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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Page 30

Sylow, H.: En route with Forepaugh-Sells
Bros. Show.
Sullivan, W. J.: Armory, Valley City, N.
D., indef.
Sisters, Lee: En route with the Dainty
Duchess Co.
Scanlon, Geo.: En route with the Dainty
Duchess Co.
Stevens, Pearl: En route with the Dainty
Duchess Co.
Samson & Zaccho: Bijou, Michigan City,
Ind., 23-29.
Seymour, 0. G., &    Co.:  Bijou, Decatur,
Ill., 23-29: Orpheum, Chicago, 30-6.
Swartz, Frances & Co.: Hannibal, Mo., 23-
Swor Bros.: Poli's, Waterbury, Conn., 23-29;
Keith's, Boston, Mass., 30-6.
Sunny   South, The:    Orphoum, Oakland,
Cal.,  22-Oct.  6.
Slater & Finch: Flora Du Voss Co., Tampa,
Ia., 22-28; Marengo, Ia., 30-Oct. 5.
Salmo, Juno: Keith's, Elizabeth, N. J., 23-
Smith &   Campbell:   Colonial, New  York
City, 23-28.
Semon Trio, The: Grand. Joliet, Ill., 21-29.
Spiasel Bros. & Mack: Grand 0. H., Pitts-
burg, Pa., 23-28.
Stewart, Geo. W.:   Grand Family, Fargo,
N. D., 23-28.
Sears, The Great: Bennett's, Ottawa, Ont..
Shungapavi: Bennett's, Montreal, Can., 23-
Semon, Chas. F.:    Alhambra, New     York
City,  23-28.
Saunders, Florence: Keith's, Utica, N. Y.,
Shannons, Four:    Novelty, Denver, Colo.,
Savoy & Savoy:     Montana, Havre, Mont.,
9-Oct. 5.
Shields & Rogers: Keith's, Cleveland, 0.,
Strickland. E. C.:    Family, Miles City,
Mont., 22-28.
St. Julian, M.: Bijou. Duluth, Minn., 23-2M
Short & Edwards:     Family, Butte, Mont.,
Scott, Great:   Itathaway's, New  Bedford,
Mass., 23-2S.
Summers & Winters: Chicago, Ill., 9-Oct.
Sharp, Chas.. Columbia, Cincinnati, 0., 22-
Steinert &  Thomas:    Family, Erie, Pa.,
Shone, Medelyn:   Dreamland, McKeesport,
Pa.,  22-28.
Shets, Win.: Star, Beaver Falls, Pa., 22-
Silvern & Emerie: Grand 0. It., Pittsburg.
Pa.,  22-28.
Shock Bros.: Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 23-
Somers &    Storke:  Empire, Indianapolis,
I  d.,  2 2 -2s.
Stewart & Co., Mr. and Mrs. Cal:    Bijou,
Racine Wis., 22.-28.
Sears, Gladys: Empire. Cbicago. enta l2-a
Stewarts. Tbe  tusical:  Monumental. Bal-
timore, SMd., 22-2u.
Stewart Sisters, Four: Arcade, Toledo, 0..
Snyder. Geo. B.. and Harry Buckley: Trent,
Trenton, 'N.J., 22-28.
Steer, Julius, &  Co.:   Olympic, Chicago,
T31_. 22-28.
Symonds, Jick:    Family, Shamokin, Pa.,
Slosson  Pauline:  Itoward, Boston. Mass..
Smokier, Berny:    Crystal, Menasha. Wis.,
Snmith & Van: En route with the Vogel's
Stemns & TaGrange: En route with the
Vo',gel's Minstrels.
Simonds &   Warde: En route with Sam
Devere Show.
THOMPSON & CARTER: En route with
the City Sports Co.
Thompson, Ray: En route with Buffalo
Bill's Show.
Ty-Bell Sisters, Three:   En   route  with
Sells-Floto Show.
Trolley Car Trio: En route with Hagen-
heck -Wallace Show.
