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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   pp. 22-23

Page 22

August i. 1907.
A0eit, fur alnost t e ttili of a
i le Io 01, illigt' winds  ihaxe ilent-
-ly bivotiaced hard on the daily trail
- the "Greatest Show oil Eaith," and
- ti-amp, traip of the extra guy gang
iunceasingly alternated with the re-
I I ration ofi tile busy sledge, tle dools
l opened at the appointed hours, and
,isix entrances of the inarueo leave
t ily been taxed to th- uttermost de-
 Perhaps iln order to bIi the an-i
it saw  unent coming a-elats c--sting
r shadows befoie thein, tli iight at-
idanc  at S-uperior, Wis., July    26,
ted   a 1lu rryou  cll ill ni JihnI Burket
rkleuponl he and his mnerry seat-mren
ainl e qIuiek double-time work in re
ing two or three sections of seats
 had been taken out beteen shows,
S enablingf- the lunlookcd-for eithlusi-
-I on the part of the ",ood Superiorites
H aaccoimiodated,
tDuluth aol Saturday, fair* weather
--St  at Duluth!) was with us all
and we played to clpalcity twice.
k  Clark was the surprise here, and
iad Much to tell Of his long Soju1iri
Ithe west. R-umror hath it that he( left
Ia new patint-letiaie  vilise hook-
of lads" for T11' SHOW)\' XWORLII.
lIectric msgeis thei lates.t fad in the
inag-room1ii. It Stalted wxith Tot Sia-
ii, the manaiag  of the Imperial Xiin-
I   riC aliSt.s,  tryinlg  to  heal  a,  br~loken
that fits caused him much suffering
il s  le pough) this sillier. Tote's
tric plant is in ( onstant requisition,
I his cures would gie e-ei a    -'a-
autist" a pain.
lit Ashland, \%'is., Alonday, July 29, the
-lia-s drove imany an Indian from the ad-
Jicent rese-ation, and their milrth wxas
olossal, though restrained. Saul to re-
ate, this iCestrailt wasl throwni Off iter
;, !ight, judging by the number Of drullk-
]I red menll  down town, who were. ill-
.  itly, quiti able to  obtain all the
i    t ater they  could  carry-and  then
l, more's tI-c pity.
I xter Fellows has bought a camera,
I' some dyspeptic cynic has insinuated
1 ]is tales have been so tall, and the
ts he describes to gaping editors so
irne aid improbable, that le has
 obliged to sek photoglaphia sup-
-it as evidence, but this, of course, is
S   ainlice on the part of less imagin-
-  I  y-gifted.folk.
Number One Car Alanager, Lester Mur-
i. presented Manager C. B. Iutchinsun
\ilI a clog recently, a wire-haired fox
I ior. Now there are dlogs andl dogs,
ithere is only one 'Blis.  It is pop-
Ily believed that le can ldo ainythi1g
talk; sonic go further, ald say hie
Ai do that, buat c-    s Can .tine con-
qnsionl does no-t extend so far. He ,
I 'anitted himself to Ito  photographed
Ironwood, Alich., and mayie    some
-i,  xv'I send  i t  t o  'I'-ill'SI 1V
\o1 11LD.
A SHOW    W1'O1LT) tiaveling represen-
titie  recently visited  tli Barnumih  &
il   Greatest Slew oii narth, andil after
hiabliing the bewildering array of acts,
lias  this  to  say:
i haeo visited the Barnuum  & Bailey
exhibition. I went. saw, and was con-
"In the course of my walk I t)ehold
mammoth    elephants and   the smallest
horse in tle world. Yaks and I inps anild
every other sort of a beast whoa  officiil
title is a counter-irritiint to orthography
and  imposssible of pronounciation.    I
feasted my eyes and treated my ears to
the vaudevill, performanlce  illen l y by
a cli-erc'loimpianiy tiat: inCi1,1,  haiha.
