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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Raymond, Edward
Raymond's weekly budget: professional news and comment,   p. 35

Page 35

September 28, 1907.
tIlqlk (lu
EN    1;O-.J I, rcntly u-as the sub-
jet of rather an amusing experience,
the result of a peculiar predicainnt
and an embarrassing situat'on. Miss Bol-
jea was in Mr. Bentham's office recently
when a duo of managers called. Rather
than inform  Miss Boljea that she wts
elrsonia non grata Mr. Bentham   said:
Come right in. This little lady is just
from Paris, and  doesn't understand a
iOrd of English."  One looked at her
with eyes of pity and the other offered
her a fabulous salary if she would sign
wit  hinm  instanter.  Their subject of
onverse was carried to a seemingly in-
trmiiiile length, and favorable and un-
favorable reiarks  about Miss   Bolica
were interpolated. Finally the little lady
trose and addressed the gentlemen in
French toi the great surpise of Mr. Ben-
tham who was unaware of Miss Boljea's
knowledge of the language.
The, olier day Miss Boljea dropped
nto Martin's. and chanced upon the two
ianagers that site  a  met at Mr. Ben-
hats offices. Signs of recogniio utwere
xehangeir, wut nkinrws ot a word was
Ipokeni  Now  Miss Eolica is wondering
row l   tre jest will last especially as
hler knir%leilge of Fiench is limited and
'oihas tin decline the extravagant sal-
Sry liI iiite litanager off:,-e~d-  Bill- ts
e reiniks, u-ho knows ut that was
Iso a joke!
rves engage  it a list fight.  Could
is ite called a Roed Mill?
* * *
Lynine  aind  Bonnlie  Hazz-ird  have
ihrown sliperstiil ions to tte winds! Fri-
fry the, Ili~l thety signed  w-ith William
M,1orris for sixteen weeks nit the coast
is a feature acet.  They open at the
Empire in San Francisco Oct. 14.
Fern & Mack are doing their new act
ontitled Tlin Richmond Cutups, written
biAl Flynn and tim Maik.
The Robert De Mont Trio have iad to
lot bhck their eastern time on account
ttheir western contracts being extended
tree month,.
Clarke and Teiniile are booked solid
ntill Christmas. Thev have been on the
Ktoh, and Castle aod Western Vaudeville(1
Managers' circuit for ite last three years.
Josie Allen, the Shopping Girl, finished
ie Kfeith-Proctor ioiuses and has opened
thirtv weeks' engagenent for the as-
socialiiuu Heir route includes the west
Ind soiith.
Kathervne Martyn is booked solid un-
til Jan. 1. 190q. by the Western Vaude-
rilManagers' Asociation. She opened
of the Orpheuiii, Chicago, recently.
John ATcGraiil is hooked Ch'les Stro-
fel and hit air slip for the Merchoant's
fIl festival at Ottuma. Ia., week of Sept.
The Flaming Arrow Company of twen-
I-eight people have been having con-
siderable amusment over some of the
owns (lhey say tanks) which fell to
their lot during the last few weeks. In
IMidget Indiana buiig recently, they
sund tfi  Gory' House to le a versatile
tort of hu linz. A huge sign over the
nranie teat Modern Remied, tne rem-
tilt bhieg niioufataeued u-ihirl and dur-
Kog sveral hoius every day a horse aue-
tion was in progress in the temple of
H-tetigel Br'os, have severedl their con-
ction with  the Vogel Minstrels and
tave returned to vaudeville.
Conture and Gillett, who played the
Orpheiim theater recently, have been in
the Profi-ssion for many years and lave
tever liveid thlicr home town. Terre
ialte, Tlid. 'lls wveek, their bookings
te til III to te Varieties and for the
frst tineIio thir parents will see them
Work. Gillitt told nelie will be as ner-
tus On his openling as tc was whoen Ite
miade lil first appearnnce nineteen years
Charls Gillett, of Conture & Gillett,
neSide llu a ierformer of ability, pn-
'~qa uiloilile side line,  He is a half
artner in anl alliator  farm  at Hot
.rngs Ark.. tnd i- exceptionally- inter-
sted in seinlitifically constructed alli-
htall & Colbuirn  played  the  Turner
rand theater, Davenport, Ta.. recently
I and were so much of a drawing card
that they u-ere teld over. Tliy write
Itie in the fillowing biblical strii: ''Let
filie glad tiings he knowi thiroiightoi
tlie whole Show World. Captor 4-11-44.
And thereupon many mianagers said initi
the agents: Go ye slaves into the wilder-
ness, inton tie byu-ays aiid Ihedges iti"d
bringthis tg noise, this Suede tind te
Happy Gal unto us that we may annoint
them with Salve and bull durliam and it
was Dunne in Chicago. And one Mayor
the four flusher and Mutts were de-
stroyed  And there was rejoicing ever
* * *
In a stock production of Niobe, the
leading lady had negleted to remove the
imarble dust from her airns and in em-
bracing Mr. Rogers of Rogers & Macto-
tish. she left the iminilt of those arms
all over his tuxedo. 'Tell audience started
to laugh at the prdicam nt but quick as
a flash  cine this impromptu speech,
"Why, Nihe. you have ho,(cin stored aw-ay
so loig, you have   the  dust of three
thousand years unon your arms."
Ni the ndvice of her piysician, ,vheill
