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Show world


Patrick, Warren A., Editor
Show world
Vol. 3, No. 23
Chicago, Illinois: Show World Pub. Co. , November 28, 1908
24 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm

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[Title page], pp. [1]-2

[Masthead], p. [3]

Morris bids high for Cleveland "Hip" [Hippodrome], p. [3]

B.E. Wallace files demurrer in suit, p. [3]

Plays and persons in paragraph, p. 4

Medium sized shows are faring badly, p. 5

The days of agents may be numbered, p. 5

Games of graft, p. 5

Pat-chats, Patrick, Warren A. p. 6

Follies of 1908 keeps within the limit, p. 7

Ward & Vokes in play new to Chicago, p. 7

Elsie Janis here in George Ade's play, p. 7

New Garden Theater like foreign houses, p. 7

New interstate commerce ruling, p. 8

Kiralfy show a big success in London, p. 8

Songs made popular by simple process, p. 8

Skaters threaten to sue The Show World, p. 9

Smith-DeKoven are denied copyright, p. 9

Politics vs. pictures new game at Albany, p. 9

Would not appear with incompetents, p. 9

Repertoire a school for modern actors, p. 10

Magnificent opening of the Garden Theatre, Chicago (as seen by the Show World cartoonist), Hendrick, Z. A. p. 11

Editorial, p. 12

Roller marathon to be a big success, p. 13

Things told in Chicago town, p. 13

Tom North's gossip, North, Tom p. 14

Why they were thankful, p. 15

Atlantic City sees two new playthings, pp. 16-17

Association films, p. 18

Independent films, p. 19

LaDuque's news and views of the roller skating world, LaDuque, W. A. pp. 20-21

Rink news briefly told, p. 21

White top news, pp. 22-24

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