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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 25-28i

Page 28

August 10, 1907.
ROUSI -            F
) , E ii il,   tol.K.  i
(DRAMATIC)            "    1';  ;     co:li   I
AlTOU         T             I   l i glhli  Stock Co.: ansas CDi,
.X A rsitti  ,s i  T Sn'cvil, I  r.ieti mr'  unM ln ,AlelA
JIlirtsonti,  Wis.  'ug.  i;  tolm u o, .  ml,0
Inn ,  15;l   'ln p iin,  16;-i   Clutrle sn,  I gr.: Ilono,   ing nd f
)74  Ii                         l 1i dn St kt Cto.:  lou  eI, i'iol..
(DoRAM      TC Ior  .     n. stesmtu  Kn Y. -`15 1.
I1, "11   t I'  , IntI     )I .i    S t., wnvn ,  n   I i  iiiitI
q-set L cI   w  in. n.u  I--  Stos Iii"  iiioiois  uh.
24  id Ill  ilI            'i IS  St: 11 k  Co.. : 1.1  Anti-  Wi..
,j .1 -!' Peerles \ l\e s  Tunip  Fl  1 1). 5- .
iortian  i                     ill  det
U n  Ick.  C  oll  Iit   M.  Oindkf  I  SrN. I   I  i.,  u  ttyil ,  11.  tli.
Olind 1  Stc k  Co1 .  i- n M I , Gl.I ,   5;  i I < t   oo  t in oli   Ai ..
1 u e Ct k   Mo  rr 1   In r:  ttn  5-t   Sto c  Co.:  St i
\   < li   <ii  iti ( C.  t.  S.A els-11:  Ilfi  tiRc k S o.:  o  Angelii  Not.,
it                       Ellli-is  Cliv  it 1k,(i   ('t   N   .
I   irt I,  Co.,  R  t Ni . 5  N   B i . rin,  i  i:
B ( IKER Is, C iald H rS.   PrapandmeFrsw o  S    t tol k   p iDi li tr lital-mor,
,,itiss iAt i-l           ilnll   uii  5o upo S.  : Ii lo il  inn  n . 'i  ilu d. t .
ri.  Ii . IS Bor id  t K I o illla ,-   il- .  tIttIl  ,  ' Ii,,lioi I , i    S t  k   C itt  C. 1o tiallt
,  t-  tn ,uici iioAxll ,  o ' Ii ;-  Fu1illir. Etli.Stk  Co.  Sat .I   il., 'i1o.,
I'liu.g  9ug.1  iilt  4iio  u, ii  iu
A l ie nor  rg ; ichti -, t an.. il ll,  i
24                        Fuder. tllE St ock  Co.:  ntral(n . Wisn.
Adi-hop's I 'Peelss  I-I ,.  'iS'. ililp., ta.,  F ~ltoI Ai 'i. ttii J10t.i~
i                           ll   Stock  Co.:  St ester, Pa.i Iti
Ai e   t  '   o il  N l \d S 1  ci lit.i1i.  17.-  St- ock ttiil'(,-s, Il.
i 11  S ,   I C . i l b h J ito t J.u , S ntl .:  liiltill   I>..  Stock  Co.: L in l . N.  Y
],,I l  lii  ( F ii c  (1 itr.  .  Y.,iin-  indefi
Al x.0  c  liillI f--  itouaii  i  Ital fiISol~  I 'i Bity
I    "erxSatock  Co., Pear.  1. BAker, mIi gr:    on r.:.lo s StL iK  Co.:  N Aoutis.  1.
Portlan d.  Gr1 .,  indef. ikan.. i t , 1 J
iiliill-  Stlr i Ic  I i .  1al t  i Wlis e. Sa-.,  5hIsr ikOc,  W.  A.  Br.  ge .
HSldi n. nu i r.:  iiill T ex, nd f  Lundona Eno., i iei
\iiutlil  Sito k  Co. St os  110. , ow le  & 1G rick  Sttock  lCo i lw a 1ri u   Wtuis,
lFiitrito  i--img S   on  Roulin,  Laor.   9Itticoli Ciln inef .
I-Stti . I . titif  111  t4i     kM      nnailslAii,.
ie . Im itok Mo.,tPortisi    .5it 41 lan ,-I.:
! 1   T t  St-c Cot li& St        tick  Co.: St.l  lu.:  Mol' ,  Ct.
C -:1 15Icgrsi  I isos  AngiksI  l., i n-   Git.i10  wk, ita oe., ery . itom r:
HouIii' a  T It SI   CO  A shin-  F e 'inl
tn  D.% Cll  i f          Grtn-i  St k  C.: Jolin , o. AlSaind a-f.