Travelle & Sanders:   Chutes, Chicago, Ill.,
Tracy & Carter: Bismarek, N. D.. Indef.
Towns, G. Ellwoo d: En route with Gall-
mar Bros. Show.
Tianita Midgets: Wonderland Park, Min-
neapolis, Minn., Indef.
Thumb. Tom, Mrs. Gen.: En route with
Gentry Bros. Show.
Taylor, W. B.: En route with Cole Bros.
Taiianians, Four: En route with the Ha-
genheck-Wallace Show.
Tarleton & Tarlelon: En route with the
Ha gen beck -Wallace Show.
Tayler. Tell: la Salle. Chicago, Ill., Indef.
Turnwall, Nellie: Wolff's   Park, Detroit,
Trueheart, Dillon & Birke: Flood's Park,
Baltimore, Md., Indef.
Tracy, Mr. &  Mrs. Dick: Family Chester,
Pa.. 2-29: Family, Pottsville, 39-6.
Talotts, The:  Orpheum. Lima. 0., 22-28.
Tyler Trio: Automatic, Chattanooga, Tenn.,
Tonkins, 'William: Lyric. Dayton. 0., 22-28.
Those Four Girls: Bennett's, Ottawa, Ont.,
Tanna:   Family, TWilliamsport, Pa., 22-28.
Toozonuin Arah Troupe:     Alhambra, New
York City. 23-2q.
Trainer, Jack: Buryrus. 0.. 23-2R.
Thorne, Mr. and Mrs. Harry:      Bennett's,
Ottawa. Ont., 23-28.
Thardo. Claude, & Co.: Gotham, Brooklyn,
N. Y.. 213- 28.
Toys, Musical:   Able 0. H., Easton, Pa.,
Tnhin Sisters:  Orpheum, Allentown, Pa.,
Tambo Dun: Findlay, Findlay. 0., 21-2R.
Trillers, The: Family, Sioux City, Pa., 23-
Trocaderm Quartet: Dixieland, Jacksonville.
Fla.. 9-2q.
Tyrrell Al. H.: En route with the Vogel's
Uessems, The: Bellevue, Remich, Tuxem-
bourg, to Oct. 1.
Unicycle Hay: En route with the Vogel's
V  AN   DIEMONS, THH: En route with
the Hagenbeck-Wallace Show.
Vivian & Wayne: Forest Park, Boise, Ida.,
Verdier Trio & Ida E. Starr: Couer d'-
Alene, Spokane, Wash., indef.
Villiers, The Four: En route with      the
Barnum & Bailey Show.
Vorlops, The: En route with the Barnum
& Bailey Show.
Valadons, The: Orpheum, Hamilton, 0., 23-
29; Orpheum, Richmond, 30-6.
Veda & Quintarow: Grand, Newport, Ky.,
Valenteenes, Three Flying: Fair, Fremont,
0., 23-28.
Vetter Bros.: Vaudeville, E. Liverpool, 0.,
Veola, La:   Keith's. Lowell, Mass., 23-28.
Violets, Dancing:  Keith's, Malden, Mass.,
Vesta, Netta: Orpheum, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Vagges, The:    Orpheum, Chicao, Ill., 23-
Vivians, The Two: Hopkins', Louisville, Ky.,
Ky., 22-28.
Volker, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick: Majestic,
Chicago, Ill., 23-21.
WESTON, HOD:         En  route  with   the
Flaming Arrow Co.
Weber, Johnie: En route with the Broad-
way Gaiety Girls.
Weaver, Otto: En route with the Camp-
bell Eras. Show
Weston, Emma: En route with the Em-
pire Burlesquers.
Wills, Harry: En route with the Barnum
& Bailey Show.
Ward, May:     En  route with   the Night
Wiggins, Bert: En route with Williams
Winston's Sea Lions:    With   Barnum    &
Bailey Show.
Washburn & MeGunn: 'White Swan, Chick-
asha, 1. T ., Indef.
Winter, Winona Gordon: Criterion, New
York City, Indef.
