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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

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September 4?. 1907.
Iogr.:  Franklitn,  Pa.,  23-2-.
Montrief Stock Co.: Paducah, Ky., Indef.
McIntyre .&   Heath;   Klaw   &  Erlanger,
mgrs., New York City, indef.
Man On the Case, W. N. Lawrence, mgr.:
New York City, Sept. 4, indef.
Middleton-Barbier Stock Co.: Philadelphia,
Pa., Sept. 1, indef.
Movers, Henry B. Harris, mgr.: New York
City, Copt. 3, indef.
My Wife, with John Drew, Chas. Frohman,
ngr.: Noew York City, Sept. 2, indef.
Mack, Willard, &   Maud Leone:     Duluth,
Mi., indef.
McCullough, Walker, Stock Co.: El Paso
Tex., indef.
Majestic Stock Co., H. R. Jacobs, mgr.:
Albany, N. Y., Indef.
Majestic Stock Co., Cook & Moyer, mgrs.:
Itamilton, 0., indef.
MajesticStockCo.; Utah, N. Y., Indef.
Manhattan Theater Stock Co.: Reeves Park,
Fostoria, 0., indef.
Marlowe Stock Co., Chas. E. Marvis, mgr.:
Chicago, Ill., indef.
Martin Stock Co.:   Lincoln, indef.
Moore Stock Co.: Rochester, N. Y., indef.
Mozart Stock Co., Edward Mozart, mgr.:
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, Lelbler
& Co., mgrs.: London, Eng., indef.
Aan of the Hour, Brady & Grismer, mgrs.:
Missouri Girl (Eastern), Fred    Raymond,
mgr.: Sycamore, Ill.. Indef.
Missouri Girl TWestern), Fred Raymond,
mgr.: Sycamore, Ill., Indef,
Monterief Stock Co.:  Paducab Ky., idef.
Meyers, Irene, Stock Co., Will H, Myers,
mgr.: Wilmington, Del., indef.
Myrkle Harder Stock Co. (Eastern), Wil-
liam H. Harder, mgr.: Indianapolis, Ind.,
McCallum   Stock  Co., Bartley  McCallum,
mgr.:  Portland, Me., indef.
McIntyre & Heath, KIaw & Erlanger, mgrs.
New York City, indef.
NINETY AND NINE, 1V. T. Spaeth, mgr.:
Noew York City, N. Y., 23-29.
Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model, A. II.
Woods, mgr.: Omaha, 22-23; St. Paul,
29-Oct. 5.
National Stock Co.: Rochester, N. Y., in-
Nielson, Marie, Stock Co.:   Fresno, Cal.,
Nonveatas Stock Co.: Montreal, Can., in-
0lRIGINAL COHEN: Joliet, Ill., Spring-
O field, 24-25; Hannibal, Mo., 26; Moberly,
27; Sedalia, 7S; Kansas City, 29-Oct. 5.
Old Arkansaw    (Eastern), N. A. tEd4wada
mg.: Dana, Intd.. 22; Neswport, 24; Ca-
yuga, 25; Veedereburg 26; Willianisport,
27-  Danvile, Il.,  28;  Roseville,  03
Hoopeston, Oct. 1; Oxford, Ind., 2; Fos-
ler, 3.
Old Arkansa    (Western), 0. W. Micknell,
mgr.k Mound City, Mo., 23; Fairfax, 24;
TarlIe, 25; Rockport, 20; Troy. Kan., 27;
Horton, 28; Atchison, 30; Leavenworth,
Oct. 1.
Oak Grove Stock Co., Salisbury & Murry,
mgrs.: Sayre, Pa., Indeft
Orpheum Stock Co.: Salt Lake, Utah, In-
O'Sullivan: Denis, Cal., indef.
OOR   RELATION, A. F. V. Peterson,
igr.:  Mt. Sterling, Ill., 23; Winchester,
24; Roodhouse, 25; Greenfield, 26; Car-
linvlle, 27; Litchfield, 28; Du Quoin, 30;
Herrin, Oct. 1; Marion, 2.
Paradise of Lies, A, Edward     S. WVhite,
mgr.: Watertown, N. Y., 24; Oswego, 22;
Geneva, 26; Batavia, 27; Ashtabula, 0.,
28;  Elyria, 30.
