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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 25-28i

Page 28i

Martin Stock Co.: Lincoln, Neb., indef.
l9issouri Girl ( astern), Fred Raymond,
Ingr.: Sycamore, Ill., indef.
lissouri Gil (WVestern), Fred Raymond,
mgr; Sycamore, Ill., indef.
Montcrief Stock Co.: Paducah, Ky., in-
Moore Stock Co.: Rochester, N. Y., in-
Mozait Stock Co., Edwart Mozart, ngr.:
Lancaster, Pa., indef.
Ove'JrsIne, Stock Co., Will H. Myers,
mgr.: W\ilmington, Del., indef.
11rkle-IlIarder Stock Co. (Eastern), Wm.
11.  larder, mgr.: Indianapolis, Ind.,
M\ilionaire Tramp (Elmer Walters'), Fred
J. Btes, mgr.: iansas City, Mo., Aug.
ilortimer, Charles. J. M. Hill, mgr.: Jas-
per, id., Aug. 5-7; H11untingburg, 8-10.
McDonald Stock Co., G. W. McDonald,
ngr.: Pine Bluff, Ark., 29-Aug. 10.
.\ ELLE, Marie, Ernest & Freder-I
 b  Siipman, mgrs.: Christ Church,!
N    Zealand, indef.
National Stock Co.: Montreal, Can., in-
National Stock Co.:   Rochester, N. Y.,
Nielson, Marie, Stock Co.: Fresno, Cal.,
ouveauties Stock Co.: Montreal, Can.,
QAK   Grove Stock Co.. '    ihnvP
Murray, mgrs.: Sayre, Pa., indef.
uld Arkansaw, Fred Raymond, mgr.:
Sycamore, Ill., indef.
O'Nei, Nance: Oakland. Cal., indef.
Orheumi Stock    Co.:  Salt Lake City,
Utah, indef.
AIGE, Mabel, Comedy Co., H. F.
Willard, ingr.: Jacksonville, Fla.,
May 27-Sept. 15.
hantagues' Stock   Co.:  Seattle, Wash.,
Park Stock Co.: Indianapolis. Ind., indef.
layren Stock Co.: Peoria, Ill., indef.
layton's Lee Avenue Stock Co., Curse
Payton, mgr.: Brooklyn, N. Y., indef.
People's Stock Co.: East St. Louis, Ill.,
Peters' Stock Co.: Charlotte, N. C., in-
i1Pitelan Stock Co., E. V. Phelan, mgr.:
IPortland, Me., indef.
Players' Stock Co., Elizabeth Schober,
ngr.: St. Paul, Minn., une 10-Aug. 31.
1, caheontas, Bolossy Kiralfy, mngr.: Nor-
folk, Va., indef.
1 li's Stock Co.: Bridgeport, Conn., in-
Pli's Stock Co.: New Haven, Conn., in-
Poli's Stock Co.: Springfield, Mass., in-
Poli's Stock Co.: Waterbury, Conn., in-
Poli's Stock Co.: Worcester, Mass., in-
Proctor's Harlem  Stock Co.: New York
City, indef.
Irince  Chap, with   Cyril  Scott:   San
Francisco, Cal.. Aug. 5-17.
Paytoi Sisters, C. S. Payton, mgr.: Hot
Springs, Ark., Aug. 4-24.
1'.ucli-Gypzene Co.. Chas. D. Peruchi,
nigr: Columbia, S. C., indef.
OCKY     Mountain    Express,   Geo.
Klimt. mgr.: Ft. Wayne, Ind.,
Aug. 4; Pittsburg, Pa., 5-10; Toledo,
o., 11-17; Cincinnati, 0., 18-24; Louis-
ville, Ky., 25-31; St. Louis, Mo., Sept.
1-7; Evansville, Ind., 8-11; East Louis,
Ato., 12-14; Chicago, Ill., 15-21; Detroit,
Mich., 22-28.
i chmond Stock Co.:   Stapleton, N. Y.,
Rober, Katherine, Stock Co., Leander
Blanden, mgr.: Syracuse, N. Y., indef.
Iobinson Stock Co., Edw. Decker & Co.,
mngrs.: Zanesville, O., inle  .
SAINPOLIS Stock Co., John Saineo-
lie, mgr.: Lynn, Mass., indef.
Sinford, Walter, Stock   Co.: Oakland,
Cal., indef.