WIlls aina ITaile; the Gulli-er Troupe of
i'Alliputians; George Auger. 1te colossus,
and Rose Xi'Tedsted, the Finland giantess.
'''The performance proper begis thus
season with a superb spectacle entitled
Peace, symbilic of tle conclusion of tie
lIte luscian-Jpaitnese war, whiell intro-
dlces troops of soldiery, a ]lost of floats.
niit ai great number of hoses. camels,
aini  i-h plimits, in  its  entirelY    b autiful
silille. XWh]tel the Iust float had passe
dut   if  ther-s a'ill   it  xai  quictikly  11 i tiey
herids  if  ]),'el odill-s.  uiiic i te  allreciiii
oit Aleesss. Blatec. iAclooi-l', atii Deinaii,
whiih casoili'd  xeitii cltimso' skill. that
evidenced much careful training.
Equestriennes Make Hit.
"Aft'r a series   of  single, double,
straight and twisting somersaults over
camels, elephants and other obstacles the
riing was gx'Ce over tofourequestriennes
aiildthiihiglhi-be Illuiiilts, lallic e1uhialn,
Alarki,  anI  Guiikm  AtI-its, aiii  Ca-ri,'
Roiiiy.   'I'hie  exhibitii  was full of
spirit and tile -iing har-aek equestrian-
ism  e     (1e   rmiin  (if a plaii.
ana oher elixteitin: Pope il Jlrnine
flatihiilii Oiiental feats of equilibrimn:
Iasiitaki Iald Kankihil, two inembels 
IIt, 1i11ital tiotpe lfr ioal Jpnll- 
lvi al   Pr Ios. in ,tlloit a(2rOhbathi-c. :itia
itlanC 1,,ax,tta, a dlesii hiandi lialaic r
nxt en-'gId the large -ai-ce whIle
the- latfirme  a si'oe of diffeunt feats,
-ill difuiCult in the extreme, but se-emingl'
axsy by  leasol of tile easi aud grac
xxitih xxlit-hi theiX Wer done. 'I'e trapez
and in    apparatus wis lowered by a
Sae of :1g11 ring muen. anud gracful
lhig forms bewildered the ee   iald set
my head swimmiing i-is I watled their
swift pa;1ssage flrm onie part oif 11he arena
to ianiotla-t. Saome of the agil- ielforlm
i-s Were: Til, Castrillions, Goige Cole
Four I'il iers, Aile. I-la, ad Bellh Cole.
Trained Dogs Wonderful.
I1 do iiit usiualo iare for dog and seal
aits. but thei harko, shaile lot that stic-
coided the aerial artists xere enough to
cure at mai of an' prejudice he might
havx Ireviously entertained. The roster
of trainld oils consisted of ponies, dogs
seils, stallions ianad more dogs but this
tilme With Iil ch-pliantini aco-mpani-
mient. Their respec-tive trinr      oulise
Stilckney, Wm. aines, Manuel Hierz g'
George lowil anl Ihrrx      oony m vll
well ibe prouild of their traiing as evincedi
by the clver heacts. I lhad rini  o muc-
about Captli     nti-iakainu  skai-sailing
at. and had    hourd sulch  extm-aelignut
pi    floril foime  spetatois that I
WtniallY Pre'Parod myIself for a disap-
Iiintinent but the lighitinuiui  dau, dive
aid plide On skis through      space and
-s ;        x xwin1g gai ilitio the landing
platform, left lIla thuilled and spell bound.
I helieve the mallagein-lit's  statement
that the Calptalin holds sevelty prizes  as
a result of his araing.  Followin  th-
ski-sailing there came Freil ier-ik  .ii
W         :ili:  Melrose, Josie  Demouitt  and
John ailnd Carrie Rooney in a hieathli-liold-
iII equestrian act.
