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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Fair list,   pp. 36-37

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September 21, 1907.
A LC,,
ITk Fail
We Supply Streetmen
Fair Workers
Circus Men
Carnival People
Cane Rack and Knifeboard Men
Picnic Workers,
Doll Rack Men,
lish Pond Men and Schemers
Shooting Galleries
Medicine Criers and Venders
Preinium Givers
Merchants and
Mail Order Houses
220-222 Madison Street, Corner Franklin
Butler-Bates Co. Fair. 24-27. T. J. Day,
Cuba-Crawford Co. Fair. 24-27. W. H.
Johnson, secy.
Cape  Girardeau-Cape    Girardeau   Co.
Fair. 8-12. E. HT. Engelulain, secy.
Kennett-Dunklin Co. Fair. 16-19. R. H.
Jones, secy.
Kansas City-American Royal Fair. 14-
19. T. J. Wornall, secy.
Kansas City-Interstate Fair & Exposi-
tien. 23-Oct. 6. J. S. Berger, gen. mgr.
Sedalia-Missouri State Fair. 5-11. J. R.
Rippey, secy.
Anaconda-Deer Lodge Co. Fair. 25-28.
M. Martin, secy.
Great Falls-Northern Montana Fair. 23-
28. Allan Pierse, secy.
lelena-Montana State Fair. 30-Oct. 5.
John W. Pace, secy.
Ainsworth-Brown Co. Fair.     25-27. C.
W. Potter, secy.
Beatrice-23-27.  L. W. Colby, secy.
Chambers-Holt Co Fair. 24-27. E. R.
Porter, secy.
Clay Center-Clay Co. Fair. 24-27. H.
A. Swanson, secy.
Gering-Scott's Bluffs Co. Fair.   25-27.
A. B. Wood, secy.
lartington-Hartington Fair. 25-27. F.
. Goeden, secy.
Ofadison-MladisonCCo. Fair. 24-27.    L.
Rynearson. secy.
Omaha-Douglas Co. Fair. 26-Oct. 5. G.
W. Hervey, secy.
Osceola-Polk Co. Fair.    24-26.  G. T.
Ray, secy.
Wahoo-Saunders Co. Fair. 25-27. 0. M.
Tharp, secy.
Beaver City-Furnas Co. Fair. 1-4. W.
C. F. Lumley, secy.
Stanton-Stanton Co. Fair. 1-4. R. F.
Kitterman, secy.
Rochester-Rochester Fair. 24-27. Chas.
M. Dailey, secy.
Il. Holly-Burlingtin Co. Fair. 24-26,
Trenton-Tinetr-State Fair. 10-Oct. 5.lxM.
H. Margerum, secy.
Albuquerque-New Mexico Annual Fair.
23-27. P. F. McCanna, gen. mgr.
East Las Vegas-Northern New Mexico
Fair. 29. Geo. A. Fleming, secy.
Albuuerque-Territorial Fair. 7-12. Roy
A. Stamm, secy.
Afton-Afton Driving Park Fair. 24-27.
L.WN~. Seely, secy.
Bath-Steuben Co. Fair. 24-27. Chas. A.
Shuts, secy.
Cobleskill.Cobleskill Fair. 23-26.    S.
IH. Van Ness, secy.
Cooperstown-Otsego   Co. Fair.    24-26.
Orange L. Van Horn. secy.
Ithaca-Tompkins Co. Fair. 24-27. F. R.
Benton, secy.
Mfineola-Mineola Fair. 24-28. Lott Van
de Water. secy.
Ne York-American Institute of New
York City. 24-26; Nov. 6-8.     Robert
A. B. Dayton, secy., 15 William street,
New York City.
Odensburg-Ogdensburg   Fair.    24-27.
Louis C. Nash, secy.
PolLrq..Palmyra  Union   Fair.   26-28.
JohnIt. Walton. secy.
Perry-Silver Lake Fair. 23-25. S. W.
Hart. secy.
Richfield Springs-Richfield Springs Agri.
Fair. 30-Oct. 2.  0. A. Chamberlin,
Rome-Onelda Co. Fair. 23-27. G. W.
Jones, secy., Stittville.
Binghamton-Binghamton Fair. 1-4. H.
S. Martin, secy.
Carmichaels-Green Co. Fair. 24-27. Geo.
L. Hathaway, secy.
Carlisle-Cumberland Agr'I Assn. 24-27.
Dayton-Dayton Agrl. & Mcl. Fair. 24-
27. C. W. Cochran. secy.
1lartford-Hartford Agri. Fair. 25-26. H.
S. Estabropk, secy.
Kutztown-Kutztown Fair. 24-27. C. J.
Rhode, secy.
Gehighton-Llehighton Faio. 24-27. A. F.
Greenawalt. secy.
Lewisburg-Union Co. Fair.    24-27. C.
