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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Page 26

September 28, 1907,
ADAIR, Art:     En route with the Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Abbott, Mollie:  Cosmopolitan, Jamestown
Exp., Norfolk, Va, indef.
Adams, E. Kirk & Co.: Auditorium, Nor-
folk,, Va.,  indef.
Ampler: En route with Miss N. Y. Jr. Co.
Arnold, Capt.: Fair Park, Dallas, Tex.. in-
Auger, Capt. Geo. & Co.: En route with
the Barnum & Bailey Show.
Artists, Le:  En   route with  Cole Bros.
krthurs. Kitty:  Flood's Park, Baltimore,
Md.,' indef.
Ardells, The:  Es. route with the    Fore-
paugh-Selis Bros. Show.
Arari s Trio: En route with the Ringling
Bros. Show.
Altns, The Five: En route with the Par-
ker Shows.
Alfreds & Cerita: En route with the Sells
Floto Show.
Aldo & Vannerson: Gran Circo Bell, Mex-
lco, Aug. 5 to Oct. 26.
Alberto:  En route with the    Forepaugh-
Sells Showv.
Alabama Four: North Beach, L. I., indef.
Attams & Mack:    (0. H.) Old    Orchard,
Me. Indef.
Allen, Edw. S.: En route with the Flam-
Ing Arrow Co.
Adler, Lou:   En route with the Isle of
Alve The Three: En route with the Ha-
genbeck-Wallace Show.
Ahearn, Chas.: New Gayety, Pittsburg, Pa.,
23-29; Columbus, Ohio, 30-6.
Arlington Four: Orpheum, Sioux City, Ia.,
22-28 ; St. Paul, Minn., 29-6.
Alvaretta Trio: uEmpire, Des Moines, Ia.,
Adelmann Trio: Hlamberg, Germany, 5-30.
Autrey   &  Lewis:  Lowell, Mass., 23-29;
Staldin, 30-6.
Adair, Helen: Lyric, Sioux City, Ia., 22-23;
Orpheuno, St. Paul, Mina., 29-6.
Andersong, The Four:     Empire, Marshall,
Tex. 23-29.
Atplely, E. J.: Orpheum, Sioux City, Ia.,
All, George: Colonial, New York City, 23-
Allen,  Josie:  Sodini's,  Clinton.  ta.,  23 28.
Alexander &   Scott:  Bennett's, Hamilton
Oat.,  23-28.
Apdale's Animals: Poli's, Springfield, Mass.
Alton 'Trio: Vandette, Connersville, Ind.,
Aldra ch, Blanche: Family, Erie, Pa., 23-
2  .
Ace", Three: Howard, Huntington, W. Va.,
American Dancers, Six: Hathaway's, New
Bedford , Mass., 23-28.
Abel, George. &    Co.:  Poll's, Worcester,
Mass.. 22-28.
Al ea, Cias.:     Gayety, Pittsburg, Pa.,
Astrellas, The, & Albert Warner: Cook's
0. H., Rochester, N. Y., 23-28.
All'a, Miss: Haymarket, Chicago, Ill.. 2--
Anderson   &   Goines:   Temple,   Detroit,
Am ricus Comedy Four: Bennett's, Otta-
Nva, Can., 23-28.
Alsace & Lorraine: Poli's, Scranton, Pa.,
Alvora, The Great: Gayety, Pittsburg, Pa.,
23-28. o
Abdallah Bros.: Olympic, Chicago, Ill., 23-
Adelyn: Majestic, Birmingham, Ala., 23-
Anderson, Grace Louise: New Kensington,
Pa., 23-28.
Austins, The Tossing: Nimes, France, 20-
Abram & Johns: Empire, Patterson, N. J.,
- 2-29.
Allison, Mr. and Mrs.: Bennett's, Hamil-
ton, Ont., 23-28.
BICKETT FAMILY:        Boonville. Ind., In-
Bijou Trio: En route with Watson's Bur-
B sser, Walter   H.:   Orphia,   Madison,
Wis., Indef -
Burson, Arthur:   En route with the Cos-
inopolita n Carnival Co.
Brown, Harris & Brown: Riverside, R. I.,
Brothers Silverlake: En route with Gay's
Bradlee. Martin &   Co.:  Actors' Society,
154 W. 40th, N. T. City.
Bickel & Watson: New York theater, Jar-
din de Paris, New York, Indef.
Blake Nena: La Salle, Chicago, Ill., in-
Bradley &   Davis:  Sullivan &   Considine
Circuit, indef.
Buxton, Chas. C.: Crystal, Menosha, Wis.,
Burkhart, G.:   En route with Cole Bros.