Winston's Seals: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Winslow, D. W.: En route with the Fore-
paugh-Sells Bros. Show.
Windom, Pearl: En route with Cole Bros.
Wilson, Raleigh: En route with Campbell
Bros. Show.
Weston, Clint: En route with A Country
Kid Co.
Wood, Ralph: Lyric, Ft. Smith, Ark., in-
Wallace, Win.: En route with Campbell
Bros. Show.
'Weaver, Otto: En    route with  Campbell
Bros. Show.
Washer Bros.: Oakland, Ky., indef.
Webb's Seals, Capt.: En route with Fore-
paugh-Sells Bros. Show.
West, Drane & Co.: Empire, Springfield,
Ill., indef.
West & Benton: Oak Park, Sacramento,
Cal., Indef.
Whalen, Gen. E.: En route with F. A.
Robbins Show.
Wilson & Davis: En route with Campbell
Bros. Show.
Webb, Horace: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wsllace Show.
Woodford's Animals: En route with Rose
Sydell's TLondon Bells Co.
Wells, Billy: En route with Bryant's Ex-
travaganza Co.
Wilbur, Master: En route with the Great
Raymond Co.
Washer Bros.:   Orpheum, Portsmouth, 0..
Welch & Earl: oTniou. Ea30 Clair, Wis.,
222:Minneapnolis. Minn.. 10-6.
Wayne G. Christy: 01vmpic. So. Bond. Ind .,
221-29: Grand, Nfadison. His.. 310-6.
'Whalen & Went:    Emnire. Gloneow.S qet-
Ind, 23-29: Empire. Livernool, Eng., 21-t.
Whitesides, Ethel & Picks: Gateshead, Eng.,
Woods & Woods:      Toneka. Ran., 22-29:
Family, Davenport. Ta., 30-6
Williams. Frank & Della: Yale's, Kansas
City. Mo., 23-28.
Wolfes. Musical: Lyri, Terre Haute, Ind.,
16-21: Grand, Marion, 23-28.
Work & Ower:     Sheedy's, Lawrence, Mass.,
Ward & Curran: Todiananolis. Sndh       ,
Wagner, Clara:   Lyric, Fart Smith, Ark.,
Weise & Williamson: Bijon. Michigan City,
Trod., 23-29,'.
Williams Duo: Auburn.hN.     .23 
-Wynn & Lewis:     Colaumbus. 0., 22-2,
walker &    Burrill:  Orpheum, Springfield,
Wolnnert Trio. The: Toledo, 0.. 21-23q.
Williams, Barney:    Lyric, Cleveland, 0.,
Wise & Milton: Altmeyer, McKeesport. Pa.,
Wills & Hassen: Orpheum, Boston, Mass..
Whitman, Frank:     Areads, Toledo. 22-2.
Wheelers, The: Albany. N. V., 22-28.
Winings, The:    Hav1in's, St. Louis, Mo.,
World & Kingston: Orpheum, Minneapolis,
Minn., 22-2q.
Waller & Magill: Luhin's. Baltimore, Md.,
Williams, .Sam: Keith's, Lawrence, Mass.,
Wilson. Jack: Orpheum, Kansas City, Mo.,
Wormser Tots: Star. Lebanon. Tnd., 22-29.
Wilsons, The: Gayety, Washington. D. C.,
22-29. .
West & Van Siclen: Bijou, Duluth. Minn.,
Wisdom. Constance:     Orpheum. Oakland,
Cat.. 23-2q,
TWilliams &  Healey:   Star, Muncie, Ind..
TWebb's Seals: Fair. Mansfield. Pa., 22-26.
Whiting, Sadie: Majestic, St. Paul. Minn..
Wilson. Alf. & Mabel: En route with the
Trocadero Burlesquers.
Wilson, Grace: En route with The Show
Girl Co.
YERXA, ERNEST: En route with Fore-
Daugh-Sells Bros. Show.
Yechos, The: En route with the Ringling
Bros. Show.