D. Wolfe, secy., Bucknell.
Madisonville-Lackawanna Co. Fair. 25-
0ansfield-Smyth Park Fair. 24-27. J.
A. EllIiott, secy.
Meyersdale-Meyersdale Fair. 25-28. G.
E. Bishop, secy.
Oxford-Oxford Fair. 25-27. T. F. Grier,
Stoneboro-Stoneboro Fair. 24-26. C. B.
Himes, secy.
Towanda-Bradford Co. Fair. 24-27. S.
Bergen Park, secy.
Bedford-Bedford Co. Fair. 1-3. Win.
B. Eicholtz, secy.
Bloomsburg-Columbia Co. Fair. 8-11.
Burgettstown-Union Fair. 1-3. R. P.
Stevenson, secy.
Forksville-Sullivan Co. Fair. 1-3. A. G.
Sittle, secy.
Milton-Milton Fair. 1-4. Edwin Paul,
[lonesdale-Wayne Co. Fair. 1-4. Em-
erson W. Gammel, secy.
Reading-Great Reading Fair. 1-4. 1.
Seidel Throm. secy.
Stroudsburg-Monroe Co. Fair. 1-4. John
C. Bensinger, secy.
Scranton-Scranton Fair. 20-23.
York-York Co. Fair. 7-11. Edw. Cha-
pin, secy.
Philadelphia-Pennsylvania      Horticul-
tural Society. 12-15.
Batesburg-Tri-Co. Fair. 14-18. J. Mc-
Carthy, secy.
Columbia-South Carolina State Fair.
28-Nov. 1. A. W. Love, secy.
Armour-Driving Park Fair. 25-27. Geo.
L.' Blanchard, secy.
Clark Co. Fair-25-27.    Logan Berry,
.Mitchell-Mitchel Corn Belt. Assn. 23-28.
J. E. Powers, secy.
Platte-Charles Mix Co. Fair.     25-27.
Geo. E. Henry, secy.
Sioux Falls-Minnehaha Fair. 30-Oct. 4.
Gen. Schlossler, secy.
Lexington-Lexington   Co. Fair.   22-24.
C. M. Efird, secY.
Concord-Concord Fair.    24-27.  R. M.
Tillery, secy.
Nashville-Tennessee State Fair. 23-28.
J. W. Russwurm, secy.
Union City-West Tennessee Fair. 25-
28. J. W. Woosley, secy.
Dresden-Weakley Co. Fair. 16-19. W.
R. McWherter. secy.
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fluntington-Carroll Co. Fair. 8-12. W.
L. Noell, secy.
Newport-Cooke Co. 3-5. E. G. And-
erson, secy.
Trenton-Gibson Co. Fair. 9-12. Chas.
L. Wade, secy.
Dallas-Texas State Fair.     19-Nov. 3.
Sydney Smith, secy.
Ft. Worth-Ft. Worth Fair. 8-18. C. F.
Line, secy.
Beaurnont-Beaumont Horse Show       and
Race Meettng. 25-30.    F. M. Yose,
Ilouston--Houston  Fair.   4-9.  Henry
Reichardt, secy.
San Antonio-International Fair. 9-24. J.
M. Vance, secy.
Salt Lake City-Utah State Fair. 30-Oct.
5. Horace S. Ensign, secy.
Brattleboro-Windsor Co. Fair. 24-26.
East -ardwick-Caledonia Grange Fair.
28. E. B. Fay, secy.
Woodstock-Windsor Co. Fair. 24-26. C.
J. Paul, secy.
Roanoke-Great Roanoke Fair. 24-27. L.
A. Shol., secy.
Emporia-Emporia Agrl. Fair. 22-25. E.
E . Goodwyn, secy.
Lynchburg-Inter-State Fair. 1-4. F. A.
Lovelock, secy.
Martinsville-Henry Co. Fair. 2-4. Geo.
H4. Marshall, secy.
Richmond-Virginia   State  Fair.   7-11.
M. A. Chambers, secy.
Augusta-Eau Claire Co. Fair.      24-27.
Birt Frederick, recy.
Antigo-Langlade Co. Fair. 24-27. Rich-
ard Koebke, secy.
Baraboo-Sauk Co. Fair. 24-27. S. A.
Pelton, secy.
BeaverDan-Dodge Co. Fair. 30-Oct. 4.
C. W . H-arvey, secy.
Black RiverFalls-Jackson Co. Fair. 24-
2.7. E. L. Ormesby, secy.
Bruce-24-26. J. M. Leppley, secy.
Ellsworth-Pierce Co. Fair. 25-27. F. D.
Lord. secy.
Friendship-Adams Co. Fair. 24-26. J.
W. Purves, secy.
Hortonville-Outagamie Co. Fair.     23-
25. L. Jacquot, secy.
Jefferson-.Jefferson Co. and Rock River
Valley Fair.  24-27.  0. F. Roessler,
LaCrosse-LaCrosse Inter-State Fair. 23-
28. C. S. Van Auken, secy.
Madison-Dane Co. Fair. 27-30. M. W.