Benzetta, Bernard:   En route   with   the
Barnum   & Bailey Show.
Beauties, Eight English: En route with Al
Reeves Show.
Bates, Geo.:  En route with    Barnum   &
Bailey Show.
Brown, George: En route with the Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
Burton &   Brookes:   Fair Haven, N. J.,
Blamphin & Hehr: Star, Atlanta, Ga., in-
Blue, Chas:   En route with the Wonder-
land Show.
Bancroft, The Great: Globe. Chicago, In-
Barrett & Belle: En route with the New
Century Girls.
Bohannon &    Corey:  En route with the
New Century Girls.
Brennan & Riggs: En route with the New
Century Girls.
Bruces, The:   En route with   Cole Bros.
Budworth & Wells:     White   Bear   Lake,
Minn., Indef.
Brooks & Vedder: Empire, San Francisco,
Bradna, Ella & Fred Derrick:     En route
witi the Barnum & Bailey Show.
Bichard, Paul: En route with the Ha-
genbeck-Wallace Show.
Boy   B3ros.: En route with the Sun Bros.
Brown Bros. &    Doc   Keeley:  En   route
Wcith the Rindling Bros. Show.
Broadway Q    artetteo Madison     Square
Roof, N. Y. indef.
Binney & Chapman. Garden Theater. Mem-
phis, Tenn., indef.
Baggessens, The:     Svendbork, Denmark,
June 1 to Sept. 20.
Blair & McNally:    Gem, Missoula, Mont.,
Bedinis Family: En route with the Ring-
ling Bros. Show.
Bayrooty Bros.: En route with the Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
Barnes & Edwins: Oak Park, Sacramento,
Cal., indef.
Burke, John P.: Flood's Park, Baltimore,
Md., indef.
Belfords, 'dhe Eight: En route with the
Ringling Bros. Show.
Borcini Family: En route with the Fore-
paugh-Sells Show.
Branchard, Paul:    En route   Hagenbeck-
Wallace Show.
Barrett, Geo. A.: En route with Rose Sy-
dell's London Belles Co.
ant, Edith:    Ein route with Bryant's
E xtravaganza Co.
Black, John: En route with Bryant's Ex-
travaganza Co.
Beattie,  The  Juggling:   Star, Muncie,
tad.. 2:,-:'9; Orpiteuni L~ima, 0., 30-7.
Banta, Bros.:   Auditorium, Kansas Citye,
Mo., 29-5.
Banks &    Newton: Utica, N. Y., 2"-20;
Bennett's, Hamilton, Can., 30-6.
Bernice and Her Mascot: Bijou, Dubuque,
Ia., 23-29.
Beecher & Maye: Howard, Boston, Mss,,
.32;Austin & Stone's, Boston, 30-C.
Beyer & Johnson: Fair, Mansfield, Uhin,
Barry & Wolford: Salt Lake City, Utah,
Braliams, The: Unique, Minneapolis, Minn.,
Bissonnette & Newman: Kansas City, Mo.,
3-Oct. 6.
B,Oer., Walters &    Crookes:   Orpheum,
Minneapolis,  Minn.,   23-.5;  urphouni,
Sioux City, Ia., 30-6.
Budd & Wayne: Family, Rock Island, Ill.,
23-29; Lyric, Terre Haute, Ind., 30-6.
Bush   &   Elliott:  Unique' 'Minneapolis.
Minn., 23- 1; Grand, Fargo, N. D., 30-6.
Burton &     ass: Ltyric, Muskogee,  . I.'
132S  yric, Ft. Worth, 'Tex., 39-
Burt, Glennt Crawfod, Topeka, Kan., 23-
2   oelty, Jotplin, Mo., 30-7.
Bainars a ,.: State   Fair, Hot Springs,
Bicycle Bill: Grand, Madison. Wis., 23."''
Blunt,  Iondoe:    Bijou,  Apptletoni,  Wiis.
Breton, Hariy & Gertrude: Fair, Spokane,
W a sh. Sepot. "1Oct. 5.
Buclls, Sle   tusial: Joplin, Mo., 22- S.
Burg ne, -1arr:   Auditorium, Nowich,
Brindaniour:  Wigwam',    San   Fiancisco,
C~al., 23-28.
Biou ('onedy Trio: Standard, St. Louis,
Mo.    ' -8 .
Burn ,UMtri   &  Co.; Lyric, Salt Lake
Cits, utali,-   8
Bites & Nesile   Mansfield, 0., 23-.S
soonig, Atu r:Malytpic, Seuth 23-   end,
Ind   3-28
Bennettis,  Ned:  Pantage's, Bellingham,
Wash., 3-28
Bradley & Davis: Bell, Oakland, Cal., 23-
Ball & Zell: Gayety, Galesburg, Ill., 23-28.
