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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Correspondence [continued],   p. 38

Page 38

September 21, 1907.
AND                                      LM
It    e   an    an unlimited supply from which you can draw your service
ItA      e      newer and betterer rvice than our competitors can offer for
It &uians your orders will be filled the same day they are receive
until they come in, etc.
Success in buying means success in renting and selling. If you deal with
experience in this line.
You are particular-we know it; WE DON'T BLAME YOU. We ar
accounts for our being the Leading Film Exchange today.
When we recEive shoddy films, WE SHIP THEM BACK to the manufactur
some of the other fellows who are not so particular. That is why th
k7j10I~esult: First shipment is very good; second shipment NOT
ROTTEN. You begin to wonder why your PATRONAGE IS FALL
your mistake. Back goes the films that were offered at such a tatte
BUSINESS; You cannot expect something for nothing.
What vou are after is PIRO     ITSaren't you ? Now do a little fig
1TeI                   ve thSt       e   pieo      the people of your
Use our service and relieve them of their surplus mazuma. Write toda
-- XeKti~~t
anythn  nl ar   r  i r 1,
d. You will not hae to wait
us you share with us our ripe
e that way ourselves. That
er and let them shove them on
ey can offer them so low. IF
SO GOOD; third shipment
ING OFF. Then you realize
ring price. GET DOWN TO
uring. Isn't it wiser to get the
CES ? What's your answer ?
community have the money.
ay. We'll tell you all aoutit.
K.   Others to Follow
Taiming Mlachnes and Records or Every Description
Largest Assortment of Opera Chairs in the World
O  9PATHE'S        LIFE OF CHRIST,'  A Handsome Hand Colored Subject, 3,114 Feet Long, on 4 11  Rented Reasona!  ; Try it.
C,            -'
00,1s and Anna THImilton & Co. In Th
11    d1 Pa rk.-1Polite vauoville was the
t ra( ,t on d the  past w ek1   the  bill  incl-ho
jre 1'e  .asand Danieistn Lelie d ams Ind
Ed.  I  m<1  8  fa 1-il-A of  lritn 0  Md es t
Bijou  1)1,111 I- re  s llottlitg1  sIIirno I Tile
out at Dollar1 amll Bathing Under Difficulty.
-Hl E I- M,111 ZlElMAN.
SPIRINlFIEID, S. 1t.4-Tie Fairbanks
l ' 1 inont  S i li ate)  -  1, 11 0 and  I')
Frtiz 1  Aiit on  I -(mnry's Parsifl.
-Sept. 13 an  1 14. Thorns and   Orange
131,   N i  good Iiuines.
SIn11  Gr,10  Park Casino (C. F. Pow-
11,mar. T1a't wverk of season. Mr. and
Mrs. Jack   ord0on, Ramsey Sisters, Dare-
de0il Gro'',J. ('. Pope and Dog  nio.
T    0the Orphiuln (Gus Stil. prop.).- The
10,itnilliitont  Co.,  F.  1.  Cooper   Onlden  &
nand    Ti-on-   &  Kit  'lment. assisted  I fill-
ing te bill o` far for this week to pocke1
Sine our ree nt mention in the onlinl
of 'I'lE 8111 TWORLD to the effect that
this vito- afforded a gool held for imtooing
3 ictur,-  ho, two 1ew  i,Ing  picture,
11t1at-cs are to ho oned here just as soon
of thov 0an Ie made ready.-V. E. GOOD-
11ARTFORD:  , );sept.  14.-Parson',  Theater
1il.   l.  I rsn,  mnanagr- l.-- la  &  Er-
;lnge r.  advalc '41  vaulldoville;  fine  busine'ss
HunIt.  9 -10.  Wri ght,  To ori  in  Qui-ksmals.
Har1tford  Georn  T ,nus  (.IT.  C.  Genning,,
11-1 ager1.Nin- 10 11n1d 11 (0ay Nw York.
Moin   111g pict,  011a1 songs evry Sunday
o I The-ater----andovill-:  JTohn  T.
ll  &"    Co.  Willt  Pantzer  1nd  troupe.
W)ITitt T1ulrns and Torrence, Howard and
looath (,  lNilff  Br-..  E klioff  and  Cnrdon
Alb ru   and 1its    m1oving  pictures.
Th   oi.-NTn1 Iving pi ture  and songs.-
M   11I)TON111   Siot.  14-Miiddl-sex
I - 1 --',  mlanagor).-Geroe IT.  onhan
i' ift -Mil-s frnm Rtostno. Sit. 11: The
(Il-ro 1 r11 d, 12; The  Cnllge  'Widow. 10.
-iokel (HBullnck & Davis, mniagers).-
Mloving vieturos and songs. Ed. O. Boyle.
'1e ningIlill  If ite Elks' nOw hone was
ai  gran    I '.sn-t- .  \iiing  Elko  frot  all
1100r N01, I IEnlal tod -Ire present. AMnners
nogol  k1indl  ave  the l ,   of  the  Middle-
six for t10 ,1aing.