A notable array of forLion acts xcre
next on the program which inlu1-1 the
Stixes Trouiue, the Sisters Orunauathi, the
Noe-los  tile Geromies, and the i'austril-
lions. I hawC had and alwa-s will have
a great affection for wxell-tiin-led iors
flesh  and  the AnnIIII and I Kentuck
thoroighhre s that pralceud aih curvted
atround the ring respondaing" to ftheslh-
est collilanld oir toulch1 of their lo I
soliy gowlied ridels brught a ins
nIlplause not olv filoll mi- but a11 thie
si-,.tato s. HoweI-t Stickliev and Celi
Sahalistialn, Alinnaaie Johnson. Manilull 1-ir-
zt and Josekhinle Ku-ek, Louisa Dea   -
mott, find   Dockrill and   Hluettermann i
were the gacefu l ridels. The Imperial
Aiins' 'TrouIpi fiollowud  inl an l n-
aeha-lled displa  of da-ng''ous aiaillils
single. djouble and triple somlerslujlts Inl
nid-i r, an  othi ei r  iouall , v ir-rniicing
fi it  aii tIel1      umiiulB--c
fe;ts, and then   Bradnin and   Dorr i-k,
Juliln and  Ledgett, il th- Aleor Sisters
gave a notable equestriian not and dil-
IntCd the bit thex   made early ia the
Hippodrome Thrilled People.
"The progii    kicoid with tillia' haipo-
drome Splectalae xxihiuael inc eIil tumalil-
nir of e1 and running coutsts. and
theil tme pice de istance of the ei'-el-
in"-  'Auto Bolide. It wxas the thrilling
clos' to a thrillilnl prformaile, Limid time
young woman, Atss Isabelle Bitler, deC-
seres   vsxr  credit for let displaY of
ner1va and lish.  Great credit Imtust lie
bistowed on Xilliam Ducrow, the equle- -
trian director of the iperformance, for
the saooth maliner that the ai   mllotly
speail pnsled from  one great at to
alaiother -without the slightest hitch. Tll-
heinliigs if the Bainui-Baile showe are
well miled. Neither must I forget thosea
mier  men  thed a-owns    Thes' kniihts
oif Tuitlev hadedl'a 110 tilat imastr i fll,
"Slivers" Oaklev. and inclulding Spor
Johison. Arthur Borella. Steve Mtiaco,
Littl'  Forresto.  Sam  Bennet. larry
Geroim. Dari AMarvelle. Jule lbkeir. Dan
Ryman, Ed. Kennard. Chad. Wertz, impe
J1'romlC. Georg Ataco, Fri   ' Jenkins.
Flralik MAartin. Tiighic,  Zirlla, Fianik
Heonryo. Charles Kennar<1. Fred  wet,
Thailomlas  Je oniwm ,  I, t,  all,  :11d  <;-lrge
.lIi  il  all the  lainuii  &-  I1ailey  siol  is
it ellii-:  mimI  I hiieisiho,  i ex  time  towe
ilmat it  will  <hiw  it  tis  teicull  T exmula
liik,  nmothing, hbetti'i  thilll  ill  aLrit SC  i  thu
cuiiil illoillilig. andaile mictorec ii ftill(,V
farefoot hoy. go down to thie triau ks to
s:c tie Bali1  & Balile- show roll in
hmc-aiusa' I knowix it xwomild meac~n a ai f
(Iigh t  aind  a  pleasureable  r,n1o-
* * *
Tile Sills-Fioto Shlowscxxeie at Xli
Xail., Juts' 19, amumil pii'ci tim Ificiteo
laotiu llifouians      it iof thu   tili
iluuli- flt, :ift'lltm,l  ill-il,,lullci  Slum '
l'ilell exus lIn mini15- XAdlillu Ci11
,um1011l   icastmIl  nil   aitc-hmi nm,-ui  imalials   l
Auinei'tau A-Xmusi-emnt Coimpa.iimx o mxxii,
of the  cl-it     Shmows-c Ill iioi-i'li
fit a cut ti-a       al'aeu'a  a it  thx1
l      ;,IA   I d  th-  di  f  S-ll-  i
<m  actxon  with  tile  entai  ,Ilti .
