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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Correspondence,   pp. 31-32

Page 31

September 14, 1907.
.Coliti li foa  Page  11
rs)i-1t<ing pietures and songs.    Ed. U).
Sayle, siiget.
eLiie lPark   (C. W. Church, mail-
ari- -Vaudeville continues to be the at-
IThe Middletown Lodge of Elks opened
their new house on Main street the even-
ig of Sept 5
Miss ituth 1'age, of McGrath & Page, is
visiting at her hone here.
Freemtont Briggs, of this city, has opened
houses for moving pictures and illustrated
ongs its Itorisle, Conn., and    Puttais,
is., inidtr the  ialmae otf  tIe  IIriggs
Amusmnt   ComIpanIy.-CHAIES    POW-
BLLDi)E1i, Sept. 7.-The Parker Aluse-
ient Cu. did a good business here     and
pleased  veryone, witii their clean shows,
week Aug. 26-31.
Tenpl. (t. A. Hartman,      igr.)-This
popiar a tl-eville house opened Aug. 26 to
rig 1-se -, Continuitg will  iek. 'Ill s   M
steele,(,  WVill F. Nescill,  Mile  aisrie
ieontinta, Floyd Davis and Moving Pictures,
scek 2-7.
C'nirrt OperaIlfouse (i. 1'. o'einey, nsgt.
-Tile  iuetcscrtt aisc  Cotwboy oleciled tihe
season sit. 2. 3 alltager  iny tts boo0l ed
an exceetiig strolccist ttf attrtactiones folr
the conting y-ar, including The Hioly City,
13; Os tile Frontier, 17; West's Minstrels,
l; Joe Newtian, 24; Yanke" Itegent, 2S;
tavn5e lill's Wild West, 4. -1M. i. BE-
ALTON, Sept. 7-Temlple     (W. M. San-
vage, inanager).- Vaudevillt held forth all
last week at this house. The bill included
The Rosaire, Wells Bros. and Dollie Wells,
11ellway & Wolbring, Chas. Toole and the
Kinodrome.  The Minister's Son was the
attraction  Sunday  iatine   and   light,
Sept. 1.
This week's vaudvillo bill will include
The Bensons, Marie Alba, Clarke &    Tem-
ple, Francin' Lalatrche and    Tige, Chas.
Toole and the Ktinodtonie.
Frank Murphy, of the team of Murphy &
llagee of Williams' Ideal Burlesquers, this
week pliying  the   Standard  theater, St.
Louis, has been   visiting  his  wife, Miss
LaMerise, iht is playing  at  the above
cisente thcis sidek.
Rock Sprig itok.-Advanced   vaudevila
015s iteecttet heie Labor, Day wdith good
success.-J. H. ISLEY.
BELVIDERE, Sept. 7.-Derthick      Opera
louse (Mrs. W. H. Derthick, nigr.)-The
ioyal (h'ef, 3; 'file District Leader, 5; A.
loor Rlation, 0; Jam11s Boys, 9; Path's
Opera t.., lU; It Old Time, 13; 'nctr
Southern Skies, it;; hilly Berry Ainstrels,
I;My Wife's Famiily, 21; Nettit, The Waif,
23; Lile  Ytnniu  Y tlinsot,  25.
Lyric Theater (W. J. Rudesill, tmgr.)-
WVeek'l Aug. 2t0, Illustrated- stongs and not-
ngpictus-c; good louses.-t. V. lOWERS.
JACK'S(INVIt.LLE, Sept. 7.-The     Grand
Opera .Ous- will open 12, wcith When We
Wtere Friends. The isust will be managed
this year by L. J. Martindalt. The theater
will seat  1,250  perssons.-H. 1'. OBER-
.MIUN, Sept. 7.--Rolaind    theater, A
Ilillioltire Tramip opened 7, to good house.
Corain, East Lynne, it; advancet vaude-
filt, 16- . 0. KIMBALL.
