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Show world


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world
Vol. 5, No. 2
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , July 3, 1909
32 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Title page], pp. [1]-2

[Masthead], p. [3]

Stair and Havlin get international, p. [3]

World wide circuit of vaudeville shows, p. [3]

S.F. Nixon outbid in Bijou purchase, p. [3]

With the Chicago theatrical colony, p. 4

William C. Thompson dies very suddenly, p. 5

White Rats' scamper develops new talent, p. 5

Plethora of stars capture St. Louis, p. 6

Shuberts will build new St. Louis theater, p. 6

A timely talk on quality, Murdock, J. J. p. 7

Gladys King fainted when case was won, p. 8

Shuberts in control of Montreal house, p. 8

The Masonic Theatre case settled at last, p. 8

Pointed personalities from New York, Revell, Nellie p. 9

Pelton and Smutzer reply to syndicate, p. 10

Sixty three houses for the independents, p. 10

Majestic Vaudeville : sketches, Hendrick, Z. A. p. 11

Rousing convention held by White Rats, p. 12

Ann Murdock has a quick rise on stage, p. 12

Show World attacked by Harry Mountford, p. 13

Editorial, p. 14

Side talks with circus people, Pepper, Wallace p. 15

About people of the circus world, p. 16

Where to address your circus friends, p. 16

Best circus season recorded in years, p. 17

Hagenbeck-Wallace suit will be tried, p. 17

Bankruptcy petition filed by C.I. Norris, p. 17

Provincial view of Sells-Floto Show, p. 17

Much "class" shown by W.O. Tarkington, p. 18

Jake Newman is very, very, very patriotic, p. 18

M.J. Downs improving; recovery is certain, p. 18

Herman Lieb players begin at Bush Temple, p. 19

Live news topics of the week, p. 20

Bill posters unfair say circus agents, p. 21

National Convention of the Billposters, p. 21

Some of the people to go with W.F. Mann, p. 22

Coney damaged but still doing business, p. 23

Nellie Revell's gabalogues, Revell, Nellie p. 24

Mother Carrington proud of her career, pp. 24-25

Moving picture news from New York Town, pp. 26-28

Happenings in New York, p. 29

Continental Europe crazy over skating, pp. 30-32

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