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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Fair list,   pp. 33-34

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We Supply Streetmen
Fair Workers
Circus Men
Carnival People
Cane Rack and Knifeboard Men
Picnic Workers,
Doll Rack Men,
Fish Pond Men and Schemers
Shooting Galleries
Medicine Criers and Venders
Premium Givers
Merchants and
Mail Order Houses
| |,
September 28, 1907,
lagerstown-Great Hagerstown Fair. 15-
16. Daniel ii. Staley, secy.
Brockton-Brockton    Fair.  1-4.  Baalis
Sanford, secy.
Northa  pLon-Hampshire,   Franklin   &
Hamipoen Fair. 2-3. C. A. Montgom-
ery, secy.
Palmer-Eastern    Hampden    Fair.   4-5.
ILouis E. Chandler, secy.
Itolyoke-Holyoke Poultry Fair.     18-22.
Frank L. Buck, secy.
Hillsdale-Hillsdale Fair. 30-Oct. 4. C.
W. Terwilliger, secy.
Cass City-T. H & S. Counties Fair. 1-4.
1. K. Heed, secy.
Hastings-Barry Co. Fair.     1-4.  C. L.
Beamer, secy.
Lake   City-Missaukee   Co. Fair.    2-4.
Thos. Doyle, secy.
Milford-Milford Fair. 1-4. M. C. Wil-
liams, secy.
Vassar-Tuscola   Co. Fair. 1-4.    R. S.
Weaver, secy.
Albert Lea-Freeborn Co. Fair. 30-Oct.
3. R. J. Tweedy, secy.
Morris-Stevens Co. Fair.    26-28. Geo.
Bisie, secy.
Redwood Falls-Redwood Co. Fair. 26-
28. Chas. F. Galles, secy.
Appleton-Swift Co. Fair.     1-3.  Man-
ford Horn, secy.
Madelia-Madelia Fair. 1-3.
Marshall-Lyon Co. Fair.     1-4.  R. B.
Daniel, secy.
Columbus-Mississippi & West Alabama
Fair. 22-25. John Oliver, secy.
Forest-Forest Fair. 3u-Nov. 1.
Hazlehurst-Hazlehurst Fair. 15-19.
Starkville-Starkville Fair. 8-10.
Yazoo City-Yazoo Co. Fair. 21-26. W.
B. Stinson, secy.
Jackson-Mississippi State Fair.     5-16.
John F. McKay, mgr.
Cape Girardeau-Cape Girardeau Co.
Fair. 8-12. E. H. Engelulain, secy.
Kennett-Dunklin Co. Fair. 16-19. R. H.
Jones, secy.
Kansas City-American Royal Fair. 14-
19. T. J. Wornall, secy.
Kansas City-Interstate Fair & Exposi-
tion. 23-Oct. 6. J. S. Berger, gen. mgr.
Sedalia-Missouri State Fair. 5-11. J. R.
Rippey, secy.
Anaconda-Deer Lodge Co. Fair. 25-28.
M. Martin, secy.
Great Falls-Northern Montana Fair. 23-
28. Allan Pierse, secy.
[l1lena-Montas, State Fair. 30-Oct. 5.
John W. Pace, secy.
Omaha-Douglas Co. Fair. 26-Oct. 5. G.
W. Hervey, secy.
Beaver City-Furnas Co. Fair. 1-4. W.
C. F. Lumley, secy.
Stanton-Stanton Co. Fair. 1-4. R. F.
Kitterman, secy.
Trenton-Tnetr-State Fair. 30-Oct. 5. M.
H. Margerum, secy.
East Las Vegas-Northern New Mexico
Fair. 29. Geo. A. Fleming, secy.
Albuguerue-Territorial Fair. 7-12. Roy
A. Stamm, secy.
Mineola-Mineola Fair. 24-28. Lott Van
de Water. secy.
Palmyra-Palmyra Union Fair. 26-28.
John 11. \\alton, secy.
Richrield Springs-hichfield Springs Agrl.
Fair. 30-Oct. 2.  0. A. Chamberlin,
Binglamton-Binghamton Fair. 1-4. H.
S. Martin, secy.
Chatham-Columbia Co. Fair. 1-4. W.
A. Dardess, secy.
Dundee-Dundee Fair. 1-3. H. L. Wood-
ruff, secy.
Fonda-Montgomery Co. Fair. 30-Oct. 3.
J. B. Martin, secy.
Hemlock-Hiemilock Lake Union Fair.
3-4. S. Parker Hoppough, secy.
Oneida-Oneida Fair & Races. 9-11. C.
C. Tower, secy.
Poughkeepsie-Duchess Co. Fair. 1-4. J.
M. Booth. secy.
Schoharie-Schoharie Co. Fair. 1-3. E.
L. Auchampaugh, secy.
Vernon-Vernon Fair. 1-3. C. G. Sim-
mons, secy.
