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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

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September 21, 1907.
Ik  Aiua 0Arena (I)), Frank C. Bos.
Sngi L     Ontario Beach, Rochester,
Y .N indef.
CI lplex, M. Henry Walsh, mgr.: Wor-
Mass., June 10, indef.
D     Nickelodeon: Nashville, Ill., Sept. 8,
D.   's, Eugene, Glass Blowers: Oakland,
Aug. 5, indef.
o, K k  Bros. Kentucky State Fair, Louis-
-,Ky*  15-21.
D   in  LaBelle, Palmist: Fair, Bucyrus,
I'.[Lifeorama, Emil Giron, mgr.: Man-
S-ir, 16-18.
S       dore and Sister Queenie, Lil-
* iian:  t Wayne , Ind., 9 indef.
II   ys. Moving   Pictures:   Bennington,
II  as,     t. Sidney. Water Circus: Ex-
p -aI~tiun, Pittsurg, Pa. Sept. 2-8
Hlan, Chas. W., Ilusionist: Terre Haute,
ful., March 20, indef.
Huntley's Moving Pictures, G. A. Huntley,
mgr.: Indiana, Pa., July 29, indef.
Ja..ons Big Jungle Show, Geo. W. Jame-
- ii, mngr.: Richards, 17.
Kt .  y s  Twentieth  Century  Merry-Go-
LI Ma i Chest er, Ill., Aug. 12, indef n
LosI,,i's, Mile.. Loop of Death: Jamestown
t~lilositioa, Norfolk, Va., 9-21.
M in e., Temple of Palmistry:
.T villc  III *,Sept.  8, indef.
Si,. of Jericho: Gregory's Omaha, Neb.,
Santell, The Great, and All Star Co.: Ow-
onshoro, TC-13.
Seengala, the Original, Walter C. Mack,
I"r.: Empire, San Francisco, Cal., Aug.
S  1, Capt. Louis:    Jamestown Exposi-
sn Norfolk Va., March 31-Nov. 20.
T1     on Entertainers, Frank  . Thmp-
s  magr.:  Ogema, 16-17: Kn ox Mills,
-pirit Falls, 20-21.
D;I Dide, No(lkel &N Nolan, props: Tohn
,I N    'on, nigr.: New Orleans 15-21.
19, l1y & Hatfield's: St. Macye, 17: Sis-
D   I le, IS  Toronto, 0., 19; Wei1ville,
Salem, 21.
Dw   lt's: Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 24, in-
K   : ids'. Billy, Doc Adams, mar.: Em-
si, 17: Wichita, is; Iinfield, 19: Ar-
P iasas Ct.2:Coffe'yville, 21.
Wst's, Wim. IT., Sanford B. Ricaby, mgr.
treely, Col.,  17; Fort  Collins, 1S;  Long-
I.. t,  11;  Boulder,  20.
laBt  aill'sMid tWest: 11 arkersurg, W.
Sc.. ii: ;Marietta. 0., 1 ; Athens, 20;
harleston  21; Portsmouth, 23; Hunting-
on, 24; Ashland, 25; Mt. Sterling, 26;
Lexington, 27; Louisville, 28.
Barnum & Bailey Show: Chillicothe, Mo.,
I': Iannibal, 19; Moberly, 20; Marshall,
. Kansas City, 23; Ft. Scott, Kan., 24;
Siringfield,  Mo.,  25.
Ca.ada Frank's: Rolla, 20-21.
o repaugh-Sells Bros. Shows: Mt. Vernon,
III., 18; Marion, 19; Cape Girardeau, Mo.,
Carthersville, Mo., 21; Rogers, Ark.,
Neosho, Mo.. 24, Webb City, 25; La-
mair, 20; Rich Hill, 27; Paola, Kan., 28.
Golliar Bros.: Arapahoe, Neb., 17; Hold-
rege, 18; Minden, 19; Fairfield, 20; Marys-
ville, Kan., 21; Wamego, 23.
