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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Correspondence [continued],   pp. 36-39

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.September 28, 1907,
luZ( N, Spt. '1  Colunal ( F. E'. John-
sin magr.)-lowNe's pictures, 18, good husi-
SFlorenc     Gear in Cupid at Vassar
pleaising big aundiences, 20th; '5, Lion andt
the Mouse: 26, Richard tCarle in The Spring
Chicken; 2q, Quincy Adams Sawyer.
Grand   (T. K. Albaugh, mgr.)-At the
liI Cross IRoads, Sept. 16, 17 and 18, had
good returns; Parted on H1r Bridal Tour,
19, 20 21, business fair  Txas, Sept. 23,
(l 2: ay Nesw York. 26 27, '.
G ayet   (An lllePh I 'in,  ing.)-Opens
Sept. 20 with  'illiam's Ideals, iurlesniun'.
Music 1lall (H. S. Quine, enscr.-O)is  s
for swinter 'Nos'1. 11 svithi Ielasco's Siweet
Nitty Plnirs.
i asino (iH. A. Haw, nngr-.)-Closed this
week for winter.-C. E. MOORE.
B R3RBERTON'. Sept. 21-Htarberton Thea-
ter (A. F. Stilitldrehor,  igr.)-Sept.  21,
Jerry From   Kerry; 24, At the Old Cross
lnds; 26, London Gaity Girls: 28, A Pair
of Country Kids: 310, Monte Cristo. Nickel-
odiums doing hig buiness.-C. E. MOOHE.
CANTON, Sept. 21-Grand      (F. S. Love,
mngr.)-Are You a Mason, tO, good business;
Stets on's  T.i. C., 1    bunsiness inig.  A
GIo   F      I    gI    business.  Hinmne-
tlijou  lFrnnnln  Potts, nigr. ).--S -tz  and
Stz   Stony ansi Bare. De Act!tSoeie, Johsn
itnrtha and Moving Pictures
Lake Partk (tW. D. Harris, mgr.)-The
Four Dancinig Harrises, Fredrick Hurd aan
Co  a'eii  Wise,-iog  Wlieelon'ls,  Dainty
Elizabeth  Forney, Iardner and Maddern,
Bra d ley aunt Clank aunt the tLifoograsts.
Myers ake Park cloen h 15. The crsds
this sennmer have exceeded these of g rl-
v-icnissummesirs bythnosisaunds. 'Manager I-ar-
ris was presented with an elegant pair of
gout    itff buttons end a  beautiful scarf
1nit, m)y tin1s conices sionaires and the cnn-
1T   nsatslnue airssip has been secured
fir dtny ands night flighcts at the County
Fair. 24-27.-G. F. DOtRMAN.
D.XYT O N, Sept. 21-Tne closing of lice
tnnrlns t s inreasent tle attendanne at tie
tlnatrs veiry msaterially, anid S. Miller
, (istI is Baffles tint a spliendint bnusiness at
the National. W. F. Mann's great detective
play, Shadowned by Three, opened It to a
Iarge house. Outlaw's Christnmas, It.
Lyric-Good   crossdis w5enc the into  and
Manager Iturtig has started the third week
wit  another  all 'tar  Iaudeill ne mnng
wshich will he seen Chis  runo anit Mahel
Iussell.  nnur Stiswart Sisters, Three La-
nniaze  Bros.. Finalh Ahitn, tan"is  A
lxic-nnn & n.  1nis:t,ri tt'liI, Zeino, for-
tain & Zeno aIn  in'sing pictures.
Victoria (nClaud Miller, mgr.)-The  T.ion
and the Mos played to a fair aulience
here last wee.   Conn, ny  washa only fair.
PI'iln  17; Endgnar Scitslni as Tl'h c  'ollegn'
Br,  I ndian, 1: Thomas Jefferson inn Rip
'anT Winkle, 19; Mrs. TViggs of the Caibage
Patch. 21.
