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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Page 28

September 21, 1907,
lIa   , I  a lll da:  NA" u , r1, in. a c,  1;,r 1 nl,  Jon '.    '. :  Figure  Eight  Fark,  Niag-
M1c .  ind ef.                             ;ra  'all,  N. Y., indef.
E  outi- witli Barnum  &  Jeln,i' & Elsworth: En route with Barnum
lIccilic show                              & Baily Show.
lhintH ckc, Capt. Ski-sailing: Etn route  Jtal, Iinda: En route with Gollmar Bros.
1th IiinIt 1  &l Bailey Slow.           Sho.
tZicc'  Am...uel': En routc with Barcium &  Jact3 & Test: En route with Sam Devere
llailey  Show.C                               .
Hutrcniini, Itose: En route cwith Bar- .J uli   &  Dyer: Castle, Bloomington   Ill.,
in.. .. & lily  Show.                    1ta-1.
1lat( &  I1arty: Et   route with French's   Jlians, Five  Juggling:   Olh ipia  Park.
Newc Sensation.                             ( chattanouga, Tenn., 15-21.
H ary     ttYug  Shlpot Park, W1liming- Jiisonc, Iay: O)rphcuni, Reading, Pa., 10-
t'oll, l(iii indef. 21.
11, icelts, 'ie  En  route  with  Panama  Jullons, Great: Altherr's Show No. 1, East
C cc-rt  Co                                St.  I. ouis,  Ill.,  2-21.
l 1 iicccis, Cranda: En route writh the IIip-  tln  amily: aColumbia, Cincinnati, 0.,
Ioirtcio Acccu.ecc't Ca.                16l-2.
tiAtnuoto   1agen1crkCallace Show.        Jaidy, Les:  irpicuni, St. Paul, Minn., 15-
liitcdspths  The: Ec route critic Castello's  , 21. , Edward, & Winifred Wild: Ma
I   iic                                dcii> E1lra.l Sow  Wiccfre  2il:   ajestic,
i0hcc-to. The, Bon & Mae: Fritz's The-        St. Paul, Minn., 10-21.
cu'r, Portlacud lOce., incief.
1ic its AnniedEn rote clith McFaddens         INNA"D    111R0S.: n  route with Bar-
Flts                                     Kccciii &v llail'v Shcosw.
in tTinas, Ccling: Etc route swith ('cish' Kimkicho & Kanks: Iagonbeck- Wallace
Carni alto.                                Shot.s
Jiie &  Icker: Etc route With the Fox      King Austin: En route with Hagenbeck-
Alinstrels.                                 AXallace Show.
Iluigel Eros.: Etc route with  'ogel Minl-  Kells & Hart: En route with Hagonbeck-
strcls.                                     MA~llac Show.
11cinsions, The   Marselous:   En   route Knney,   errill: En route with the Yan-
withit Weider Carnival (C.                 kee Robinson Show.
Herbert, The 1rog Man: Etc route witic      KemIp,  \'Xm. A.: Irvindale Park, Warren,
ScIls- i 'to  Sliowi.                       la.,  indef.
Ierbrt 'rio: Etc route switlc Frank A.   Kelly & Bob: En route with West & Wells
1ohbins Shots'.                           Show.
lanyncii &c "anklin: Tioil Theater, Syd-   Kislales, Lil. Pigs: En route srith Ring-
icy, A.u.stralia, Aug. 5 to F1b. 10.       ling Bros. Show.
cNiataki & Knkiclli: Etc route writh Bar-  Kara Kochi & Yocco: En route with Ring-
cini & Bcli'y showi.                       ling Bros. Show.
fington &     'Unuman: 2Apollo, Berlin, GCr-  Iolfags, Duke: Crystal, Elwood, Ind., in-
mact ,  to  S tli  i.                    idel,.I
Ian\tI   I      o:  Niew  Orphoumc  The-  Knox, TV. H1.:  Elysian  Grove, Tuscon,
tcr MIcsllcic, Ohio, Sept. 2, indef.     Ari., indef.