PARIS, S-pt. 7--Shoaff's Opera     House
L. A. I. Shaff, ianager).-The Minister's
eat, 0-i'd 4; The Flaming Arrow, 9; Uncle
St Hashins, 11; The Belle of Japan, 14;
Old Arkansaw, 17; Royal Stock Company,
1l; Jamets Boys, 24; Toyland, 27; Are You
a Mason, 28.
Vaudeile   Pasilion (H. C. Engeldrum,
callae     eBusiness  ssleidid  i  Sih good
fills, llloig  pcictures,  illustrateti  songs,
andintrumental nusic.
Nickeilttian.-Busincss continues good.I
Thest hndio  (Lou   Black, ilanager).-
I   asineo  started good t ao thees ago tnd
Wallace-lCagenbeck    Combined     Shoes,
Sept. it.
Tony eunting, Fho plays Cinders in the
e lilace       citha ie other thr , Hunt-
g, had a painful aceident hereBriAg. 0.
i tryicg to fasten a   saene  oook into
is cont at the d  of the scroMr act  ils
"seper" pulled too Sooin aist Iluiug's
ight hamcdisas tietehy torn.
I ics cortia  received at time  Dagen-
Ia~k-tlnce Car No. 1 wehich seas hers
flastNaducsa y., nter Burns has ecent-
Ybeen   ilacetd in  frge of tis c    a-
 15 tNlFErly bDen on te Brigadeto John
"a Rose  the  former manager of Ne. 1,
Te geing  ahead   of  the car. b inr. Burns
,aii that iss car cioultd siceiti 1.1iot' Day
in Paticsetmis, IKy., anti tlet titey would
eteke icl "Idle Day'' of it.-C. J. BARR.
SPRIN(:nrELD, Sept. 7.-Chatterton Op-
'Is Hoace lies. IV. Chattertomi, nnasgr).--
Tbe Kise 'fTranmps, Sept. 1, business good;-
Tempest and Sunshine, 2, business excel-
Majestic (E. T.Karm, manager).-Tho
urgonaeter, Aug.  29-31.   Miss   Marion
lack, who actedi tie role of Dame Stuy-
"n    ts aformeerl  of this city. Sue ws
Ilbnslastirally  re-eieci  lay  her  mcainy
fiiends.  She  has  a  beautiful contralto
Four ilutings in tie Fool House, Sept.
1-. TIt Huntings are always welcome in
thils cite  1u1sint5s gcotd
The Orphuntr is S grnoiod.           a
Tflehe, (t itsim Sltriisgfit-he's news samte-
"till house opened by Messrs. Dane Myer-
Way ta T     atti  'These two gentlemen
ta tht'tt 51W  WORLD    is tile time-
atrical paper of tle year.           ee
'pt. , wil        o   el    They opened
acroba  I et; Sirroji; Joseph Garza, Span-
lienia Lslio cin and Powers, comedians;
trated sIns  sa-xa ltote aist crnet; illus-
datdsgls ant i tet ing ]aictttr-S.
semIpo2ie (Jno. Connors, nanageCr)-Veek     I
e  2  iox and    Caiber, Tilli-n  Littl
't     i Damings, The Darleys. Agnes Wents
.\nie Mack, Lillian Ludwig, Connie Wart
The lGoodoivs, Ned West.
Olymii (C. J. MeCaril, imanagtr).- Sop
2, Ol lpic Stuck Company, in His Ni
anti Htis Nobs.
White City (J. C. Gill, manager).-Sep
1 Hudson Sisters, Beere and Hicks, Wate
'actory  Band.    Business   good.-(t.   I
ELKIIHRT, Sept. 7.-Buckey theater (F
S. Timinils, luanager).-Mabel     Barriso
and Joseph E. Huiard in The Fiats        o
flst  Ratnchi, oltensted seteson  weithe  a Itr
d iftmsliabe au clieu si attritma. 'tin
lt11lttl < lttiumbol5  NClre  tll  citetteti at !ti
hatl-tmnlt  gavce  tile  btest ssstsiseatto
1ttm'stsan 1tearts, 2; Man of tl- Haour, :1 ti
Clothes Alan, 4; The Clay Baker, 5; Ma'
Nest Husband, 0.