Burlington-Alamance Greater Fair. 1-4.
Junius H. Harden, secy.
Fayetteville-Cumberland Co. Fair.   29-
Nov. 1. J. B. Tillinghast, secy.
Greensboro-Central Carolina Fair. 15-18.
Raleigh-North Carolina State Fair. 14-
19. Joseph E. Fogue, secy.
Waynesville-Haywood Co. Fair.     9-12.
Jas. E. Carraway, secy.
Winston-Salem-Piedmont Fair. 9-12. G.
E. Webb, secy.
Summerfield-Summerield   Fair.   24-30.
C. H. Dew, secy.
Akron-Sumit Co. Fair.     1-4.   0. J.
Swinelhart, secy.
Cadiz-Harrison Co. Fair. 1-3. E. B.
Kirby, secy.
Canal Dover-Tuscawaras Co. Fair. 15-
19. J. S. Karns, secy.
Carrollton-Carroll Co. Fair.  8-11.  C.
A. Tope, secy.
Coshocton-Coshocton Co. Fair. 8-11. E.
M. Hanlon, secy.
Fremont-Sandusky Co. Fair. 1-4. A.
W. Overmyer, secy.
Georgetown-Brown Co. Fair. 1-4. Lewis
Richey, secy.
Hamilton-Butler Co. Fair. 1-4. L. M.
Larsh, secy.
Lancaster-Fairfield Co. Fair. 9-12. W
T. McClenaeghan, secy.
Mt. Gilead-Morrow Co. Fair. 1-4. G.
J. Smith, secy.
Newark-Licking Co. Fair. 2-5. J. M.
Farmer, secy.
Ottawa-Putnam Co. Fair. 1-5. A. P.
Sandles, secy.
Somerset-Northern Perry Co. Fair. 16-
18. D. M. Barr, secy.
Sycamore-Sycamore Fair. 8-11. Meric
Vance, secy.
Upper Sandusky-Wyandotte Co. Fair. 2-
5. Jay C. Kennedy. secy.
Blackwell-Blackwell Fair. 7-12. B. W.
Jones, secy.
Deer Creek-Grant Co. Fair. 15-18. H.
C. Vesper. secy.
OklahomaCity-Oklahoma State Fair. 5-
16. C. P. Sites, secy.
Meyersdale-Meyersdale Fair. 25-28. G.
E. Bishop, secy.
Bedford-Bedford Co. Fair. 1-3. Win.
I. Eicholtz, secy.
Bloomsburg-Columbia Co. Fair. 8-11.
Burgettistown-Un ion Fair.  1-3.  It. P.
Stevenson. secy.
Forksville-Sulliva n Co. Fair. 1-3. A. G.
Sittle, secy.
Milton-Milton Fair. 1-4. Edwin Paul,
H onesdale-Wayne Co. Fair. 1-4. Em-
erson W. Gammel, secy.
Reading-Great Reading Fair. 1-4. H.
Seidel Throm, secy.
Stroudsburg-Monroe Co. Fair. 1-4. John
C. Bensinger, secy.
Scranton-Scranton Fair. 20-23.
York-York Co. Fair. 7-11. Edw. Cha-
pin, secy.
Philadelphia-Pennsylvania     Horticul-
tural Society. 12-15.
Batesburg-Tri-Co. Fair. 14-18. J. Mc-
Carthy, secy.
Columbia-South Carolina State Fair.
28-Nov. 1. A. W. Love. secy.
Mitchell-Mitchel CornBelt.Assn.23-28.
J. E. Powers. secy.
Sioux Falis-Minnehaha Fair. 30-Oct. 4.
Geo. Schlossler, secy.
Lexington-Lexington   Co. Fair.   22-24.
C. M. Efird. secy.
Nashville-Tennessee State Fair. 23-28.
J. W. Russwurm, secy.
Union City-West Tennessee Fair. 25-
28. J. W. Woosley, secy.
Dresden-Weakley Co. Fair. 16-19. W.
R. McWherter, secy.
Huntington-Carroll Co. Fair. 8-12. W.
L. Noell, secy.
Newport-Cooke Co. 3-5. E. G. And-
erson, secy.
Trenton-Gibson Co. Fair. 9-12. Chas.
L. Wade, secy.
Dallas-Texas State Fair.    19-Nov. S.
Sydney Smith, secy.
Ft. Worth-Ft. Worth Fair. 8-18. C. F.
Line, secy.
Beaumont-Beaumont Horse Show and
Race Meeting. 25-30.    F. M. Yose,
Houston-Houston    Fair.   4-9.  Henry
Reichardt, secy.
San Antonio-International Fair. 9-24. J.
M. Vance, secy.
Salt Lake City-Utah State Fair. 30-Oct.
5. Horace S. Ensign, secy.
East Hardwick-Caledonia Grange Fair.
28. E. B. Fay, secy.
Emporia-Emporia Agri. Fair. 22-25. E.