Yoseratso & Sako: En route with Ringling
Bros. Show.
Touvette: En route with the Great Ray-
mond Co.
Youngs. Three: Bijou. La Crosse, Wis., 23-
29; Unique, Eau Clair, 30-5.
ZEB, JOLLY: En route with American
Burlesquers, Indef.
Zamora Family, Mexican: Inter-State Fair:
Kansas City, Mo., 23-Oct. 5.
Zada, All: Dijou, Adrian, Mich., 23-28.
Zeno, Jordan & Zeno: Arcade, Toledo, 0.,
Zanoras, Cycling: Orpheum, Rockford, Ill.,
Zazell & Vernon Co.: Poli's, Scranton, Pa.,
Zeda, H. L.: Majestic, Indianapolis, Ind.,
Zarrow, Fraviola & Gray: Marion, Marion,
0., 23-28.
Zanettos, The: Cook's 0. H., Rochester, N.
Y., 16-21.
Alston, prop. & mgr.: Berberton, 0.. 25
New Philadelphia, 26; Coshocton, 27; Cam-
bridge, 28: Sabina, 20.
Acme Comedy Co.: Wichita, Kan., indef.
American Stock Co.: San Francisco, Cal.,
Armin Stock Co.: St. Joseph. Mo.. indef.
Aylesworth Stock Co., Arthur J. Ayles-
worth, mgr.: Goldfield, Nev., indef.
Adams' Peerless   Players:   Tampa, Fla.,
May 6, indef.
Artie, Chas. B. Dillingham, mgr.: Chicago,
Ill., Aug. 18. Indef.
Aylesworth Stock Co., Arthur J. Ayles-
worth, mgr.: Goldfield, Nev., Apr. 1, in-
Albee Stock Co.: Providence, R. I., Indef.
Alcazar Stock Co., Belasco & Mayer, mgrs.:
San Francisco, Cal., Indef.
A Desperate Chance, J. C. Sutherland, mgr.:
Brooklyn, N, Y., Sept. 22-28.
A Race Across the Continent, A. H. Woods,
mgr.:   Pittsburg, Pa., 23-28; Cleveland,
0., 30-Oct. r.
Around the Clock, Gus Hill, mgr.: Plain-
field, Pa., 25; Harrisburg. 26; Coatesville,
27; Reading. 28; Philadelphia. 20-Oct. 5.
A Chorus Girl's Luck in New York: New
York City, Sept. 23-28; Fall River, Mass.,
Oct. 3-5,
Aubrey Stock Co.: Bowling Green, 0., 23-
Angells ComedIans, Jack Emerson, mgr.:
Salins, Ran., Sept. 22-2q: Beloit, 20-Oct. 5.
A Royal Slave (Coast), Clarence Bennett's:
Harry DuBols. mgr.: Cando, N. D., Sept.
23: Devil's Lake. 24: Lakota, 25: Grafton,
27: Larimore. 29: Portland. 20: Staples,
Minn.. Oct. 3; Wadena, 4; Sank Center, 5.
A Royal Slave (Eastern), Clarence Ben-
nett's: Alfred Rowland, mer.: Centralia.
Ill.. 25; Johnson City. 27: Herron. 2R:
Tamms, 29; Marion, 20; Anna, Oct. 1:
Cerhondale. 2: Belleville. 3: Nashville. 4.
At Yale (A), Jules Murry, mgr.: Worces-
ter. Mass., 24-25: Hartford. Conn..2-28.
At Yale (B), Jules Murry, mgr.: New Lon-
don. Conn.. 22: Norwich, 24: Putnam, 22;
Newnort. R. 1., 26; New Bedford, Mass..
27: 'Fall River, 28.
At Cripole Creek. B. J. Carpenter's Est-
ern: Harry A. Murry, mgr.: Chicago, Ill.
An Aristocratic Tramp, Kilroy & Britton's
Co. B: C. Stockfeldl mgr.: Bluffton. 2nd.,
2:Etwood. 24: Columbus, 25: Franklin,
2:Greenfield, 27.