The showi had( the customary experi
enc  of a aircus company i  duriig th
past week. There was a complete blow
ilown  at Great Bend, one     shaw   a
IlHutciniison and one at Kingman. all i
Kanisas, caused by heaxe rains and vio
lent winds. The show got awiy Mdonda
for ti, next stand, T\ellington, -Zan., ani
went into the Oklahoma Territtory froin
theie, opening alt Enid, July 1.
Horton andI his brigade. at Hingling out
fit, is billing stiong in (1Olahoima and In
diani ierritory.  iirniiin &  Bailey ar
also putting iii) a showing in Guthrie ail
Oklahoima City, sixty days ahead. Th
Barnum & EInilxY show will be at Wich
ita, Oct, . This meetin- of circus con
panies illight be termei tle billposters
haviest, tira, shows waiting 111 til
boaridas at any cost. In sonie plies en
tiresdoes Ind ftonts of buildings are co-
cred up.
The No. 3 GentrY Shi    , under th
naniagement of  atty and S-ibel. showe
at Bay City, Xih., Jully 27. Request
wee so numerous for tile show   to la.)
oxr lad giVe two pcrf1iormancis Sinai'
that the  limiligement lid so, profitin
nicely thereby, a., both   pelrforilance
xerewell attended. During street parad
Saturday, tle drivir of one of the mon
licy xeagons rilieataily wained a darin
youngster to keep awxy frrom the cage
but the lad hiceded not his warnings, go
too cloe and Irl. Monik grabb d him, in
flitiig a few ,catches on the aria. Th
frightened boy imimmeditIly ran to hi
lioie, tile eir piaients listened to ii
horriblc (?) tale, then tlh. whole famil
lanh to a lawyer, -who in tuin ran for a
conlstable, the whole outtit ran to the
"lot" for the usual "shake-down."  Th
nai-aid'iit wias enitiralx tie fault of th
tio  but the xile   liberal policy o
At srs. Matty and Seibel prevailed. and
rather thn c-eate any iniity, "soothed
the savae's bite" with a sum  satistac-
Ioty to all concerned. Gee, but it was
01n awful "slake-down." 'here     are
larger shows thani this No. 3 Gentry, bl
oine gi-e better stisfactioll-
New-mown hay for seats at a circus
ewas the ilnovation introduced at both
perforiiances of the Gentry Bros. Dog &
Pony Show on its recent appearance in
Sioux City. M\anager Ike Speers was up
against the propioition of takig care o
the big crowds at both the matinee ald
nlight performances and  finally  spread
new  hay oil the ground between ring-
side and slats and the space was quickly
lilled by men, women and children.
Fred Buchlianan ias just added a fine
spe(cimeni of tile sacred cowr to his me-
illgeril with the Yankee Robinson Show
lilt.  Biuchlinan  reports unusually  big
business -ith his circus this season a
tliroulg h  the  Dakotas  and  Nebraskia
tiln-aways" laxe been the rule with
the hailtince performances.
* * *
The Barnum     &  Bailey  Show   was
Ftruck by a bad wind just after the
itinee performance at Woatertown, S.
D., recently. 'Ihe menagerie tent was
blawn dowen. one man was killed and
three sriously injured.
J. 11. MiaVr-, a cowboy xith the Chey-
("ilie Bill 'IVild Nooest Shlow, started in to
do up tl town of Ottumwa while the
attraction  waxxs there and began    iii
tIl'e1 wild west fa-hiion by riding into the
sali oois and ordering tip drinks for the
rwd e   Ile Was finally captured by the
police and locaed up oil the charge of
intoxication, the llet morning paying a
finie in polic court.
