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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 13, 1909)

Live news topics of the week,   pp. 22-23

Page 22

Little Rock-Vhen J. Fraonk I Hs-asd left
Littl- lock lIst week, as $000s theater
for1 lilet- Rloek wats ieclared to be as-
surld. Air. Head is in St. Louis, in
consuitation with Kennerly and Irdell,
the architects who drafted the plans for
the building.
The new   venture is financed exclu-
sively by local capital, with Mr. Head
as the heaviest stockholder. No out-
side theatrical syndicate is in any way
interested in the deal, nor will the Stsil-
herts supply the productions, as has
been stated.
Ozark-. H. Bartleson has awarded
John Fsiese a contract to build an up-
to-dat, theater in Ozark. Work onl the
buildisig will be begun at once, anid
the structure turned over to the owners,
complete, according to the contract, in
Montgomery-loward Thurston gave
two night performances and one matinee
at the Grand in his magic. Mr. Thurs-
ton had fair houses at each performanc-
but hw emphatically declares that this
is positively his last appearance ini
Boulder-At tli' Curran Opera House.
"A Knight for a Day," ith ian excellent
cast anid beautiful scenic effects, was
grittly appreciatid by good house on
November 4. "Texas" satisfied a fail
audience on the 6th and 'A Stubbhori
Cinderlla."  oi  tihe  ith.  Alsssisn r  P' ]--
ney is pileasing ]its patrons, by givine_
first-classmoxing pictureson off niglts.
Pueblo-Among the numerous resorts
platinio   esly to make the next season
a nrir breaoker is Glass & McQuillan,
ownis and operators of Lake Ainnelua
Park, Pueblo. Colo., and who have just
closed contracts for the erection of a
nmam1usth bathing pier and cement bath
house.carouethbuilditng, humanrite
and for tih- enlargement of their
met 0p:ivilion.  Betxxeen $
$30,000 xvill hei s-xpended.-GLx- -
Vincennes-1ay Bradbury asol    n
whoi Isixi-. lets trave-ling with ii. S, ii
Floto Circus this year, returned to ti
city last weekland will spendthe winti
at his home here. He states that Its,
circus has had an unusually successful
season which closed at New     Albari
Miss., last week.  Mr. Bradbury and
family have an excellent musical act
in connection with the side shioxw ant
has made good from the time he hs
.started wills the circus. He expects
to returnxxkitlsthem next season.-BELL.
Webster City-RaymondS. Csase, son
,i' Ili. I-'. NV. Chase of Des Moines atiis
Ii,, originator of the character of "Bud
icks.' in the George Ade play "Ts.
toll -s-  NvitIsoxv,'  died  io  C'tica-ss
Nv-hissias- righit. folostxisnt l illness i
over a year. due to a nervous break-
Air. Chase toured thiItsis soisttt  is
leading man in tis play for three years
and when the company was taken 1>
Elurolspe, ie retiret from the Iist to taks-
an interest in the Riddell Auto Com-
pany of Des Moines. His health failed
over a year ago and tie had gone to
Chicago for rest and treatment. Th o
remains were brought to Des Moines
for interment.
The report was circulated in Omahns
this week that Miss Ray Beveridge:
the  vinIstar in the     'Beverly e1
Grassstsik" company, sway soon xxei
The mran xxhomn Dame Rutmor lsnks its
this pretty romance is Viktor F. Ebelin
of  lI novr, Geim-niy.  Ehling  i5
wealtts  and is said to have lasge mis-
ing intlsists so the west. StrangetxN
enough his route just now    seems to
follow that of Miss Beveridge's cos-)
IV. P. Guiberson has finally complete<1
arrangnments for the opening of thL.
Guiberson  Dramatic   School in   Des
Moines, As chief instructor he has en-
gaged J. J. Samstock. a veteran player.
whose record dates back to the old stocl
company days in New York and who has
suppo rted stars from  Edwin Booth to
Tarrx Corson Clark. The school will i-
oneid imrediate y lipon Mr. Sanistock's
innxv it fsom Nixw York.-TIUCKER.
