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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Burlesque,   pp. 34-35

Page 34

September 21, 1907,
T illit   i-i  iii                N\11, t-- ii'ii-t  ll
axchalge- thir a-ar(ed ee-t-
tile privilege of Clntering, thle Troca-
Ietco theater last week were in no w-av
disappointed.  They received from   The
City Sports full value for their money.
'Ihe Mikado's Haren, which served as a
lirst part, was rich in scenery and cos-
tming acluirement and tlie lines and
business xere lively in tle extreme. Bar-
ry Thoimpson and Dick Brown furnished
lauighs by the wholesale, Miss Stanley
teoimplished the unusual by being both
a prima donna of excellent voice and
dancer of skill. She is also the wearer
of sone stunning tlings in the line of
clothes. Another possessor of a sweet
voice is Mattie Wtalsh, who led hr numa-
bers charinngly.
A  lit Of good character acting was
done by Anna Snnette. in the olio, Dick
Brown appeared wxitli some up-to-date
stories and  parodies which were r -
ceived with applause. A humorous and
well-acted  playette  was  put Ot  by
Thompson anid Carter. The act of Mile.
Bartoltti. the premier to- dancer, with
her miusical bell ballet proved highly in-
teresting and a pretty nunber. Several
imitations of popular artists were given
hl  Mliss Ann   't Cthadlor :111d thl imper-
-inaittni  wt11--ll  .l,-ovln  tg  -Stii -tf
-         Ina   Ti f than City Quartettt
i It ] t i   h 1111 h  li l.  vi  lil-
I'll,  i  -n  i  ill  tli  luaa  cf  aL  xxhirl-
witI diting tun was given by Fiv-
Saltnaggis to rousing returns. The bir-
Isquela. A Ierrible MXix-up, was built for
Inuighting  purposes and the object was
fumy nti-ouiplished.  General excellence
litvaild thioughout tih- entire perforna-
an(i(I. This we-k, the Trnis-Atlaintics.
* *, *
At the Folly, things were culivened by
the Fay Foster Co.    This aggregation
is easily one of the few  best bets it
iirletiue. The action of both Ott Dress
Paiad  and The Yankee Admiral pro-
gissed snppily, and the incidental sing-
ing numbers were pleasantly tuneful.
'le Great Carroll, Harry L. Cooper and
Mliss Glorie Eller, who for the last two
seasons have be-a big favorites in the
Folly Sunner Stock, were enthusiastic-
ally welcomed. All of the principals were
well cast, the chorus was a worthy at-
traction by itself and the costumes and
scen-ary indicated a lavish outlay of real
coin, the outlay, however, heing modified
by good taste. in the olio Miss Lena
Lacouver sang numerous songs in her
own way, which, by the way. was a
pleasng way.  Joe Dillon and   Martz
lioore got the hands with soie songs
and hattadis. Louis & Chapin. with a
lag Iuppl of lonl and patriotc inat-
Hu , rec.;1iv d  .. ;  \ni )niares.  The  Ar L I-
I 11iltans Os- I with a comedy ey--
liln act of mich met-it. This week, liss
Nt-w York, Jr.
I larry Bryant's Exhavaganza Co. was
tho attraction at Sid. X. Eison's theater
int week. The show was ip to the iSUNal
high staindaid set by Mr. Bryant. Billy
K. Wells, John J. Black, ('harlie Harris,
.Jack  Elliott. Edith  Bryant, Florence
IItiuihes, Lillian  Sieger and  Elisabeth
Alayne were seen to good advantage in
their respective parts. Dnring the action
fi the first part Charlie Harris intro-
ui-ed his well-known Old Maid speclalty.
1)ormondy. novelty club and gul jugglers,
pi ,ased greattly.
The Eight Stlla Girls entertained with
songs and dani-es; Lillian Sleger played
tin-  ri-et titha upi r skilll Atcoimedy
aei-iiiatie act was given by Ellitt, BIlaiir
and Elliott, which would prove a lbright
spot oil any bill.
Billy K. Wells closed the olio with