Biljou  lream-Tfnnrry  Davis. the proprie-
Itr if this 1eautiful ilace, has nade got
still lis Dnnytoii annnin'nce anni is fuinisli-
ing up to tate pictures. This wNrk he is
sing      Kinossing  Dogs,  Englishmen  In
Inin Lising Silhounttes.
Fairviews Park closed Saturday night for the
Lakeside-This park   will have another
teelk  of polite   vaudeville.-BRUI'CE   G.
SPRITNGFIELD, Sept. 21-Fairbanks (C.
.1. Miller. nsgr.-Parsifat 12: Mrs. TWiggs
of the Onhbage Patch. 20; The Rays. 21;
Coming, Sept. 2e, Grace George In Divore-
GIraind (Gabriel Sachis, engr)-Tie Key-
stnnne Dn'arniatl Co., all stock, to an execet-
lenIt bunsinese.
T,,cenmi  (Chas, Fischer, prop.)-London
Gaiety Gits.
Orphumi Vaudeville (Gus Sun, prop.)-
Pnckedt to doors. Tgge &       Danels  are
hecadnig  the  programmne, with  Gee .  F.
ttnainh & Co ., Billy ' Moore and Doncioni  &
Belle.  Mr. Sun, the proprietor    of  this
mouse is "rctinig a handsome new vaude-
ville theater in this ity to ie called the
"Now Sun' whiswil-iel  sil ihe larae and nood-
crn in every d1,tail-T. E. GOODFELOW.
BRADFORD. Sept. 21.-Bradford theater
(ay North, sgr.).-Honuse dark all week.
Al. H. Wilson in Metz in the Alps, Sept.
Star  T. B. Brokly. nmgr.1.-Pill inelud-
ed Archie Appleton. Plitke Gifford, Master
Teonard Sterns. moving pictures and     it-
linstratent songs.  Business good.
'fIeatoru    (B. It.   Howard. engr.).-
Business good stith illustrated songs anid
inoving picturr.
Dreaminnd (Dan Collins, mer.).-Moving
Ilirtures, illustrated sones and Miss Hazel
MeFarlanI.   usinsess good.
Poerless (N. A. T'alker, ngr.).-Business
fair withs sonzs and moving pictures.-G.
EASTON. S-'ot. 21.-Able Opera      House
(Chester H. Rice. iomr.-RIeiiard Canec in
The01 Spring Cisicken. 10. to a S. BT. 0. housep.
It was TIs' far the best mnusical tplay here
this season , slid thiere stas not a single
flaw  in the performance.    Bessie McCoy
son'ed  seavilv in tse rote of Rosalie. a
issa id.  SINe tootned  yasnnger and prettier.
sind wvas more sprightly than eser. Artliur
Coinrad gave a very good dancing specialty
in the first act: while Alice Haceoman wtas
exnellent ini the part of Mrs. Girdle. The
singling  an'1 dinioig  of tine chorus wtas
non<1. Tlillinmns and T'alkor in Bandanna
Tnicn. 11: good siow.   Alberta Gallatin in
Jinith of ts Phtnins. 12:,a good nerform-
nice: Mis   Gallatin deseres nh hetter
.support. Black Crook. Jr.. 1-i. Helen Bv-
rn  in Peggy Fromt Paris. 1C: New York
DTos v  Day. 17: Adnine Thurston in The
Cil Fr'nnom  Out Yonder. 1i: Th    i tinn and
tine Mouse, 19: 'ine Arrival of Kitt'. 20:
Te Tily and the Prince. 21: and the Myr-
kln' TTnirder  Stock Co., 23-28.-JOTIN  L.
ERTh;, Sept. 21.-Majesi (Tno. T,. Gil-
s-in  res. mr'.).-Before and    After, 1.on
tiiiriicstinii's laughabi  comseny. ). to a
foir house: The Alaskan, 12, Marrs     Gi-
rnr in the lcadinig role, -IEdward Martin-
dii1 and AXgises Cain Brown scoring    ine,
hit: 13 a nd 14, Buster BrIown.
Park Opera house (Jno. L. Gilson, mgr.).