An Aristocratic, Tramp. Kilrov & Britton's
Ca, A; S. E. Lester. mgr.: ota, Ran.. 23:
Yates Center, 24: Chanute, 22: Parsons,
7:, Fort Scott, 29z.
Anricanrs. Arthur B. Herbst, mgr.: South
Bend, Ind., 23-28.
B'lADY STOCK CO. D. G. Hartman, mgs.:
Lake Brady Park. 0.. indef.
Brown Stck    Co., Albert  Brown, mgr.:
Itil-vankee. Wis., indef.
Rurke, J. Frank: Fnll River, Mass.. Indof.
Bontine. Emma. Earl Burgess, mgr.: Seat-
tle, Wash., Indef.
Barry-Burke Stock Co.: New Orleans, La.,
Belasco Theater Stock Co., Belasco
Mayer. mgrs.: Los Angeles, Cal.. Aug.
28. lode!,
Boston Theater Stock Co., Lindsay MorrI-
son, mgr.: Boston, Mass.. Sept, 2. indef.
Bush Temple Theater Stock Co.: Chicago,
211., Aug. 21, lode!.
Bishop's Players, H. W. Bishop, mgr.: Oak-
land, Cal., lode!,
Blekir Stock Co.. Maurtee Stanford, mgr.:
'Wildwood, N. J., lodef.
Bodn Square Theater Stock Co.:      Bos-
ton, Mas,, lndef,
B radv Stock Co., D. 0. Hartman, mgr.:
Lake Brady Park, 0., lodef.
Breswster's Millions. Frederick Thompson,
mngr.: Chicago, Ill., tildet.
Brown Stock Co., Albert Brown, mgr.: Mil-
waukee. 'Wis., indef,
Buchanan. Lorrain Stock Co.: Battle Creek,
Mich., lnde!.
Burbank Stock Co.: Los Angeles, Cal., In-
Burgess, Earl, R. W. Alexander, mgr.: Ot-
tawa. Ont., Can., Indef.
Baker Stock Co.. Rochester, N. Y., Indef.
Baker Stock   Co., Geo. L. Baker, mgr.:
Portland. Ore., Indef.
Baldwin & Melville Stock Co., Walter S.
Baldwin. mer.: Dallas. Tex.. inde.
Barry & Burke Stock Co.: New Bedford.
Mass., indef.
Battle Cassino Stock Co., Fowler & Fisher,
mgrs.: Baton Rouge. La.. Indef.
Belasco Theater Stock Co.: Washington, D.
C.. lodef,
Bertha. the Sewine Machine Girl, A. TT.
TWoods. met.:   Elizaheth. N   .. 2 52-
Bavnne. ?6-29 Baltimore. Mtd.. 30-Oct. 9.
Bedford's Hone. Stair & Haylin. mgrs.: Mil-
waukee. Wis., 22-29: Chicago, Ill., 29-
Oct. 38.
Peoer A- Stanleys Co., TWalter McDonald.
wer.: Centralia.W Tash.,2  Stelacom, 24:
Sumner, 25; Kent, 26; Snohomish 27: Ar-
lington. 29: Sedrewooley. 30: Bellingham,
Oct. 1: Mr. Vernon, 2: Marysville, 3.
Bnker's   child. Harry   Shannon. mgr.:
Pola. Tnd.. 23: Mitchell. 24: Scottsburg.
25: N. Vernon. 26: Franklin. 27: Colum-
bun. 28: helbyville. 10; Brookville. Oct. 2.
Broadway After Dark, A. H. Woods. mgr.:
TWashington. 23-28; Baltimore, Md., 20-
Oct. 5.
Brown of Harvard. with Henry TWoodruff.
Sam  S. & Lee Shubert. Tnc.. ngrs.: La
Fayette, Ind., 23; Wabash, 24; Fort
Wayne, 25; Canton, 0., 28; Johnstoawn,
Pa., 27; Altoona, 28.