1HarIt  Fami ily: Care of Show World, Chi-  Eenne', M.: Detroit, Mich., indef.
ciw), Il., iidef.                        Kelly & Kelsy: Arch, Cleveland, Ohio, in-
lictuira & Kawvara: En route with Hagen-     def.
bc-Allace Show.                       Ki-ndal, Leo: En route with The Burgo-
,.nis & H1oli-cston: En route sith The      taster.
it Santell Co.                           Kilpatrick, Chas. G.:    Warpath, James-
lilk ,li Harry: Etc route swith The Great  ticno, oa.       E inden.
St'll Co.                               Kaufmian Troupe: En route sciti Ringling
Harris, Ed. A.: En route swith To Die at      Bros. Show.
Dawn Co                                   K.''sey,  Herbert:   Dowling, Logansport,
IIarris, Charlie: Etc route sriti Bryant's   Ind., indef.
I s"cz' Co.En                          K1l1r, Major: En route with Buffalo Bill's
Iiwcics 1'lotrice  Etc route vritli Bryatnt's  Wild West.
Extravaganza Co.                          Kinkaid, Billy: En route with Barnum &
Ilam.ilto,  . 1L.; Etc route with the Great   Bailey Show.
l   ccccld Co.                          Kellie. Edward B.: Bijou, Superior, Wis.,
listin's  Sc  Wion: Bijou,  Quincy,  Ill.,  16-  10-21.
'i Garricl, Hurlington, . la, St8.      K-:,Illy, Sam  & Ida: Idle Hour Park, Pitts-
Ile''icc  Catti  &- Do'n'y & Xillard: Or-   burg, Kans., 15-22; Lyric, Parsons, Kans.,
p  imcci, Sialt Lak',  'talc, 10I-1; Orileumi,  22-28.
n '    -.                         Khicerut. Arthur  H.. Family, Dacenport, la.,
1lincnnin. Capt. SidIi: Diving Dogs. Stee-   16-1; Howard's, Chicago, 22-2S.
pIcchase park, Cony Island, N. Y., 10-   Knlight & Scaton: Cincinnati, 0. 16-21.
"1                                        Kippe: Gem, South Forks, Pa., 10-21.
HaOsear. & Agnes Elmuntls: l. 0. -., Knight Bias. & Sawtelle: Poli's. Scranton,
Aloiicic Ill.. 10-17-1>: Ilacld lslaoll, 19-20-  1al. 16-21.
, 1.                                      Kopland & Themar: Bijou, Wheeling, AXV.
How & Jrmainc: Pains' Pompel, Louis-  Va., 0-1.
ciil', Ks., 16-21.                       KIllic, E'ward S Silinne Dixon:      Bijou,
iclibriTer, itt Gr-at: Hippodrome, Shar-     Superior Wica., 1   n-s1.
'cc,  P'c.,  16-21.                       Ist-c  Brits  ]'ctir,  iilcccscoi.  AWis..  10,- 20.
liiiciscs. I'l c Four: Lakcside Park, Akron, K'nton, Dorothy:  Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y.,
()Ii r 1 .01-21.lO                             l
lillcri & XWrri'in: Poli'. iartford, Conn., lKiccils Tales: Chicago 0. IT., Chicago, Ill,
11'cl.cic.  "ritz:  Famitily,  Pittston,  Pa.,  16-
21                                        T rVINE  &  ITtIRD: En route with the
liticiisons. The Three: Sti', Martinsville  A-'tw Century Girls.
,i., 1i- 21.                             Ilitclel, Joe: En route with Ilagenbeck-
l-c. Eit   & &c.: Orihloum, Omaha. Neb.,    Wallace Show.
-21.                                      Lamont, Frank:    Lyceum  Theater, Phila-
ie. lt'Mr. and Mrs. One: Tenple. Do-        delphia, Pa., indef.
cl. iicb.. 10 21.                      La Marr, Har y: Crescent Garden, Revere
Ioi'cc ccc ,0  I'cc'rd:  P,'ccli's,  Sicrincdielcl,  Beach, Bats., indef.
clacs., 16-21. la. Airdome, Brazil, ad.,  Lea hy.  rank   Wf.:  Cosmopolitan, Pine
Slii~  .0'one            Brazil, Bn.      each, Mass., indef.I
1i-u1.                                    Larrivee & Lee: En route with Jos. W.