J;1wnee Bill's Wild West Co.:   Alamosa,
Col., 16; Walsenburg, 17; Trinidad, 18;
i ton, N. M., 19; Las Vegas, 20; Santa
21; Albuquerque, 23; Socorro, 24; Sil-
I City, 25; Deming, 26; Douglas, Ariz.,
13isbee,  28.
IR 101. Wild West Show, Miller Bros.,
-.: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Jo , 27, indef.
W nWild West: Cedar Point, Sandusky,
iJly 22, ind ef.-
Ilingling IBNOS.': San Jose, Cal.. 17; Stock-
t1 10: Fresno, 19; Visalia, 20; Bakers-
2 1.
Aidi  Sigoor N.: Bay Shore Park, Balti-
Md., indef.
P i,''s Band: Zoo, Cincinnati, 0., 18-25.
Bi, Burmell Ladies' Orchestra:     Balti-
a. Md, indef.
BalE is New York State Band, W. H. Ba-
i. leader:  Saratoga, N. Y., July 29,
inih f.
Calindo's Band: Kansas City, Mo., July
2!, indef.
Creatore's Band: White City, Chicago, Ill..
Dainm-ch's New York Orchestra: Chicago,
111. indef.
D .rosz. Maxium. and His Band: Electric
D i. Waterloo, Ia. July 29. indef.
Dsii' Band: Albany, N. Y, indef.
l  uccas:Chlittaburgl, Padeindef.
EFiiry1's:  Chicago. I Ca., indef.
Fcls: San Souci. Chicago, Ill., indef.
Fie nts' Royal Guard Band: Dreamland,
'i. y Islandl, N. Y., indef.
II1 rt's Grenadier Band: Washington, D.
209,  ia1clef.
11, -'s Ladies' Orchestra: Nahant, Mass.,
S      Band: Ingersoll Park, Des Moines,
i liidef.
lII    th Family Band: Rock Mount, N.
I no rial  Band of Italy; Richmond, Va..
K tl Jboen Orchestra: New York City, in-
I   Ic e Band: Scranton, Pa., indef.
N.     and: Norfolk, Va., indef.
., .n'"s  Band:  Chicago,  Ill.,  indef.
1 i.'s 1. S. Band: Jamestown Exposi-
lNorfok. Va., indef.
IN.  ,'lnailian Band: Omaha, Nob.. indef.
I: I Artillery Band: Baltimore, Md., in-
Imperial Band: Philadelphia, Pa.,
S   .ef.
1 Concert Band: En rolte with the
g   os. Show.
aInd His Band: Celron Park. James-
.    . July  22,  indef.
Italian Band:   Halme's Audito-
Vieit   Newark, N. T., July 22, indef.
Vetor, Balik Itallan Orchestra:  Bergen
P(i'9,11 Piooklvn, N. Y., July 22, indef.
W il land:  St. Louis, Mo., iidef.
Wl'asvi's American Band: Washington, D.
C., indef.
Weber and His Band: Kansas City, Mo.,
July 29, indef.
Allen Curtis Musical Co. Allen Curtis, mgr
ejniar Garden, Oklahoma City, Okla.,
15-22, 22-28.
Abors Opera Co., Milton & Sargent Aborn,
mgrs.; W~ashington, D. C., May 27, in-
Adde, Leo, Opera Co.: Mobile, Ala., June
24, indef.
Aiala, Signor A., & His Band: Bay Shore
Park, Baltimore, Md., June 3, indef.
Alaskan, John   Kort, mngr.:   St. Joseph,
Mo., 17; Atchison, Ken., 10; Kansas City,
Mo., 10-it.
Baker's New York State Band, W. H. Ba-
ker, leader:  Saratoga, N. Y., July 29,
Boston Ideal Comic Opera Co., A. C. Bur-
gess, mgr.:   El Paso, Tex., June 21-
Sept. 20.