I y-stal (S. IV. Laurie, nlianager).-Sepct.
Elliott and Wert, Al Derby, The Scolicids
111tes Mt e.Gowani, Ialter Joseph arl' T
Elks 'air in New Elks Temple, 9 to 14.-
EVANSVILLE, Sept. 7.-OakSuninitParl
i- F1   . 1 s alligti,  ilt1 agt-r). lie  bit
for thse closiing Ncte!5 useiuti-d the Atiissa
Biothers, actabats snt tquilll-ristt; John .H
W. Hyrne, nlsonaosgtl st; ShlannoI and Straw
clueour sketch; iutnkim and Lesiet, colmidi
tmusmitial act,aind ela Vyc and a-its, ac
robatic eccemmreiccs.
Cooks Park    theater  (Harry  Lawerence
mnatger). As a elosiing future for thi
park the show    consisted of home taln
Wells Bijou (Alex Jenkins, imanager).-
The Vanderbilt Cut, Sept. 1-1; The feddler
Sept. A, 6 and 7; The RocIeCy     lountai
Express, 8-12; The Empire, 12; Th ioust
of a Thousand Candles, 14.
Grtad  Opera House (Petlcy & Burch
manages).-Sept. 1-7, The (oreat Santell
Hopkins Bijou (Col. Jack Rpke, mana-
ger).-Manager Ropke announces that his
house will open with high class vaudevill
the last of Septomber.-5. 0.
GOSHEN, Sept. 7-The rebuilt Jeffersor
theater, one of the finest playnIouses in hi-
<tiana, is  eari-ng Compietion.  It will be
tiedicated Thursuay evening, Oct. 10. Ma-
rno Cahiliii cllI eresent Marrying lai' asi.
tile cdcaisce same of seats at $10s an d 82o
subscrilttti is now $1, Ue0. 11ny G. Sote-
niters, fotmerly of tie Illimnois timeater,
Chicago, and nsow    of  the Knickterboclke
titater, New York, is the lessece and mamn-
ager, and George Krutz, of     Goshen, the
business manager.    The Nelson Company,
of Chicago, is tidoing the interior decorating,:
wIsich will be ctry claborate.   Early at-
tractions booked ale Maude Fealy, Crank
Damieis, Hatte IWilliamis, Kyrle liellew, A
Knight for    a  Day, Kathiryns  Ostetiian,
Ie-tster's Millions, The Man of the Hour,
and Joseph E. Howard and Mabel Barri-
Miss Fairy Pluib, of Goshen, who has
been in vaudoville, Imas joiied B. C. Whit-
Isy    omplany presenting My W5ife's Fain-
11y.-I. DAVIS.
LOGANSPORT, Sept. 7-Dowling Theater
(Jno. E. Dowling, manager).-Sept. 2, Mar-
tini's U. T. C. to. packted 'em  tx at both
inaitste  and nigst pertrmainees. Pilay well
etagetd anmd acted. Lymnani Ii. lows, nsov-
ins  ismtutnes, 3,  ood hotse; T'ohle)d, u.
Ctystni '1'heater (T'. Htardie, meamtger)-
Sept. 2-7, Crystal Bell, singing soubrette;
Knight & Seaton, in   aunhandle Pete; Haley
&  eaymnd, comedy sketch; Will McKee,
illustrated song; the Kinodrome.
C. W. 1'arker's carnical closed a sue-
cessful week Aug. 2i-U1.-CHAS. J. EL-
MNCIEIGAN    CITY, Spt. 7-Grand Opera
Htuse    (Otto u eer, ms   ager)- aneer
authern Sies, 1, fair esoue, good show
'mae ld Clothes Mam, 2, good    sou   Liu-
imsoineats, c; Al skartit's Umce Totem's
vabin, 7; My Wif's eamiy, E; hot     o-
Ties, 11; Raffles, 15; Slr Girl, 17; Sis
Hiopeins, 21; District Leatder, 22-:22; Uce
-Josh Sisruceby, 27; Isle of Spice, 26; Billy
tamy'e iaptreis, 21.