Burlington-T. t. Root, of the Gar-
rick, ias mado arrangements to have :i
ne'wxxvaudevsilhouseluilttfor him. Tls.-
proest iouse noxx- occuptiedi is entiretN
iniadequitate to accomnodate his groxxifle
busqiness. Tile siex, theater is to be i5o
iy 111 feet, having a large parquet and
balcony, with a seating capacity of on,,
thousand people. The building will bl
centrally located and absoltely fire-
prcoof. Work will begin eariy in Fehs,-
uary so that everything can be com-
pleted in time for the opening date ona
seutes  the  irst  half  f  I ist  xe'..  -1--
gere Sisters quick chaning, singing and
dancing; Thomas and Payne, Kentucky
shoe and roller skate dancers: Chas.
Miller, the German Politician; The Gis-
sandos, comedx musical art. The mot
attractive featture is the wnderfl
singing of Master Jesse Phillips, of
Cedar Rapids, a lad of fifteen years.
llis n-iolering of TTnry Von Tilzr's
'-5" Ti'ke M      n        s'' " ,
1- 11,' ' 1n1ter  Phillip  list-u-  -  -
Huinaniid as illustratid song singer.
Miss Hamnond goes to Alt. Hoot's Ot-
tuixwa house. Joe lordai's Fokin Grad-
uates, "In Southland," is on the bill the
latter half of the week.
Robert J. Mercer of this city, for-
merly advance agent for many shows,
is now  located at the New    National
theater in Rochester, N. Y., as press
r-presentative.-T. Al'FRGER.
Frontenac-John s-ision of Pittsburg,
Kans., has purciis-i a li- Lyric theater
flant .Joe LnfurINt, an~d takcin posse-
Shelbyville -  'Te Crescent theater
p)ro prt* was sold at public auction
here sind brought $10,510.   The pur
ilhasers w-n Js- ln If. liatford ansdi J.
At. Glasscock.
Montgomery-GentrY Bros.' Dog and
Polly SlIow exhibited lire on No embte
41, afternioon and1si night, to a large and
xvell pleasedl house. Barnum and Bailey
is billing lisavily for November 13.-
Baltimore-Samuel L. Vest, of this
city, tias Prepared plans for the erection
of Neighborhood   Recreation-house at
\Vest Park, building will contain theater
tith seating capacity of 400, gymnas-
inin, etc., $25,I00.
Battle  Creek -  Aajor Butterfield's
handsome itnew Bion theater here is be-
N to Jlafle  xxiiil al ~i Iilite  1
my Fifths 'I\IP"'Release, entill I
ThIrv-wee theinixxa-ule toget a goossl~s lon. Theses-e Wilbur
Wright Flying in his aeroplane. And it's acorking good pictureat
th'xtIrlsec ors ihgt H. T ule oreal balloon race, then on-
ludicrouslyfunny scene, Levitsky has a dream. He sees the e-ti
PointCadetsScotch Highlandrs, an Ancient OrderofHiernians.
bt thyallo like regular George Sidney Hebrews to Levitskyvin
drea. It'sterribly, terril funny and its going to mak a
hit with everybody. I laughed  m spectacles off from the very start
tothe sillywind-up. Evenwithoutthe humorit wouldhea crackie
tg o sw because fit!) givse a rpand balloon saceeshin gon,
Poih apes elortchHianers ou doncint anOnder tof bieaout
lothfrevemy all lok ie uarvGenge Sidnesy Here toun Levitsky ii
h i a it  ve  vyou  Iu 'l iathc~l my an  oe9  taaem ad D
is~ ~    ~    ~   ~~. rlad \ohlteLh? Ecxryboys offi frout the1 veys~i
Independent Moving Picture Co.of America
S11East 14th St.,New York
ii n  \ts-  I n ia l  d  I-  the  peopl, o
isjs cit:.  TIhe house i- compactIa
modern in every respect, st rancelbay
secured to Altin streetbx   longl
giving 156 feet of lobbx. The starcad
large enough to stage any Play E8o s
is understood that efforts havea  t
imale by the Shuberts to secure I
1house one or two nights a Week t
their road attractions, their offer be
refused by Air. Butterfield. H.
ter, formerly an Indianapolis newspa-
mai and later one of Gus Surt's leutE
snts is the new     local manager i
Lansing-Charles A. Clark has
the, F-hIslly x-stvusdeville theater to js
S.  ilsi,  whlo  xill  conoert it ins,
ss.'i ecmaniny house. aVhist thetran
las- of the propertywas matstday-i
new owner will not take formal pa0s.
sion until the present bookingsexir
in about two weeks, unless Mr. Clark
atble to cancel next week's bookina
which tie hopes to do.