KNOXAVILLE,     Sept.  2I-inninis  nFrit.
Staun,  agr.)-    Faidten's Best of Flats, 15.
fair mouse; The Kennedy Players, 19: L~aint
of Nod, 2n: Mabel Montgomery in Zira, 21.
The Auditorium   Rink opened with lank
Garrity as oianager, Chas. McNabb ahaving
sotst out to iii lastI Saturedny.  Tine puinl-
lic is loth to lose such a congenial gintle-
man as Mr. McNnb.       The Rink    pene
srilii a gooni altenitaonce. Tine att'actin fes
ithis steel is M~iss Jennie H1onigistin of Nct
York, fancy   skater.   A  feature for the
whole-   asaon silt ne the rnoving lpictures
afterncoon aind evenings. chnaniginig daily.
DAT,TA. Se'nt. 21.-This week witnesoen
ti' closilig  of one of tine sumier 11ks
aind tine oplning of thre Dallas Opera tinnins.
Iake Cliff closed after the most Drospiins
season in Its history.   The Baldivin-Mel-
ville Stock Company has returned to Nent
Orloans, where they will remain for tie
ine rake C'iff Rink is still open, and
continues to (Io a thriving business.
At Cscle Park the Albert Taylor Stoclki
Conipany   is  delighting  large  audiences
iNtits  thir cloer prnduction  of poplnnr'
"tok'l pit' The Balyeneud Teal 'Msin
Cnnnidy Company will follow    Albert Ta  -
ii at tine Datlas Opera house.
Tlie 'M'neslic still open tine season  i:
'uIT a  01i  I    lhe mnanagers, t e sna-
son will Ib  a notable one.
i'eL itnl has reopened and is attracting
l-ri' aioielices to see tine attractive tlin-
of ionItinunus  'audeville presented.
The Airdorne still enjoys a prospertisc
Huclker's Big Tent theater has hern it
the sit for twenty-seven wecks ansd shnnn
no signs of decreasing business.
1W. IT. Pice., wh  managed tih' Tyri' i''I
ater in this city last season, has aceci
a position as business manager for Hr-
tingling  Bros.' Circus will exhibit in
Dnllias ol. 10 anid much Interest has moeit
ar   Oe  Inlse of tie recent anti-trust
lasts in Texas-B. A. A.
FT[. AA'OBTH  Sept. 21-GreenstailnOei
House-Rentfrow's Stock Co., week of Sept.
9. fair company,    good  business.  A'ninn
HeIarne in No Mother to Guide Her, Snt-'.
20 and 21.
'Te Lyic is coninuing to nrait cro,< 1--I
Ihoises i-h v'audes'ille.
'T. NW'. Muutay. formerly manager of nine
Griand Opera House. San Antonio, has    onn'eic
nininted manager of the Majestic theater
Ed.   Iathaway,   a   promusiumni  young
whistler, whose home is in Wichita. Kan..
is laiine tnime on the Tvrie ircuit here.
Geon. Wells. former drum master at the
Matjetic theater, will be seen in a musical
act this season.
The noving picture shows here are doing
well. nO  sre showing some new films.-F.
FAIRIONT,     Sept.   21-Grand     Opera
ITouse (J. E. Powell. igr.)-John T'Y. Vo-
eels's Mintroles. 14 pleased a large house.
It is runiored here that the Grand may
pass into other hands as Mr. Powell's oth-
or business is tskiig ups all his time. A
theatricla firs of mnuch nrominence in Nesw
York is a bidder for this popular house
ant msay yet secure it.
Electric theates and Nickelodon'. are all
doing   a   good    business.-FRANK      C.
WNNHFFIVNG(, Sent, 11.-Tne -West A\'ir'-
ainia state fait- and expositioin drest recerd
breakimng crowcds to line cliv q-12, it ibeing
home-cominig week, as well.
Court (EK. 1,. Moorec, nign)- kt. H. A'il-
sosn  in Metz in mte Als. q-12: fair ce-
turnis. Lyman IT. Hoe's   in0g piltures.