Bijou Vaudeville TE. J. Cox, anager).-
Wetek of Sept. 2: Chtarlty Crenyon, yen-
tilequist; Leonard Ians, daTi  g Adonis;
Posers & w   reed, instruaentalists; Spalhe
Voil  Berk, illustrated  songs; Le sMitt &
Ashmore, farcical coSedy, Attenanee fair.
MUNCIE, Sept. 7 Star (C. Vo Andrews
mRanager) opened tse seasom   with an ex-
ceptionally strong bill during week of 2 -7,
and capacity business respondedt.    Harloe,
audiett & Co. in Seakspariau Iurie sque
eatie a tremendous lit; Afdiss    &  Li-
ingston in a comedy shit and hates & Ne-
ills  fere cortially reeis'e; Ein & dlo-
ieggsu  were     clever ad Frlstk r ay and
time Camneragnapht s   Toret  o usual  ( sit.
Majestic Laeroy Tudo,    aimager) contin-
aes to give theater (J.m   a        card of high
standard  specialties.    This house will be
Juder anw &ianagenent after Sept. . The
till during (eel  of  2-7 includes Elmer
leromne; F-iddler & Shelton, !it a comedy
turn; Shanotn & Straw,    ay  ed  er, and
the IKinodoeme.
Wysor H. Grand . It. Wor, marager)a
nue Nest Minister played to fco splendid
mutiences 2, Jon. d'tmscers as tise Irici thl e-
ective  Scoredi  hea-vily, Rtaffles, 5;  Tie
Inish Senatr, 6; 'I'hores and (Seamsge Blos-
itnas, 7.
Th'ie fie-emt tiseafers Coittinue to do0 a
hig summtr busimness csith illtistrtsteti songs
mut maaving picturts. 'The Etcyal (foeson
& Canan. managers), weithm ltne Shsafter,
mld the Theatteimrc (J. D. 1)inisnsc-e, msaim-
Iger), ipresenting itarvey Hteatht ture Idieas-
msg  croiteti Istetmes  diaily. '1'he Palace
Joidall & Mecistel, mansagers) anti tie
amticsiIe (Eti. i]tenbeerger, manager), as-
ictei icy Ethel Doeoley and Leonsarti Mclt-
ister-, report good betsiness.
Mtanager H-. B. Wysctr of tile Grats,] hast
nnggeti btoeing  wcithm  Kist  &~ lEr;llc-c
I 1 thi  Se  7. m allace (tin ltali  I
W  I aace, Inr ----1iunpty Dum pty Aug. 2
good business; Aug. 2, A Break for Liber
ty, fair business; Sept. o, Rafterty's Fiji
Pro.pects for season 1907-S0 at the Wa]
1,0In  tuncater ar glowing as bookings   al
t.  i my and variety  assured.-M. 1. Ot
s    lRINCETON, Sept. 7-This will be th
t tig week in all places of amusement. Th
l ig Gibson County Fair is on, and it I
the only fair it the state that continue
tor teven days.
The Kidd Theater has two good bills fo
the week: On the Bridge at Midnight, 6-7
and The Missouri Girl, 8-9.
The State Street Rink opened to a bi
crosd and will have night sessions, only
tdtring tile week.