Burgess, Earl, Geo. V. Halliday, mgr.:
Shamokin, Pa., 23-28.
Burgess, Earl, C. G. Hilton, mgr.: Mt. Car.
met, Pa., 23-28.
Burgess, Earl, E. B. Wilson, mgr.: Mans.
field, Pa., 23-28.
Burgess, Earl, A. H. Graybill, mgr.: Au-
burn, N. Y., 23-29.
Boys of Company B, Daniel Frohman, mgr.:
Washington, D. C., 23-28.
Bonnie Brier Bush, Shipman & Colvin, ngrs.:
Halifax, N. S., Can., 23-28.
Brown, Kirk, J. T. Macauley, mgr.: North
Adams, Mass., 23-28.
Bondman, with Wilton Lackaye, Win. A
Brady, mgr.:    Springfield, Ill., 23; De-
catur, 24; Evansville, Ind., 25; Lexing.
ton, Ky., 26; Knoxville, 27; Chattanooga,
Before and After, with Leo Ditrichstein,
Wagenhals    &  Kemper, mgrs.:     South
Bend, Ind., 23; Rockford. Ill., 24; Janes.
ville, Wis., 25; Minneapolis, Minn.. 26-28.
Boy Detective, with Harry Clay Blaney
Chas. E. Blaney, mgr.: Cleveland, 0.,it-
Burglar and the Lady, with James J. Cor-
bett, Mittenthal Bros.' Amusement Co.,
mgrs.: Providence, R. I., 23-28.
Brewster's Millions, Cohan & Harris, mgr.;
Kansas City, Mo., 23-28.
CHINATOWN       CHARLIE. A. It. Woods,
mgr.:   East  St.  Louis,  III..  22-24: So.
Chicago, 26-28; Dayton, 0., Oct. 1-2.
Cole & Johnson: New York City, Indef.
Central Stock   Co.:  San  Francisco, Cal.,
Aug. 26. indef.
Classmates, with Robert Edeson. Henry B.
Harris, mgr.: New York City, Aug. 29,
College Stock Co.: Chicago, Ill., Aug. 27,
Columbia Stock Co.: Spokane, Wash., Aug.
27, Indef.
Colonial Stock  Co., Frank   Bacon. mgr.:
San Francisco, Cal., indef.
Cleveland, Harry B., Stock Co.: North Ta-
klima. Wash., Indef.
Clarendon, Hal., Stock Co.: Berzen Beach,
N. Y., Indef.
Chutes Theater & Bishop Stock Co., Green-
baum, mgr.: San Francisco, Cal., indef.
Chorus Lady, Harry B. Harris, mgr.: Chi-
cago, Ill., indef.
Castle Square Stock Co.: Boston, Mass., in-
Casino Stack Co.: Toledo, 0., indef.
Craig, John, Stock Co., John Craig, mgr.:
Boston, Mass., Indef.
Curtiss Comedy Co., James Walter, mgr.:
Aberdeen, S. D., indef.
Chase-Lister  Co.   (Northern), Glenn F
Chase, mgr.: Opera House. Atlantic. Ia.,
23-29; Grand, York. Neb.. 30-Oct. 2.
Chappell-Winterhoff Stock Co., Harry Chan-
p-ll, mgr.: Block, Webb City, IN. 23-29,
Carthage, Mo.. 30-Oct. 5.
Cat and the Fiddle. Lincoln J. Carter's: Ds
Moines, Ia., 22-25: Omaha, Neb, 26-28:
St. Joe, Mo., 29-Oct. 2.
Clay Baker, Marry   ye,   nr.: Elgin. Ill.
23k Aurora, 24: JoCiet, 22: Peoria. 26-21.
Cook Stock, 'Wallace B, Cutter, mngr.: Ev-
ansville, Ind., 23-28,
Copeland Bros., The:   Caney, Kan., 23-29:
Chetopa, 30-Oct. 5.
Convict 809, A. H. Woods, mgr.: Wilkes-
barre, Pa.. 23-25; Scranton, 26-2S; Bay-
onne, 20-Oct. 2.