Schiller Stock Co.: Jersey City, N. J.,
Scott. Geo. W., Stock Co.:    Arthur J.
Rudd mgr.: Peekskill, N. Y., June 24-
Sept. 3.
samon Stock Co.: Portland. Ore., indef.
Scattle Stock Co.: Seattle, Wash.. indef.
Shirley, Jessie, Stock   Co.:   Spokane,
Wash., indef.
Spencer, George, Stock Co.:    Memphis,
,Tenn., indef.
Slooner Stock Co., Mrs. B. S. Spooner,
mgr.: New York City, indef.
Stanley. Arthur, Stock Co.:   St. Louis,
Mo., indef.
Star Stock Co.: Peoria, Ill., indef.
Str Stock Co.: Portland, Ore.. indef.
Stiter Stock Co., C. AV. Stater, mgr.:
Oklahoma City, Okla., indef.
Sterling Stock Co., Win. Triplett, mgr.:
(tainesville, Tex.. indef.
',tone Hill Stock Co.: Peoria, Ill., indef.
Stuart, Ralph, Stock Co., James D. Bar-
ton, mgr.: Richmond, Va.. indef.
Simers Stock Co.. Geo. H. Summers,
mgr.: Hamilton, Ont., Can., indef.
'Sumner. Frederick, Stock Co.: Lancas-
ter, Pa., indef.
Sutton, Lulu, Stock Co.: Butte, Mont.,
Strong's, Elwin, Players, TWalter Savidge,
iagr.: Tilden, Neb., Aug. 5-10.
Shadowed by Three     (W. F. Mann's),
Clarence Burdick, mgr.: Chicago, Ill.,
Aug. 4-17.
RET BUSTERS (East), Kilroy &
Aug.iiton, mars.: Michigan City. Ind..
ticllo 14 LaPorte, 12; Monon, 13; Mon -
ticeilo  14; Logansport. 15; Knox. 16;
Crown Point, Ill.. 17; Chicago Heights.
i: nensselaer, 19; Danville, Ill., 20;
linton R  .. 1: Terre Haute, 22-24;
Gr9nd Rapids, Mich.. 25-28: Toledo. 0..
2-wC Imilton. Sept. 1; Richmond. 2;
N:ew aftle. 3; Winchester, 4; Bluffton,
idlle  :Ft. TT3N'ne, 7.
Thorns and Orange Blossoms (Coalst),
Rollon and Cliffon, ingrs.: Blue Isilnl1,
Ill., Aug. 4; Belidere, Ill., 4; Eckhorn,
Wis., 5; Delevan, Wis., 6; Harvard
Wis., 8; Beloit, Wis., 9; Fond du Lac,
Wis., 10.
The Old Clothes Man (James Kyele Mac-
Cardy), Rollon and Cliffon, mgrs.:
Hammond, Ind., Aug. 31; Racine, Wis.,
Sept. 1; Michigan City, 2; South Bend,
3; Elkhart, 4; Three Rivers, 5; Battle
Creek, 7.
Toyland, J. Martin Free, mgr.: Cham-
paign, Ill., Aug. 2; Bloomington, Ill.,
3; Springfield, III., 4; Decatur, 5; Bell
ville, 6; East St. Louis, 7; St. Louis.
Mo., Sept. 8-14.
Trust Busters (Western), Kilroy and
Britton, mgrs.:. Freeport, Ill., Aug. 8;
Dixon. 9: Princeton. 10; La Salle, 11,
Clinton, la., 12; Dubuq-ue, 13; Oelwein,
14; Independence, 15; Webster City, 16;
Ft. Dodge, 17; Council Bluffs, 18; Den-
nison. 19: Carroll, 20; Jefferson, 21;
Lamars, 23; Cherokee, 24; Sioux Cit%,
Ttoins and   Orange Blossoms    (East),
Itallon  and  Cliffon, mgrs.:  Racine,
Wis., Aug. 17; Wtaukegan, Wis., 18;
Elgin, Ill.. 19; Rockford, Ill., 20; Dickson,
Ill, 2; Rochell, 22; Hammond, Ind., 24.
The Original Cohen (R. & C.): Racin,
Wis., Aug. 9; Chicago, Ill., 11-17; Co-
lumbus theater, Detroit, Mich.. 18-24;
lhitli theater, Cleveland, 0., 26-31
The Phantom Detective, Roilon & Cltt-
ton mgrs,: St. Lotuis, Mo.. Aug. 11-17;
Harlin, Louisville, K    '., 1-24: Are, Ci-
<innati, 0., 25-31; Birmingham, Ala.,
Sept. 2-7.