12-14; .medimin  hiusines.  Doroth' Vernon
of Taddon Hall, 12; Lion and the Mouse,
Grand   Opera  house (Chas. A. Feinler.
ingr.) -Since Nellie  Went    Away   1 1I4:
good bu.iness. The OresA"t .II Street Mys-
ter. 16-i2: Mitts' the Kid. 19-It.
T"oniterland (Harry Pogers. mgr.).-This
new plo"e of aunnmsent onened In 'cliii a
cood hill of ndvansciI vaudeville and busi-
ncs ihs   ie"n satisfacto-y.
Wheeling Park     o. MTcLauchlin. mg"r1
-M1to. Carri'nle, Primirose &- Rohloss, The
Gr"nt Bernard. Fnir crnwds.
Piionn  Drean.-Moving  pictures to fair
El'ctiie  Theatorium.-MIovcing  pictures:
fa;,e rotorPr
iuffalo Bill, 6. to -vry ilre crowdits.
Frank Mtilher, thic  veIl   mnowI  club-
cswineer.,'armipnanid  is'  his i-"c  e"'i
itabter, spont nime-cominz swok    with
rintives here. He is now physicail instrue-
Have Open Time in October and November
Aerial Retun t nd Casting Act  'T.W. HIEENLEAF. Mgr. 31 N, lrdtSt. n:,Ill
S4'IRRONJE-iiii"Lady Raffles"9
Refined  Pntertinerlaying OrpheunTi
Bert BUDD &            WAYNEBessie
Booked Solid Until Mray, 1908-And Then Sonme!
Pcr an. Show  World
MABLEMcCANEfTie irOver Th~e"
Doing Well. Thank  You.         With Eipire  turlesquers
Tor in the state military school at Mobilo,
At. H. McNabb, advertising agent for the
Nungets of St. Louis, and formerly dra-
inatic critic for local papers, succeeded in
winning first prize in an advertising con-
test got up by the Ladies Home Journal.-
SPOKANE, Sept. 19-The Isle of Spice
was the first musical comedy at the Spo-
kane theater this season. It was presented
ibin a iwell-balanced company and played to
capacity houses. Ezra Kendall followed 11-
12. Hle is a great favorite here and was
welcomnd Iy large houses. Little Johnny
.Jones, 1-1: Thorns and Orange Blossoms,
1 i Squisaw Aan, 20o-21; The  Tine, The
Place and The Girl, 22-24; Mayor of Tokio,
Rumich of Tennuessee scas thoe Jessie Shir-
tey offering at tine Auditoriums 2-14 to good
mntansie. Tine scenlic eq~uipmnlt wcas good.
Sept. 16. Panama. Big     preparations are
made firl, Miss Shirley's opening, 22, in
AX'hcen Knighnthnood '"'as in Flosser.
Tine nlay at the Columbia was Turned tp
to ice follosted icy Tine Heart of AMaryland.
'Tle X1ashington strew  hig crowtds, 8-14,
with a good tIll. including Pope and Knight,
Alf Bonner, Sidney Forrester, The Great
Ernests. Finn and Ford, Harry First & Co.,
ailid( 11c Miogralob,
Tn 1eatlendance at the Park is not as
anrge as heretofore as the weather has
tn-e    nuite  cool.
tu nbuildig permit has been issued to the
aokane S'enic Theater Co. to erect a
building to cost $10,000 for a seenic thea-
AW'ork is going on rapidly on the nesw
Pantags theater. It will open Oct. 1. So
far nothing has h)een  settled as to the
orphoumi   circuit  entering  the  city.-E.
,\NESAtITTKE. Sept.  21-Janesville   apm-
pears to have heens the sn'"e of the first
encounter of the free lance Comning Thro
tie nye theatrical company,    under the
mnnanagmnnnt of Will Block, and the com-
bination that is working against this man-
ager.   Bringing  iis troupe to Janesville
under sealed orders their destination not
known until they reached here, the com-
pany rehearsed for three days, using the
stage from midnight until morning. Their
initial performance was excellent but the
house poor and Dame Rumor        says that
jewels to the value of $500 wer left as
security for hotel bills of the principalsand
muemnbers of the chorus.   Not discouraged
sith their first  reception  the   compact
played a return date. and is even booked
for further time in November.