Bunnell, Bessie, Ladies' Orchestra: Balti-
more, Md., April 1, indef.
Blue Moon. with James T. Powers, Sam S.
& Lee Shsubert, Inc., mgrs. 'Toronto,
Out., 16-2l.
Boston Ideal Comic Opera Co., A. C. Bur-
gess, mgr.: Abuquerque, N. Mex., 15-28.
Belle of Mayfair, Thos. W. Ryley, mgr.;
Brooklyn, N. Y., 10-21.
Bachelor's Honeymoon: Norfolk, Neb., 14;
Hastings, 21,
Buster Brown    (Western)   Buster  Brown
Amuse. Co., props.: Cleveland, 0., 16-21.
California Comic Opera Co., Thus, Karl.
m1gr.:  Portland, Ore., Sept, 2-Oct. 12.
Colonial Opera Co.: Lawrence, Mass., June
10, indef.
Curtis, Allen, Musical Co., Allen Curtis,
mgr.: Oklahoma City, Okla., Sept. 2-2s.
Candy Kid, . B. Fredericks, mgr.: Chat-
tanooga,' 16-21.
Cat and the Fiddle, Jincoln J. Carter's:
Peoria, Ill., 15-18; Davenport, Ia., 19-21.
Cupid at Vassar, Jules Murry, mgr.: San-
dusky, 0., 21.
DeAnge is, Jefferson, Blanche Ring and Al-
exander Carr, S. & Lee Shubert, Inc.,
Ingrs.: New  York City, 16-21.
Dairy Maids, with Julia Sanderson, Chas.
Frohman, mgr.:    New   York City, Aug.
2 6, indef.
Fiidsi Low: See Girl Behind the Counter.
Foy, Eddie: See Orchid.
Fascinating Flora, with Adele Ritchie, Sam
S. & Lee Shubert, Inc., mgrs.: Boston,
Mss. Sept. 2-Oct. 1
Feru Io Band, Salvatore Tomaso, mgr.: San
So"nt Park, Chicago, Ill, Sept. 1-0.
Ferrante's Royal Guard Band, Leonard C.
Victor, mgr.: Dreanland, Coney Island,
N. Y., indef.
Fisher, John C., Opera Co.: Denver, Col.,
Follies of 1907, Florenz Ziegfeld, mgr.: New
York City, indef.
From Across the Pond, M. M. Theise, mgr.:
New York City, indef.
Fifty Miles from Boston, with Geo. M.
Cohan, Cohan & Harris, mgrs.: Haver-
hill, Mass., 19; Lowell, 20-21.
Forty-five Minutes from Broadway, Klaw &
Erlanger, mgrs.:  Cohan & Harris, bus.
mgrs.:   Cleveland, 0., 16-21.
Girl Question, Mort H. Singer, mgr.: Clii-
cago, Ill., Aug. 10, indef.
Girl Rangers, Geo. W. Lederer, mgr.: Chi-
cago, Ill., Sept. 1, indef.
Girl Behind the Counter, with Lew Fields,
San S. & Lee Shubert, Inc., mgrs.: Phil-
adelphia, Pa., 2-21.
Gay New York, Gus Hill, mgr.:      Orange,
N. J., 17; York, Pa., 18; Altoona, 19;
Johnstown, 20* Greensburg, 21.
Grand Mogul, with Frank Moulan, Klaw &
Erlanger, ngrs.:   Philadelphia, Pa., 16,
Hadermann, Jennie, Ladies' Orchestra, D.
H. Hadermann, mgr.: Moberly, Mo., 16-
Hurd-Gurdy airl, Marks & Carle, mgrs.:
Philadelphia, Pa., 9-21.
His Honor the Mayor, Win. R. Sill, mgr.:
Louisville, Ky., 16-18; Middletown, 0.,
19; Hamilton, 20; Columbus. 21.