The Mysterious Burglar, Rollon & Clif-
ton, mgrs. AWartkegan. Aug. 16; Mil-
waukee, Wis., 18-24; Ottawa, Ill.. Sept.
1; Burlington, Ia., 2; Albia, Ia., 3;
Creston, 4; Omaha, Neb., 5-6-7.
'rie King of tte Cattle Ring (Eller's Big
Show): Gibbon. Neb., A      g. i; Sheldon,
Neb.. 9; Woodriver, Neb., 10; Central
City. Neb., 12; Clarks, Neb., 12; Silver
('reek, Nib., 14: Columbus, Neb., 15;
No1th Beud, Nob., 18; Valley, Neb., 17.
'1avlir, Chas A., Stock Co.: Seattle,
TVash., indef.
lox<s Grand Stock Co.: El Paso, Tex..
Thompson, Mabel, Stock Co.: San Diego.
Cal. indef.
Torn Slotk Co.: Springfield. Ill., indef.
Thorhns and Orange Blossoms (Rowland
&, CliffordsCoast): Beoit, Wis., 9.
Tipest and Sunshine (WY. F. Mann's),
Richard Chapman, mgr.: Chicago, Ill..
Tayloi, Aliert. Stock   Co.:   Meridian t
Mist, Sept. 29-Aug. 10.
T'ousslep Stock   Co.:  Kan., Emporia,
TI ilor Stotk Co.. IH. W. Taylor. mgr.:
Now Bedford, Mass.. Tuly 20-Aug. 17.
TratetO Stouck Co.. Al. 'lrahtem. mgr.
Aug 2. Esthtamptoit.
Thoiughbeas, Max    C. Elliott, mngi.:
Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 1-14.
1.nile Toim's Cabin, Al. V. Mlartin, imgr.:
Peru, Ind., Aug. 10; Dayton, 0., 12-1 ;
CItLt)1iS 0., 15-17; C42ad, 0., 19 24,
Norwaxlk. 0.. 26; Mlarion. 0. 27;11011
itx Ittd. 29; Indianapolis. Iti. 2931
Cincinnati, 0., Sept. 1-9; Columbus
Ind., 9; LaFayette, Ind., 10; 11itamond
Ind.. 11; Springfield. Ill., 12-14; St.
Iouis. Mo., 15-21: Kansas City, 22-23;
Creston, Ia., 30; Red Oak, Ia., Oct. 1;
Shenandoah, la., 2; Nebraska Cit%.
Neb., "- Plattsmouth. Nob., 4; Omaa.
Neb., a; St. Joseph, MO.. 6-7; Des
Moines. Ia.. S-9; Iowa Falls, Ia., 10;
Vaterloo. Ia., 11; Dubuque, la., 12.
VAN DYKE & Eaton. F. Mack, mgr.:
V Ki'okttk, Ia., July 29-Aug. 17.
N'tnlamont Stock Co., A. Glassmire, mgr.:
W~illiamsport, Pa., indef.
Volunteer, Organist: Chicago, Ill., indef.
Wallack's Theater Co. (Northern), Dub-
insky Bros., mgrs.: Rock Island, Ill.,
West End Heights Stock Co., Obert &
Schaefer, mgrs.: St. Louis, Mo.. indef.
Tliyte Dramatic Co., Chas. P. Whyte,
inr: Waco. Tex., indef.
White Stock Co.: Escanaba, Mich., in-
Wells Comedy Co.: Spartanburg, S. C.,
Whlittington Conedy Co., Whittington &
Davis, ngr.: Quanah, Tex., iitdef.
Woodward Stock Co.: Ontalha, Neb., ini-
Wallack's Theater Co. (Dubinsky Bros.'
Southern). Maurice M. Dubiisky, mgr.:
Moberly, Mo., Aug. 4-17.
Wallack's Theater Co. (Dubinsky Bros.'
Western).   Edward   Dubinsky, mgr.:
Topeka, Kan.. Aug. 4-17.
AViliams Comedy Co., T. P. DeGafforely.
mgr.: New Haven, Ky.. Aug. 4-10.
Wolfe Stock Co.: Haton, N. M., July 22-
Aug. 17.
