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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Correspondence [continued],   pp. 36-39

Page 37

September 28, 1907.
'use .  show;  A  H.  at  (.11 ,  14,  plaor-sd
>od, ;o  1 1I  .
The   Iubers of the    Are   You   Crazy
ap-n  have organized a club called the
tX    le ty.  The organization was pro-
oted 1Y one of the leading women for
e purpose of preventing profanity among
1 persons connected with the troupe. She
vies a fine of five cents for every swear
tord uttered and when enough is collected
to the treasury she invites all to a chop
-tey feast.
The Improved Order of Red Men, Grand
aut,  leets in this city the middle ofC
ctob  C f,, th re  days and a big enter-
ainmi  is planned. The Fifty-sixth Reg-
lent  Iatnd, Carl Quist, director, has
teen    ccii to furnish music.
Fli     Colby, late  of the    Beautiftil
gagdo  ormpany, has closed and is visit-
ing 1t irents in this city-K. E. B.
10u FALLS,      Sept.  21-lMetropolit'an
Opera t Iu se (E.' 0. Ellsworth, mgr.)-The
Roya I    f to fair business, best of satis-
tio'   \%-m. J. McCarthy in tie title role
as   lent, and Oscar Raogland   scored
seavin1 [ the Rajah, his sole, A    Raujah
Bold  t,1ig a hit. Miss Gertrude Hutch-
eson   Ilie Princess Teto carried the hon-
enci 0   t)eerforinan ce. 'rTe Hidden Hand,
18;M't  I rhxie Girl, 20; Quincy Adams Saw-
yet, _'  Desperate Chance, Oct. 3.
At     tric theater is to be opened here
,bout  t1 by Phinney & Wright of this
C. )ew, the house electrician at the
Srlet  tai havi g moved    to Princeton,
inn..  is succeeded by Frank 1I. Weld-
n, I      Hendricks  Ross, an    acrobat
with ,  .dicine show at Estherville, com-
titted  iwide on the streets of that city,
b, t  ting strychnine.
Gut   -i ndall, who is ahead of the Quincy
Adam-  iwyer attraction this season, was
aIII   r 17, and a caller at the oflice of
heatN w
Miss itchio of the College Boy Co., in
icia I  1la Riggs is starring, made ler
thaut 'is a, leading lady at Sioux City, 17.
JACiK'.SN, Sept. 21-Athenaeum    (H. J.
, ,, c)  Sent. 9 to 14, T e Ataeri-
Ins. III ttiirrtoire. Ir1y-r1 to i-erord trusi-
its. 1,, Sis Bop'kins; 19, Leo Detricla
ein in  Before ana  After; 21, Isle   of
'te ','i  An Old Sw eetheart erf Minae.
Bijou \ in  3 1larsla, titr.). Sept. 9-14,
isi Klin, McClure. Coca Sawaini Leonaard
:ane, RobIrert Rogers and Louise Mackit-
th, Tijotscope.    Excellent  business.-
KEOi, Sept. 21.T  e openig of te
raud  Season is at raa.     The Gratd
Vetsho IauFe, under tiac directioti of Itt. L.
saghes, oeas the Iat  week of thisnath-
ile LuSalle, D. E. Reves, wanaghr, opens
r.    Baitur tof To FranamAl Early
Late, mn  Buckle , Ethelt  It. till, asa
Casha ii'.: I1I Dodge, nagr.).--Fraanz Ral-
se fo e a i adl Dann erts  opened a onti-
w    engages, t   the  eveing of  i  to
air  fhdience; coispany gooh.
C. i. Dodge left for rChicago     to hook
e ats     nr the Star t reater, a nev vaude-
ieh,,,it - avhici atill otaen sona.
er..eBateocr,  i Bit    bainghlan, Aa., is
goti.b for a 1ain street  ilinlge ros
its for a irkelodeos to ta    he o i Oct. 1.
Cooley & Htagant's Ftoating Palace, Sept.
.ARISIALI.'iOWN. Setat. 21.-T. Nelson
tauwns, lthe ftiaous Kittg of Erai. atat
-r ight rof hoanad artist iats Optenit lais tarts'
ieam Dream  theater.  Tie pHOny arctde
'spits a sptace ini rost of fifty feet ani
is In  lre rutiao  a ;out frt' tl fc iinec of
o, ltt desowgs.  a n t renar the onaui
an of the Hour t7e
il theater occul i es t--ePait
iding. -Tbot 1r  feet lott.  to Pacs-
is hf hn rsperus seaon for tl Bijou
'earn are ltittrrig.'-J. G3. C'APROi'N.