Eorde yr., Cl. Gaston:    Couibia. St.
Loauis, Mo., 22-28.
Bruittes, -'he Cycling:   0. II., Lowell,
Blass., 3-8
Barry. Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy: Oiplieui, San
Francioco, Cal., 15-28.
Byora & Herman: Keeney's, Brooklyn, N.
y. 23-28.
Binglam & Gable: Lyric, Main St., Peoria,
Ill., 23-28.
Blondell &  Miller: Crystal, Chicago, Ill.,
Buckles, The. Joplin, Mo., 22-28.
Bet ios, She Two: Idea, Fond      do  Lac.
Vio, 23-29.
B ukes, The: New Castle, Pa., 23-2S.
Bartitaldio   Coecatoos:  Orplocuos.  San
Fratocisco, Cal., 23-28.
Bergere, Valerie, & Co.: Proctor's 23d St.,
News York City, 23"8
Boheoior Trio:    Monumental, Baltimore,
Md. 2328.
Bod, V3once: Majestic, St. Paul, Minn.,
Batchelor & Buskirk: Family, Carbondale.
Pa., 23-28.
Berry &   Berry: Orpheum, San Francisco,
Cal., 22, Oct. 5.
Baker, Peter F.: Lyric, Sioux City, Ia., 22-
Barnes, Paul:    Orpheum, San    Francisco,
Cal., 15-2S.
Byron & Langdon: Novelty, Brooklyn, N.
Y.,  23-28.
Bartlemoes, The:  Empire, Los    Angeles,
Cal.,  23-28.
Brown & Wilmot: Lyric, Danville, Ill., 23-
Bedini, Donat, & Dogs: Hathaway's, Lynn,
Mass., 23-28.
Bl-ssing, Mr. & Mrs.:    Gem, Minneapolis,
Minn., 22-28.
Bartell & Garfield: Bijou, Bismarck, N. D.,
Black & Jones: Hathaway's, Malden, Mass.,
Bradshaw. Chas., & Co.: Majestic, Chicago,
Ill., 23-2S.
Bell, Crystal: Lyric, Springfield, Mo., 19-
Belleclaire Bros.: Orpheum, San Francisco,
Cal., 23-Oct. 5.
Baldivins. The Flying: Street Fair, Green-
field, Ind., 23-28.
Beatti's, The  Juggling:   Lakeside  Park,
Dayton, 0., 23-2S.
Bertram, Helen: Cook's 0. H., Rochester,
N. Y., 23-29.
Barton Eros.: Monumental, Baltimore, Md.,
1Banks &   etn       hbr.I tona. NX    Y..
Bask ,et  Billie:  litclill,  S.  1).,  2:1-2,.
lBrownie Troupe: Fair, Unity. Mce., 2-28.
BtUseh Family:  Lyric, Excelsior Springs,
Berrar t   he Great: Orpheum, Kansas City,
Bartling, Anna: Orpheum, St. Paul, Minn.,
Benton Elwood Deane: . Orpheum, Turtle
Creek, Pa., 23-2S.
Bison Cits Quartette: En route nith the
. ialto Rounders Co.
Bowen & Lina: En route with the Sam
Scribner Big Show.
Boyce, Jack:   En route with the Troca-
der Bil'F squers.
Bam    rlad: En route with the Miner's
Buirke, FretS: E~i route with thoe Mtiner's
Beloler: En route with floe Miner's Dream-
Blanciard Bros.: En route with the Sam
Dever Shovw.
CHESTER, CHAS.:       En route with the
Hagenoeck-AWallace Shea'.
Carroll, Nettie: En route with the Fore-
paugh-Sells Bros. Shoon.
Clilferds. The:  En route   with   Gollinar
Bros. Shows.
Cole, George:  En route with the Barnum
& Halley Shoon.
Coles, The Musical: En route with Emer-
son's Floating Palace.
Clark Bros.:  En route with the Itingling
Bros. Show.
Chandler, Anna: En route with the City
Sports Co.
Contolly & Klein: En route with the Em-
pire Burlesquers.
Cooper, Harry K.: En route with the Fay
Footer Co
Curley, Pete: En route with the Behman
Carson Brothers: En route with the Beh-
man Show.
Claus &   Radcliffe:  En route   with  the
Trocadero Burlesquers.
Conn &   Conrad:   Moss & Stoll, Tour of
England, Aug. 12 to March 13.
Carroll & Eller:  En route with the Fay
Foster Co.
