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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Raymond, Edward
Raymond's weekly budget: professional news and comment,   p. 19

Page 19

eptember 21, 1907.
\IlYl  N Y E, lh  popular a dvanc to
111nhas ithe   rN   illIity  to  formn -
ioin salnastii ro'Ixl letrioe the en-
yshs ttInuilo his escape. Several sext-
uas aIgo iII, wasiahoid of 1Ii MisS Madilo
lmiin  'mpany in the East. Arriv-
[ag at L ; IIt ain New Enigland town, he !
ro000'41l0 to lt 110l to arrange rates.
lile linndlord, who was ofi the crabbed
ankes  vait.  .'vidintly was feeling
"W idInit kp show folks here," Le
narlil  "'Tlhert's  nothing  in  'cim.''
"Unlili       retepl,' rlied  Nye, walking
wardl  111  d)or, 'th r niIt'ver  would  be
tiley stopldhr"
Pen liey mid Telssii laynes opened
lint( liter-stat circuit Sept. I; and no
ult nixie good. Tiey are two clever
plh  with  goodiI tatil -that's the
11',  I'unni l iing  onhouit  B1ta.  1Ile
si r lili he  origitiuttr  I  iig  tim
tyin''  11  ut1ised  to  pick  out hxtl sop
ordeid xi  iiopat d melodiis at the.
twlic and unohody, knew what to miake
it  Ilxt  that  w\is  btefore  the  piblic
is            Ixuat-d  In   t i  mirits  of rag  thim .
'iv  i got i n il the  ipplause thal s cot n-
Th, tn   of iehlearsals is at hand and
oany pefomiis having a try at the le-
ltmaI liud it linrd to curtail their
ndeie -  to  ad  li)  lines.  Sone  di-
tor]    xx I-   tO   than  parxtiCular,  its  is
own 1x ti rillowing: w.len the Pur-
Lad. Sxnd i  Rosenfelds' ilever coam-
was il rehlearsal, Robt. Rogers, prin-
lut xiinowlian, had ait line which ran,
lit-tilt, Iy boy  not so loiud.'  Mr. Rog-
, in an  x( ,.'s  of feeling  said, "Tut-tut
I, nli Nov."  110 was instatI  stopped
the proptitti  who rimarked, "Only
)  tut,,  l-ise.
Duke )ltrow,  of liirrow &  Mititell
as a,  Illor last week, and  inforilmed  tmie
at th ' have Jist (iosed a ver , stc-
sful 41ntureo, playing five iel Inl the
ihi  lxiit  (f wi vel  over  saw  a. co-
h::lls'ti'l li w s"tie" sl t." I i":
an  est & Harso.Th         riffiithls,
frd i    i 0N     o       Mitchell
rthuir Saiuders, who is playing tihe'
It of T. '. Sears at the La Salle tite-
r" has hon ix very ls  man since tile
son opnd. Not only did i10 Itaxe
stiiiing of his part in The Girl Ques-
n1, bl also haid the directing of that
0 aid 'Ihle Uipire, simultaneously.
SGirl 'i   c Tere is anotlit' stuccess-
pIrodiitin, staged by Mr. Saunders.
Louis & ITayr recently  closed  their
ietr season at Olympia Park, Chat-
nooga. Tenn., where their act. "On The
l   was iieniice. Tl e eople vis-
117the. iiii-k dporitig that wee-k beli eved
wotx Millattis iecausxe of the clever
ila  f ittuheir sttg  cliactirs. Iteitr
',kings tar thxis sieison aire oei tici
-ith-Pr.-tor  circuit.
hris. (1. Brown  attended tl( olia
the SIxtsi.c theater at Indianapolis,
I reprts xtht the neow theatier is a
tIly li lhat the opening hill had an
dilent axxai of talent. While in In-
npolis, 'iis. was the guest of Man-
J Ni. N  n f ithe new  teater. Mr.
Illt'  anx  xniali  reputaiiti  ais  atil
rthir If. Khexrns. while playing the
ino ;I S''ring  lrook  Park, South
liii Ii.1 was presented with an es-
fally dii Inied Elks and Eagles cliarma.
sa pair of Engle's talons, inside of
lt is ;I  aitifully miounted solid gold
hi hin   x around which is a horse shoe
I evi4r1 the top of the whole is in-
bed F. 01 E.
LTarav, O nd i Ic, who are playing the
and thI Frenchliedy part with the
Sonett lii <ii i1 intn reports iihe show
ellees artistiilly iad fitiaacially. Mr.
vees sintiging specialty  is  nightly
1 ingf i t       eor ii l netts ni-
xilxi fact sigixiIesmanre thxatamere
IxxOal flotlxi thoase in trontt.
hn TV Considine passed through this
Iltfill 1Winy City last week en
to olmei inon  his  eastern  trip.  I  tried
'btain mi witerview with John IV.
1 th ciit, hut the Master Eagle
too lxxxsx to talk.
.11vari  ' & OnLon open oi the Sullivan
onisidin  circuit Oct. 14 at the Bijou
ter,  Iliutli, Minn., witlt  coast time  to
follow. The teal his a way of inxkin
g"  i  xlii  tlie, will not belie  their furiL
repttliltiI  this Senson.
Elvn    Watson, who is tnow doin
singing and dancing s'pcility on SIii
& Considine ci-it is one of the origini;
\atsl  sisters whoii rut'd ax Mild foir
ire   few yexrs ago with their startlin
xerial act,
'"hx' original Amterican  News  Inloy
Quixartette closed their suinri xovrxk Axn.
:;1 at  tiitdland  Park, Indianapoli
'ley open their regular season at Iii
Ne\w Auditorium  theater, Pilttsig, 1i
and are booked until March 8th.
Einia Francis and her Arabs sail fo