Aeronaut Johnny Mack No. 1, Johnny
Alack, ngr. (White City): New Ha-
ven, Conn.. July 15-Sept. 7.
Altherr's Show: St. Loiis, Mo.. indef.
Aeronaut Johnny Mack (Hillside Park):
Newark, N. J., July 15-Sept. 21.
Anselme the Great: Terre Haute, Ind.,
May 20-Sept. 7.
Bonnet. C. L. Edwards, mgr.: Cincin-
natil, 0., indef.
Cooke's City   of Jerusalem, H. Cooke,
mgr.: AWarsaw, Ill.. inidef.
Cole Younger &    Nichol' Theater Co.:
Coleman. Tex., Aug. 5-10; Kaleen, 12-17.
Crystalplex, M. Henry Walsh, mgr.: AVor-
coster. Mass., indef.
Davis Nickelodeon:    Murphysboro, Ill.,
DeCastro's. Maurice. Vaudeville Tent
Shlow: Ensley, Ala., indef.
1   i,    ''   x x4tows (ChcStr Pa'rk):
Ci tillati,t0  Ii "ti
'ienoch's New   Sensation: Albany, Ill.,
Au.6, Savannah. 9.
Illilanas  Cpt   Sidney, Aater Circus
(Stteepliechase Park): Coney Island,
N. Y., indef.
Holman, Chas.    V., Illusionist:  Terre
Haute, Ind., indef.
Howe's, Lyman   H., Moving   Pictures:
Ialtimore, Md.. Aug. 5-1.
1-untlev's Moving Pictures, G. A. Hunt-
ley, lgr.: Indiana, Pa., indef.
Keppler & Chamber's Merry-go-round, C.
.1. K.ppler, ngr.: Ripley, 0., Aug. 5-10;
Vanoburg, Ky., 12-17; Lucasville, 0.,
LaIosca's, Mie., Temple of Palmistry:
Alurphysboro, Ill., indef.
Levitch. Prof. L., Palmistry Co. (River-
view Park): Chicago, Ill., indef.
Moscow, B. E. Gregory, mgr.: Paducab,
Ky.. Aug. 5-10; Owensboro, Ky.. 11-17.
Markl's Sunny South Floating Palace:
itillicothe, Aug. 6; Lacon, 7; Henry.
S: Tonnopin. 9; Peru, 10.
MIntosh. Prof., Magician (Luna Park):
Pittsburg, Pi., indef.
AtLelland's. Dr., Big Kava King Co.:
Salina, Kan., indef.
N\'gtalins. Mlme.. Temple of Palmistry:
Indianapolis. Ind.,  indef.
aimaIIasika's Pets: Unionville, Mo., Aug.
5; Carrollton, 8; Red Oak, Ia.. 10.
Prescelle and Edna May Magoon. ITyp-
notists, F. Willard Magoon, mgr.: Bar-
ton, Vt., indef.
Princess Corena (Riverview Park): Chi-
ecgo, Ill., indef.
Robertson Moving Picture Show: Fair-
field. Ia., Aug. 10.
Ranch 101, Wild West Show, Miller Bros.
ingrs.: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, N./
Y.. indef.
Shull's Electric Theater, W. H. Shull,
Engr.: Fair -faven, Mo., Aug. 7-8.
Sevengala, the Original, Walter C. Mack,
mgr.: Philadelphia, Pa.. Aug. 5-10.
St. Germain's College of Palmistry, Count
St. Germain, mgr.: Marietta, 0., indef.
Sorcho, Capt. Louis (Jamestown Exposi-
tion), Norfolk, Va.. March 31-Nov. 30.
Trolean TVarblers (Electric Park): Bal-
timore. Md., indef.
Z'nitl Glass Show, I. T. Kingman, mgr.
(AVhite City): Worcester, Mass., indef.
TENT ROUTES.              j
Bostock's Animal Arena (A). Frank C.
Rostock, mgr.: Coney Island, N. Y.,
Bostock's Animal Arena (B), Frank C.
Bstock, mgr. (Jamestown Exposition):
Norfolk. Va., indef.
Bostock's Animal Arena (C), Frank C.
Rastock, ngr. (Paragon Park): Nan-
tasket, Boston, Mass., indef.
1 Alii ini Aiota (D), Frank C.
I,,i'tc, fill"I1 (Ontaito Beach): Roch-
ester, N. Y., ndef.