'The trere 110ing picture shows have al
put on extra help to handile the fair weel
oCrowds.  The Harrington Stock Compan
play it own pavilion for the entire week.
c  C. G. TAYLOR.
d    TERRE, HAUTE, Sept. 7-Grand (T. WV'
'Barhydt, manager) Sept. 1, S. Miller Ken
in Raffles; 2-2-4, Great Eastern -World
5-6-7, Flaming Arrow. Large audiences
,  Lric  (John  Hetzel,  manager).-Re
OpeIteleater being entirely tenovatel, Mon
tiys Sept. 2, to parked house. P'layed ca
pacity iith an all-star bill as follows: Nel
l ie Andresws Opera Company fin The Bo-
hemtian Girl; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Colby
black art neusieal aet; Tsvo Franeisos
k  Australian  contfy   conjurors;  Win,  T
Mills, comedy  imtpersonations;  Brown   &
Wilmot, fashion plate singers and dancers
Next we-k: Lamont & Milliltan, eccentric
imusical act; Mceireen & Brothers, comedy
acrobats; Emmons, Rmterson & Emtnonds
cettdy sketch; Emily Nice, petits singei
and dancer; Dick Lynch, singing and danc-
Varieties (Jack     Hoefflor, general man-
ager).-Reopened    Sept.  2   to  immense
crowd. Packed houses at night. Bill fot
the week: Gilroy, Haynes & Montgomery,
comic opera singers    in  the Good Ship
Nancy Lee; Young & Brooks, fine musical
act; John Neff, in brain stornm dance; Dell
& Fonda, European club experts; Ehran-
dall Bros., equilibrists.  Next week: Pro-
fesor Dubois and his trained baboon; Sey-
mour & Dupree, Chinaman and the maid;
Argerta Arnold, opera singer; O'Rourke-
Burnett Trio, consedy singers and dancers;
Ferry the Frognian.
Airdome.-Has changed from vaudeville
to repertoire. Crowds fair.
Lake   View   Park  (free  vaudeville).-
Crowds poor.
Coliseum  (burlesque).-Sept. 1-2, Broad-
stay ieitiy Girls in Suisette. Dresc  ell.
Nickiedoin, Dreanmland and Electric tise-
aters,  lrawing  large crowds.-JOHN     J.
VINCENNES, Sept. 7 McJimpsey The-
ater, which has been managed      by   Col.
Frank Green for a number of years, is
heing remodeled by coner, Guy McJimp-
s-y, who intends to msanage the house this
season, and has changed the name to Grand
O)pera  House.  Manager   McJimpsey    has
tookted a good line, of attractions for the
scaeon and will open Sept. 1   with Irish
The hot weather of fite last few weeks
Ias made the attendance    at Lakewood
Paik extra good. Prof. Monohan has been
teaching fancy skating at the park rink.-
ANITA, Sept. 7.-Johnson's Opera House
(if. Hi. Cats,' mgr.1-Thie Bieggar P'rince
Ope-ratCo., 27, in Fr . Dicola; liise company
tnd large house; audience delighted. Coin-
ing, My Friend from   Arkansaw, Sept. 17;
East Lynne, 21; At the Wayside Inn, Oct.
5.-H. H. CATE.
IOWA    FALLS,    Sept.  7.-Metropolitan
Opera House (E. 0. Ellsworth, mainger).
The season It this house opened Sept. s witi
Are You Crazy, featuring Lorrsine Keene
aint F'rank Damsel.   The Royal fleet, 13,
'ilsHidden Hand, 20, Qjuincy Adams Sacw-
yet 24.  Stage Maitager Al, M. Kiekells
sitoi has servetiin that positon itost accept'
tably for several seasons, still its in charge
of the Metropolitan stage again for the
Carl Pressley, a welit known wcestern ac-
tor-manager made a tragic and dramatic
-xi at his old ome in vebster City, Aug.
bt   ie shot himself itn the street after
burningall eis money in froit of the hotel.
The Greene's Opei-a House lease ball nine
of Cedar Rapi s has  een snning lautrels
this season as an amateur nine,
Messrs. Nie  Is ant Johnson, sto have
neact a success of vaudeville at Waterloo,
tth iit theic doin tlooit house ond at their
soier Electric Park, eae     Ionaced
that tlkianced vaudeile  wil be seen at
titeir places of a        husenent in the future,
hlavitng closedi arrallgenlenits cwith tie TCast
&c Erlanger.