Paige, Mabel, Comedy Co., H. F. Willard,
mgr.: Jacksonville, Fla., inidef.
Paytons Lee Avenue Stock Co., Corse Pay-
ton, mgr.: Brooklyn, N. Y., indef.
People's Stock Co.. E. St. Louis, Ill., indef.
Peter's Stock Co.. Charlotte. N. C., indef.
Phelan Stock Co., E. P. Phelan, mgr.
Portland, Me., indef.
Proctor's Harlem   Stock  Co.: New   York
City, Indef.
Pioneer Days, Shubert & Anderson, mgrs..
Noew York City, Aug. 31, indef.-
Pabst English Stock Co.; Milwaukee, Wis..
Pantagus Stock Co.: Seatle, Wash., Inde.
Park  Stock  Co.;   Indianapolis, Ind., In-
Paven Stock Co.: Peoria, Ill., indef.
Payton's Lee Avenue Stock Co., Corse Pay-
ton, mgr.: Brooklyn, N. Y., indef.
People's Stock Co.;   East St. Louis, Ill.,
Peter's Stock Co.: Charlotte, N. C., indef.
Phelan Stock Co., E. V. Phelan, mgr.: Port-
land, Me., May 6, Indef.
Payton Sisters, C. Stafford Payton, mgr.:
Water Valley, Miss., 9-14.
Pochamtas, Bolossy Kiralfy, mgr.: Norfolk,
Va., June 6, indef.
Poll's Stock Co.;  Bridgeport, Conn., May
6. indef.
Poll's Stock Co.: New Haven, July 15, in-
Poli's Stock Co.:  Springfield, Mass., May
20, inde.
Poli's Stock Co.:  Waterburg, Conn., May
6, indef.
Poll's Stock Co.:  Worcester, Mass., May
27, indef.
Proctor's Harlem   Stock  Co.:  New  York
City, indef.
imond. mgr.:   San Jose, Cal., Indef.
Richmond Stock Co.: Stapleton, N. Y., in-
Rober, Katherine, Leander Blanden, mgr.:
Syracuse, N. Y., indef.
Robinson Stock Co.: Zanesville, 0., indef.
Rocky Mountain    Express. George    Klint.
g. Detroit, Mich., 22-2L; Bay City,
29-Oct. 2.
Russian Spy Co.. Edson & Adams. nigrs.:
Blue Earth, Minn.. 23; Albert Lea, 24;
Owatonna, 25; Kenyon, 26.
SAOtt TRUAX. John Cort, me.: E. Liv-
P'rkersburg, 26; ttrietta, 0.. 27; Zanes-
ville, 28; SpringfIeld, 10.
Shado s on the Hetarh, Arthur C. Ais-
ton,  irgr.:  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  21-28;
Scranton., 10-I.
ntley. 235s, In Billy the 1(1: Hargreaves,
Plu-  a., 0152S
tir.   Tirouto,  tait., 2 - 2 ; 11.ntreal, :A,-
Oct. 5.
Sis in New York (Eastern), Frank Iopkis
mgr.; Laporte, Ind., 23; Monon, 21; hu-
tington, 25; Portland, 26; Hartford  ty,
27; New Castle, 28.
Simple Simon Simple, Nixon & Zimmerman,
mrs.: Lansford, Pa., 24; Pottsville,  ;
liazelton, 26; Pottstown, 27; Baltimor
Md.,  30 -7.
Shadowed by Three, Clarence Burdick, nie
Cincinnati,  O.,  22-28; Louisville,  Ky.,  2 -
Stroogheart: Anderson, Ind., 24; Elweoo.
25; Marion, 26; Muncie, 27; Richniumit
Sutton, Lulu, Stock   Co.:  Butte, Mont.,
May 20, indef.
Spoilers, Chaa, E. Blaney, mgr.: New York
City, Sept. 2, indef.
Sainpolis Stock Co., John Sainpolis, mgr.
Lynn, Mass., Indef.
Sanford Stock Co.: Oakland, Cal., indef.
Schiller Stock Co.: Jersey City, N. Y., in-
Seamon Stock Co., Portland, Ore., Indef.
Siattle Stock Co.: Seattle, Wash., indef.
Shirley, Jessie Stock Co.: Spokane, Wash.,
Shirley, Jessie, Stock Co.: Spokane, Wash.,
Spencer, Geo.:  Memphis, Tenn., inde.