OSA   O'INE,  S'pt. 21i-Gra o      Oera
Franks  Jesy     g..    A      rsr   ai ). NI
ampe 12it. I . Salirshory,       ians-t
i Whtiat 11Lee r', iH,  rome,  i' ace
.d goad Irusitac--: 'The B art of 'Itr'go,
gooid shatcott Cot fr retoirnts  Tli c'sas'-
Iecr, i8. Glatnr openling of s'-asen, hle
ttssof tile tour, 7
lljestic (B. F. Myers,  magr.)-Playian
packe(I house s.  Good attractions.
Nues-TThi Parer Aausemeit    t nassed
eindugh ldre  c. cn route to oberly, Mo.
OSTATOOSA, Sept. 21.-Opera house (.
1'rank Jrcsy,  nagr.).-A A   Aristocratic
'ara, le T boisine s  fair.  16,sitot  allor.
W)h y Gir l Ls L eave Home9; Too Prouo
Beg, tB.
Orient rCarl C. Stule, togr.) -G   ia
ticelos. dTis than ter has itt st lin a
.:eW bleedrotne flachone, ttIhicia is gitinig
'alisactiort  to  capacity  liusiness. - teAN.
OTTI A, Sept. 21- and Otaraliuse
I FrattI Jersey, mgr.)S'tat. i, Ariso-
rrtclle'iamnp, Bale lotisiness;  16, Parkeer-
t-tsey Co. pleased, S. R. 0.; 17, L~yman
hat, good sahe and blsites. Cor   ing,
ept. a0, Why Girls Leave Home; 2, Tro
l aud  t,  Beg;  S, Tie    Mootsliner's
Nickelaeon and ellcric thteters-Moviate
F'tures  tad illestraec songs.
SIOX CTY, Sept. t.Nes      Granod   the-
rT H. It. Tallmano nnn o.-Of tte sohoacs
lIat-rit at the Graia lgst waceIe during
e Interstate Fair. The Girl Over 't'here
rude thtr diceidedi lilt of tite week. Citatn-
,Air tI is the naext it, ordier 0Ien ath
iat Isih r'litises o. large hrause. Roytal
'.ef, 21722: yattlac  Regenit, 23it ittooigatit
Near VYcrk. It:  Rose Stahli, 2it: iddetrn
lanid, -7; 'FTe Fellr Ilutigs. 2N: WhyI
aila euva 'oHome. 29-30; Si Pluuatt, (lct.
-Breaa-'rcs Millions, Oct. 2-1; PritliOcos's
Aiitltreia. Oct . -4.
Orpo'ia  (tieaid  teellc. Iaag.V.-Spee
iC eo. Faoren & C'o,. 13'110 tittlsty's
Nitstha.  ItMutier,  Clitotn  &  A5llner:  ..
V  Cuidrcre 'as'y & Crataey; Florta deed-
.,"I, anti ite Kunotirome.
Pamnity theater (Gen, G. Leltiaet. tue)
-Week lit: Prairie Dog & Prairie ERase:
-teily & torners;: Irene Adams, Earl Kerna;
'teals & Power's, anti moving Pictures.
The Ilit-rsato 1.ivc Stock Fair for thec
'5ek of Sept. S loadr thae largest attend-
aeii Ithas ever knotcn.
The tUnique, Crystal, anti Scenic allice-
--rs eolitttaline to do ceauacity buisiness in lion
lectric thecater line.
.Mel C'. Beck,. of Chicago, aclaile spenading
'uniday in Sioux City, Irowa, played thae
diatl rtl. of general managr rof tthe Or-
pliant ihcuit and hero. Btfore a: packed
hrouse' durling Bell' Hathway's atr twto of
Ier monkeys escaped and awent out into the
audience and nearly created a panic that
was averted by the prompt work of rescue
done by Mr. Beck, who captured them from
the back seat of ta woman who was nearly
ready to faint. Mr. Beck received hearty
applause frot the audience.-L. D. BAGGS.
TOPEKA, Sept. 21.-Grand      (Roy Craw-
ford, mgr).-David Corson, 9-10, to fair
business. Miss Pocahontas Opera Company,
11, to mediumta business, good show. Billie
Kersand's IMinstrels, 12-lit, fair perform-
ance to good house.     SquawA Man, 19-20;
Morey Stock Co., 22-25; The Four Hunt-
ings in the Fool House, 26; The Flower
of Hl Ranch, o27 Miltionaire Teamp. 28.
Maj'etic (11oy CIordei, nagr.).-Sept.t16,
advanced   vaudevlli', including  Cook  and
rMtiss  otert, ADrlateity, Degraw Trio, Apollo
Quartette, El. Reo. P'rof. H1. Armand, Ma-
jestieserrie; ir usiirss good.