Tse nean doing the toop the loop for the
White City elton-s at Jefferson, Iowca, wvas
instantly killed Aug. 29 sehile making the
loopi, byth ie itandtle bars ofleits ccheel break-
Manager Ed. Pitman of the Pitman Com-
ody Co., was badly poisoned while playing
ait engagement at lowa City. His life was
in peril for several hours and the prompt
attention of a physician alone saved his
li t'. Whether the poison was taken with
eiciial intent or by accident could not be
Wyant & Ludwig are the new managers
of the Opera house at Carroll, tossa. They
l51e lt-1s-d tie house for one year.
The itetty rcptiol givei the si feature
of the lilluilm & B-liley show las induced
tile manahgeenrt of the Cedar, Rapids Car-
lurval whlich openls Sopt. 30th , to oftfer a sjnm
ilar lttract lon this year and Capt. Low has
leen engagd as thl attraction.
The writer is utnder obligations for court-
cmes extended b  Press Agent DeWitt Fel-
lol-s of the  Barnum   &   Baily  Show-
K11OK-  K. Sept. 7.-The theatrical sea-
sit is  t lale  aii the managers and ail
ther fortapro-s are busy getting things into
Thlelat,- for a, lroelercussoa1l5O.
T'fil (11r'I~i OpC fll-rI ittte1). 0. Hugheos,
A le.1gr*l is ) ingc r-dcolIated and1 1s-tld.
-    Il.t-r Hug-es has anl exclb.Int ,lst o1
higiti clattractions booked for lit, coin-
Tnfhe LaSalle-The Cozy little vaudeville
-louse, under the management of     D. E.
Reeves, is also   undergoing   considerable
improvements and    the management     ait-
nlelaiec a strong line of bookeitegs thereugh
ti1e Weste rn Va  levilfe Managers' Associa-
The Casino 'Theater has about closed its
season with the Perry Stock Co. Manager
e Dodge is now busy with his Garick The-
eatsr. Ha. ccill ilcrt highe class vaudeville,
s  changing acts twice weekly,
Keokuk's Free Fall celebtation will occur
Oct. S to 12.-FRANK SANSONE.
SIOUX   CITY, Sept. 7.-The New Grand
theater (H. Ii. Taliman, nigr.) presented
Two Merry Tramps, the band of the show
naking tie hit of tie piece. The Sweetest
Girl in Dixie, Sept. 3; at Cripple Creek A;
The Lyntan 'Twinls, 8; T1illie Olson, 9; Are
You Crazy, 10-11; The Girl Over There, 12-
y3-l4; 'The College Boy, 15; Chauncoy Al-
-Celt, 20.
irphleun (David Bechler, negr.) opened
the season amid a blaze of glory,     Paul
Barnes fully deionstrated that lie can still
t  get a good hand although Lalla Selbini is
Sa strong addition to tile bill. The addition-
al acts of the opening perfolmance were:
Scott & Wilson, Phil & Nettis Peters, Laura
Hoee & Goeo. A. Beanse & Co. The bill for
the cceek of Sept, 8 is Charles L. Fletcher,
Les-Aubin-Leonel, The Chainberlins, Pot-
ter & Harris, Cenn, Doleney & Willard, Eu-
negic Barker and The Kinodeomle.
camily I-ark (F. H. Bradstreet, ig.)
continues to do a good business ccith the
Maryland Comedy Four, The Excela Trio,
Ring & Williams, Collins & Ballard, St.
Clair Sisters and Chas. & Bessie Brownie.
Family Theater tGeo. G. Lehman, mgr.)
-opened Sept. 1 switht Robby IRankin, The
Wormser Tots, Vivian Pearl, Genie Leslie,
Leonard Phillips, illustrated songs and mov-
ing pictures.
the Crystal and Unique theaters continue
to do capacity business with moving pie-
iures and illustrated songs.-L. 1. B.
SPRINGFIELD, Sept. 7. White City-The
free attractions are: Miss Bessie Babb, bari-
tone, singing comedienne; Trask & Glad-
denthe, fashion plate singers and dancers;
The DArau Trio; Billy Roberts.