Iarnui  & m   icy's' Rhinelander, Wis.,
July 31; AWausau. Aug. 1; Appleton,
2' Menominee, Aich., 3; Escanaba, 5;
Green Ray, Ais., 6; Fond du Lac, 7;
Janesville, S; Racine, 9; Elgin, Ill., 10;
Rockford, 12; Dixon, 13; Freeport, 14;
Dubuque, 15; Cedar Rapids, 16; Clin-
ton, 17.
,Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Aurora, Aug.
5; Ottawa, 6; Kewanee, 7; Peoria, 8;
Lincoln, 9; Springfield, 10; Blooming-
ton, 12; Kankakee, 13; Champaign, 14;
Decatur, 15; Olney, 16; Evansville, 17.
Canada Frank's: Montezuma. Ia., Aug.
4-6; Barnes City, 7-8; Keswick, 9-10.
Eiler's, Joe Becker, mgr.: Lexington,
Neb.. Aug. 5; Elm Creek, 6; Kearney,
7; Gibbon, 8; Shelton, 9; Wood River,
Gollmar Bros.' Show: Elroy, Wis., Aug.
6; Reedsburg, 7; Lake Mills, 8; Lake
Geneva, 9; Sycamore, Ill., 10; Mo-
mence, 12.
Gay's: Gilchrist, Ill., Aug. 5; Viola, 6;
New Aindsor. 7.
Hagenbeck-Wallace:   Indianapolis, Ind.,
Aug. 5; Bloomington, 6; Linton, 7; Rob-
inson, Ill.. 8; Vincennes, Ind., 9; Mar-
tinsville, 10.
Kemp's Vild TVest: Pittsburg, Pa., in-
Lucky Bill's: Riley. Kan., Aug. 5; Leon-
ardville, 6: Randolph, 7-9; Westmore-
land, 10; St. George, 12; Harnego, 13;
Belure. 14; St. Marys, 15; Rossville, 16;
Silver Lake, 17.
Noble's, Chas. Nogle, mgr.: Prosperity,
S. C., indef.
,Pawnee Bill's TWild West: Jefferson,
TWis., July 31; DeKalb, Aug. 1; Sterling,
2; Aledo, 3; Galosburg, 5; Canton, 6;
Beardstown, 7; Roodhouse, 8; Louisiana,
Mo., 9; Hannibal, 10; Quincy, 12; Ka-
hoka, Mo., 13; Memphis, 14; Bloomfield,
Ia., 15; Albia. 16; Marsha ltown, 17.
Rigs' AWild AVest (Cedar Point): San-
dusky, 0., indef.
,Ringing Bros.: Pueblo, Colo., July 31;
Colorado Springs, Aug. 1; Boulder, 2;
Cheyenne, Wyo. 3; Ogden, Utah, 5;
Salt Lake City 6; Logan, 7; Idaho
Falls. Ida., 8; Butte, Mont., 9; Dillon,
10; Boise. Ida., 12; Baker City, Ore.,
13; La Grande, 14; TWalla Walla. Vash.,
15; Colfax, 16; Spokane, Vash., 17.
Robinson's, John: Charleston, Ill., Aug.
5a Now Castle. Ind.. 9.
Sells-Flotoa McAlnster, J. T., Aug. 5;
Haileyville, 6; TWilburton, 7; TVistr, 8;
Ft. Smith, Ark., 9; Stizier, I. T., 10;
Muskogee 12.
Van Amburg: Ptiulication of route pro-
hibited. All mail addressed in care of
TIIE SHOW VORLD will be forwarded
Iashburn's: Cooperstown, N. Y., Aug.
5; Oneonta, 6; Sidney, 7; Binghamton
!  j Agut1, 97
hl. 3:
MAJESTIC THEATER                       11A  n  II
Important Notice
to Artists
DepartmentC Now booking time for coming season.
Sixty weeks in middle west. Definite
and courteous replies to all inquiries.
Department D      Artists booked in the fairs, parks and
chautauquas, controlled by this office,
are requested to write in, as it is possible furthertime can be
Department E Park managers desirous of securing
bands for next season should communi-
cate at once. Bands are requested to communicate with
this department.
Department F      All the best clubs and social organiza-
tions in Chicago,Milwaukee and St.Louis
secure professional talent through this office. Artists are
requested to advise txact weeks they expect to layof in

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