r.eighton has hehen Ontliged to cancel rill
hes va       udeville ti10  ,ltd ritire forn  il-
definite eiloie frnit  professin
Slite has Deo suffering fiont nervousui-
lapse. Tirliaatd Olo a se-ri attai -k
ft-tit faSlie  Shp haos now gono to tlio
inrtrorth  dods of Wiscoin d wtre  su wii
c-alutl soe  0 Alnti1  recoenA-
iohn site ietiiins o 10 xtiticilloc, site u-ill
tlatil a n ' one at ploy, entitled
'o.e Tot C &d Tiarditten  r  her li
Jofint I.' IV. Byrne, u-ti iso u-rotc her
fnimer success, A Matrinmonial revoi-
lion,  The alt fill he rodnecca  u-et
tovth sceOnic me  thanical effects,
Mile.* Til*da has closed  ith fie Selfs-
Floto Show to go bacik to vaudeville
Morile  Sisters, youalatn viain solo-
lts antd dancers after nlaviig the Suin-
& Cresorts and paruks.  ln ed  very  utu-
rtsfiif season 9t Atlantic Garden, At-
lantic C'ty, N,. .1
Dofcan-v &  Willar  of the  firm  of
Coon. Downey & -Willai. vorc tendered
an i oi ekoini    th uleir friends,
ad Mrs A . ini-kchon  of Sioux City,
Iowna. u-tulle fiulfillinog theiir enigaigement
at tithe Oforin theoat-r.  Coter  were
lhei for twentv ilnl a most enoyable
tine was spest lntiltli  dcowr steaf hours
William r Gill & Company luoin fin-
lqod tu-enty-ive wveekcs on tite- Sullivn
& Coi-idikt circuit ad are opening with
a new at, A little Game, oni  e West-
cr0 Vaudeville Managers' Association cir-
Will J. H-arris fias just completed a
ten  1eeks' engagdmen   at ti na itu
titeataot-r Minneapolis. Miatl.. and is mak-
ing a special featuire of fte cou-loysong,
DeVern  & Vtn played the Columbia
titetter last Iveck prior to on-w-ing for
tioiriv-feur w-elcs on the Suullix-tn &Con-
dcircuit his. T e tean  has i conedy
misicai ani sing  nsicalt- ind is mcet-
lullfhing  o ke i'unluia thei r is
tie new vaudevile bluvolise on Nor th
Clark street, near Divisin.  It presents
nine hets, is n-hlv inecorat-c  nd is
doing very good business,
'Cho EPickett Ftomlll- tire eetliog with
unusual iuces wit tfo ir aerial acti,
and reeittiv pIed a return eiggnment
at Monticello, ta, after aof ltervan o
only six u-eeks.
Snadei-Joltison amid Vt'iit AhT:r-lcI
presenting ter clo-ienies and   si
tl sinccis  -ito the to  mrnumn &  witile
siat1  u-ill play  thleon iti-nin viide-illt
cirilts thAi  ir and i ii l iu-ode
Mr. s onnon's orizlitl B istorm  Auto-
onhlen Clokil Bar-her Shl amar ong it ii1
BullI Fichiiltg Donkex- i'i a Iii-oie ri-
roseitton of a Smniish hull light.
Georgeo Iowles is the happiest man On
ilie Chbil-i Bialto Goose days. The
Bed Mill is Tolayine to $11101 aI li-ek at
tloe Grantd Oror I-oo-i. Seats are s ell-
lugr three wl-ecic lit , il\vance andI it n-noulu
nmicr as tiotiel f\Eutzornprx- aind Stone
wIillhbe 'in, our midst' for sexvi-ol months
tocome. No woinder Bow-leo is bonny.
Hnarr 'y Meclae Webhster. stage manager,
of the YHuh   stock com-naov, in Prov-
fdeuce, wviii take iiteice of the cuiesltilt
Street tiioi  Piitaehuliio, and  i~-a-
the engaging of fte stoclk colonox- u-lilf
is to opn theel tibout tiie lilille of netcx
T,a Zar and T,a Zar report a sucecessftil
season in the west,
. .. .                       Address, Care SHOW  WORLD, CHICAGO
Addressr             q       Advanced
The ShowWorld j0 HRHIIH        alloonist
Rtils anu Von                         aujman
Mush Act
A black face act that
can play any house.
Exclusive Agent, Chris. 0. Brown, 67 South Clark Street, Chicago
What are You Doing to Me Now?  Sh! Don't Make Any Noise
As "Snow Ball.- the hit of the "Flaniing  As "Jerry  the lighting Irishman.  Kill-
Arrow  fortiveyears. Yes.S-i-r.iwillbe  ing them  at every perform  ance, at the
at liberty next season.     hattle of Fort Reno: with  the  "Flaming
Hello. Morgan  1)oIeaFarr  Arrow  (IEast.) Wouldliketobearfromhe
ED- Regardstoall Friends and you,too, "Jo."-HLi)D  Address per route in Show World
Arthur J.                          Grace
McWatters                              Tyson
Now with Geo. Lederer's stupendous productionofTHEGIRLRANGERS  AuditoriumTheatre. Chicago
John Woodfordand
Jeanette Marlboro
Season 1907=8 with Scott &
Mr Woodford as  Raynor's New Musical Com=     Miss Marn
-Professor    edy, "Ma's New Husband."      -Marieorn
Hooker"              EASTERN CO.            Longfellow
Flying Return and Casting Act.
Best and most pleasing of all Aerial Acts. Fourth season special feature
with Golilmar Brothers Greatest of American Shows. Address,
TOM R. NELSON, 311 East 35th St., (Flat 3)
Per Route Gollmar Brothers Sho  r per Adv.  CHICAGO, ILL.
"The SWEDE and the HAPPY GAL"
Rah! Rah! Rah! and other good work to follow.  Per ad. 69 Menominee St., Chicago
Presenting her own 46ISS9
The One Novelty in Vaudeville
Per add. 5325 Cornell Avenue.       CHICAGO
John J. WELCHANDEARL                            Madeline
20 ininites in one.  Little Singing, little Dancing  and little  Talking.  Will
eltertain an. audience. On the Sullivan and Considine Circuit.

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