The managers of tile United Amusement
Company have decided lot to open their the-
aters here until the White City has closed
for the Winter. It is not known definitely
when the White City will shut down for the
Iold season, but it Will be some time in Oc-
In the meantime the Diemer and the
Lyric are to be conelletely gone over and
made ready for the season. The playhouses
will be redecorated and refitted. A stock
company at the Diener and vaudeville at
the Lyric.
It is probable that Harry Lenard, man-
ager of the Diemer for the last three sea-
sons, will again manage it this year.
The Doling Park gave their first annual
fish fry on Labor Day and 10,000 pounds
of fish were eaten-EO. O. HIVELY.
ST. JOSEPH, Sept. 7.-Tootle      (C.  U.
Philley, igr)-Sept, 5, Three of Its.
Lyceull (C. U. Philley, mgr.)-Sept. 1,
Dlavid Corson; good Ilsileese; Shadowed By
Three, 3-4; Champagne Girls, 5, 6 and 7.
Airdoen  (Vail Houteil, ingr.)-Stock cone-
pany in For His Brother's Sake and East
Crystal (Fred Cosman, megr.)-Vaudeville
rontinues to draw.   The Three Mitchells
are the big hit,
Barnum   & Bailey, Number 3 car, billed
the toss-i.
OMAHA, Sept. 7 Away       back  in  1896,
about 200 friends of Manager Sturgess were
invited to witness a   reiearsal of Rich-
ard III by Mansfield and his company at
the old Creighton timaer, a  thtough it
the great actor never lost     iir   tenper
once, but eas n entie ant most patcef citi
tdse  cofse meinds ia   iot  s  lutibly as
the ningstr-intellect If Anerica's illustri-
ous thespian.  Beatrice ('ameron  tis stife,
had to be roachted a great real, and ans-
field's gentle but firm  "No- Beauty dear,"
ias heard time ant again as Mrs. Mans-
field relelated tilt perfect.
Manager Monahan      of   Boyd  says the
house netted about thirty-five rents one on
a big Mansfield production.   Cearlie Peor-
ter, stags carpenter of Boyd, has given 
five-dollar gold piece by Mansfield and wcas
toli to keep it for a souvenii, as tips from
the great actor ere a rare thing,
Gus Renze, oe   of the     country's finest
designers of fantastit' and electric floats,
is leutting  the  finis  aming toies  oil tol
twentyv massive tloats theat rill crasil  c-
trcalY through the streets on the night
of Oct. 2 during the Ak-Sat-Ben carnival.
Will Mancheste', a local favorite, itas
accepted a pac' itn the   chorus  of  The
Merry Widos.      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods
left Sept, n for Detroit to join The Isis of
Spice company. They are specialty people.
ake Manaa closed a succe-sstu season
and Manager "Bily" Byrne has in minti
many Improvements fr the patrons' pieas-
ure for 1908.
Krug Park is yet to have Banda Ross.a.
7ttanager Cole ic jubilant Over the success-
fl trial cof raising the admission fee to
twncetrona cents  He says it is oniy a
imactee of time wihien all tparks cwill coins
up to thle quarter adneission.
The Three of ts, at tle Boyd Sept. t-h
tii''st  tine  Crowids  and11  the  unlobst'usiv-e
'wstersnIl of thle play- fee of flaniti
siciris anti proiicuous six-cilooters, touchled
fite responsive chordi. West's Miilsteic ditl
good business.  Sept.  -10, Misc Gocallon-
Time Orpiteumn opcneth its eighth season
atet is g1roseileg in popularity st-ith earle rise,
Of the curtain.
The Btmrlt.,l, the iew acqtuisition of tile
('onSiillot-Sullivae peopl'. is ejoyintg very
nice Patronage at its three Performances a
ST'he Wizard of Oz..8-14  alt play at the
TlO-ug: Sept. 1-4, The C'hampagne Girls;
-7 'lic Mysterious Burglar.
']'ite I'towen, thle Elite, the Paeloi' andm

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