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Show world: Christmas number


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world: Christmas number
Vol. 3, No. 26
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , December 19, 1908
62 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Cover], pp. [1]-[2]

[Title page], pp. [3]-4

[Masthead], p. [5]

Vaudeville the Kriss Kringle of amusements, Beck, Martin p. [5]

Highly successful season for Chicago theaters, p. 6

Continental circuses contrasted to the American, Ringling, Alfred T. p. 7

The Cubans are cultivated to the best motion pictures, Prada, Charles A. p. 8

The progress and mission of moving pictures, Dyer, Frank L. p. 9

A six and a quarter agent and other sizes, Brady, James Jay p. 10

The roller art of the past and the present, Houghton, Jennie p. 11

Games of graft, p. 11

Impressions of an American at leading foreign theaters, Sanders, Ellen M. p. 12

White City, Chicago, to be queen of western parks, Beifeld, Morris p. 12

S.P.A., Show Printers Association [photo montage], p. 13

Cleanliness the keynote of carnival success, Parker, Charles W. p. 14

Getting a big circus ready for the season, North, Tom p. 15

Chicago picture operators backed by city, O'Neill, Charles D. p. 16

Woman and her work as publicist, critic and manager, Dunroy, Will Reed p. 17

The salary and the season, Toudron, Paul p. 17

Western Skating Association and its work, Fitzgerald, Julian T. p. 18

Mismanagement of rinks is a fatal error, Fielding, Howard p. 18

The legal and private status of ticket selling, Glover, Lyman B. p. 19

The picture plant is a wonder of realism, Streyckmans, H. J. p. 20

Garden Theatre, Chicago: A Winning Miss [photo montage], p. 21

Motion pictures to boost immigration, p. 22

Bright outlook in Cincinnati theaters, p. 23

Richmond has had fairly good year, p. 23

The theater as a social force, Duce, Herbert C. p. 23

Plays and persons in paragraph, p. 24

Show Printers have revised regulations, p. 25

London Hippodrome for M.C. Anderson, pp. 25-28

Vaudeville and musical comedy at the Olympic Music Hall, Chicago (as seen by cartoonist Z.A. Hendrick), Hendrick, Z. A. p. 29

Roller rinks, pp. 30-32

Vaudeville notes, p. 33

The one-act play and the vaudeville playlet, White, Oliver pp. 33-34

Current film problems; looking both ways, Kleine, George p. 35

Editorial, p. 36

Missouri breeze, vol. 3, no. 51, pp. [37]-41

Chicago theaters, p. 42

Independent films, p. 43

High prices cause of small audience, pp. 44-47

Forest Park to add many new features, Howse, Paul D. pp. 48-49

Association films, pp. 50-51

First-class houses suffering with rest, p. 52

Gates circus not yet certain, p. 53

The news in brief from smaller towns, p. 54

The stock companies, p. 55

Various vagaries of vaudeville vogue, p. 56

Things theatrical, pp. 57-58 ff.

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