All effort is being, made by the labor
orgalizamton  ot is Alais to ivie-n
the a d     o liltil the Ilitlll & Bail-
cI ex- !In thalt alto- ci 1 abiea day,asi
ev ilI intei-ia're ma1teria10- xwitii tiie ti-lii
TLa'ior &1oy fectix-itias. Tile slioe- liais
I     uI    aii (I  li- s,  , for  I lit  day, lowever
and will probably arir. Out its schedule
e    The management of the Pawnee Bill
-  Show lhas offered to turn over the at-
t  traction to the fair association at Cros-
n ton for $2,000. The show's date at Cres-
-  ton falls on the same day as the big day
y  at the county fair.
t    So far this season none of the bw
tented attraitions hino showed i ti
-  territory within a riadius of fift milees
of Iowa City. Iowa, and the only one so
d  far booked is the Barnum       & Bailey
show, which is to be at Marshalltown on
-  August 27.
A. S. Conon. owner and manager of
e  the black top tent show with the Buffan
Bill Sliow, is Iying ill if appendicitis at
 lthe ILkside Hospital. 4147 Lake ave-
nue, Chicago.
e    Rhoda R-oyal, the well-known     ,iues,
d   trial old prodiuer I of some of the inost
s  njov_  Iaorsi- acts known to tile aiiiuse-
Sment lulhlic. favored the general offices
if 'THEi1 SHOWIXV WoolcRILA with a call last
g   .        ven  n  while inl Chicago negotiat-
s  fin  1ithi tie 'Xestein Xaudeiille Maln-
e  aers    Association  to  book  his pure,
- hlite  Xiitmbian  bis. Ch-sterfield, now
g  ,witih ti  oiiniiinhi  Cail lingenheck and
ireat XWalice Si-ew, for the winter
t seaon in vaudevile, followling the close
of thi  cirics tur. in Ia statuary and
il otiriol n t. Mr. Roal reports a sea-
s o  of wondirful prosperitv for the H-117-
s     nc - llii i-gi 'ition.
The Iedini Trioupe lIst ai vialuable dog
lhv  iheat prostration  while playing at
e  Centerille La.
f     Roy  Xconald, a leader aniong the
elownis, is imiking a lit with his noriel
ballet. i1 is booked solid for thw will-
ter on the westiern circuit.
Xiiai al hower if rice and worn out
t  shoii  WX  R Tiague. if Dallas. Tex.. and
\lisslabil 11i-hc of Keaoki. It., were
ill rr i dt it  L-itchliedi.  Ill..  July  12.
 C.  . Jniikins, an attaiho of th. Fat-
te rsioni  tinival Company, is suffering
fiin  a tlly laceited shoulder. due to
in attiiIk imaile onl Jeilkinls 1y Caezar, a
f  big lion. wiih the showi. Jenkins' iole
is  it  i  oria, i i l.
Buffalo 1ill moed his w\ili w  , bag
and bgag-ge, including    choice issort-
lientoIni Of   iixnwloopsand owbo   ells
to the classie Nuith Side last Week. and
thii huge tiiit xxas iioxxdiet e,,era  I Iiglt
of tie <nggeill1t 1xitli spectators at
tis xoiideiftil iapliiit of thie plainis and
thei p1-ula .,gieat hit is being made
lby   pI  Tourpsll oith tile o11y itrooP
of trained mustangs and bronchos ever
piesentel.  Mr. Thompson, in training
513-15-17 ELM ST., ST. LOUIS, MO.
Sond for CiTtOG. Mlntion lind iianted
Special Attention  GiventheProfession
Western      niform Cao.
1oles, Stakes, Sats, Flet     tindeof ( in
%as. Black Tents, Side Show Paintings, Fronts and 1an-
ners for Street Fairs. (ircus Lights.
All inquiries for Show Ouitts an-vered promptlv. Samip
cheerfully submitted. Prompt deliveries guaranteed ani
prices right.
"Tle Old Heliable" respectfully solicits an opportunity t,
submit estimates on your requirements.
THEMURRAY COMPANYoiand Factory 59 and 61 W. Washingon Sieet
THE BOLTE&WEYERC, 223 Michigan Street,

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