Just as the setting for the first act Of
Checkers was to be laid, the stage hands
at the Myers theater struck. Their griev-"
ance appears to have been the itischuarge of
the stage carpenter by the house manager,
Strilse  breakers  we're  sunseornesi hot the
majority of them, ssere persuaded sot to
hanndle tine scenery by tine strikers Whil e
tinecurtain rang- up lte the playcagiiii,
members of the company assisting in shift
inig time heavy scenery used and workint
long after tae curtain rang doan in pact'
Quincy Adais Sawyer did an excellent
business on Tunesday last and Under South-
ern Skies played to a good house on Frida'
Checkers had a fair house, 17, and Little
Yennie Yinson. Before and After and th
Burgoinster. are attractions booked.-DA-
OSHIKOSIL Sept. 21.-Grand Opera bo's
(.T. E. -Williams. ngr.).-The Di-trict Lead-
or, cept. 11, pleased a large anudience and
played a return dlate 13; The Irishu Pas-
lirokers to bigr business 14; In Ol Ken-
tuckl 16: Checkers. 24.
Bijou  (F. AX. Tenks, mgr.1.tHihcas'
vaudeville, week of 9: Jos. Kettler & Corn
Ilans. Herbert Mitchell, T1,nnar and LaO,
Ln` Manikins. Ethel Kirk.   n  Mal
c     anw    nw mnoving pictuir s somprise
a bill tiatil pleased large audnn'cc
BnHapps 'slid  MIoving  piotumros 'nd Illus
trated songs.   (oad   business.        a
Tlhite City -1usiness onntinuns good a
this popular resort.-T. 1R.  A'('HN.
a leadill pait, is a  oung ntrss if pr F    R    A     N                      L    .
Ise.  Sine  has  a  fin  enntralto  voice.
goditouios; 1t, iuran  & tackey Coalan  Leading in Musical Drama, Flower of theRanch, Season1907=8.       OnTour
edy Company.
Famiily  theatt (A. D. Eiclhenlaub, pro'.)
-Polnt  vauid-ille, M1tsrrison  &  Roma,
charaitnr sketch; Frrank Markley, banjo-
ist; Sinert & Thomas, eccentric co- Minnie
edy;  J'hn L ong, Illustrated  vocalist, Ino -
iiZLTON. Se      A 21 Gnand  Olin  Season 1907-8 Filled               Per. ad. 101 W. 78th Street, NEW YORK
1iouse (Gen Albert Haley, ing)-Sept. I
iacll  iselk, Jr., excellent  sho   aand  (,I
civy lie-c  14. Thne Conis t1 (1,I4                                                                          flA(I,
1)usiness  air(I  slhow;le 1.r  :h c  9,  I
val of Kitty; 20. Peggy fron Paris; M, &                    g
The Master W'orkman; 24, The Wheel
Love: 26. Simple Simon Simple; 30, 'iINT                      EIRSCREAMING SUCCESS
Bob White.
Family Theater (Harry H-ersker, ngr) -                                               /l/
Opened for business Sept. 9 with a strong
hill cwhich dress' capacity houses. Sept. 16th "TW                       o              M   es     a     ge
and week, Murphy Witman & Company i
Olt Friends; M<Zarta. refined musical act; AL1VS LEAVE TMEM         LAUOlIlN       1V   EN WE SAY GOODBy
Kinetograpn aind others.'A                  A  SLA        TII     LA     I-IG      V   ENV       AY7O       D   Y
Itreanintand (Poswell & Company, prep.)
Doing good business with movig picturne
and illustrated songs.
prop.)-Doing excellent business.- -. AA             JO       SH11REA                            N     O
Tn .s
-e T
-at hal

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