IetllIow l W ilitr, Stntk Co.: Dtvg  ra Exprs ~ober,- A. I ngods,
B o. indef                  mgr.:opoi PhldMpin.  Pa. Au.310
AIihop utPivers II .  W.  Bihop igr.  Hilmors.:  B ll ers,  Franc,1J1.Gilmore.
Oak an dS                         C   ona   ll.. indef.4t n..
I r Stittok  5lC-o., tm a uric4t  S itano  t ll N, Frne Barry &t  .:  I, sept,
I; ngr                       c  Ill w o    I. .  Mo.. indef.-
ttI <l ti  IiCi la"y9lilt  II'iiIn 1  iiii l fIint s.  New Be fod,
l   l tutu om n  B.  Ji  F a n, :  B   Co.: 1tini  & Cohan
i t  il it       St   C    l r A11uar:  Stio k So.l Arthu  J.Es--
t ill toi k  C  1 i  I t i ) tanc,  mllgr.. G, 1)n I   Al .,  idf.
It-tutur N. i . i;los  F,;livhlnd  Park  StI.ik  C. .  Aloe   B a-21
It" )lri   St ,i-k C So. : V NoItIt,-i S  ,-ls  tuI- n l li trl.  -\ s. 131 utI -.  lg
titg.   Lo dln,  Eni . l dtf.  Iil  ,ii- ,  1 l ..  ll-e (  : 4 New r -
B;rwst r k  Sm Cillon: Fredrit  Th imp -on , ann-olc  t kCo.Br C.0 g
SI i I Stl as -,u  Iltl.  ultaof.r m . its, w i >rst  Cio.,.  Gi..  tu  H owan1,
l1e  C keeio  S ioc k  Co. : Ftwl-h  I'll.:   l't ntt -Stl  COi11  II i i   a i  I  F n I kililWS.
Briiiilct It i r l i  fa.o  ungelesa,  ill-  1i-, s .r  lll laiie Al in.  iu
Unrg sEarl  R -TY. Alexndermg
'ta n  Gt, a. .St~ Ce. on W N R M So.k  Co.:  carfJ.Igrm
ti;tti , S nirs  tul Rtilui . o .  tas,inor  i, ri DeI n S ma Sk Co. :   Provi.  u s d \T.ien
noC.  N   0l)  Kilr.  and Briton  I 1t1.  1Inef.htl: 1,mS'r  114 iult
\t plI 'i s.ut-i of  A1 gel's:   ,  111-   SON . .Ibe   C . Stn ik  C , 111r.
11-t16 S t Loui  Alat.,  1I.-A2a;  Api ms.el  II  11.m  L asin .  iin.:  hia'lpit.
C riII                       Stock  Co.: P or tlan. 'iMei,, ti'n
('owhe I'itmilt K Si oc  Wa liin  nig.:  mr o mx s a t,'rg,  atnd nm n,
t)ls  Mlini.   Iut, i hd  g.   i-t;  ug.  Co.iri  EIi m ore , ioe .  Mo.
4N\ s 50.   StdtJrotph.  o.   2- ;  at  Eartons  T e a o  i aI
Kan1.,  ifi t. Mo. SIpf.-   IOg.  Aug. ad lp ia 4-10.\lg  31
Bastl o  S IuaNrse Sto .  Wo.  Biston, Mass--:  i erin , Jo ,  Frak ci,  m .  Le ington,
in1111(,a. idef.          NA.    tcinon  K m NAug. 5:E m1r0. :K nre,
St..ide .               K:nk  Stc Co, AIoIII  tntl(, 1  A0 , Flricer  KB ,;  In . &
iangotll  Wto k  Co.  (hI.  IIl.  Ios a '  H   llo ke,  1Yigs. i ne  N B do ,
nig.: Ala sfel . O.,Jlw  4-ug  10.  Ke fiebet  & Eficha nn: S n
ChousI  dywih  oseStb  HeryB. Frnisco. nl)(  . indef.  & Coan
11   Ci :Iig , (  < 1111.     \1 i101 4ii  f ra a ic C .  Knoxvil, T n .,
Bo\1 oI  Sq ar  'Iofiflal.  Stock  Co.: ierga I  S  IRa, iS  a ,  to Co. :  Revereil   '  al
I;s' en II  .  .,i df.  Slare c, IILili.:  SV toc  Co.-1,  ].Tai  S In
Blva  tl  H ry    Sok Co. : ort p-oatiln  iin likimm-Br .  (stonA.Mas. \'int(f.
Y a kima  Wlo\ak, ndef d.  Unwrence.rt 01.., Rileotie o: Sar-
j0<  mial r'Sh i k  Chas Un o n ial mg.  litlnd Plarkin t<k  Co., FAnk- Lake ,
ri"" t eii <1<T la r o ck Fr oer:  'Ilelandso,  ILet n-lrl : 1 F  dl iidfStock   Co.:
oinu  t.  Ci(:  Ill.e, hidlr., ind f  Worcetrf a s.  n e.