Olympic (Geoa F. Clark, tmgr.).-Week of
Sept. 1, osutha itle, including Prof. Clar-
ence Woods. Miaica, Leliaire antd LeMaice,
Cole and role"   Marjorie Masonl Ousliman
atod MerriI,  -itaottrotite.  Goioit bousiness.
Airdoett, close'd fir seasoun.
Etite -loItig  pictures;  excellent busi-
PRINCETON, Sept. 21-Wallace (B. L,.
Wallace, ngr.)-Season opened     Sept.  11
acith Our New   Minister, and did a turn
away business.   The Doll's House, 16; big
business.  King of the Cattle Ring, IS:
Ati'tocratic Trap, 19; Strongheart, 30; Des-
ittate Ch'ance, 21-B. L. N.
BAY CITY, Sept. 1Washington (W. J.
Daunt migr)-Isabel Irving     in The Girl
WIo Ha Elarythig, 23t    ,ader Southern
Ske, 1.     Il  of Botag Hotng, 2S.
K Ivatado (W. J. Daunt. dagr1-Jass
mccii' A'tc~atic itt Tiae Old Clothaes ltan,
15-18, excellent business. TVall Street Mys-
ter,2225   Niracty anti Nine, 26-28
Iii i (D. 'ilistore. naaer)-Roitert Rlog-
I      u!1       11 an  ian R-
eta  n   LO Ioea itlcT tosli,  Eemain  ant
aitt be IIT hit Ersi iaers, btiss Dixie Har-
ris. atar the Blirraiseope; haistti gootd.I
Lyric  and    Vaurette   theaters--Moving
picttires.-AlISS B. C.
OWOSSO, Seat. a1     Otosso INaNOter 1.
C. Aira, ige   u-sle Of Sie, If u ll s,,l
ot  Blia' s New  austan, -  (t Cthiln
Matil, It: sac of Botng ir0tag. : Dlicirt
Leader, Oct. 4.
Filarett ti,(atirs  ore, till dintg  gr
Iusiuess.-G S tOirSE ,  fsN
S. CLOUD , Sept. 21-Carouba (W. 'r.
Datiso. mngr.).-SrT. e  Ant'fde's SeCp ,
goetd sho  to fair tistliese an, fotnt
Chatirmiant, good Iltila-sa:  11, COti-I'ularll-
,gbl    a  houi ', fair attendiaaceu 1  lto
igotab l  Neat York  laeykd to th-leo-
i rosea   .     i  Singe-, fair so.siness.-
COLUMBIA, Sept. 21-Col-bal (Wi. Wo.
Goartho Jr.,  migr.I  h ''a  'oanoterbilit  Cola
ota'ett  the thlaoter to a lar ge oad Cfashilon-
t 1i ietce, 13.   TMe Molunaaa thater
is considered one of ti  finest in the south-
sot atad porssesses ample oaccommuaodatios
for    i ti stoaging of any prolstiont.  Many
notable attractions abe booed for thme o
itig season.
SPRtNGELD     Seat. i  Baldin (  en .
Olen .ritand Dgr.) ieera epert  wi1, onith
Te  D.loaCox of te Rtach, anuit Mal Baier-
rihow asi Joe Hoarti 'as t s thtr. T e
cotpany is strong itt singitg talent afd
in adeitirc  to  li. laitcilaais, tie Saeet
cOtei of  trances  rasetr as    t  he scl-
ra'am, Mas noticad. Messrs. Home and
Nicaolson aided   aterially in the success
of the tausical drama.
Ted Lyriec and Di    miner tneaper.  ill open
Oct. R, Gidir te direction of Leonard &
Halmos, paresenting vaudeville and dratasa
IV. i. CoxE of tae -arnmo & Bailey
shiole, aes itt tr s  city Sept.  i nith Advr-
tioig cat' No. , re-billing  the to n for
14r circus Sept. u :.
White   ity-Fre' atthractions 1 re t e
Taree Morisions, and Arnold & Gardner.
Vaumevilte  T Peater-Deoy   &   Dayton,
cotartd  sicila,  eud  mohiag  pictures.-
ST. da'sI      Sept. i.- Tootle (C. K n .
P'iitty, ntgr.V.--Yasalae iRegetI Selut. 11,
goatd 1uatass anti shoaw: Miss Pocahotas,
14.  tl,' oi ani god business: Sga'
at. 17: Iir to te Hool-a, iS; Brea-
ete's onli;onod 19-h.