Spooner Stock Co., Mrs. B. Spooner, mgr.:
New York City, indef.
Stanley, Arthur, Stock Co.: St. Louis, Mo.,
Star Stock Co.: Peoria, Ill., Indef.
Star Stock Co.: Portland, Ore., indef.
Stater StockCo., Co W. Stater, eigr. Okla-
homa City, Okla., indef.
Sterling Stock Co., Win. Triplett, mgr.:
Gainesville, Tex., indef.
Sto kivell-M Gregory Co.:  Portland, Ore.,
Stone Hill Stock Co.: PeorIa, Ill., indef.
Stuart, Ralph, Stock Co., James D. Barton,
mngr.: Richmond, Va.
TEMPEST      AND     SUNSHINE,     Richard
Chapman, mgr.:     Colchester, III., 24;
Mason City, 26; Canton, 27; Galesburg, 2S;
Davenport, Ia., 29; Toulon, Ill., 30; Gal-
va, Oct. 1; Kewanee, 2; Cambridge, 2;
Sterling, 4.
Thorns agid Orange Blossoms, Ed. Wyerson,
nigr.:  New  Lexington, 0., 24; Nelson-
viub, 22; Athens, 26; Uhrichsville, 27;
Canal Dover, 28; Orville, 20; Massillon,
Oct. 1; Wooster, 2; Elyria, 3.
Thorns and Orange Blossoms (Western),F.
C. Walton, mgr.: Seattle, Wash., 22-28;
Everett, 29; Mt. Vernon, 30; Anacortes,
Oct. 1; Sodro-Wooley, 2; West Minster,
The Tramp and the Lady, Wm. J. Mespelt,
ingr.: Leavenworth, ian., 24; Hiawatha,
25; Excelsior Springs, Mo., 26; Lexing-
ton, 27; Marshall, 2S.
The James Boys, Harry J. Terry, mgr.:
Decatur, Ill., 23; Paris, 24; Terre Haute,
Ind.,  25;  Marion,  27;  Muncie,  'IS.
The Smart Set, Gus Hill, mgr.: Montreal,
Can., 22-28; Toronto, 30-Oct. 2.
The Tureadors, G. Al. Hall, mngr.: Nesw
York City, 23-29.
The Shoeitaiker, Gus Hill, mgr.: Brooklyn,
N. Y., 30-Oct. 5.
The Great Express Robbery, A. Ht. Woods,
mgr.: Brookln, 23-2S; Hartford, Oct. 2-
2; Springfield, 2-2.
The Cowpuncher (Western), Edwin Perci-
val, ngr.: Great Falls, Mont., 23; 11,leia,
24; Anaconda, 25; Missoula, 26; Wallace,
Ida.,  27;  Couer  d'Alette,  28;  Lewiston, 30.
The Cowpuncler (Western), San M1. Llod,
mgr.: Galelbirg, Ill., 23; MonmoIuth, 24;
Burlington, ha., 25; Carthage, Ill., 26;
Warsaw, 27; Ft. Madison, Ia., 29; Hanni-
bal, Ala., 30.
Too 'roud to Beg, Lincoln J. Carter, mage.:
Ft. ladison, Ia., 23; Bushnell, Ill., 24;
Cantin, 22; Bloomington, 26; Clinton, 27;
Taylorville, 28.
Thief, with Kyrle Bellew & Margaret Illing-
ton, Chas. Frohman, ngr.: New     York
City, Sept. 9, indef.
Texas Grand Stock Co.: El Paso, Tex., in-
Thompson, Mabel, Stock Co.: San Diego.
Cal., indef.
Thorn Stock Co.:    Springfield. Ill., indef.
Taylor, Chase A., Stock Co.: Seattle, Wash.,
CT.E  OSHn1 PERIhENS:     Montesano,
U 'Waslt., 2 4; Elmsa, 215;  19yitiai, 26; Ceni-
trais,  (re.,  27;  helisis,  28;  Portland.
29-Oct. 5.
Uncle Tom's Cabin. Al. TV. Martin's, Ed. S,
Martin, mgr.: Kansas City, Mo., 22-2Si
Creston, Ia., 30; Red Oak, Oct. 1; Shen-
andoall 2; Nebraska City. 3.
nder Souttern Skies (Eastcrn), Harry Doel
larker, ngr.: Waxaltachie, Tex., Sept.