IHearn  Tom: Empire. Birmingham. Eng.,       Spears.
160 21' Pnpire1 lasgw. Scot.. 23-Oct.  I ccarets. Tie Six:  Ell  route  with  the
ii-icIttuiscia  lita, N.Yiiccitot  Ta,  inglicig Bros. Shows.
nhn. -Musical: Famnily, Davenport,     la", Livingstons, The: En route with Ringling
1K-I1-                                      Bros. Show.
S11' '. oaura. Dinlc  D 1olls: Orphouma,  LeFis Sc Chapin: En route with the Fay
Silt take Cics 1tclc 10-'1.              Fse     o
}{nward, Ed.: alker's Museum, Boston, Long, John: Family, Erie, Pa., indef.
Tcllicg'v ])illon: Trre Heut., Ind., 16-11. Iinn. Ben: Theatorium, Bennington, Vt.,
IticirI  c taec-Orheuci Iici~aoIll  indef.
I1ert & Rogers: Orpheue, hicago     I      T-eslie Sc Williams: Colegrove, Pa.. indef.
Hict ad Th1   : Onconta 'nion Fair, One- Leonard, Gus:    Acme,    Sacramento, Cal.,
attic          -1                           indef.
Hecibet'. Dogs: An...ts iccnt Hall Exhibi  La Reno, Art.: Al Fresco, Peoria, Ill., In-
iac, Fred-ciclicic N. B. Canic' 14-I1.    def.
oenrv. Papt.. ItonN. Rim(atic. Ne.. 9-21. Le nard, Eddie    &   Co.:  Hammerstein's
IIcihac'ks Th-: Chicago 0. It., Chicago      Roof. Nev York, indef.
1l1.. 16-21.                              L.ampe Bros.:' Enl route swith De Rue Bros.
Ioffmccan. Gertrude: Colonial.  New York   Minstrel Co.
City, l6 21                               I'a Delles, The: 0. H. Decatur, Ind., Aug.
100111-Sept. 21.
Lorell S Loell: Moss & Stoll Tour Eng.,
9I IF re B    IrINNE: En route with the     June 24 to Nov. 2.
' Ecitir  Burlrsotiers.                    Lavell, G. A.: ERn route wcith the Patter-
Inmcensaphone: Henderson's, Coney Island,    son Carnival Co.
N. Y., indef.                             Levers, The: En route cith the West &
lrcin, Jack: En route crith the Tiger Lil-    A'Iells Show.
lies Co.                                  Le Fevre & St. John: En route with The
International Muc ical Trio: En route with    Mayor of Tokia.
the Night Owls.                          ILo Roy, Victor: En route with The Matinee
Imperial Viennes,  Troupe: Etc route with     Girl.
Harnum & Bail-- show.                   Lea-is, Andy &   Co.: En route with Al.
Inness & Ryan: Orphiinc , Chicago, III.. 16- Re'cs Show.
21.                                       Le Fleur, Hermccn: Bijoui, I, Croose, 'Wis.,
Icccciiin'alctone: Otlitccici Salt Lct City,  indlef.
m talla61n                               Lee, Mr. & Mrs. Jes. P. & Little Madeline:
Inliulson, Adolphi S.: Flood's Park, Balti-   1'eople's, Los Angeles, Cal., indef.
mcre, Ad., 9-21.                          Leeds & Ie Mar: En route w ith Ringling
Bros. Siow.
Lasere Fred: Rn route with Yankee Rob-
JiHNSON & BITKIi-Y: En route crith          inson Show.
the E mpcict   loli-tncuir'e.          Langer, W. J.: En route with Cole Bros.
Jud-g' Chas.: En rout ' wciic the Hagen-   Shos.
hek-Aacc- owo.                      La Rex. Toseph: En route with Ringling
.1, ks,  rac,  Eg cnhcck-W'allace Show.    Bros. Show.