Europe early next spring to open in Puir
is Junie 4. tarl xti ighit wNecks' elxxxiv'
Ilet. The XXit'I Gartden i    1 tBerli  il
tollow the Paris engagemienit
SeYinoui &  Dulpree are iiaking goo
witt titxs ttit public and tle press. Re
cent news not 's fromn St. Louis Mo., :ll
Louiixxe Ky., spoik imost Iltteringl
of them.
Myrtle Victor ine, sollretto and   too
<    xxlc,  is booked Solid until Februlary
l      i  iti  tilt X .ttlt  1  itti  Y  uxdeill
Atixiii i  al   wh ich Site ix tot piai
special engagenent in miusixi comiedY.
Jake Sternad and R. G. BIuckian an
wife attended the opening of the Fanilx
Thlalter at Molin and DaviIpoirt. Jake
reports tilat both itotiSeS are dis biut
tangible ones.
Miss Sailor, who is playing with Hl(xi
Leslie, was taken slnly ill last Slit
urday and was unable to appealr. MIix
Mae I)upxnit who was on the bill, renIl
Miss Sailor's part
Chas. Kilpatrick retur ied to Chicago
last week fronti  Souti Inavei, where lit
has beenl all summiler, preseniting his wvon-
derful hicycle ride.
Eonditi   &  InleY have recently 11l-
i'0iti. n  S.. Iqx x lxv  tie'nxl  lni:
iSlix  illtxx't'x-x  oiix   il til.1  Atatixixi  cii'
xliii xani  ittix'titil  " lii lt' L, ixl tili' Gus-
Situ  i-iit  for  thirty  weeks.
tIxIl AlCatit axi'file ('11u. OveI T'''e'x
< Ill n1  1t 11Cn iT  G linOver ', lieova
Iith Miss   McCanre   and  the  miusixal
draina was a SUeeiss.
X'inna and Frank, who have ben(,i  one
of the featre acts of the 101. iHnch, will
remiaint with that attraction un11t Decent-
1er 1.
The Grazer's have jusIt filiSed all tie.
big parks for the association aiind are now
doing the Orphoun circuit.
Maurice Kane &    Maggie Benton ire
piesentinga inew singngtaand dancing act
ix vaxxxlxx'ilxi. atdiiteptirt suxcces'.
F. WV. itess. tat LaSaille, Ill. wis a re-
\'nlt visitr at t' oies of the T'Wstern
X'devill' Aanagers' Associatitxoni.  I-e
Was necomlpanlied Joy his partner, Mr.
Ixloopt, ml the dto wre busilx engaged
securing acts for their playhouse for tiht
fall tind winter.
Tony Ryder's Monkeys, in scenes fromt
Zululand, are    mieeting  with  suices
nt a . I  terxt't, ilta of  ing  his  original
illlxedI dining table. is stetuing bookings
for the coming season.
The Two De      Comas. acrobats and
ground tu imblers who are now    playing.
fairs. will go into vaudeville at the clos'
of the season.
* * *
Mazuz and Mooazett are amiong those
]looked on the Inter-Staite circuit.
Espe, Dutton & Espe. in a pantoninie
novelty introducing  comiedy  unicycling,
have xoen playing throughot Wisconsiin.
Ed Palfrey reports that Palfrey &
Heflir in theit rnex  acrobatic act ire
going great in the (last.
TWells Bros. and Dlixilie TWells recently
concluded a stcesstful engageient at
the Goety. iGalesburg. Ill.
Charles and Aril TIoeklow, "that bip
fllw and the daintY little dancer," re-
centlv played at the Auditorni theater,
Parkersbuitrg, TY. Va.
* *' *
Roberts. Hayes and Roberts. in their
sketch. The Cowboy, the Swell and the
TiIE3 MwctiILLAN, Ues-see ,I-id maagerm
*Week septem-berl 16    Th Iairy Fal-i-i
James Durkin
1Xling ManRD
E. Laurence Lee
Harry Von Meter
Morris McHugh
T. Edward Mc Gillan
.11ht Conlied(1
Smith Davies
Virginia Keating
Leadin   \ oniali
Louise Randolph
Carrie Clark Ward
Jean Adair
Gcn'1 lBus.
Sedley Brown
Diret r
Allan Kelly
TheAllegorical Finale
"Eyes of Man"
With the Empire Show                       3 Curtains Nightly
only a fewv mor(- weeks open-~in this country. Those whlo  were unlable to land ui  for-
this seaso get Ill line now for next seasonl: timei being booked up rapidly. Willhbe ack on
tis continlent Junie 1. 100s.
liuropean laiiutgir-xs address EDWARD MARSH, 208 W. 42nd St., New York, N. Y.
.   11  -oh re- W. (. McKINNEY, Mgr., 792 North Hanlin Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
5               FLYING DORDENS
Featured Third Season with Pain's Fireworks
T'lmis'  Adilres,sJoerIiiuate
Doing  \Vll. Thani)i t,   \VIuli  ,:impire  ll eilx-stilers
(W.  R~. eidUdt       care it The Show  World
La.dy, xi  booked oi the Inter-State cir-
TLow  'Tells, the mtonologist, is booked
oi the Illter-State tircuit.
Iniixt  - iLexxis are'x in Ciiag  at'-
illxvixxv foxi Ixtixh"tgs for the canig fxx1
anld winiter,
Paul Kleist, the uiilsiciaa, is booked Oix
the( InIter-State circuit.
Tomi   Ripley, the singing ainid dancing
comedia . lIms fresienled up his mIxono-
logue aiii] is seciiring bookings for next
* * *
Join Fields. Jr., las a new inoalogue
li Joe Flyini.
Jos. . Watson
&k   Season 190lEulRoute,8Barnum
Bailey Greatest Show on Earth

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