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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Page 31

ioweI  , I nI tc, lt .k   o :  an  FIut-' 0lsco,
Cal  i
lII  II ) ,i sett   Co.,  ( I0 . 1. 1lolvard,  ngr.
Ta.   I, Wash., indef.
fHighi-  1 ark Cstock Co., Al. Beasley, mgr.;
yot   a.,  itdet.
Heart   Chicago, 11neoln J. Carte', mogr.
ls   i_, 16;  Mlarngo, 17; Belle i lains,
IS;I'a ij; Griniii 'ci; N %to, 1
Kn-    ~    n1n      , L;  dl 2;J.-sn 3
Bow,,, G; Aies, 27; Marshalitmil,   .
Holy City, Leconite & ilesler, nigrs.:
-1or,  1  Iu.,Sa 16; "Crivlie  (rek,  17I lr
n   I   talita,  10;  Lead ill,  U  (len-
wl. pritgs,21; Aspen, 12; Orand iune
tion   ;  roIt,  Ltah,  '1;  Richtild,  25;
Eplh     ti, ; Mt. Iieasant, 7 Aimerican
Fat[ -  ,
Hot     iie,  F. 1.  Carr, mgr.:  Stelling,
Ill.    trtortc 21; Uttawa, 22; K,wance
24;  burg,  2 t; o tl o u ti,  26;  Bur-
liny    -7    o ite,  28.
Hill,    tinc o  to k 1  Co.:  Minnecapolis,
min],  > t.  8,  indel.
1pt0     Chas. FIroinman, mgr.: Chicago,
Hot Nctclai & Miller, mogrs.: Louis-
lunut t  I arts (XVestern): WV. Franklin
Ril      r   Manistioue, 17; Maruitette,
i;    1t9ntig  19; iancock, 20; Calu-
it  I
HUI   H   iearts (Southern), AV. E. Nanke-
vi          1Vinston-Salem, N. C., 17;
Ge   I     I, ; Durham, 19; Hcfnderson,
20; I   l ,  21.
tics  1I  ,I,!  '-'caret,  Nvitli  W illiamc  I.  Tuc-
ner,  t;  '.. E.L lan , hnTi.t Biudgeporu,
Co, it 18; aontie, N. J., 1-21
Hired    s Millions, Chas, E. Blaney,
mg      ledo, O0., l-IS; Grand Rapids,
Iear t  Virginia, wvith Joe Morris, Mit-
ontl  I     e. use. Co., mcgs. P'ater-
Heir t th  Hooiah, II. J. Ridings. ngc.
Kan,   City M o., 15-18; St. Joseph, 10;
Line    Neb.,  -0-21,
Ioi( Iicl, Cus Colhan, og'. iElkins, W.
Va.,  I: GtCtoI 1 ; Mannington, 19;
Frnt trg, Md., 20; Clarksburg, W. Na.,
121..t 1)ollar, soith David Higgiins. Stair
&  N   ti mgis.:  Cincinnati,  O..  16-21.
hir I'  1O N'a, an '  &  Sullivan,  mgrs.:
Phi].   ccc  1 ,I'  11-21.
inkhi  ttoao diants:  Marion.  Ill.,  1i-21.
lnes  I  irts:  Octatoina,  Minn.,  17.
appi   I lo :  Owats o a,  Min., 18.
I11   is' itucky  A. A W. Dingivell, ngr..
Eau              17.
Is N  t  oo  Late to Mend, A. J. Spen-
cer. t . :  Montreal,  Can.,  16-21.
Huntit  I citor taics:  'leno od,  Wis.,  16
l ee,   2-23;  Unity,  23-2i;  Athens,
IiPE  \  DRAMATIC CO.:      Providence,
19!  tair,  20  oudjty     1
g  t '    ok Co.11t  . Inram, mogr.:
"Iott        in is  de
tosn      ' ci]cci It  Is  littlE.v 1Vcrtoc
tot  Hit     an s  i-ic  t 1 8to  Mt.e, tog.
Opec Hie, Franklin, Ila., 22-28.