I"urti  t  ]>  itCo . A mesr  Watr.   nigr.:  Ii lx t oe Sotoc  Co. : Cle ve3 lnd.  d,.
Blcat al tteril e Stock  Co. : wak   R  C tte  L k e ri Stock  Co.: Sa n.  nf Fa)
rn  chr Xe ia, OdAu.  5-s0 Lor .. Theo de  veCloine.
hap1n ink f Stok Co.sAne, H ary  1f,h p  to  C 1o, G. M. Lothrp, m. :
1 ppl. m R.  Moh nerl rM.,  Augn  f  <a  so  C .  A cir n ..pli., 1..   7
Coo  to k  CO ., C'al  Wne.  o.m r  ne.
South  H ul I.Frndk, Juol-R  Co-Au.  10.n  \V veNuntAA  Stock  Co.: J. Unrvey M.cTn voi.
Cs al~lw l s, un 1h1t(1.r.81:F  C 'l   Isbe  C.n L < m  )\1 Sto  phC o.,  in- .
Opening on Orpheum Circuit, Salt Lake City, Aug. 19
Permanent Address THE SHOW WORLD, Chicago
StilltheTalkof NewYork  NewYork Hippodromes Greatest ArenicSensation
Original Aerial  _ CTeLatest
Flyina Butterflies- CURZON  SISTERS- Aa Innovation
Ijust a few of the  maN  press consuments:
Bi tBOARD.'Dee.8,1906  k yn   YORK  er.(V,1906-Agreatfeature.
in New York. By far the moost ensational ever  Nvir YOuR  -ioURNaT,  an. 5, 1907-A  remiarkable
NEW  YORK 'iVoRiD, tan. 6, 1907--The features of  NEw\ Yo R  CuEi'rElIec..106 Cleverlyrranged
thlearenalubll.              agl-elilty  rxeeiaedt  ttnitifitiately  -aptured  the
NesYosME lAN  ee. to,l1906-Priticipatsell-  aulien' ,eapplause beinghearty and sincre.
sation  continues to be the thrilling net of Curzon  N  it i 1 s  i, Niov.29.1906-A
Sisterc.                    particular  tleralise of originality,
PATENT  GRANTEDIS 1AIUCH  12.1907. No. 847139. Infringers Nill be dily proserutet.
Address JOSEPH W. CURZON. Manager and Originator
World's Greatest Trick Cyclists
Flying Return and Casting Act.
Best and most pleasing of all Aerial Acts. Fourth season  special feature
with Gollmar Brothers Greatest of American Show. Address,
TOM R. NELSON, 311 East 35th St., (Flat 31
Per Route Gollinar Brother0 Sl 0  or l r Aita  CHICAGO, ILL.
Season 1907=08 with
For the Columbia
e       WEINhTADEN                     Amusement Co.
plays anl\  part thlat  chlorus,  men~ call t follow  Joim  inl: perf ecti  l th .b talmn
goit to u1"  ti,  kilft  in  luttig silarl   News  York  f r I  I hC   riV N  llllnliistl:11  Off
tw ( ttag-  Ask FEarl :[nd  the (;irl Comlpany. or (11arley  HZos.
lat0  with Bob 11anliester'sNigh l  Eta.  a, iL 01 iia- , WmnLana1 ,\ te b e thColui a Anlmenient
for sa sonlm  of H470.,
L init  St  Col l ltl   1).N l
I  it  Stoc  Co Im! ti l i i n   ilris.:
1,  ri rt  k  :ietc   fo. ak C io.   I T a1 h,
i   imli
Li  c  11  h    Stilt Aelen,  mgr.:l
I 1n Hi--rs  Blurtonli  Nixon , m igr.:  Bay
C. K ic  Ad gw  Me; Sug itutw,  An its
KM ' -i 1:1  lii  s -All_ i ti mhio  \its--
N, w Souith Wae.Sept. 2-Oct. 310.
lAlanle eionl:            )lnl  th.
1C  1  g  5'alk'r, Stock  Co.:  El Paso,
McDowe-ll.  Alel1111un  Stoak  C,':  Kani-
I(  s  it  u1.,  iiho 1 N  l
i1  ,tii Sto k  Co., I  I t,5  Al    . illi.:
laiiltoe  ti . inilet.
Majestic  Sto k  Co.: 1tiia  N. Tinlet
AIlanhat  tocl hotr ' IC'iatit'iil  1  Ht I
11u-liou .. m i''-  i ss tieitfili
11  III litl StckCo.:i  ia,~l N.Y  li ds
A laio' th il-li  (Eastern) ll ntl  &
1rsmrnir": New York City,. inld~b
ALIIn of tile flour (Westernl). Bradi
1  -toss,  Stoik  o..  iic  AI it  I.:
Cliii-lgo. Ill. Ihitef

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