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Show world


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world
Vol. 5, No. 10
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , August 28, 1909
32 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Title page], pp. [1]-2

[Masthead], p. [3]

Casey takes over Meyers Agency, p. [3]

Erlanger seeking to get Rockefeller aid, p. [3]

Middle West time is gained by managers, p. 4

Hicksville star, Vol. [I], no. 5, Bryan, Harry J. p. [5]

Two circuses ready for clash in South, p. 6

Four hundred houses Windy City's record, Moreland, Charles p. 7

"The Witching Hour" causes big wrangle, p. 8

Leading women named in Mack divorce case, p. 8

Murdock is optimistic on the film situation, p. 9

Chester Sutton weds violinist in Butte, p. 9

The Chicago theatrical colony, Dunroy, Will Reed p. 10

Will it be a total eclipse? [cartoon], Morgan, F. R. p. 11

Lively chatter of theatrical St. Louis, Webb, Basil p. 12

Grace Van Studdiford wants quick divorce, p. 13

Bedlam let loose at May Howard's show, p. 13

Showman shoots wife in a police station, p. 14

Actress gets golden balm for sad heart, p. 14

Playwright is held on a robbery charge, p. 15

Theater closed and manager is missing, p. 15

Stage manager Hall ends life with gas, p. 15

Editorial, p. 16

A merry bill re-opens the American Music Hall [cartoon], Morgan, F. R. p. 17

Syndicate lays down law to local manager, pp. 18-19

American Music Hall inaugurates season, pp. 20-21

Odds and ends picked up in Chicago, p. 22

Glover works hard while on his vacation, p. 22

Moving pictures draw big New York crowds, p. 23

Live news topics of the week, pp. 24-27

Massachusetts opens fight on billboards, p. 28

New incorporations, p. 29

William Morris seeks a site in Brooklyn, pp. 29-32

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