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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 6, 1909)

Tuckhorn will balk Blackstone Theater,   p. 25

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ovember 6, 1909.                                       THE         SH C
Treasurer of Yankee Robinson Show Found Gagged in Private
Car and Money is Gone.
EBSTER CITY, IOWA. Nov. 1.-A. tion exists. The former are experienc-
E. Root, treasurer of the Yankee Robin-  ing a great deal of trouble through the
on circus, was slugged and robbed of  high license in Texas, and State Reve-
ICl 5000 in currency in his state room on  nue Collector Bill MacDonald has had
tecrcus train between Pine Bluff and  out attachments on the Ringling Bros.
Fordyce, Ark. Details as to how many  at nearly every one of their stands in
astmeneonmitted the crime, their identity,  Texas.  Just how  far he will succeed
1tc, are unknown. Fred Buchanan of   in collecting all he claims due the vari-
Des Moines, owner of the circus has  ous cities, towns, counties and the state
joined tb show and will give such as-  is yet to be learned.-WILSON.
sistance as he can toward apprehending
the robber or robbers.-TUCKER.
Sells Case to Be Settled.
Wv. O. Tarkington, general agent for  COLUMBUS, 0., Oct. 27.-The famous
theYankee Robinson shows was in Chi-  will case, in which the estate of Lewis
tego Monday, returning from a consul-  Sells, the well-known showman, was
cation with I-red Buchanan  in  Des  contested by his widow, Mrs. Rhoda
oines. Be intended to  rejoin  the  Sells, and her daughter, Mary, will prob-
ows at a point in Arkansas, his pur-  ably not come to trial.   To-day at-
rose being to investigate the recent  torneys on both sides agreed, it is said,
holdup of A. E. Root, treasurer. Mr.  to a settlement. The property contested
Tarkington reports a phenomenally large  was valued at $175,000 and was located
II season for the show, which is about to  in this city and Topeka, Kansas.
close and winter in Des Moines where
one hundred workingmen  have  been
busily engaged for the past two months  Granville & Rogers Working East.
In making the winter quarters ready.   Granville  &  Rogers   after visiting
The buildings are located on an immense  frnin Ci   g , n  t F  iticg
farming tract recently acquired by the  friends inChicago, wentto Flint, aMic.,
management where hay, straw, oats and  last Sunday   night, where they are ap-
ther food has been harvested in big  pearing this week and maing a hit
binno The sleow. which n ow numbers  with their act. Bun G ranville and-Will
rnteen cars will number twenty-two  Rogers are known in vaudeville as "the
forten caMr. Tarkington has been   Two Odd Fellows."   The young men are
nrext season.gMr  agnt,            finishing up their western dates and will
tO      s eeral agent       a     shortly go east for an indefinite stay.
It is reportedl that Fred Buchanan  Te     r   lnigabadnwatfr
banked $40,000 in profits for the  Tire.) are planning a brand ne~w act for
seasobn                         enext season which they claimo will be
9-9 season.                         full of surprises and novelties.
Campbell Brothers Prosper.
DALLAS, Texas, Nov. 1.-Business
ith Campbell Bros.' shows in Texas,
after an absence of two years, has been
igood asthatexperiencedinany other
proftiesotates and Canada. With a                     0
number of acts omitted so that the
\show could not be classed as a circus
Icrim" ol  spro  has been evaded      W    inter       Headquarte
and no trouble has been experienced
whatsoever. The show was the first to
ake themoreimportanttowns on thef                        s
arene a new railroad, and consequently ~
cleaned up, business being eveellent at  N       r     i           n
tona teormie sity, Knsal N sho
,the season includes twenty-nine weeks
anthe day. Tleeseaon has been one of
ot with veryfew accidents and but      Have been        established
to1 tea lblow-down. Most of the peopleal
,oensedupfor nextseasonwiththis        where all communicati
and various other shows.-WILSON.
Revenue Collector Busy.             N      W                 K   IN
DALLAS, Texas, Nov. 1.-Ringling
Bros and Campbell Bros. are twisting
n and around each other through the
tate of Texas, each show staying away
rom the other so that no real opposi-
W  WORLD                                   28
Lengthened Season Does Not Pay-Theaters are Doing Good
Business With Many Attractions.
SEATTLE, Wash., Oct. 31.-Wily
showmen out at the grounds of the
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition did not
begin the work of dismantling their
attractions immediately upon the clos-
ing of the fair, but awaited the effect
of the announcement previously made,
that a post-season period would be in
effect, with a resultant opportunity for
obtaining "get away" money. While
this promise has been kept, concession-
aires have not profited by it to an ex-
tent justifying remaining, and, with a
few exceptions, all attractions on the
famous "Pay Streak" have been disman-
tled and several are already en route
to "green fields and pastures new."
The most pretentious shows have
been flirting with the promoters of the
many expositions billed to open in for-
eign lands, while the "small fry" are
surveying likely looking fields closer at
hand. All interviewed by your corre-
spondent are a unit on the proposition
of the fair being a success from every
standpoint; 3,740,561 is the record of
admissions for the period of 138 days,
which was inaugurated with a debt of
$700,000, which same has not only been
wiped out, but every promise is given
of a dividend being declared.