22; McKinney, 24; Denison, 22; Sherman,
26; Gainesville, 27; Ft. Worth, S; Cle-
burne, 30.
'nler Southern Skies (Central), HarryDoel
Parker,  igr.:  Ottawa,  Ill.,  Sept.  23;
Streator, 24; HIoopestown, 25; Danville.
26; Champaign, 27; Bloomington. 2S; La
Salle, 29; Princeton, 30.
Under Southern    Skies  (Western). Harry
Doel Parker. mlsgr.: Saginaw, Mich.. 23:
hay City, 24; Port Huron, 25; Grand
tapids, 26-28; Muskegon, 29; Manistee,
Y11YGIRLS LEAVE HOME (E           J. Co-
piter's). Harry E. Rowe, mgr.: Os-
ecla, ta., 23; Red Oak, 21; hlattsouth,
Neb., 25; Nebraska City. 26; Lincoln, 22-
2S;  Sioux  City,  Ia., 29-30.
Winniger Bros.: Jos. Winniger, ngr.: Op-
era House, Nilbs,   Mich., Sept. 22-29;
Hall's, La Porte, Ind., n0-Oct. 2.
Wikson,' Al. 11. Co.; Sidney R. Ellis, mige.:
Baltimore, Mld., 23-28; Annapolis.   30;
Cumberland, Oct. 1; Uniontown. Pa., 2:
Fairmont, W. Va., 3; Clarkesburg, 4;
Parkersbuirg, 5.
Wallack's Theater Co. (Northern), Dubin-
sky Bros., ngrs.; Rock Island, Ill., in-
Wallack's Theater Co. (Southern). Maurice
M. Dubinsky.    mgr.:   Pittsburg, Kan.,
Sept. 1, indef.
When Knights     Were Bold, with Francis
Wilson. Chas. Frohnsan. nsgc.; NoeYork
City, Aug. 12, indef.
%Vest End Heights Stock Co., Obert &
Schaefer,  gs:    St. Louis, Mo., indefr
W   yte Dramatic Co., Chas. P. Whyte, mgr.:
Waco, Tex., Indef.
White Stock Co.:   Escanaba, Mich., Indef.
OWi-Ils Comdy Co.: Spartanburg, S. C., in-
Whittington Comedy Co., Whittington &
Davis, mgrs.: Quanah, Tex., indef.
WSoodward Stock Co.: Omaha, Neb., indef.
Alltn t1titis  Stical C : D2 mar Gard,
tikinhotits City, ohchn., 22-28.
Alaskan, John Cort, nigr.: Denver, Colo.,
Aound the Clock, ls lill, nig.: Plaiti
nti, N. J., 22;   1Hailisborg,  Pa  6
Coatesville, 27; Reading, 20.
_\re You   cazy?   Ii. L. Laurence, mgr.:
Trenton, Ate, 22; ,irhkrvie, 24; Cos-
terville, In., 225; Allots, 26; K itoxiile,2;
Creston, 26.
A    d n Leo, Op-ra Co.:  Mobile, Ala., June
24, indef.
Boston Ideal Comic Opera Co., A. C. But-
gess, ngr.: Albuquerque, N.    t., 15-2i.
Buster  BtNiI  (Eastcii), ljoetee  Ti~ it
Am. Co., props.: Jeisey City, N. J., 22-29.
1uster Browtn   (Western), Buster    Browtn
Amu. Co., props.: Toledo, 0., 22-28.
Bachelor's Honeymoon,     oakes   &  Gilson,
nigs.n Cazad, Neb., 22; loldredge, 26;
Blue Moonh itith James T. Poters, San     S
& Leo Shubert, Inc., liis.: Aloote-n,
Can., 23-2S
Black Patti Troubadours, Voelekel & Nolan,
props. &    mgrs.:   Saianuahi, Ga.,  24
Brunswick, 2    o; Jacksonille, Fla., 56; Way
cross, Ga., I; Valdosta, 2.
B lie of Mayfair, Thos. W. ityley, issgr.;
hiladelp ia, ia.,  23- Oct.  5.
IBuegomiaster,      11 .   Cullen, iur.n Bteloit,
Vis.,  27;  Jancsville,  2S.
