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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 23, 1907)

Roller skating rinks,   p. 15

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Popularity is the Result of Perfection
We have Manufactured and Sold more high-grade Roller Skates during the past three
years than all our competitors combined.
We do not manufacture Sidewalk Skates and recommend them for Rink Use. We do
not sacrifice quality for cheapness.
Scientific Construction, Simplicity, Perfect Adjustability and Beauty of Design are
some of tie Essential Features Embodied in the
RICHARDSON                                                 the
Cushion Frame, Anti-Jar Ball Bearing Skates Used Exclusively in All of the Most
Frominent Rinks in America and by All the Leading Skaters of the World. We put the
first steel ball intoae skate roller, and have originated every essential feature in connec-
tion with the manufacture of Roller Skates during the past twenty years. We carry a full
line of Rink Accessories, including Admission, Skate and Wardrobe Tickets, Lithographs,
lectrotypes. Floor Surfacing Machines, Maple Flooring'and Mechanical Military  Bands.
Write for Catalogue. Tells how to Open and Operate Roller Rinks.
inianci, con
big drawie   card and ean do remarkabl
elever wvork.
-oller skating in Canada is entering it-
third year with the same rinks and busnss
is still good. Some links have overdone the
start l- a stead run all summer, bit t   it
tman-acters are nto- -ac-iale to elie tact t itt
their patrons can gt too much of ai go1d
thing and that roller skating to be a suc-
cess must have its season like all amuse-
....I. I    I -11-h it .,-  till,  s  iS--------
WVinslow's RinkSkatsfor f    cars Iee eon
larwith skaters heaue theywearlongerandcost
No. 17                  l ecss forrepairs. Ballsbearinganilain. Our new
17  ~ s        illustrated catalogues are free. Wriie fora-copy.
with "web" L '     s /      THE SAMUEL WINSLOW SKATE MFG. CO.
Steel Ball        >-or               WORCESTER, MASS., U. S. A.
Bearing Rolls              84-86ChambersSt.,N.Y. 8LonoLane,E.C.,London
skating rinks lIll -er tl        S- lb   r- :-----lilin
AI   W. RI(HAR'DSON, prsido'ntof the
hifnk Ianagets Associatin of Amieria,
has ittltt for thia dPattmnit of'Il
,oWV   lthD the following articl- on the
nanagemen.5t Of roller skating rinks.   Mr.
Richarls is a  an tof wide experience and
may be ,(lied up t as an authority otn tit
mitter of which he speaks.
-The asi'tarlIon (if nick otanagelro-lit, a
sstlt ,vr andti uanagers hlae intercract.1t
l, ist iatt oea, ill its nca-lt eati help
as possible  and    thereby    keep   down
iter payrolls. By keeping their doors oplen
ill the tear round this looks go od for ;I
,an, but what of the future?
The only successful conception of rink
:-anagintnt is to have all your emplioye.
n the pi1-.oll. Th-y must   e on the alert
,Q the intterst of the rink   r lose thi-ir
Nsits. whereas if the itlD is only  did
ihat' their interest is of a SiItish Or per-
stal ntature.  There is nothing that will
lie the tone of a rink quicker thal this.
lr Patrons at first are tolrant of thes-
attaches Iecause they desire to learn oin
-kite. (tice they have been initiated it tIe
art, howeve.r, thet Iecomeo olservant and
rtical. And how    they do   love to talk
ultt this and that. Mr. Old-Timier, tim I
Again. novices in the business hace ai
rung desire to operate their rinks the year
und. Now all sports are seasonable-wh
I taller skating?  if you art' in the husi-
si flargailayou should e able to see tucat
lirie it lore to be made in good winter
asons ft years than itn two or three years
t   tonstant skating and killing the sport
tir-ely.  lose tour rink on tie night you
I- ueiip,i tot closei! There is tat stirev
ito of Irolngilc the life of your business
pan  yhekeecitig aour patrols hungry fot
the sprt. Itrn't allowc thcent to become cue-
fited. Clos--  Whets you open your doors
for the ixt season  -ou will have all your
Id and t great number of new patrons.
-Tlintk it etr, Me. Naice! Then get iii
Ill Icerthe plsonationti tand it the dleat"
-f the business.  The writer can cite in-
stane s of rink after rink compelled to clos,
ts doors purely because they attempted to
meat  ith '(lead head' employes.   (I1eall
-'s, good music and legitimate emplot-
till win out ivery timae.  Good skates ar
f course, a necessity'
Chas. G. Kilpatrick, the famous one-legged
fancy and trick roller skater and cyclist.
was a rec-tt caller at the general offices of
THE SHOW   WORLD.      Mr. Kilpatrick Itas
just returned from  a most successful tour
If tie copper country and reports that roller
skating i being taken up by the best peo-
Ple with a v tim which should make the pres-
nt seaston a Itt- st successful one.  L. M.