EFt-tN     STOCK CO.: Portland, Me.,
,no, I
sie  I   t ie  Village,  Mittentloai  Bros.'
Ama..  t t,  iglmit  Uttaca, Out., 16-il;
lHaim   2-21.
tmes        ms r TXalters), larry  J.
Terr .  tt' :  tlsburg,  Ill.,  17;  Canltoi,
on,    1 uin ,  Ill.,  19;  Taylorville,  -0;
st I  `! College, Botlner & Campbell,
ingrs.  itirm oinghain,  Ala.,  16-21.
Iry [       erIy, t Patten  & Fletcher,
nigr ,     O.c   17; NX'ooster, 1 ; Millers-
'te  (    iuial   1i,  ith  Lottie  XNil-
liant  Is-  E.  Blaney,  cgr. :  Holyoke,
.Ila,s  1  ; New Iaven, Conn. 11-11
Idith  icthe plains, with Alberta Galia-
ttin   it     Xdge & i Meakin  is  Atlantic
ity,   -N  J.,  16;  i  itton,  17;  1 i ing-
ton Dt . i8  Annapoli, Md., 1; Yorck,
Pa., :  Houh  ethlehemn,  21.
an CO :>altimoic, j tal anndmer.
ilwcaukee, inden.
ieeY, 11rtert & Ellie Slanon: San Fran-
cisco.  ' l..  indef.
ng 1i  -atic:  Knoxville,  Tenn.,  indef.
tng &  ) ,c etc of iGambclerscs. The: A. H.
oods  , gr.:  C 1inc ati,  0.,  15-  1;  In-
ianalpi, Ind.,  23-25;  Terre  Haute,  H0-
tPry  t  .  X llinatonl,  0.,  16;  Lodi,.  17;
oao     18; Mhillarsurg, 1a; Canal Ful-
ton,    ithents  S.
11 -, \.lclid,, H nry  G. Kelm, mgr.: Cii-
ago,  I  ,  Sept.  1,  indef.
trry  <;,t (  1'.  Franklin,  mgr.:  Galt,
an1 I   Oalva, 19; Niagara Falls, N.
Ing of tue XWild XNest, with Young Bif-
mo, I~Et        Blacy,  mg., Omaha,
Nib., I;
rIciapvtip  1  1or  Re vnge  vitl  Xill In . X'e -
Ier, IChis I1 Bi'iney, soogr.: Yonkers, IN.
og of the Cattle Ring (Eiler's Easter),
. i. R  d1 mr.:e Bersford. 17; Alton,
Ia., I  Wl Ittic  Nci.b ii  Noi folk, 20;
-      1nti  Ic- is:  AshNsille,  N.  C.  16-H1.
nncoin  11. Spitz, igr.: Woon-
locketI  i-.   1 7
sst-to  Mackenzie  Stock  Co.:
rtim   Oe.     ief. Jnde    o.
inllef  tIr Stock  Co.: Mepis, Tnc
id  I  Buton Nixon  mit: Atlanta,.
tO   1;1 Bitrmgi-ngham  Al. J--7.
nani the Mouse cc A.'    linfoleld. N.
]i 16:  1la  1     N    Brunnitk.
SEt  on,,  Pre ..  10  P teso ,  0-1
lBrlmingh :-  1  A u . 2co . H- ;
Danhtu  1 :   Ila  1u 9;pse I'a -o ,2  0
Ked  I"  ttt~               Cwmi.. 25
1)  C.
THE        STAR )          THE    A    S TAFR_
U                    D
OF E THE                        T
~~~~.FILM          RENTERS.'FLVZI
. . *
.". .*'.,. . ......
Film Exchange
120 East Randolph Street,
M  N         MA WOL LD
.-                    H
T HE   L     T              T  HE      S TA R,
OFzll   IM/ £A                   I1 1uR~Ses
N               mm, HINES RN TERSAL
OF FOC/S 1V/    9 ALL.    OF     P  LINTE
5WY  I                   ,M WOR
FILM         RENTERS        FILM       RENTERS
September 21, 1907.

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