Jucc-  &  Marzon: En route wcith Barton    Lindsay's Monkeys:   White City, Chicago,
Mlinstrel..                                 Apir. 21 to Oct. 20.
Johnson, Miniii  Etc rout(, crith Barnum  Leo. IllTusionist: En route with J. Frank
&S Hailty Show.                             Hatch Shows.
Jordonn. The Five: En route crith      the  Le Gray, Dollie:    White City, Oshkosh,
Ringling  ros. Show.                       Wis., indef.
.Julian, Dalli: En route with Barnum   &   Lamblertos,  Five   Juggling:  Jamestown,
Bailey Show.                                Exp., Norfolk, Va.. indef.
Jacobs & Sardel: En route     with  Sells-  La Couver. Lena: En route with the Fay
Floto Show.                                 Foster Co.
Johnsans. To, Jim     Sc Maybelle: Vaude-   Lockhart Sisters: En route with Burgo-
ville, Tipton, Ind., indef.                 master Co.
Judsons, The Great: Althers Show No. 1, Linniger Trio: En route ccith The Great
SI. Louis,. Mo., indef.                     Santell Co.
Jarvis, Art: En route with Ringling Bros.   Lyons, John'. En route with the Chain-
Sicact.                                     pagne Girls-
July &c Paka: Cedar Point, Sanduiky, 0.,    Lane,   in. C.: En route writh the Great
inler.                                     HaTml ond Co.
ii ''  AllI Ic.c: En  route  with  the  Great
Lan(asti r.Tc: cmlii  , Sinlhi, Ohio, 16-
21  ;   p r  H us, Grcnville,  0.,  23-29.
LaIbS, Aicikin':  iou, Hacin', Wis., 16-
, ,1 .
1Licis,  J.:  Poli's,  Worcester,  Conn.,  16-21.
Leonlirtit. AI.: (). Ii., Sharon, Pa., 10-21;
2ark, Youngstown, 0., (1.. .-28.
cl     (Trent 12: K ith's, 1.cding,  Pit.,  16-21.
'sIn.,  lirit.  &  Co.;  i.'lutihcia,  St.  Louis,
M o.,  1 -1
J .iglitons,  'J  ree:  Shea's,  Buffalo,  N.  Y'.,
it; i.
Lcc L,'Chaprnan: Sodini's, Clinton, Ia., 11
Le stir & Bowen: Poll's, Worcester, Mass,
I% 1M1 & Sinclair: Poli's, Hartford, Conn.
1, re Ci'mely Four. Broadwiay, East ST
I     uil,  I.,  15-1;  'ciium't, South  Chicago,
ccitt,.1r      F~ti  air.  'iautoin,  Ill..  10  21.
1  i1 &  l1,'oni: L~yric', Littie tRock, Ark.,
I ttnorit", Th: Orphum, Hockford, 1il., -f-
etf'ees, The Griat: Indcpendence, Ia., 16-
Liltll & Crnouch: Columbia, Cincinnati, 0_
IaVino, Edward: Columbia, St. Louis, Mo.,
Lew"Is & LaMke: Heilig, Portland, Ore., 1;-
Iccott  Sisters: Atll tic  City. N. J.,  16-21.
LTiII Bros.. O. If.. Eri', Pa., 10-21.
LaToska, Phil: Tarry Toi, Long Beach,
Cal., 10-21.
Laliei & Cress: Poli's, Springfield, Mass.,
Letiucls & Lemiuela: Star. Mcees Rocks,
la.. 1 -21.
Lakila. Harry: Sctar. Charloni. Pa., 10-21.
tnfine-Citiaron Trio: Epire. Hlioken, N.
J., 16-21.
Tatny  Bros: Faic'. TaI ortr  'ivt. Ia.,  1I-21.
Lnrcine, Oscar: Shul irl . lctin, N. Y., 10-21.