Charles H. Davis, for si-veral a
manager of Ringling Bros.' circusLb
cow as permanent resident of Lansin
will  Iili .   h,  theatr  fol  AIr. W
Lower-Albeit Burgs-s     isase-
Nermilin Opera Housei in 5has. I
mnd. An effort will be isl-. to bo
st ral good winter shows sturing ti
oning winter and in addition to tIhe
Sioxing picture show will be put i
two nights each week.
Brainard-anager Al Coxltes of
Rijis ts alec. is hxax-ing that popuslar
hitt, ilay hlouse remodeled adde
.it,,sI so xwhite andi gold], liieparatoryv1,
oing out siver the Canadiat and eoas
hine axits Isis big sierial act knows
"Tihe Marvelous   s Cowles Family."
Springfield.-Ti-  tiearaico'of Hie
ris-tiss  Crissiian  as  Katheirine Vai
Riper in her newest suce-ss, "Sham
at the Lasisers theater this w'eek. p
called to the minds ofetheater-goerst
days when Aiss Crossman, as a scoi
nirl mada her first appearance onl
s-ge soahnii      talent productionf
The Chimes sif Nornandy," and hi
si-u' appl-arance i s  soemi-prfessional
ltsctsmn of "'The Little -Nugget,"I
is latet production Miss Crossmana -
-i red xith sud famous charactes
I . show   xvorld as Joe and BsctjpI
wthorn. 1V. J. Florence and Joe J
F .0 1roxma these amateur stopslF,
5-.-sn   rose to the positionshoi
, is byx easy gradations.  Springte
-'isle gave  Mliss Crosomax the li
-s is1 at every opportunxity during t
p n iormance, and a crowded house5
snsn trit  to ne ability as an act-
o r,  igular occuirrenceniarketli
isst to this city. During the forenoon
ii li uildisig inxxwhich suebad made l~
s . ils dtutsng tier residence in this l
xi 11 listosd to the grotund. Some fosst
Ii ,I the signxificasice that mnight bea
Ito such a happening  might at
I T her acting, but it did not prove t
s the case. FUSON.
Kansas City.-The new Gayety iea-
ti  opsiened last week with the "Collst
Ils  company.    The house is to i
ited to musical comedy and vads'
iIlex. with a burlesque tinge. It a
-ied bih  the Kansas City TheaterCmi-
1    a of Nw  York and managed b'-
'Fisis Hsxdgesian. the pr'esentnl s-
-r of tis- Maliestic theater.
Butte.-J.   Herbert   Knows ,  liKr e
icx-v xx'ths tihe Fcaxxlex-stock conosik
:,  seattle.  is  the  latest  acqu isition It
ixrr  Cornell's com'pany' iow plyin
aa  extend-i  eagagement of repertoire
5lie Fsxaitv theater.
iiss Rosa Roma. whio recently ai-
si i Chester Sutton. left last night fr
S1Lane. wnhere she wil coamenenoint
isletion of her Orpheuix beokiasitP.
ih iwere interrupted here by theels-
-a of the theater of tht iname-BIL-
Oakland.-A new opera house is to be
-t1 sil here by Nels Benson, a resident
5iss city.
Fairbury.-Tuesday eveniig farbli
-t host  of the season facpe or iti
i, 5cr anod Isis esampan 'y in one of Al-
(;Ith's plaYse entitled "The Man on l
n o\ a   hd figrsttg f nt the  c o-t,
''I the recepxtioni the plax Itas 0ne0it
of the sethso
"r( s 5a xxas sisit~l a slixosaxent. fromlbshe
--isisix'- of thle firt act until theOell"
i wnt ownii at the end ofsnhentoil
ii INtscselxxlas siat esitertainmtnit ts
t Ot le  Sth  "Lea Rivers" wa
11   entertainment  while on the 11t
Tn Hosuse of a Thosand Candle.,
1~l be presented. Mlanager F. L. Rlain
-ticeeeding thus far so the eaoni to
tucgood firtstclass list to preet t
I patron S.-DENNE1.
Gloversville."---I"T e Thieff i bthe
Ii555  ' he liii  ailn  oti  li
ivant ini tse Tlotuse" will bIe presoti
it the Irling at an earix   d
Itsnri  'iller's 1-socint Players. Ts
xxi  s.  "Car'
1I sin.s  their

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