ILycetini  (C.  i.  'lailley,  ttagr).-Big
Hiarted  im o  pil o      i  lsiess for
taco   Oays  . Sept . ''hllyT' ersmat's Mra
strels, 10-li: fair shos an i tusiess go 1.
Ayatsout's  lilircladltiers.  1211-14,  to  ig
brusinoess:  ianhanatle  P'ete', l5, staning-
ronasti otnly: good sitrat.
A irtiria  ft (. I.  oi'lliy ai Ralpah Van
Iltilt-ta. ttagc.).-Thae  Arini  Stock closet
Sunatay, Sept. 11. to briggest butsinaess Itt
toe iettry at  re Alr   NIoitae.
C(TsttI  (Frer  m'rsa.    Ol-outieo
aile t'onatinues Ira goodi irailiea.
Lyrc (tFred AVitatecaitci. later).-Oaeted
Sci-ttairer 15 to gooti buiesrs.
Barnumn & Bailey turtied thtemtaay for
taco performanetces.
'Te i,alae ati roars Packed thaema ycs-
yoriay tatd atl thteateis thu a laig lauaitarsa
itt sitei of its iAng otac of the httest
tlIns  if the stasoat. a'. U. i'iPITILLV.
ii,1(OttER BOW. Sept. 21 Tetualle Opaera
liouse-Tac Wolford Stock Comupany had a
proepecoata, wseeke. it laeing tiac annual felt'
wetek atnt, the Itlays presenteti were of the
poputler ir-atd. 'The Tenmple is the mostlIlt)-
catty cndtucted theater in toacn and the
mianotgettacia  is rewaordietd bry a continuially
grotwinag clienitele.-H. 13. HUNTINGTON.
HASTINGIS. Sept. 21 Kerr Opera iHouse
V'fThrs. B3. K-err, rngr.)-Tilly  Olsota. w'lo
Girls From
EniiIDyland Co.
Feature Act.
Our Comedian
Maxine Elliottof Burlesque.
The Funny Little Hebrew.
Comedienne Espanola.
The Boys Who Can Sing
Our Handsome Straight Man.
Musical Director.
Parisian Mirror Dancer
Educated Animals
Trained Dogs, Monkeys and Ponies
W. S.        JAMES W.
Harry i  arksStewart
Original Hebrew Comedian
The Girl Who Silg   Classic and Popular Songs. A. E. MEYERS. Agent
DIXONandFIELDS Now on the
GERMAN SAILORS                         Circuit
Imitation of Rose Stahl is a bi2
hit. Character Songs and 11per-
Ssonations. EnRoute on the West-
"THE GIRL"           ern VaudevilleMgrs.Assn.Circuits
tas here     Sept. 14, played to fair sized
and well pleased audiences.    A  Bachelor's
Honeymoon, 19.
The Kerr will be formally opened Sept.
26 with The Royal Chef.-H. Ml. VASTINE.
LINCOLN, Sept. Il-Oliver (F. C. Zehr-
otte, nagrI)-Big Hearted Jima, good com-
1urry, good   business;   Miss   Pocsahottas,
good haouse; Are You Crazy, business good:
Coming. Brewster's Millions 'and the Chor-
us L.ady.
Bijou  (L. M. Gorman, mgr.)-Reopens
Sept. 23 with an excellent vaudeville bill.
NE1WARK. Sept. 21.-Newark        theater.-
Carlotta Nillson in The Three of Us to
very good houses,.
Proctor's.-Marshall P. Wilder. the Five
Piriscoffis, Rice & Cady. Katherine Nugent.
Fadettes' '"'oman    Orchestra,  W1-atson  &
Little,  Stevenson   &   Nugent,   Margaret
Fealy and Harrison Hunter presented Al-
fred Stutro's A Maker of Men in a credit-
able manner. Good business all week.
Shubert.-K. & E. Advanced Vaudeville.
-Gen. Fuller Golden, Finlay & Burke. Bel-
lonini, Florenz Troupe, Tohn Birch, Carney
&  TVagner. Hope Booth      &   Company   in
playette, The   Little  Blonde   Lady, are
groaing each week.
Blane's.-A    Desperate    Chance.   with
Eloise El1ston, proved a box-of1ice atilnner.
Colunahia.-A   Midnight    Escale,   with
Belle Darling, drew large crowds.
Wtaldmarn's.-- '1'h Be nTon Diirlesuaers,
atitit 'fIae Girl acith the Real Mask;:Raason
& Clare, Woods & Green, and Bon Pierre,
.Xtiritouia.-Cataultte  &0 Drowas' .Avcoats
Girls a Tinn  Dick anti Harry. aith   'aais.