Idora Park Opera Co., H. W. Bishop, mgr,
Oakland. Cal. , indef.
imperial Band of Italy, Leonard C. Victor,
mgr.:   Richmond, Va., July 29, indef.
In Pananm   . with Rogers Bros., Edwin J.
Colin, mgr.: Nosw York City, Sept. 2.
King Bee: Martinsburg, W. Va., 14; Som-
erset, Pa., 16.
Knight for a Day, B. C. Whitney, mgr.:
Chicago. Ill., March 30, indef.
Lady from    Lane's. Broadhurst &   Currie,
mgrs.: New York City, Aug. 19. indef.
Little Cherub, with Hattie Williams, Chas.
Frohman, mgr.: Chicago, Ill., Sept. 1, in-
Land of Nod, Herbert W. Glickauf. mar.:
Parkersburg, 17: Charleston, 18; Lexing-
ton, Ky., 19; Knoxville, Tenn., 20; Chat-
tanooga, 21.
Leech     21.&  Co., in. Brady, mgr.: As-
bury, N...21.
Masor of Laughiand. with Tom       Waters,
Nixon & Zimmerman, mgrs.:       Laconia,
N. H., 17 ; Concord. I8: Portland, Me.,
19:; Augusta. 20: Bangor , 21.
Motor Girls Burnside & Comstock, mgrs.:
New York City. Sept. 1, indef.
Mazum a Man, with George Sidney, Stair &
Nicolaia mgrs.: Tersey City, N. J.. 16-21.
Noel's Band. Carl:    Acme, Norfolk, Va.,
ayo 20, indef.
Neptune's Daughter, Shubert & Anderson,
nigrs.: New York City, Aug. 31, indef.
Not Yet, But Soon, with Hap TWard, Stair
& Nicolai, Baltimore Md., 16-1.
Navassar Ladies' Band, Eugene Dial. mr.:
OlRiveiew Park .Chicago. Ill., 8-21.
Oil nspic Opera Co., Ed. F. Seamon, mgr.:
New. Orleans, La., April 29. indef.
Orchid, with Eddie Foy, Sam S. & Lee
Shubert, Inc., mgrs.: Pittsburg, Pa., 16-
Prince of Pilsen, Henry TV. Savage, mgr.:
San Francisco, 16-21.
Playing the Ponies, enith orke & Adams.
B. E. Forrester, mngr.: Greenville, Miss..
Phinney's U. S. Band, Fred S. Phinney,
mngr.:  Jamestown   Exposition, Norfolk,
Va., July 22, indef.
Red Mill, with Montgomery & Stone, Chas.
B. Dillingham, mgr.: Chicago, Ill., Aug.
19, indef.
Royal Canadian Band, J. M. Finn, mgr.:
Onualia, Nob., June 3-Sept. 15.
Week Sept. 15, Indianapolis, Ind.
Parisian Mirror Dancer
Educated Animals
Trained Dogs, Monkeys and Ponies
United. uartetle
W. S.       JAMES W.
Harry"arks Stewart
Original Hebrew Comedian
Royal Chef, H. H. Frazee, mgr.: Omaha,
Neb., 15-1 Creston, 19; Des Moines, Ia.,
I0; Sioux City, 2t-22.
Red Mill (No. 2), Chas. B. Dillingham,
mgr.: Worcester, Mass., 20-21.
Savage's, Henry W., Attractions, Madam
Butterfly: Newyark, N, J., Sept. 20.
Sheehan Opera Co., Joseph Sheehan, mgr.;
Cieveland, 0., July 1, indef.
,Sousa and His Band: Pittsburg, Pa., 9-20;
SValparaiso, Ind., 21.
Simple Simon Simple, Nixon & Zimmerman,
nigi-s.: Wilmington, Del., 17; Dover, 10;
Burlington, N. J., 19; Perth Amboy, 20;
Plainfield, 21.
