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Show world


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world
Vol. 5, No. 13
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , September 18, 1909
32 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Title page], pp. [1]-2

[Masthead], p. [3]

Martin Beck denies vaudeville changes, p. [3]

Big film combine formed in Chicago, p. [3]

The Chicago theatrical colony, Dunroy, Will Reed p. 4

Moving picture houses lose their licenses, p. 5

Bass gets license and stirs queries, pp. 5-6

Some vaudeville at Majestic Theater : impressions, Hendrick, Z. A. p. 7

Hicksville star, vol. I, no. 7, Bryan, Harry J. p. [8]

Henry E. Dixie scores heavily in St Louis, Webb, Basil p. 9

Ziegler sells stock in Shubert syndicate, p. 10

Plans go glimmering out in Seattle field, p. 10

Classy speed bugs seen in "Going Some" [cartoon], Morgan, F. R. p. 11

White Rat chief has praise for contracts, p. 12

Lucky numbers seen Sept. 13 at the American Music Hall [cartoon], Morgan, F. R. p. 13

Ricardo writes hot reply to J.E. Irving, p. 14

Chicago gets into the producing game, p. 14

Wild West show not a circus in Texas, p. 15

Colored circus man arrested for murder, p. 15

Show employes [employees] fight mountaineers in east, p. 15

Editorial, pp. 16-17

Live news topics of the week, pp. 18-24

Managers in the west will remain neutral, p. 25

Hot fight is waged over Lexington house, p. 25

Salt Lake will aid stranded players, pp. 25-26

Fireman's good work averts a bad blaze, p. 27

Carnival is wrecked by a lot of rioters, p. 28

Dode Fisk threatens to beat an editor, pp. 28-29

Vaudeville grows to a fine maturity, Moreland, Charles pp. 30-32

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