E. Goodwyn, secy.
Lynchburg-Inter-State Fair. 1-4. F. A.
Lovelock, secy.
Martinsville-Henry Co. Fair. 2-4. Geo.
H. Marshall, secy.
Richmond-Virginia   State  Fair.   7-11.
M. A. Chambers, secy.
Beaver Dam-Dodge Co. Fair. 30-Oct. 4.
C. W. Harvey. secy.
LaCrosse-LaCrosse Inter-State Fair. 23-
28. C. S. Van Auken, secy.
Madison-Dane Co. Fair. 27-30. M. W.
Terwilliger, secy.
Merrill-Lincoln Co. Fair. 27-30. N. C.
Hubbard, secy.
Boscobel-Boscobel Agri. and Driving
Park Fair. 2-4. A. J. Seeman, secy.
Gay's Mills-Gay's Mills Fair. 8-11. E.
G. Briggs, secy.
Kilhourn-Kilbourn Fair.   1-4.  W. G.
Gillespie, secy.
North Yakima-Washington State Fair.
23-28. G. A. Graham, secy.
Spokane-Spokane Inter-State Fair. 23-
Oct. 5. Robert H. Cosgrove, secy.
North Colfax-Colfax Co. Fair. 7-12. Ben
Bercunder. secy.
Davenport-Lincoln Co. Fair. 8-11. F.
Baske. secy.
Puyallup-Valley Fair. 1-5. John Mills,
Walla Walla-Walla Walla Co. Fair. 14-
19. A. C. Van de Water, secy.
Clarksburg-Clarksburg Fair. 30-Oct..
Jas. N. Hess. secy.
Th  Centri Ailaama Fair A- 'lation
at S-Ima, Ala., has closed contracts with
the Interstate Amusement Co.. for Ricers
F'rcmier Band, Jean and Marie Weitzman,
Itamota and the Bickett family as free
attractions at the fair Oct. 18 to 23.
Joplin. Mo., is to have a White Cty
next summer, an association of citizens
of the enterprising mining town having
been formed to build it. The city is in
the center of a population of 5,u00.
The management of the Luna Park in
Mansfield, 0., has decided to enlarge and
improve the entertainment features of
the place by an expenditue of iore than
$20,001 in new buildings for the conces-
sions, restaurant, and an artificial lake.
It is reported that the Chicago & Mil-
waukee Electric Railway Conmpany has se-
cured a large tract of land near Racine,
Wis., and will open an amusnciont park
on the plan of Ravinia Park. It is ex-
pected to traw the people of Kensha, Ra-
clue and Milwaukee.
San Diego, Cal., is to have an anuse-
mont park for next season. IV,.L. War-
ner. of Chicago, has made a denl with
a realty company for twelve acres of
grsund, and work will be pushed to corn-
pletion at once.
Muskogee, I. T., is to have a street
fair and carnival tiis  fall when the
Trans-Alississippi Congress meets next
month. The carnival will take the place
of the regular county fair.
The Arkansas State Fair will be held
at Hot Springs, Oct. 4 to 10, and the of-
ficials report greatly increased interest
throughout the state and the neighbor-
ing commonwealths. Senator Berry and
other leading citizens are interested in
the event.
Up at Albert Lea. Minn., the Freeborn
County fair is the sole topic and the tian-
agers promise the best display the people
have ever seen. There will be band con-
certs and a number of free and pay
amusement features.
In San Antonio, Texas, the people are
activelN engaged in booming the fair that
hegins in November. There will be a
midway on the grounds with numerOus
cirus, theatrical and sideshow features.
The fair association offers a prize for a
new name for the midway. The members
are tired of Pige, Giggle Alley, War
Pa.tth and such cognomens for the amuse-
aitt section How would "The Sizzling
Satinter' do?
LIe .Nicholas, writing from Whitsbor,
Tex. tinder recent date, says that
the business of the Cole Younger & Nich-
als Tiheater Amusement Company, in
(renville, Texas, was great at the niht
ni da  fair. There were octI 1.0
Iiso-ple 'ott the grotiids levery,  verling.
Governor Tom Campbell aid Senator Cul-
bertson were in attendance. Lew says
there is no trouble to get towns in Texas
for his attraction, and he is now nego-
tiating to appear at the Louisiana State
Cleveland Is Branching Out.
I\ S. Cleveland. former minstrel nat
bitt hotter, known now as proprietor ef
tie PrudentiI Vaudeville Exchange, lias
formed a circuit of vaudeville houses and
rinks tlying x-audeville attractioin. H"
has intt twitht tilttstial successitis fisll
antd is now  offering performers thtirty
we-ks engagements. Mr. Clevelaid has
had great stteSS il bhooking parks and
fairs this season. He has i11i  rsePet
and confidencc of p-rformaers cnoralIy
and is a hard, conscientious worker in
behalf of those whom he represents.
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