Tom Hanrahan, Inventor of the Fairy-
Gorge-Tickler, is the patentee of a still
more exhilarating hair-raising-joy-ride,
which he will install during the winter
months out at Seattle's White City.
Further details concerning this novelty
will be civen later, also of the Aerial
rs for the Greater
Rowe Circus
ons should be addressed
Plunge, another Seattle device which
attracted goodly  crowds  during the
short period between its erection and
the close of the exposition.
Henry Lubelski disposed of his inter-
ests in various "Pay Streak" attractions
before the "flag fell" and bought the
Lyric theater, which he is conducting
as a high class burlesque house, and
in the vernacular of the show business
is "getting the money."
All local houses are doing well, prov-
ing that Seattleites are not satiated
with amusements, as is so often the
case in cities where expositions have so
recently been held. Two excellent stock
companies are supported here, giving
matinees daily, while seven otherhouses
of good capacity play visiting attrac-
tions.  The Alhambra    recently  con-
structed and under the efficient manage-
ment of Russell & Drew of the Seattle
theater, is a Shubert house, and fre-
quently  bills  attractions  that have
jumped from the middle west andwhose
principals have scored big New York
and Chicago successes. Seattle canfair-
ly claim, therefore, to be as good a
show town as any city on the map of
equal size, and with its rapid growth
bids fair to outstrip some other coast
cities reckoned as more important dra-
matic centers.-ROWLEY.
Headed for Chicago.
READING, Pa., Nov. 1.-On Sunday
two Reading boys left for Chicago to
seek their fortunes before the footlights
on the vaudeville   stage.  George F.
Gross and Christie F. Comppen are the
two vaudevillians who will do a singing
and musical act. Gross was the pianist
at the New Bijou theater, and Comppen
was the illustrated songster of the same
amusement house. The act will consist
of trick playing by Gross and song im-
personations by Comppen. John Tom-
ney succeeds Gross and Frank C. Bucher
succeeds Comppen.-STIRL.
A Football Skirmish.
Six of the members of the Marvin
stocle company , at the College theater
tlis week, taking  active parts, are:
Johan (Yank) Adams, Joe (Bonehead)
Barry, Francis (Bud) Burke, Stanley
(Snyder) Hart, Oly (Jockc) Kolb, and
Frank Smyth. The activeness of these
parts are in a football skirmisn and a
elegnt shirt parade, which the people
no doubt, in the vicinity of this beauti-
ful theaeter vill enjoy. Tineabove memn-
bers are widely known by the patrons
of the College theater and will doubt-
less score a big hit.
Theater Is Burned.
WEST TORONTO, Ont., Nov. 4.-Fire
destroyed last week the moving picture
theater in this city owned by Jacob
Samuals. This was one of the prettiest
ictture houses in the suburbs of Tor-
onto. A new theater will be erected
oil teosalue site.-R. W.F.
o     -
Send for ew Stock List of
UnI tedStates Tent& Awning Co.
222North Desplalues Street, CHICAGO
Portable Lights
For All Purposes
The Boe & Weyer Co.
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BLACKSTONE THEATER                                                         ARE YOU SHORT A
Owns Lease on ThejWabash Avenue Site, and it is Said He
Will Fight New Playhouse.
Simon Tuckhorn, proprietor of the  a piece while Shea's playhouse will cost            PAPER
Olympia Cafe and the rooming house   considerably more than $75,000. It will                     LINE
next door to it, at the corner of Wabash  be one of the finest houses in Toronto
avenue and Hubbard court, has hurled  and will be devoted to vaudeville.  INVESTIGATEU         N
defiance at the backers of the new en-                                               -OF
terprise, and says he will not vacate
the premises.
This action may delay indefinitely the
erection of the handsome new theater.
Tuckhorn displayed a lease running to
May 1, 1913, and declared that he would
not leave theplace. He swears that ie
Inas put in $15,000 worth of improve-
ments. The agent of the premises says
that the lease has a ninety day clause
and can be cancelled upon threemonths'
notice. Tuckhorn says he will fight and
take the matter into the courts.
String of New Theaters.
TORONTO,     Ont.,  Nov.  4.-Three
prominent theater promoters of this city
are building nine new theaters. Four
of the theaters are now being construc-
ted, which will be owned by W. A.
Burger, one by M. Shea, two by the
Griffin Amusement company and one by
C. A. Welsman. Eight of these houses
will be erected at a cost of over $35,000
Jeffries to go on Stage.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 1.-Sam Ber-
ger, Jeffries' manager and Isadore Gold-
en of this city have written a play in
which Jeffries is to appear. It is on
the lines of "Davy Crocket." The play
has been submitted to aplaywright for
criticism and necessary alterations and
announcement soon will be made in the
cast. Berger will take one of the parts,
Jeffries, of course, being the hero.
Pantages in Kansas City.
KANS-S CITY, Mo., Oct. 31.-The
Majestic theater building on Walnut
street was yesterday leased to Alex-
ander Pantages of the Pantages Vaude-
ville Circuit at a rental of $20,000
a year for a period of ten years be-
ginning January 1. The building will be
remodeled and used as a vaudeville
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