Cozad, Belle & Earle:    East Lake Park,
Birmingham, Ala., indef.
Cassady, Eddie: Steel Pier. Atlantic City,
N. J., May 27 to Sept. 30.
Carlo's Dogs: En route with the Ringling
Bros. Show.
Corellis, The Three:   En route with the
Forepaugh-Sells Show.
Clinton, Chris:  Half Dime Theater, Jer-
sey City, N. J., indef.
Collins & Hart: Hammerstin's, New York
City, Indef.
Clark Bros.:   En route with the Hagen-
heck-Wallace Show.
Callahan, Jas. T.:   Wonderland, Revere,
Mass., Indef.
Carmen, La Troupe: En route with Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
Carlosa & Silverton:   En route with the
F. A. Robbins Show.
Cook, Frank:    Austin &   Stone's. Boston,
Mass., Indef.
Cssito  &  Cassily:  Crystal Park, Joplin
So.I     Iie a:  N. Y. Roof, New     Yo
Cit',  indef.
Carter Sisters: La Fayette, Buffalo, N. Y.,
Collins, Eddie: Oshokosh, Wis., indef.
Cusoman & St. Clair:    En route with Toy-
land No0. 1.
Cloabers, Kirk: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wallace Show.
Chester, Chas.:   Hagenbeck-Wallace Show.
Castang, Ruben:     En route with Hagen-
beck-NWallace Show.
Clemons, Kittie:   En route with Rose Sy-
dell London Co.
Camblell &   Mack:    En route with Rose
Sydell London Belles Co.
Cameron & Toledo:      En route with The
Gteat Santelle Ce,
Coccia & Amato:    En route with the Ken-
tucky Belles Co.
Coltons, The:   En route with the Chain-
Itilgn Girs.
Cross, Luella:   En route with    the Great
Raynond Ce.
Colluobine Trio: En route with the Great
Raymond Co.
Caapell &   Brady:    Orpheum, New    Or-
leans. La., 22-28.
Carti-s, 'T1e:   Casino, Washington, Pa.
Caldera, A. K.: Wasson's, Joplin, Mo., 23-
Casey & Craney: Orpheum, Kansas City,
So., 22-28; Orphouo, New    Orleans, La..
Cheviel, Emile:    Family, Scranton,. Pa.,
23-29; Liberty. Pittsburg, Pa.. 20-6.
Carroll. Joe: Cijou, Racite, Wis., 23-29;
Haym arket, Chicago, Ill., 20-6.
Cunningham,    Bob    &   Daisy:   Orpheum,
Portsmouth, 0., 23-29.
Clarke & Temple: Majestic, Topeka, Kan.,
22-29: Wasson, Joplin, Ste., 30-C.
Cook, Joe. & Bro.: Armory. Bingamston),
N. Y., 23-29; Bennett's, Hamilton, Ont.,
Cooke & Rothert: Lyric, Lincoln, Neb.. 23-
29; Orpheum, Kansas City Mo., 30-6.
Clay & West: Family, Tiptot, Ind.. 33-25;
Manitou, Rochester, 26-28;     Star, L-b-
anon, 30-2.
Colonial Four:    Poli's, Bridgeport, Coon.,
Sept. 23-20;   Poli's, Springfield. Mlass.,
30-Oct. 5.
Crawford & Allen: Dixie, Delphi, Ind., 23-
Cotton, Lola:    Proctor's 5rSth   St., New
York City, 23-28.
Clarence   Sisters:  Keith's,  Philadelphia,
Pa., 23-28.
Carter, Taylor &   Co.: Colonial, Lawrence,
Mass., 23-28.
Crickets, The:    Orpoeum, San   Francisco,
Cal., 16-28.
Cretos, The:   Fair:   Northwood, Ia., 23-
Cook & Clinton: Bijou, Lincoln, Neb., 23-
Cressy & Dayne: Victoria, New York City,
Carson & Willard: Keith's, Cleveland, 0.,
Connelly, Edward: Orpheum, Brooklyn, N.
Y., 23-28.
MAJESTIC THEATER flllllT        lh                .
Important Notice
to Artists
Department C       Now booking time for coming season.
Sixty weeks in middle west. Definite
and courteous replies to all inquiries.
DepartmentD Artists booked in the fairs, parks and
chautauquas, controlled by this office,
are requested to write in, as it is possible furthertime can be
Department E Park managers desirous of securing
bands for next season should communi-
cate at once. Bands are requested to communicate with
this department.
Department F All the best clubs and social organiza-
tions in Chicago,Milwaukee and St.Louis
secure professional talent through this office. Artists are
requested to advise exact weeks they expect to lay oi' in

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