great Raymond Co.
Lasky's Black Hussars:    Hippo-
drome, London, Eng., July 15,
tLilide, Ml1e.: En route with the
Great Raymond Co.
Lawrence. Will.: En route wtth
the Miner's Dreamlands.
Lavelle Slsters: En route with the
Sam Devere Show.
Librty Four. The: En route with
the Miner's Dreamlands.
LaMar, Wayne: En route -ith the
Roclky Mountain Express.
Langdons. The: En route with the
Show Girl.
LaTour Sisters:  En route with
Amerlan Burlesquers.
Leland & Lee: Empire, Los An-
geles, Cal., Indef.
L eGray, Dollies:  Bijon theater,
Racine, wis., indef.
Lewis & Trayer: En route with
Playing the Ponies.
Tihhv & Trayer: En route with
Playing the Ponies.
LeClaire. Harry: En route with
the Tharoughbreds Co.
Lewis &  Thompson:    En  route
with Merry Maidens Co.
Lambert & Williams: En route
with Majestics.
Leonard, James F.: En route with
Yankee Doodle Girl.
Laxvretnce, Pete: Fn route with
Al Reeve's Big Show.
Leeds, Adelaide: En route with
Parisfan Widows.

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