Hanson, IEmerson   and   Coaroy   ank tle
rwsss Dreux.    otingll and Alexandaer
ra >ig hotses da  ng Ie inaitieI aner k of
aids-atae  Isailesnue given tby thae We'stern
W1'ucel ita thuts city'. Tte htotusc will opuen
33 awitha Pat 'White's Gaiety Girys Caom-
huolay.  This is the   onlIy la OntF  inta otan
at-ite a~nrta  and cildren maya taitnet s a
brotrete  shone   in  a  cletan  marer, no
wthcMing or Litailng altg alAlotsr.
Olynsaui' Pat-lo-Skatina'. tlaacingz. vaude-
eilte anti bltloon nscensions.
Till11side  1'11k-Biailoon  ascerash,ia  and
Ocea-ks. wito sastitag alad ciaaitag'  Ott
the siege ate Arrena. gytmntasts: Sid ii hx -
Ic-.  rInc  caclist;  Francis  Wood. larop-_
roller: Ptroarose A- Rahiaff. comic acro-
Cats' the- Citentel055  tecetric btalantcers;
Orvtille & Ftank. equiliris.
Eileotrc  Pr.-Carihaal     fort  (Itatan
Htaspitatl (Tuintg ateek Sept. 16, arito big
Ouitdoor shtow.
Arcade.itineas Rtoyal Italian Orchestra
acIth Miss  tilli'an Pascal zkti Al. Bothuer
as vocalists, and   Shepard's motion   pie-
tures.  Houses good.-JOE    O'BRYAN.
ELMIIIA, Sept. A1-Lyceuatt (tLe Nttr-
Con, latr..-The Arrival of Kitty drew fair
houses   9-10.  Forty-five liutes    fro
Broadwcay drewc capacity 11, initerest bteitag
centered  upon  the  appeararecu of Scott
WNelcht, of this city, as Kid Butrnas. Mlr
Welch, Emma Carus, and the strong com-
pany -made a hit. Kirk Brawn 16-21.
Rorick's (W.~ SW. Cole, mgr).-The sup-
plementary vaudeville season at this house
as brought to a close 9-14 witt a hill
comprising Quinlan and Mack, Elsa Vata-
dervoort, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young, Ie
Sicev , Henry Dumars, Hathawcay atad SeI-
gel atd Teddy Black and Mernotte Sisters;
medium houses.
Family (G. V. Middleton, mgr.).-Ca-
pacity houses 9-14 greeted Mabel Amber
and company; Mr. and Mrs. Cal Stewart:
lenny Concha and her dogs; Mitchell anal
Cain and Marshall.
Rialto  (F. IV. McConnell, mgr.).-i'lT
Rossley,  Lottie  Fayette,  Margaret La
Vaun, Harry Reed and Trixle Bennett, -
14;    satisfactory  houses.- MAXWl1.1.
JAMESTOWN, Sept. 21-The New Sam-
uels theater opened Sept. 16 with 'Wright
Lorimer production of The Shepherd King
asitl Carl Eckstrom  as David. The per-
formance was appreciated by a large aud-
ence. The Chester DeVonde Co., 18-21.
Tie Celeron theater closed Sept. 14 aft-r
avery successful season.-FRANK D. TY
KINGSTON,     Sept.  21. -  Opera  hou-
1har1es 1 , Do Bois, iUegr.).-Te Shan1-
B~ehindtt the Thuroeia, 10; pleased to g(r ..1
bausness.  Thn  Girl in lte Barrackls, I5,
fair conpaay. good house. Gus Hill's The-
track  Politician  company   opened t ri
season    1h to a packedoman, han use
and rhe Moune, 19: Rip Van Wsinkle.
Peaceful  Valley,   ;  When  Knight  
Was iIn Floacer', 36.
Faction Opera huouse (Fordion Bros. later
-Archie loyd & Conany. Jordon &       r.
lan, Soueppard & Ward, Ceme & CAssIES
Atawood k- Terry, Jules Barnes and i--
log ptictures, pleased good houses all Iii.,
wceek.  Fordon Stock Comapany, hteaded ir
lie IS'arreta and Frank Armastrong, 1-
sestitug A Daughter of tlue South, 16-it
Bijou0 Cheater (Geo. W. Carr, nigr.
Playing  to  crowaded  houses, giving  tli-
naoa Itag  paictuires.  Harry  M. Dunham  is
singing illustrated songs awitth pleasing sit
Nicke'lodeon  (IT,  B.  Myers,  mgr.).-
Opened 14 witha nioving pictures and illis-
trated songs to crowded house.-CHARLES

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