Terwilliger, secy.
Merrill-Lincoln Co. Fair. 27-30. N. C.
Hubbard, secy.
Phillips-Price Co. Fair. 24-27. George
R . Foster, secy.
Plainsview-Wabasha Co. Industrial Fair.
25-27. Geo. F. Sylvester, secy.
Richland Center-Riebland Co. Fair. 24-
27. AV. G. Barry, secy.
Seymour-Seymour Fair. 25-27. E. J.
Van Vuron, secy.
Chatham-Columbia Co. Fair. 1-4. W.
A. Dardess, secy.
Dundee-Dundee Fair. 1-3. H. L. Wood-
ruff, secy.
Fonda-Montgomery Co. Fair. 30-Oct. 3.
J. B. Martin, secy.
Hemlock-Hemlock Lake Union Fair.
3-4. S. Parker Hoppough, sec.
Oneida-Oneida Fair& Races. 9-11. C.
C. Tower, secy.
Poughkeepsie-Duclhess Co. Fair. 1-4. J.
AiT. Booth. secy.
Schoharie-Schoharie Co. Fair. 1-3. E.
L. Anchampaugh, secy.
Vernon-Vernon Fair. 1-3. C. G. Sim-
nons, secy.
Burlington-Alamance Greater Fair. 1-4.
Junius H. Harden, secy.
Fayetteville-Cumberland Co. Fair.   29-
Nov. 1. J. B. Tillinghast, secy.
Greensboro-Central Carolina Fair. 15-18.
Raleigh-North Carolina State Fair. 14-
19. Joseph E. Pogue, secy.
TVaynesville-Haywood Co. Fair.     9-12.
Jas. E. Carraway, secy.
Winston-Salem-Piedmont Fair. 9-12. G.
E. Webb, secy.
anden-Morton Co. Fair. 25-27. S. J.
Small. secy.
Wahpeton-Richland Co. Fair. 24-27. R.
J. Hughes, secy.
Attica-Attica Fair.   24-27.  Chas. C.
Sutton, secy.
Bowling Green-Wood Co. Fair. 23-27.
R. S. Sweet, secy.
CaRnfield-Mahontg Valley Fair.    24-26.
B. 0. Manchester, secy.
Canton-Stark Co. Fair. 24-27. H. Leh-
man, secy.
Lebanon-Warren Co. Fair. 24-27. Geo.
W. Carey, secy.
Marion-Marion Co. Fair. 24-27. J. A.
Knapp. secy.
McConnelsville-Morgan Co. Fair. 24-26.
G. H. Black. secy.
Salem-MahoningValley Fair. 24-26. B.
L. Manchester, secy.
Smithfield-Jefferson Co. Fair. 25-27. J.
0. Hayne, secy.
Summerfield-Summerfield    Fair.  24-30.
C.HI. Dew, secy.
Wapakoneta-Auglaize Co. Fair.     24-27.
A. sE. Scheffer.secy.
Washington-Guernsey Co. Fair. 24-27.
J. F. Stielan. secy.
'Washington-Guernsey Co. Fair.    24-27.
3. F. Whelan, secy.
Akron-Sumit Co. Fair.      1-4.  0. J.
Swinebart. secy.
Cadiz-Harrison Co. Fair. 1-3. E. B.
Kirby. secy.
Canal Dover-Tuscawaras Co. Fair. 15-
19. J. S. Karns. secy.
Carrollton-Carroll Co. Fair.  8-11.  C.
A. Tope, secy.
Coshocton-Coshocton Co. Fair. 8-11. E.
M. Hanlon, secy.
Fremont-Sandusky Co. Fair. 1-4. A.
W. Overmyer, secy.
Georgetown-Brown Co. Fair. 1-4. Lewis
Richey, secy.
ITamilton-Butler Co. Fair. 1-4. L. M.
Larsh, secy.
Lancaster-Fairfield Co. Fair. 9-12. W.
T. McClenaegban, secy.
Mt. Gilead-Morrow Co. Fair. 1-4. G.
J. Smith, secy.
Newark-Licking Co. Fair. 2-5. J. M.
Farmer. secy.
Ottawa-Putnam    Co. Fair. 1-5. A. P.
Sandles, secy.
Somerset-Northern Perry Co. Fair. 16-
18. D. M. Barr, secv.
Sycamore-Sycamore Fair. 8-11. Meric
Vance. secy.
UpperSand usky-Wyandotte Co. Fair. 2-
5. Jay C. Kennedy, secy.
Blackwell-Blackwell Fair. 7-12. B. W.
Jones, secy.
Deer Creek-Grant Co. Fair. 15-18. H.
C. Vesper. secy.
Oklahoma City-Oklahoma State Fair. 5-
16. C. P. Sites, secy.
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