parodies aind stories which bore the 1907
stamp. This week, The Dainty Duchess
Evincing their popularity by a return
within a mtonth of their nrst engagement,
the Empire Show   headed by Roger Im-
tof, was the attraction at the Emnire
last week. The show has been wiped
into dramatic consistency, fresh comedy
intrjetcd, and all of the principals are
gaining their points more easily than
on their pervious visit. Roger Imhof is
still the capable comedian that ie has
previously shown himself to be, and the
olio retains the clever p opla. Imhof and
Corinne in in a Strange Hotel; Ed. Johns-
ton and Jeannette Bucklev, the two ex-
treies; Connolly and Klein, singers and
dancers, and Etama W-ston, all contribu-
ted bright maomaents that won favor with
the audience.
I. M. Wingarden. imanager of the
Trocadero theater, attended the opening
Of the Girls From liappvland, which took
place Si-pt. 5 lit Lafayette. Ind. And to
lute czzi's oxt words, "The show and
the  vu   lc r  hm   he average."
New Vaudeville House Attracts Play.
Goers by Excellent Program.
Floral tributes fromj prominent manl-
ages and actors all Over tihe country
mrtiked the opening of the new Orphlleui
vtudeville theater Sept. 11. The foyer
of tine playhouse, which is opposite the
Paliner House, was a bower of floral
lilties and a great number of congrat-
iulatory  telegriaas  were  receiv'd  by
Messrs. Jones, Linick and Schacfir.
'ebill presented was highlv com-
imendable, and the audience that cronvdel
tite little playhouse applauded heartily at
the  ctiaitsiin of each  act. Ti hek
the bill ofert-i inaludis Williama '1'nlit-
son &   Co., Farrell &  Le Roy, Harry
Clark, Ed. and May Woodward. Eddi
lioa, innes an  Ryna Stalla Rinehart
I airy Alleta, 'rTe MAlsts, Hferinert anti
giis, Walter Daitniels, Dovie Estelle
autd the ltatest naotiona pictures.
Dtaxid Atwood, the Janesville (Wis.)
iepresentative of THE SHOW     WORLD,
ittitared tih - g-neral offices with a call
while in Chicago last week.
Charles B. Fredericks. business mana-
ger of T'he Royal Indoor Circus. in-
forims us that his attraction will -else
anaything of its kind ever presented to
tine Ainerican public.
A. P. Whitney, the well-known amuse-
mna t manager and    promoter, fivored
THE SHOW      WORLD with a call last
Adolph Marks, Chacaes (il nitle-
alrical attorney, transatii 1a  uiless
it Philadelphia last week.
* *o *
Manager XW. S. ButtCrfl(1 -1:,11 at
THE   SHOW    WORLD     ioil   I i tlan
Mr. Butterfield is enthusiatisic inr tie
prospects of the current tht-atrical sason.
i  is One of the aggressive naudtille
1iutr v\ tys.
Mr. Phil. SherirT CITY SPORTS
Produced and Staged by Phil. Sheridan. Costumes Designed by Mrs. Phil. Sheridan. Music Arranged by Wm. A. Stanley.
Entertainment Commences with aEnt ieompanntitlte THEMIKADO'S H REM
OLIO: DicK Brown        ...       BarThompsonCarterAnna
Ile Spirt. the Paron  and the cirl.
Burlesque, Entitled:    Emilia Bartolittimieaiit  GothamCiyQat
and her _Nuica  Goha  City Quartette
13tllat.  itaeae   proiuced  byv Bile.  ilartolitt   inatpt   ihriiii  ~i  al
A   Terrible Mixup                      "v        . on    vn
is is not1 a  rlqueShow, bu1t an  xtravaganza  Anna  Chandler  lo"iti- o1 The Whirlwinds ut  NoEp At  er
WM. A. STANLEY, Musical Director, Who Writes Some Good Music.
TWO                NJI F'
GOOD               ONEGOOD
PEOPLE             SHOW
Miss flina Stanley
Prima Donna
Barry          Anna
The Sport  The Parson
and The Girl
Les Salvaggis
Doing Well, Chank  You
~1ATTI1VALSCoon Shouting,an
Harry Courtland Alo rades
C      - .*
vlw I

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