T,.  L , 7thvidson  of  this  eity  joined  the
Br!wnII frI  Mxi's Ini ('mpany  last  wt-k.
Ed. Kin sland   ,If this  city, who  has  1.-il
Iunning a tent sh0to   at the Jam..1estown
)nir 1has gione onl a tour sout 1.-CIARA
S\ , 1 I   iIS,  Sepg.  I   s  hatleI-lr
Flo"tr    1f the Ranch, Sept. 20; 1,-sid0
minstrels   $110t.  23:  Yon  Yon1n011.  Sept.  26.
Pr-pects ne0er better for at Prosperous sea-
1   tarry M. Hicks toill hIave the orchestra
II 01,1llhi1 It lte lit1,11".
li rTilind par 1 cMlo d last we~ek.-G. O.
TOPEKA, Sept. 1.-The r-gular theatri-
eal season oIened here last Frilav nighit
0w11en thI ,  hree of Us toas priduced a,
the (lranld Opera Houses. The )"ankee Re-
gent pleased good audiences S0pt. 8; Sept.
9-10  DaIl (orson; 11, Mist POcalontas
Opera  Co.;:  1 2-11 3, illie  Kersand's  MTin i
tol-It 14, Trust Buster,.
MtajeOtil-Th   h,ill this wol-k is of ii-
usual interest, presenting  Unmo, M avou
Julitt, Tops and Tops . Bernice and her
imusint, 1hnndv and xil.zon, Frances 1o0t
SCo.. Maljeticope .
I'llm 1   pii-The  now  ten-c nt vaudville
house whbli opened Nyesterday was pncked
to IT Inors for ecvy perfolilrmnl...lec.Pre-
11ding She, Malall's Hand playl1
It n fron1t of the new theatir. The prograill
is excellent.
Airliome-Shermian Stock Co. to good bu1s-
Vinewood Park ( did] good husiness 1 tis
w\1,oh  althoili the  coolI tweather  los-
sfn  l  th,  attendane,  somewhat.  This  is
the' last week of` the season.
The IIIalin " picture hiouses continue to
Io the un-al good business for this Class
of( amusemnto.
The Barnum.. and Thiley Circu, is sched-
uld for N e. 1. JOHN S''OTTS-.
lll .  S pt.  11.  M Aajestic  (John  L.  (,il-
011imr) - lancho WYalsh in The Straight
lf d80li         111ited   a  large  aullience:  9,  13
fnre  mulI  After,  with  Len,  Ditrichstein;  I2 -.
The11 Alaskan; 1 3 and 1 1. Bouster Brown: I
17,  l  II.  xxilson,  ill  Mortz  of  t ,  A ls:
18 Florence Gir. in At Vaistar; 1.    ,',.
I1  1 Jud oe.  in, -A Ma cho th 1,: n1.  The  Ginager "-
irN  MIan; 21, 3arah Truax, in The Spid-
or'sT e .
Pairk Opera Unuse (John I,. Gilsoi, iigr.)
- -Chicago Stock Company closed a success-
ful lngagelent weck of 2 to 7: SIt. 9,
10  (1  11.  At  ('ripple  Creek:  12.  1:  and
14, The Ninety and1 Nine; 16, Murray &
Mnck, in. rnuertoireo
1'ii     '  -   ( V.  D.  Eichenlaub,  pro-
I pri lto l-I li   I n d lm   I ill,.   S  pt. ni  ,
si-r11  M&ii  midltra etyo o'
( ian:  M arian  \\',lls,  vocalist;  Dodson
lIa  Modeler and Sioke Fantasies;  1ov-1
ing pitures and illustrat IT  longs. Three
shows daily.-D. S. HANLEY
J'NOXVILLE, Sept. 14    If there is an-
thing in the play line that Knoxville likes
1Itti  thlanG   11otherfilt  is e  gool mqinstrel
Al.~o G. Fi ,Id 1illed every requr-nent
1i1 to performances Seplt. 6. 'Toe S. R3. 0.
sigit N1a diforlmane both afternoon atd een-
1n  h0ato," the oldest moving picture
place in this city, closed Saturday of last
wek oni account of expiration of lease oil
biln ding
1him.M AcNablt will open his skating rink
11 I Ting pictures wvill be a feature of
This week woe have MeFadden's Row of
Flats and Dovil's Auction.
18 K nntdy P'la-rs are at Staub'sweek
of Sept. 16.-TV. A. J. MOORE.
FORT WORTIT, Sept. 14.-AMiss Margaret
Neville in A Daughter of Judea, at Green-
wall, theater Sept. 7. Miss Neville. as an
nhiappy  ewislh maiden, displayed great
emotional power.
T'he Lyric has a bill this week composed
on  Eugene   Emmett. dialect   coiedian:
Three Hyolands, jugglers, singers, dancers;
('tll and Johnson, Tennie Redford in illus-
trated songs, 1nd the Lyricscope.
S-Floto circus had two crowded per-
foriance  here Labor Day.