Countyu Chairman, The:    Bozeman, Moot.
22: Butte, 24-25: Great Falls, 28: Helena.
27: Missoula, 28: Snokane. Wash., 29-39.
Cutter Stock Co., Wallace B. Cutter mgr.:
McConnellsville, 0., 23-29; Hicksville, 30-
Oct. 5.
Coast Guards, 3. L. T1empest, mezr.: Baon
vilte, N. r., 26: DolgvIlte, 27; Newark,
28; Mt. Morris, 30.
County Sheriff, 0. E. TWee mgr.: Frank-
tin, N. H., 23: Concord, 24; Nashua, 2t:
Shelburne Falls. Mass., 26; Pittsfield, 27;
Hoosick Falls, N. Y., 28.
Cook, Carl W., Stock Co., Carl W. Cook,
mgr.: Parkersburg. W. Va., 22-28.
Checkers. John Timony, mgr.:    Hammand,
Ind, 22: Fond do Lac, Win., 2: Onhkh.
24: Eau Claire, 2; Superior, 26; Duluth,
Miss,, 27-28.
Cowboy Girt, Kilroy &4 Britton's: G. ER
'Whie, mgr.:  Chicago, 211., 22-Oct. 1.
Child of the Regiment, with Vivian Pres-
cott and Walter Winon, Chai. l. Disney,
mgr.:   Brooklyn. N. Y., 231-28.
College Widow   (Western), Henry      Sav-
age, mgr.: Indianapolis. nd., 22-24: Mn-
non, 0.S 29; Columbus, 26; Sanduky, 23:
Toledo. 28.
College Widow (Southern), Henry W. Sac-
age, mgr.:  Albany. N. Y., 22: Shenec-
tady, 24: Tray. 21: Toughkepsie, 28:
Peeksklll. 27:  evburg. 28,
Chorus Girt's Luck in New York. A. 
Woods, mgr.: New York City, 2-2
Chorus Lady, with Rose Stahl, Heoor, B3.
Harris, mgr.: 5ivanksto. Minn. 21: Ion
Falls, S. t., 24:Sioux City, a., 21
Omaha, Neb., 26-28.
Conrad Stock   Co., At. n.   Block. mgr.:
Coateville, Pa.. 21-25.
Country   Kid   H.  B.  Whitaker. mgr.:
Marnhfield, Win., 22: Thorp, 24: ChiPe-
a-a Falls, 2: Hudson, 26 Cumberas,
27: Hayward. 28.
Choir Singer (Western). A. H'. Bacn, l:
Jamestown, N. u. 23: Glendiy-, Most.24:
Big Timber, 25 Livingston, 26: ioea
27: Butte 28.
Clarke. CretonF Jules Murry. mer.: Bar-
lington. V. 23; BRutland. 24; Tratlepoo,
2S-26a Holyoke, Mass., 27.
Caught in the Rain. with Willio Cllier.
Chas. Frobman, mgr.: Boston, RnsG., 16-
Oct. 2.
Cow-Puncher W. F. Mann's PenicolI: Same
S. Lloyd.* mgr.: Ga leshurg. Ill. M2as-
mro uth. 24: Blurlington. Ts., 25,: OoflscY.
Ill.. 26: Carthage, 27: Warsaw.2.
Co-Puncher, W. F. Mann's Western: gls
Percival, mgr.: Great Falls, Mtost., 22:
Helena, 24: Anaconda, 22:; Missoula, 27:
Coeur d'Alene, 28.
mgnr.:  Waco. Tex., 23; Ciehurn, 14:
Stephenvyille, 25: Broe'nwood. 26: Temple
27: San Marcos, 28: San Antonio, St0
De xorest Comedy Co., Robert Demaresi,
Aggrn: Rome, Ga., Idef.
Daid Carson, Harry Doel Parker, mgrr.:
Louisville, Ky.. 21-28; Columbus, 1), 20-
Oc)t. 2.
un 7:

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