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Show world: Christmas number


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world: Christmas number
Vol. 5, No. 26
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , December 18, 1909
44 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Title page], pp. [1]-2

[Masthead], p. [3]

Christmas and the theater, Beck, Martin p. [3]

Growth in vaudeville predicted by C.E. Bray, p. 4

Kennedy does much for carnival field, p. 4

Grand Opera House at Peoria is burned, p. 4

Santa Claus should bring some backbones, Duce, Herbert C. p. 5

Causes of slump in theatrical world, Bryan, Harry J. p. 5

Kansas City a mecca for white top people, p. 6

Savannah is planning to raise circus tax, p. 6

A Night in Bohemia at the Saratoga Hotel Café [sketches], DeBeck, Will p. 7

Editorial, pp. 8-9

Some plums and a few lemons, Dunroy, Will Reed p. 10

Billers make new agreement with shows, p. 11

The Gus Sun Booking Exchange Co. (Inc.) executive offices, Springfield, Ohio [photo montage], pp. 12-13

Wire performer near death over river, p. 14

Union fines Ferullo and manager $1,000, p. 14

Mabel Barrison is heroine in reality, p. 14

Rose Sydell and her famous London Belles: The Girl from Sherry's [cartoons], DeBeck, Will p. 15

Motographic history in the making, Streyckmans, H. J. pp. 16-17

Combined synopsis and criticism of films recently released, Dunroy, Will Reed pp. 18-19

The girl at the end of the line, Brady, James Jay p. 20

The Knickerbocker Burlesquers : pen and ink doings, Thode, H. F. p. 21

Actors' National Protective Union of America, Local no. 4, Chicago [photo montage], pp. 22-23

Just Lon Hascall with Jack Singer's Behman Show, pp. 24-25

Trend said to swing stockward agin, Kettering, Ralph T. pp. 26-27

Vaudeville vagaries, Vance, Mark M. pp. 28-33

When was that film released?, p. 34

Independent film releases, pp. 35-37

The exhibitors' guide, p. 38

London letter: Vampires are dancing on the British stage, Martin, Fred p. 39

Report of Show World's board of censors, Nathan, J. Casper pp. 40 ff.

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