California Colsie ,peaS o., -Thos. Karl.
nuer.: t'elistl, Ott. Seit. 2Oct. 26.
Curtis, Allen, Musical Co., Allen     Curty.
mug".: Oklahoaa City, Okla., Sept. 2-S.
Coming Thro' the Hye, B. J. Reilly, mgr.:
Bath, Ate., 21; Biddeford, 2  ; Portsmoutli,
N. I., 26; Concord,   ; Lotsronce, LMass..
,ndy Kd, nV. H. Fredericks, mgr.: Nash-
vihle, Tenn., 23-28.
Cat and the Mouse, t. N & Sin    Willisms,
mgrs.: Ns  Castle, Pa, 24; Ashtabua.
O.   5; Akron, 26-_8.
Dairy Ataids, with Julia Sanderson, Chas.
Frohmian, sgc.: New      Vork  City. Aug.
'6, intdtf.
Done Beastti, Jos. II. Thonet, mgr.: Ail-
tmington, Del., 22; SVtst Chester, h-a., '4:
Norristowi, 22; Phoenixille, *6; Potis-
town, 27; Lancaster, 2l.
Carl and the Girl, Sa    S. & Lee Shutwit
fic., mgrs.: Poutland, Me.,     ; Bangor.
.4; Lewiston, 22; iawirnce, Mass.,6
Haverhill, 27; Lynn, 'S.
Flower of the Rtnch: Wichita, Kan.. SI-
'5   Lasruldo, 26; Tope     27; St. Jos-ph
Ito, "S; Kansas Ciiiy,
Alndan  Butterily,  HIe"ury  Savage, imgr.:
Newark, N. J., 30-6.
lifty Miles fromu Boston, iith Geo. A. Co-
han, Cohan &     laiiis, igrs : Nc-port,
R. I., 23; Fall Hiver,     ASS., 24; Ne
Bedford, 22; Lynn,     26; La  2r:nce,
Salem 2.
Forty-ie Ainutes from  Broadway, Klaw &
1-ilanger, igrs.:  Cothan ,  arris, bu.
ittgrs.: Grausd Rapideli Aicli, 24-2,;So.-i
13ind, Ind., 16; Indianapolis, 27-2s.
,Fascinatig Fls a, Stain S.  S Iee Shutert
Inc., tiges.: Boston, Ataso., Sepit. S-Oct.25.
Fischr, John C., Opera Co.; Denver, Colo.,
Aug. 5, iindef.
From Across the Pond, At. At. Theise, ige.:
New York City, Sept. 7, indef.
irl Over Thee, switlt MabiI AlcCane, TV.
0. Lindsay, itgr.: Mankato, Alinn., 26;
Red Wing, 27; Wiiona, 20.
Girl from  Broadtway, John A. Mack, ingc
Middletown, Conn., 24; New London, 25
Norwich, 26; Putnam, 27; Vonsocket, 11.
I., 28.
Glay New   York, Gus Hill, igr.:    Youngo-
town, 0.. 23-25; Akron, 2-2q.
Girl Question, Mort H. Singer, mgr.: Cli-
cago, Ill., Aug. 10, indef.
Girl Rangers. Geo. W. Lderer, mogr.: Chi-
cago, Ill., Sept. 1, indef.
Grand Mogul, with Frank Ioulan, Klaw
Erlanger, tmgrs.: Philadelphia, Pa., Sept.
16, indef.
Happylandl. with DeT~olf Hlopper, Sas     S.
& Le Shutiert, Inc., imgrs.: Toronto, Ont.,
Ilappy Days, with    Al.  Leech,   Wmss.  A9
Brady, mgr.: New      Brunswick. Vt., 2;
'lainfeld, 26: New   Britain, Conn., 22;
Middletowsn. 28.
Hleart of Virginia, with Joe Atorris. Ait-
tenthal Bros. Amuse. Co., m1sgrs.: Read-
1t, Pa r 6; Harrisbur, 27-2r           s
lici-Guiohs  Girl, '%Ttirks & Ccarlo, tsges.:
Baltimrore, Md., 23-28.                  .
Ilis Honor the Mayor, Wn. R. Sill. nr-ge.
Indianapolis, Ind., 26; Anderson, 27; AN'a,
iais Tree, with AcIntyre & Heath, Klaw &
Frlang r, iigrs     louglik~eps.  N.   ,
24; it usbny It; Tea>', 20; Coltoes, 27:
Schenectady, 2S.
it Panama, witis Rogers Bros.. Edwin it .