LaMaze Bros., T'rcI: Coll'g , Dayton, 0.,
Lehman, Joseph & Co.: Dijou, Quincy, Ill.,
Lester .& Quinn:   Family, Mahano' City,
pa., 16-21.
Leslie, Fred: Fair. Ononta, N. Y.. 17-21.
I-Dent. The Great: Mlaryland. Baltimore,
11cas, Jinmie: Poli's, 2Yorcester, Mass., 10-
il ith the Empire Eurlesquers.
Mignon, Helene: Empire, St. Paul, Minn.,
McSorley  &   Eleanore:   Gem,   Missoula,
Mont., indef.
McGregor, Lula, B.:   Star, Altoona, Pa.,
MoPris &S Hemmingway: En : lute with Ha-
verley's Minstrels.
McCabe, Jack: En route      with the New
----'entury Girls.
Marion & Lillian: En route with the Ti-
ger  Lillies.
Malchow, Geo.: Hijou, Oshkosh, Wis., in-
Alanning Trio: En route with the Cowboy
Marnelli Marnites Troupe: En route with
the Elugling Bros. Showv.
Millets, The: En route with the Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Mooney, Harry J.: En route with the Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
McGee &    Collins:  Park, Couer d'Alene,
Idaho, Indef.
MacDowell, John: Irwin Manitowoc, Wis.,
IteCree, Junle: La Salle, Chicago, Ill., in-
Miller & Russell: En route with the Al
Reeve's Show.
Morris, Ed.: En route with Al Reeve's
Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Mark: East Setauket,
L,.  I.,  indef.
Mu rphy & Magee: En route with Williams
Moore & Dillon: En route with the Fc
Foster Co.
Morrison, John: Central, Seattle, Wash
Marguerite & Hanley: En route with the
Ringling Bros. Show.
Marno, The Bros.: En route with Ringling
Bros. Shows.
Mtlire Golem Troupe: En route with Ring-
ling Bras. Showv.
Masse, Billy: Empire, Fresno, Cal., Indef.
Millership Sisters: En route with the Wat-
-ons Burlesquers.
Mcre1, Ino: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wallace Show.
Manhasset Comedy Four: En route with
Ease Sydells London Co.
Martynne, The Great: En route with Rose
Sydells London Co.
May, Cecil & Co.: En route with The Great
Santell Co.
Miaro, Stella: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wallace Show.
Matsumoto: Hagenbeck-Wallace Show.
Masa S Hatchi: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Moores, The: En route with the Behman
Melrase, Mr.: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Magri, Count Countess & Baron: En route
with Gentry Bros. Show.
Malehow, Geo.: Bijou, Oshkosh, Wis., in-
Martell Family: En route with Cole Bros.
Marx, Ed & Curt: En route with Campbell
Bros. Show.
Mason 1 Fillurn: Couer d'Alene, Spokane.
Wash.. Indef.
Meers, Marie & Oaika: En route with Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
lassey, Joe: Lyric, San Antonio, Texas,
Mathews & Harris: Lake Sunapee, N. It..
McCauley, Birdie & Joseph: Gem, Minne-
spolis, Minn.. indef.
Miller, John: En route with the Ringling
Bros. Show.
McGee &    Collins: Park, Couer d'Alene,
Ida., Indef.
MCree Sc Davenport: Eln route with Ia-
genherk-Wallace Slios.
Moore. Jessie: En route with the Night
That's what Ueorge Cohan
asks in his new song. Do
you know that the country
just now is one bigbroad gig=
gle? And do you know why?
Answer: -Prosperity. Good
Prosperity means much to
you, Mr. Manager. It means
that the people will demand
Quality with acapital Q,be-
cause they've got the money
to pay for it.
I deal in Quality Films and
I give Quality Service. Easy
enough to say, but it takes
an almighty lot of hustling
to actually deliver the goods,
Andi Ido.
My business is booming!
Orders for machines and my
Winter film service are pour=
ing in onme. There's areg
ular grape nuts reason for it.
Stay with a winner! Slip
me aletter!
Order Machines through inY
New York Machine Branch, 409
Flatiron Building.)
4cci 7.

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