-lla dalst  i pesideit  of  the  Richardson
It-IIBealicg Skate comanyt-  tecentlty Ion-
Snted hict with a   old-plattid skate.  Th-
hate is ost handsome and is a beautiful
tlisitistt cit the l)ltite's, at.
It willo io  remeof titerd tat Mr. Kilpatrick
il4 hcwn tie wst sti-s af the eapiti I at
ii~chisgtoltt D. it. a  ta-at  ttever  -a--itt.
plished before nor since, and from that sen-
sational ride ie originated his famous Cap-
ital Steps ride which has been the leadi 1
Itottuee caitt his other Sensations, wit all
lho lugecirtuses, State f-ales atd expotsitiotts
in the country. He also swam   the Missis-
ippo river at Alton, Ill., last month, a feat
Ihich created a distinct sensation.
Prof. A. P. Demers, te fancy and trick
xthibition skater, has met with great sue-
ss in  ery city and rink that he has ap-
traced. He has on file over 500 letters from
link managers that want his act, and is oneo
If the oldest exhibition skaters now befor
the public. His exhibition is a guaranteed
attraction and he has done much to ad-
lane the interests of roller skating in this
untry. He also has a large collection of
mdIals and trophies won by his skatorial
'kill. This week Prof. Deiers is the attrac-
tion at the rink at Atchison, Kan.
`1             .     *                 .
The White City and Auditorium      skating
ltihs at Springfield. Mo., are both   oing
cod businss, The obstacle race was a re
ent Special feature at White City     rink.
Prof F. W. Demers gave an exhibition of
fancy skating at the tWhite City rink last
The management of the Victoria rink at
St. John, N. B., has been offering season
'ickets for the rink as prizes and has at-
elacted large croc-dis by  this method    of
tploiting the merits of tihe rink.
Williams & Waggoner recently played the
Riverdale tink, Toronto, Can. The team    do
-lms good juggling and acrobatic work.
The El Ray Sisters have spent six weeks
in Canada playing the best rinks. They are
taw in Pennsylvania. These juveniles are a
aiderid very bright by the managers of the
1best rinks.
The Riverdale roller rink at Toronto, Can.,
is the largest rink in Canada and is equipped
ciith 1,200 pairs of skates. Manager C. W.
Smith also citrols the Jubilee roller rink
at 1la Ian's Point, which is one of the larg-
est sumic-er resort rinks in America. He
is about to inaugurate a series of city cham-
pionship races for valuable prizes.
The Park City rink at Bridgeport, Conn.,
offered as alt attraction for the wseek of
Nov. 11 Adelaide D. Vorak, the champion
speed skater. Tihe Hutchinson Bros. & Fle-
ning are the managers of this rink.
'Itt- Exto skating rink at Pittsburg is
daily filled with thousands of devotees of
the sport.  ie followers of the game in that
city prefer it to the exclusion of other
The Coliseua roller rink, Elgin, Ill., under
the management of C. E. Aldrich, resumed
business recently.  New   instructors have
been engaged and this rink is rapidly be-
coming a very popular place of amusement.
The Coliseum rink at Touisville. Ky., is
doing good business and the management
will shortly offur special attractions.
The Southern Vaudeville Agency sa that
securing the business.  Most of the rink
managers who have adopted the plan Icae
met with very favorable results. There are
over thirty-eight rinks in the south and the
Southern Vaudeville Agency, which is lo-
cated at Paducah, Ky., have over 400 aets
on their books. It would seent a good prop-
osition for rink managers to investigate
The Bijou   roller rink  at Hot Springs,
Ark., opened for its second season Nov. 4,
with Prof. A. P. Demers as the opening at-
traction. The Rexos will le the Thanksgiv-
ing week attraction at the Bijou rink. This
is a return engagement for them.
The Music Hall skating rink at Cincin-
nati, 0.. had as their principal attraction
last week a skating race for ladies. The
contest excited  much   interest and large
crowds were the rnto.
The Riverside rink at Asheville, N. C.,
opened for the season last week and a jo-ly
crowd of youngsters took advantage of the
opportuntiy. Tihe rink is oien in the after-
noon for the school children and in the eve-
ning for the older devotees of the sport.
Mr. Simpson, who recently opened a the-
atorium at Hillsboro, Tex., is now busily en-
gaged remodeling a store into a roller skat-
ing rink. A new maple floor is being laid,
dressing rooms provided for the ladies. and
all other arrangements necessary to make a
t  ink Ill overy respect. L. D. Nich-
etc le-i   lit entgage-d as tltor mnager.