The Show Girl: La Porte, Ind., 16; Michi-
gan City, 17; Hillsdale, Mich., 18; An-
gola, Ind., 19; Bluftton, 20; Huntington,
21; New Castle, 23; Muncie, 24; Kokomo,
21; Tipton, 26; Noblesville, 27; Anderson,
The Prince of Pilsen: San Francisco, Cal..
16-21; Oakland, 22-25; San   Jose  26:;
Stockton, 27; Sacramento, 28-29.
The College Wido: St. Louis, 15-22; In-
dianapolis, 23-24; Marion, 23; Columbus,
26; Sandusky, 27; Toledo, 2S.
The College Widow    (Southern):  Bridge-
port, Conn., 16 ve Haven, 17; Middle-
town, 18; Springfield, Mass., 19; Wor-
cester, 20; Hartford, Conn., 21: Albany,
N. Y., 23; Schenectady, 24; Troy, 25;
Poughkeepsie, 26; Peekskill, 27; Newburg,
Time, the Place and the Girl (Western),
Askin & Singer, mgrs.: Helena, 17; Ana-
conda,C16;    s   a, 1 9; Wallace, Ila.,
20; Coeur d'Alene, 211.
Week Sept. 15, Birmingham, Ala.
Girls From
Happyland Co.
Feature Act.
Our Comedian.
Maxine  Elliottof Burlesque.
The Funny Little Hebrew.
Comedienne Espanola.
The Boys Who Can Sing.
Our Handsome Straight Man.
Musical Director.
Time, the Place and the Girl (Eastern),
Askin & Singer, igrs.: Nei   York Citli,
Aug. 5, inidef.
Teal's,  Raynnd,  Musical Comedy    Co.:
Cycle Park,' Dallas, Tfex., 16-2S,
Tattooeli Main, rith Fralk Daniels, Chas.
2. Dillingham, mgr.: Boston, Mass., 16-
Ipire, Askin     &  Singer, mgrs.:   Green-
cilie, Miss., 17; Vi c kshucg  IS; Natcez,
19; Jackson, 20; Meridian, 2e1.
Van Den Berg Opera Co.,' Jiose Van Bets
Berg, mar.:    New  York City, Aug. 31,
Victor and His Band, Leonard C. Victor,
nig'.: Celeron Park, Jamestown, N. Y.,
July 22, indef.
Victor s Italian Band, Leonard C. Victor,
mar.: u  eline's Auditorium, Newark, N.
J., July -2, ind'f.
Victor's Royal Italian Orcliestra. Leonard C.
Victor, mgr.: Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, N.
Y., July 22, idcl
Well's Batid, Win. W~eil, tmsr.:  St. L.ouis,
Mo., July 29, indef.
White Hon, with Louis Mar, SanI S. &
Lee Shubert, Inc., liglrs.: Chicago, Ill.,
Sept. 1-21.
Yankee Tourist, with Raymond Hitchcock,
Henry 1V. Savage, nigr.: New York City,
Aug. 12, indef.
Young's Musical Comedy      Co., Chas. L.
Young, mgr.:    Seattle, Wash., Aug. 5,
indef.      -                 ,   u
Yankee Regiment. II. i. Frazee, mgr.:
Cdr Blnini   17; 1n8rhlltmin, 18: Oma-
The Girl Who Sing- Classic and Popular Son ,. A.. E  AN 'lYERS. Agent
DX anD          Now on the
GERMAN SAILORS                    Circuit
h11tation  Of 1osC Stal]  is a  bie
h .  T111tr1pi s  n  llyer-
LillianHart              n  S. i [El Route o tile West-
"THE GIRL"        c n VaudeVilleCIA rs.Assn.( ir u ts
Season 1907 8Filled  Per. ad. 101 W. 78th Street, NEW  YORK
Leading in Musical Drama, Flower of the Ranch, Season 1907=8. On Tour
The Fashion Plate of High Class Minstrelsy
L '
Per Address The Show World, Chicago

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