Cohn, mgr.: New York Cit>, Sept. 2, in
isle of Spice, B. C. Whitney, prop. & iucr.:
Wa~cie, Ind., 22; Elkhart,. 24: Dosesagise.
Aih.. 25;   Laporte, tod..  26: tenuso
Harbor,  Michn., 27; ntiltbait Cil'.  tuti.-
Fling Cass'. swiths Johtn   i  t
&htsluh. 1uigc. 0r. Io
Kttnirh f-r tl:.;   I.'. 00itn. iniii
fcti .,1 h e , 1   C
(  ulcago-, Il , un . ,
Lady fain Lne 5,I ouaurSt &    Iurrie
itngs.; Net' Yota ( ity, Aug. 1 , inuef
hittle Chluio, witI liatie  itbiolia tChas.
lomIianc,  iigre.:  Ctoicago,  ill.,  t
Lel.a trom Berlin, with Lulu Gla     xlav
&  Eluitsi-, liis.. New  oikt   set.
16, indet.
Land of Nod, Herbert W0'. Glicu       ntigr.
.tusiitlehis,  ciiS26Oo-'-uo       -s.
27; Jaciso, 2u.
Littl grs o  i   Jones, Coan  &  Iharris,
usgu5S   0 \Ilc~iooIr~, B4. C., Calii., Si-..
icto'is is ti con, Nash., f,-2S.
ANlllc Sldoutsio smith 2"eitci Scisefi, Chiss. IS.
Dillinghiami, igr.: Ne  Aok Cit , Sept.
9, indef
Al oo iuI  Burn.hidp &  Conisoseck, ugrs.-
Nost Yairk City, S~pt. 1, indlet.
MSI Hiiti & I osluetig & Suunionit' C has,
V1 ,  icgard  uigr,- Nec  loch t   hs2
Allitit o  Gim1: Newton, han., 16-21; lWis-
hoeld, _.3-28.
Aotons, Four, Frank McKee, m.        At-
Jl ta, Ga.,  2 -
Alerry SWidow, iitry   W. Savagt     igi.;
Ithaea,  N. Y,  '6; itochester, , - I .
lazusa Man, witih Go. Sttone, Stair &
Nioli it is. Buookl~n  N. Y9   3-
A I-rsilg , ary,  wit0k tLo ie  5  hill  D  nsi
M   SAithur  mgir noronto, unt     2s.
sixon & Zinintlrnian, igis.: I,; isi
25; Lowiston, 6; liddoord,     totr,
N. H4., 2 S.
Ach'aincits Flats Gus Hill, ng.: IJukso,
hiss.,  24 , ich  urg,  to;  Jutt ,  a,
26i She 't,-27  lox-tkats  oeX. 2b.
Ala's New Hoablu  d    Exstukiia Sott cia
tior,  itigrs.:  Ottosso,  itai   ;  Flint, L ;
La.,er,  26;  hontia ,  _-;  Jacison, 2 .
iss 1ulb Ctlrt1,  I   n; \tllZinmntimau,
isigro.: Carlisle, Pau.  4; Oiltoii,  liiMt
Carmel,  26;  Lancaster,  27;  'sutisvill,  b.
NAptune 0 Daughter, Snuih-t &     O Aderson,
ingrs.: Nw Soil'k City, ug. 3I, tIf.
Not Yet, But Soon, isit  h    itott Stait
&  Noiolai, iter- R1chmom  \ia.uioitoh
.3>steetiait, tili Liiteor liot.ill thautuga
Seaunon's), \\atl  F.0cst<t  grc'.: Ft
00iec  Ind.,  -7;  S toth  .litoh,
Orchid, ith Eddi     s'.   Samn S. & Lee
Shtubert, Inc., 1 his.; CloUtoland, U.,-
2 8.
-riginal Cohen (hovland & Clifford's), W
T.  Gaskell,  igi.:  Jolit,  Ill.,  23;  S ring
Tild, 'I-,0; 11anlnibal, M1o., 16; Sedalia,
Pitic  of Pilsen, Heinr SO   i.    igr:
Oakland,   Cal., - -25;  Sar  .,     2t.
Stockton, 7,; Sacao  ento, ,-it 1.