''letitte ta(it the finaI openting-is still to he
'tice large patronage of the new    roller
skating rink at Oskaloosa, la., continues to
l. a surprise to the management. All the
kates ott hand, at the Snyder are sold out
-ur--ly it the evening and as soon as one
kater tires, another is ready to take his or
iae place ott tie floor.
Myers & Logwood, formerly identifiedwith
tic,  -ar-er Eniciprises. havc  secured tite
-ontrol of the Band Auditorium     it Inde-
pIndence. Kan., for a skating rink, wlhich
ipened Stturday, Nov. 16. The Auditorium
tas refitted and an entire new equilpment of
tiachardson  1all hearing  shates installed.
The building is 110 feet in diameter and
seats '     ii,5-ic1 people. Myers & ILogwood int-
forI i  I that 'Th  Girl from Bagdad will not
lake the road until after tii  first of cite
The arescentA aty (era House okating
richs-at Neii Albtanlit  Incd., aie ding ax-
Scalient business.  Commencing next week.
inucd-vill and other attractions will le of-
Tite C'asinos ritik tit Jeffersonville, Id.,
opened fosite seson Mtodat -eitng. Spe-
cial features and good music were offered.
"The, coast of death" isas the attraction
off--red at the Mtammioth rink. Denver, Colo.,
last w-ek. The coast down tihe long slide
tl ithe- atcamtin.-intg leap over ti altdles
furenishedi at fittitg ilimax tot-a gre--at nci-
ier of tihrilliing feats performed by the visit-
ing pof ssional.
Tihe -ashington   Amusement     company,
preprietors of the skating rink on Wcest
iseau stee' -t, Washington, Pa., have bought
a floor-secraper and will use the machine
- ,ttci' 1t cceelk Ottcite elicik flour to ]test) it in
lf,'ct siape. Tice nacite, wici is set-
h"eavy but may easily be tak,,n apart aInd
Iemtot'l to tt any  place desirei, wats pur-
I as-d froI the Amrican Floor Surfacing
,.ornpany of Toledo, it.
The Chutes rink, Chicago. 11., is doing a
tremccndou  businc-.   Thtie large  caIll is
,-rinwd'd nightly  clIth a merry throng of
1t1in es d tic .ianagnitent report very
aratiintg eesult,.
Manager Nail of the Music Hall skating
ilk it Cincinnati has atn  nct-ti that the
- il eariica tic lie hteldi att this tuck 'aill 1).'
nttaly itgtttdt-iuott the enening-it Nos .
l.  it -isill he5 th' first of cthe seasont andt
prizes -ill le awardead for the most appro-
priate tnd elaborate costumes.
Floyd Riley, a young Atron, 0., boy, grad-
tated fron t ianateur it the professional
cl-ass of skatarial -artists last cs-sc  -isittn lis
made his final appearance at the rink lit his
home town. The young performer will make
Strip of the Unid States, appearing at a
es-r at nuncher of thcs leading rnks.
Tice Southside rink at Hirmingiam, Ala,
recently gav  a fancy dress liall and carni-
vail. The Carnival continued throughout the
eek and there were many maskers and on-
lookers in :tteidanice.
BIell, Henry tin(] Zeno    to  Enter Vaut-
deville This Season.
1t- Scianton Zeno now on hter honeymoon.
- i  rcently ias married to Pete Bell, of
t-n faious elown team  of Bell and Henry,
will i-tirk i- -   comedy acrobatic act on
tItel tItein circutit tice first of the year. She
cill t-e asited bt ier husband, whose an-
ties  v tc  th   tarnunil &  Bailey  shows
tit'-id ttie titan ti million laughs.  Bell
tic-I lenry are now  playing time for the
IW''letc  nudoville Managers' Association.
The----- t-w ta  will Ibe known as Bell, Henry
mnil Ze no.
Mis. Zeno-Bell does "doubles" to the net
wcith alt case and g-race that are mystifying.
,\t one performance she turnedi thirty-four
ci-si utive somrrsaults. This is the record
fer th past three years. About that time
tb -tam of ATtlf an<1 Milton made the record,
but   Mlts. B-l  it, bi holds  the  laurels.
The o-w t'elamu I s tIl- well wishes of their
wa ic friends.
is 1
- i -it
November 23, 1907.
A well-known team of comedy acrobats, formerly 'aith Bainumi & Bailey's show, who tire
about to embark in vaudeville, is composed of Pete Bell, the famous funmaker, and his
bride, Eva Scranton Zeno. They have been booked by the Western Vaudeville Managers'

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