Malestic theater opens about Oct. 5
11ith  hiaih-class  vaudeville.
The drawing card at Lake Coio last
-,k 1as Prof. Matt Cooper. who oalked
acros the lake on a tiglht woire.
Gi. V. Barnliat, mianaer of the Lyric.
has onoid a1 moving picture show called
tht Lrie Annex.
Ifter heing remodeled, the Empire, mov-
Itu  liltue  show,  opened  I-t  t,  -
11 ill J. Logan   as  manager. - F. D.
S'OKANE Sept. 12.-Salony Jane was
the first lig nroduction at the Spokan
theater this s0ason.  Tessie zett played
Saliay and 8wa8 supported by one of the
lu-ht halanc-d companies that has been
it-oil  in  Spokn, .  Bustiss  wa  good.  Isl
of Spite  will be  1ir  0-l:  Ezra  Kendall, 11-
1; Lttol, Johnny JTones, 13-14.
A   nl    tcoiedt is always enijyd by
Allditoriulm patirlons and His Absent 11oy,
as ilayd bIl  tIle Jessie Shirley Stock Co.,
wek of 5opt. 1. wtas enjo-ed by large
houses. (C F. Ralston received a rocep-
tion fromt his friends. Knobs o' Tennessee
I the    tet   hill.t
TeurisComedy Cnmpany are pleas-
ine  lIe-- uline  at  theo  Columnbia  In  Nat
I   1%I -wi  (, Inla I 1hen  WVe  Were Twenty-
()I,,   'l-  ka in Itrlts  are  11,11  tanol
],  I a,, e I  ! tiiarrtt  ani  Adelai
181>111 -N,xt hil1 'Tile Garabler from th,
1Vest, follotwed by The Heart of Atirylant.
1olite vaudeville and a    good  bill is
dratoing good crowds at the Wxashingtoin
It includes Merrell and Burns, singing anl
dantcing;  L   T. Johnson,    Nentriloquist:
George KalineGeriaT dialect; Artitt
Dun and Mlinnie Mlat Thoitthtoii, com(41%t
sketch; Hairy 1otter and Compally in i
Matrimonial Blizzard; AIf Bonner in
lu rate1 ,ongs and Ithe 3iogra.Au
arry    a    itt Inasogtor t iha Al i
Ioni0111. 11111 gill' to Seatile to alttind ho-
atrioal miantageria  as001.11 oit-E. AxEl.-
F IlDIONT,  S pt.  14    Giatd Opera
4-ous- i. E. 1'-ItIl  ingi).-oi.,-ied Selt.
Sw-eetoet Girl in Dixie, 11; John1 ' W.
gels  Miinstrel, 14.
}lijou (F. M. Murphy, mgr. 1  a dd 0
husines   good.
Theaton1um   (S. Al. Castatline, Mgr.
Moing pictures, fine businss.
II. A. 'hriety, of Morganti, Ii who OtIS
in the city the other night eln routet)
Jamestown states that lie otill iate dilt
inamit it gI1nt of both the Swisltr and th
GIrand  Opera  House at    treant opn
coming   season.  The Svi       oted I" to
Sept. 17.  The Grand twill be    ttoted
01101t 1110
a E. iloerodith left yestdaY for Phila-
d lphia and toill be in adovace of Niph
antd  Ziimnriliins I Sottl e  Sinti SimS
again the coming sea.-itk
11rp10 ress a en0ts hate >een 11101, Wii
this state recently. Major Burk ait rsii
tor11 Kody Hill callod on the 110wsapL.i I
ithe intrests of Biff anoBill -1 d  aftV
IToiekmian alnld Do, xxdde K le,
.ohi I   n osiitco', publlicit --FIRAN,- C.
1114EELING, Sept. - 4-oIt (F 1I Moon.
Mgr.)   Al 11. Tilson inl Metz in the Alps.
9_1 1.                               I rl~
Grand Opera House (Clhas 1l n'e.
Mg. )  J. A. Ilinwiileti s1,  Closed
Very su00etsful -aemnt ill      rorton
of  po "pular  Il   l          r .  A  (itz, -3
Nellie -e1nt Awtat. 11-14.
WAAIIling Park (Frank J. 1.       l
Vnud-ville p-rformnances luae    'an dral
in  fairlt  well,  but  the  o itoIIt'  of ia
theatrs has had it offort at tiis0 ote
Iteto  T   k   of. Molle Carrtimti" pr,1
and Rohloss and The Great T'rlar
TPijou  openIs  1f! with  al il"  an
Wolradtheater MHrrinsiwe
nee",   opens  for the  first    limi I  11 a
of advanced  audetillbut the progmi
il not announoedl yettus
Hijolu Dr)eal is gilinmoving ples
EIlttric Theatoriuit, moving pictros-
Manager Frank J. Balker of aheeli
Park, has severed his connecti~fl o s ta a
ger.  Gee. A. McLaughlin   ,,restl  sill
act balance of season.-VIILlIANLEY
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