Piff, Paff, IPouf, B,. C.Wite,       a.&
migr.: Milwauke, Wis., 22-11.
harsifal: Knoxsillc, Tenn.,  chtuttitgi,
27;  Dcatur,  Ill., S.
Red Mill, isith Montgomi ry ani Stot, Chas.
B.  iIlingham, ligr.: Chicago, Ill., Aug.
19, iiidof.
Royal Chef, H. II. Firazee, mgr.: Fremtont,
Neb., 23; York, 24; Lincoln, 25; Jiatngs,
26; Pueblo, Colo., 2s.
San Francisco Oera Co., Frank W. Hbealy.
gr.:  Los  Angel s.  Cal.,  Sept.  1-Uct. 2.
Silver Girl, Frank   McKee, mgr.:    Balti-
more, 1d., "3-2s.
Social   hirl, iwith Chas. Ross & label
Fenola, Stint n  & Lee Shubert, Ins., igrs.
Treton, N.J,-.
Spring Chicken, itith Richard Carle, Chas.
Alarcs, its, Youngstoi, 0., 24; hco1t,
25 ouaton, 26;  ZmisasbIleo, 27; WNheel-
ing, WS Va. 28.
Sinpito Sinio  Sitiple, Nixon & Ziui iiat,
mgrs.: East Stroudsburg, Pla., -::: Lans-
ford,  24;  lotts illc,  25;  Hazleton,  26;
Pottstown, 7.
Siuart Set, Gus Hill, ige.: Montreal, Can.,
Sunny Side of Broadiway, with Alrray &
Mack, Ollie 1lack, nigr.: St. Louis, MO.,
Slio  Girl, J. P. Goring, igr.: Muncie,
Ind., 24; Kokomio, 25; Tipton, 26; Nobles-
ville, 27; Anderson, 2S.
Sheloan, Joseph F., Opera Co., Alax Faet-
kenheeer, mgr.: St. Louis, Mo.. 16, in-
Talk of New York, seith Victor Attie, CO-
has & Harris, mgrs.: Chicago, Ill., Sept
9, indef.
Tourists, Sans S. & Lee Shubert, Inl., mgrs.
Philadelphia, Pa., 2-28.
Teal's, aymond, Alusical Comedy Co. (CY-
cle Park), Dallas, Tex., 16-28.
Tattooed Man, with Frank Daniels, Chas.
43. Dillingiam, mgr.; Boston, Ahass., 16-
The Show Girl: Kokomo, Ind., 23; Tipton,
26; Nobliusile, 27; Anderson, 2S.
Til  Alerr   Widow: Syracuse. N. Y.. 23
; Ithaca, 26; Rochester, 27-2S; Butffalo,
The Priuce of Pilsen, tI. V. Savag, nigr.:
Oakland, Cal.,  22-25; San    Jose.  26:
Stockton, 27; Sacramento, 2S-29; Alarys-
sill,-, 30.
The College Widow, H. V. Savas      , mogr.:
Indianapolis,  Ind.  23-24;  Mari n. (.  25
Columbus, 26: Sandusky, 27; ToIlJo, 2SS
Atilevauie, Sis 2.
TIl Cillege   S idos,  I. V. Savag, Itgr.:
(Southern) Albany N,. y_ .i; Lchenec
tad, 24; T rogy,N 2,uPoulheeSo i    6t
Pekskill, 22  Nestlram   28;         liddI-teat.
Timue. lt'. Plaice andtIo Gisrtl (05- -ted -.
'X           ,1.  _- -\ ,0-   t  N , tit Altuiit.
Alaximium result, iii the mioving icture busin-s are only obtained when the best service that
is produced is used. ( an you afford to handicap your income by using poor service' 'liink this
over. If you decide you walit the best there is (the kind that it pays to getl, then let ts figure
with you. There is no better time to start right than today.
Standard machints and accessories carried iii stock at main exchange and bra.  < l[r
un i-the season is on. Orders filled the saie day they are reeived.
lATHE S LIFE OF CHRIS'l, 3114 feet log, land colored, rented reasonalle.
Hr     -s    1ittleRolk  Ark.      II   ston, Texas      ItPass,'It,
Branlie    211] So. al  St.     64 FatiuinSt.      Crawforde 2T
let our price before ordering elseohere.
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